After Reincarnating Into This Game World I Seemed to Have Taken Over the Control of Status Chapter 07



Shalleze-san woke up.
Normally she woke up earlier than me, so I didn’t see her sleeping appearance too much.

That’s why, Shalleze-san’s sleeping appearance is pretty rare to see.


So cute. Her half-asleep appearance is unbearable. She’s normally a reliable person so the gap is all the more greater.



She suddenly clung to me, so I let out a confused voice.

「Ren-samaa、I was so worried。 Are you okay?」

She pushed me down on the bed, and tightly hugged me.
My hands could feel Shalleze’s chest. So soft. And so warm.

「Well、un。 Umm、thanks for nursing me」

Because it was embarrassing, so I expressed my gratitude a little bit bluntly.

She’s always been devoting herself for my sake, so at least I wanted to say some words of thanks.

「Well I’m glad that you got better。 」

The old woman said so. I almost forgot about her existence.
Shalleze also seemed to not notice Judou being here, she changed into her usual serious Shalleze mode.

「Ah。 Judou-sama、you also came here today。 I’m sorry I showed an unsightly appearance。 」

「It’s fine、it’s fine。 That reminds me, there’s also another business」

「What could it be?」

Shalleze tilted her head.
Another business. I wonder what could it be.

「It’s about Rim…」

「Thank you as always」

「It’s fine。 That aside、she has talents for swords。 What do you say if I suggest giving her training from the Imperial Knights…」

What does this mean, I wonder. If she has talents for the sword, then isn’t it good to just receive training from Judou, from the living legends themselves?

「Our kenjutsu is a little bit special、we’ve only taught that girl the basics。
Since even if we taught her our kenjutsu it wouldn’t benefit her、wouldn’t it be better for her future to have her train with Imperial chivalry first?, is what I’m talking about」

「That girl mastered the basics thanks to her talents、she showed promises for future growth。
It’s a talent that perhaps would even surpass us。
However、if her effort is mistaken, her seed won’t be able to sprout and it’ll be the end right。 」

「I won’t force her。 But the chance to get into the Imperial Chivalry Elementary School is only now。 Sorry because it’s too urgent。 Then I’ll be going home」

「T、Thank you very much」

Since Shalleze expressed her gratitude, I also bowed my head.

That reminds me, I heard that Judou kenjutsu is something special.
It’s because of Judou’s unique skill.

「Shared Thoughts」 is what this skill is called.
It’s an ability that allows people with mutual love to talk through Telepathy.

Seems like unique skills are something a person have since birth, there is no method of acquisition.
Of course, it’s also a concept not existed in the game.

A paradox kenjutsu that utilized unique skill. If Rim can memorize the kenjutsu that requires「Shared Thoughts」, she’ll be able to learn the generic kenjutsu at the imperial capital.

Seems like Rim is practicing swinging her sword somewhere right now.
I can be at ease since I receive special training for magic, not physical training.

Muscles training and running, they’re not something I’d choose to do.
Of course, even if I’m forced to do it I’d still have zero motivation to do it.




The Sun completely went down and it’s night time.

As the food was lined up on the dining table, everyone sat into the round table.


Rim raised her voice.

「Please。 Send me to the Imperial Capital。 」 (TN: FYI, I dropped Mushoku and Gun Ota because the cliche separation of childhood friends…so if this one turns bullshit that way I’ll say goodbye)

「Why is it?」

「I want to become stronger than right now。 I want to polish my sword、and become famous as a proud swordswoman」

「That’s good…you gave it some consideration。 How about Ren-sama?」

「Ah、I think that’s good」

The relationship between me and Rim isn’t that good.

Perhaps, right now she hates being the servant of her younger brother.

「It’s good。 I’ll accept Rim going to the Imperial capital。 However、you have to study to become a knight with pride」


Her high-spirited answer resounded the house.

I tidied up the tableware. The fact that I’ve had Shalleze-san does it for me all the time is weighing on my mind, that’s why I proposed to help.

As we finished up doing that, Shalleze-san opened her mouth.

「Today why don’t you two go ahead and enter the bath first?」


My loud answer outstood Rim’s small answer.

I wonder where did her vigor just earlier go.

I headed towards the bathroom with quick footsteps.

After Reincarnating Into This Game World I Seemed to Have Taken Over the Control of Status

After Reincarnating Into This Game World I Seemed to Have Taken Over the Control of Status

Game Sekai ni Tenseishitara Status Hikitsuideiruyoudesu, Game World Reincarnation, ゲーム世界に転生したらステータス引き継いでいる様です
Score 7
Status: Hiatus Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
12 years playing a fantasy open world offline game. The degree of freedom is high, skills are diverse, level and status have no upper limit. If I reincarnate into such a world, I want to do things that were impossible in the game, is the kind of story this is.



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