After Reincarnating Into This Game World I Seemed to Have Taken Over the Control of Status Chapter 08

With the young girl

Me and Rim headed towards the bathhouse.

I took off my clothes inside the washroom, and entered the bathroom.
Steam was drifting all around.

Rim entered right after me.

Rim was looking this way too much, so I also stared her way.

「What、is there something?」

Asking so, Rim sank into silence.
The silence was unpleasant, so I raised my voice.


Rim immediately averted her eyes.
A little embarrassed, Rim opened her mouth.

「H、Hey、sit down here」

She gave instructions with upturned eyes and flushed cheeks. As told according to that, I sat down on the wooden stool.

「Onee-chan’s going to wash you」

Rim bubbled her hands with soap, spreading it all over her body.
Her flat chest, her smooth vagina, and her not-so-white skin too, were gradually covered with bubbles.

「What are youdoing?」

「Because Mother also does this right?」

She learned from watching Shalleze-san washing my body, so her way of washing has also become erotic.

A 6-year-old girl with her whole body covered with bubbles, is now clinging and crawling on my back.
Clinging to my back as is, she washed me everywhere.
It was as if Rim was a towel, washing my whole body.

Compared to when she finished washing my back, she was desperately washing my front.

「Sorry、seems like I can’t reach」

Rim said so, embarrassed.
Reaching out her short arms, she washed my front body from behind.

The other party is a young girl, so I guess I have no excitement. (TN: Bullshit. I know your mind as an old virgin reacted)

As I kept thinking to myself, I somehow endured it.
Even if I deceived myself, I don’t seem to be able to go against my instincts.

I’m still being quiet, but I can’t calm down to the feeling of collapsing my reasons anytime right now.

「Sorry、I can’t reach that place、so I’ll go to the front」

Rim said so. Leaving behind cute footprints, she stood dauntingly before me.

Rim is earnest. Because she can give such a firm reply at this age. Of course, she’s also good at studying.

She’s doing this with nothing but pure feelings isn’t she.
Without the slightest bit of indecency, it is purity that is the most important thing for a noble and truthful child.

Rim reached her hands to my crotch. (TN: Remember kids, this is PURITY)

「Men have this thing grow huh。 Strange」

That time when I went in here with Shalleze-san, I didn’t touch, no, she didn’t let me touch it and touched my meat stick herself.

She played with it innocently out of curiosity.

She swayed it around, playing with the skin, stretching it.

「Yeah this is strange」

Rim tilted her head.
Are you done playing. I endured the urge to tsukkomi.
For now let’s thank her.


「Fufu、you’re welcome」

Up until now, I never respected Rim as an older sister.
That’s right, even now my inner thought is saying so.
The world is circular so we’ll be caught up in it right. (TN: 世界が世界なら捕まっているだろう。)

I’m by no means a lolicon.
But, what’s wrong with reaching out my hands to a girl my age. (TN: Huehuehue)
With the feeling of harvesting the rice while the fields are still green, I think it’s fine if I am to invest into the future. If I’m 6 years old then I’ll view this as a 6 year old.

Previous life memories? It’s just something like a baby’s dream right.

I drew out a self-suggestion that I don’t even understand.

「Then Rim will also wash here」

It was covered by the skin, so she used her fingers to peel it.
It wasn’t perfectly peeled, except for the head.
She used her finger to touch the glans that is always hidden.
It’s really sensitive so I became terribly excited.

「It’s dirty」

With her slender fingers, she rubbed the dirt away from my peeking glans. It became more sensitive, so I clutched my legs.

I was filled with the sensation of being wrapped up gently.
Occasionally, though forcibly, there’s the charm of her inexperience.

「That’s some considerable points when you washed that」 (TN: You know, affection points)

I said so.

「I’m glad I behaved like an onee-chan in the end。
A、And then when I graduate we’ll take a bath everyday、together」

Rim had a broad smile while stroking my small meat stick.

It was the first time I felt like closing the distance between me and Rim. Perhaps hanging out naked is actually an important matter.

There was the sound of the door opening.

「You’re quite intimate aren’t you」

Shalleze-san entered.

After Reincarnating Into This Game World I Seemed to Have Taken Over the Control of Status

After Reincarnating Into This Game World I Seemed to Have Taken Over the Control of Status

Game Sekai ni Tenseishitara Status Hikitsuideiruyoudesu, Game World Reincarnation, ゲーム世界に転生したらステータス引き継いでいる様です
Score 7
Status: Hiatus Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
12 years playing a fantasy open world offline game. The degree of freedom is high, skills are diverse, level and status have no upper limit. If I reincarnate into such a world, I want to do things that were impossible in the game, is the kind of story this is.



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