Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 103


I ended up letting the female ninja go. It was because of Ferris’s mischievous prank.

I thought Titania was a bad girl, but Ferris was a bad girl too. I gave her a good spanking and took some embarrassing pictures to punish her.

But well, thanks to my mercy and chastising punishing stick, Ferris had been able to have many lessons with Titania and their friendship deepened even more. Thanks to this, I am very happy to be a great teacher.

I couldn’t return Ferris covered in semen, so I had to bathe her and everything, and we ended up leaving the next morning.

The female ninja would not be coming back to this camp for a while. I was confident that I had surprised her quite a bit.

I doubt that there are many female ninja like her out there. If there were, the human race would have been destroyed long ago. If a group of them were to sabotage the fort, it would be the end of the world.

So I decided that Titania would not be in any danger if I went to Faymbaum as the ninja withdrew. I’ll just follow the back of the fleeing ninja.

I’m a little worried about the human side’s actions, but the terrain in this area is too rugged for a large scale invasion. There is no way that a large human force will suddenly come through here. We’ll be fine with the bugs.

The only thing to watch out for is sniper or air strikes, but there’s no reason for humans to pinpoint her in the first place. They probably don’t even know she exists. As long as we are careful about encounters and stay hidden, we will be safe for the time being.

Based on these factors, I concluded that now was the first and last chance for me to return Ferris.

There was no time to waste. I’m on my ass because of Abigail. Really, I’m busier when I’m free…..

I left the base with Ferris in my arms, riding on the giant red ant that Titania had prepared for me, and being sent off by everyone.

A large ladybug is attached to the chest of her shirt dress. It was about the size of a milk bottle lid.

It all began while I was painstakingly explaining my future plan. The ladybugs crowded around the circle indicating the Faymbaum, and Ferris intercepted them with her hand. There was a somewhat heated argument after that.

In the end, Ferris and the ladybugs seemed to have become friends, and when she said goodbye, one of the ladybugs jumped on her hand as if it was bidding her farewell. When she peeled it off and returned it to Titania, the ladybug jumped on her again with a buzz ……. It was such a moving scene.

When Titania saw this, she gave a little sigh and put one of the ladybugs on Ferris’ chest like a brooch pin.

It’s a sign of friendship. A friend. How cute.

A silver butterfly and a mini tarantula have also attached themselves to my body.

The newcomer spider had a distinctive diamond-shaped pattern on his back, so I decided to call him Diamond for now. The butterfly was a beautiful silver color, so I called him Miller. Also, the red ant that helps me move is called Ferrari.

He’s the only one with a name that sounds awesome, but he really is.

It drives through the forest at breakneck speed from morning till evening, but there is almost no vibration felt on the body of those of us riding on it. It doesn’t matter if there are fallen trees or cliffs. He was so fast that I felt I had to hold on to the three horns on his head. And that was with the huge weight of me on top of him.

Although he would stop when faced with a deep river or something, Ferrari would still use his sharp jaws to knock down nearby trees and make a raft by himself. He’s a clever guy.

Maybe Titania got excited and lent me a Red Hare of Giant Bug World. It was as if she said, ‘Hurry up, finish it quickly and come back, dear (xxx).’ All right, I’ll be a good Butcher and hurry to get home.

We arrived at Faymbaum at noon on the third day. Considering the fact that it had taken me almost eight days to reach here with Abigail before, Ferrari was extremely fast.

I thought I might pass a female ninja on the way, but she was quite impressive and seemed to have been running all night. We approached each other in the daytime and got separated again in the night. As we chased each other, we came within sight of the wall of Faymbaum.

Faymbaum is a former fort, so it is surrounded by a solid wall.

According to my vague memory, I probably went rampage in Faymbaum, so there would be a lot of commotion if I just walked right up to the front.

Then my mind drifted back to my previous contact with AASPINT behind the butcher shop.

The spy guy had been communicating with the sewers via Morse-code. There must be a route in and out of the sewers that the humans could use to evade the aliens. They must have used the back door.

The Fort must have an escape route outside the walls using the sewers, in case of emergency. Normally, the Fort’s defense system is so heavily fortified that it is impossible to enter through it when it is still active. The roads are too narrow for a large army to get through.

However, Now Faymbaum defense system is probably breakable, since almost all the parts of the system itself are dead. AASPINT must have used the backdoor for the same reason.

Thinking this, I left Ferrari and Miller in the forest and took Spider Diamond and Ferris to look for the backdoor.

The path was easy to find.

Actually, I knew where it was because I had used that escape route to evacuate many civilians during the defense of Fort 89. There were also the symbol that AASPINT must have left behind, which are often used by soldiers, so I knew immediately.

We entered the city through the sewer. Along the way, the gates to the sewers were sealed up tightly, but I destroyed them with my and pushed my way through. Ferris widen her eyes when she saw me being so serious up close.

But still, thank goodness. I can use this passage to sneak into Faymbaum at any time. The human forces that were supposed to be in control of the lower channel must have been cleaned out by the demon officer Dantalion, so this route has become my own personal entryway.

As soon as I entered the city, I knew the direction I should head. Ferris had walked with me through the city before, and I knew where Lydia’s house was.

If I walked with my big figure, I would stand out and be spotted immediately. but there was no need to worry about that.

, at night, my footsteps become extremely quiet and my presence becomes dim, making it difficult for my enemies to notice me.

Although I don’t think I have to use any physical means, it just seems to come off naturally. The night is my personal playground. With my experience as a scout, it would be difficult for anyone to find me now without special precautions. It would be hard for them to predict that I, who was supposed to have escaped, would have come back unannounced. I hoped that the enemy would be caught off guard.

I ran noiselessly through the city in the middle of the night.

Lydia’s house was just around the corner. It was a magnificent gothic-style mansion. It still looked good in the moonlit night.


Ferris raised a small voice and pointed.

When I looked ahead, I saw that a window on the first floor was open and a light was leaking from it.

“Jibodan, Lydia.”

That’s all Ferris said. Maybe that’s Lydia’s room.

I nodded and walked noiselessly across the neat lawn.

I leaned back against the outer wall and put my face close to the window.

*sniff* *sniff* It smells like a female.


Oh, that’s Lydia’s voice.

She’s talking to someone. …… Well, that’s okay. The worst thing that can happen is to use the to immobilize her.

I’m free now.

I don’t have to worry about being inconspicuous, being punished, or worrying about what the aliens will think. I can do whatever I want.

No one will complain if I start a war now. That’s what I want. It will only hasten the death of the Faymbaum.

Suddenly, I feel Ferris’ gaze on me.

–I have to get these kids out of here first.

With that thought in mind, I lift her up and drop her through the window with a thud.

“Lydia, 〓 △ ◇ …… ◎ ☆ ● ※ ■ □ ●?”

Ferris said. Looks like she was in there after all.

Then I’m next.

I stepped over the window frame.



When I walked in, Lydia was sitting up on the bed. She had the two girls grouped together and all three of them were in a rugged, cuddly state.

–oh…… oops.

This is the scene of an affair? Is this a real catfight?

But that’s okay. Let’s all get along. I’ll join you.



The other two raised their heads at the same time. …… If I look closely, I can see Arshella and Tiriel underneath Lydia.

Oh, that’s nice, Lydia. You actually had a close relationship with a girl other than Ferris, didn’t you?

” “Ge…Gevaudan……!?” “

That’s right, it’s me, Gevaudan. How can you know it was me when I was wearing a paper bag?

” ” !? ” “

At the sound of Lydia’s voice, Arshella and Tiriel looked at me. They were both shocked at the same time and froze, their faces tight. It’s the look one gets when they bump into a brown bear in the forest. I could hear their voices whispering.

I’m sorry to interrupt you at such a nice moment. But please don’t make too much noise, okay? If you do, I’ll have to subdue you. And that kind of force will crush everyone here at once, so we won’t be able to proceed.

I pushed Ferris back so as not to provoke the two of them. It was better for me to stay back.

Then she somehow pulled herself up to my apron and beckoned Lydia to come over.


“#●▼☆☆〓……? フェリス、▽〓§#▲〆▲○○#▲?”


Lydia said something to Arshella and Tiriel, gesture them to calmdown, and then got off the bed.

She walked over to us, barefeet.

The remaining two also got off the bed quietly. Both of them seemed calm, but they kept their eyes on me.

Arshella is a fighter, but Tiriel is the trouble this time. I’m sure she knows that I killed Tulyal. If she sees a chance, she might use magic on me.

After exchanging a few words with Ferris, Lydia touched me.

『Gevaudan…..Have you come to return Ferris to me?』

『I’ve got a delivery for you.』

I lifted Ferris up in a single move. The hem of her revealing shirt dress slipped up, revealing her private parts, and she hurriedly covered her crotch. Of course, she had no pants on. She was struggling desperately, her bushy tail slapping me back and forth in the face.

『Aah!! Put me down, Jibodan! they can see!!』

Lydia sent me a pose. “I like it!”

I put Ferris down on the floor and turn to Lydia.

『Ferris is fine. She’s not hurt.』

『I see, thank you ….. are you okay?』

Lydia suddenly asked about me.

『I’m fine. totally fine. Why?』

『…… well. As long as you’re okay, it’s fine. Yeah.』

Lydia nodded her head

『I’m more worried about Lydia. I wonder if there was any punishment for breaking my shackles.』

I’m imagining some kind of sexy punishment.

『Me? I’m fine.Well, I’m under house arrest, but that’s all.』

House arrest? I guess that’s fine.

I’m glad to hear that Lydia isn’t having a bad time. I’ve seen a lot of alien women who were simply disposed of. They don’t seem to have any concept of human rights. I was thinking of kidnapping Lydia and taking her into custody, depending on the situation.

『I can’t go anywhere, so I’m bored, but look, Arshella and Tiriel came to visit me, so I’m sort of relaxed.』

Lydia looked at the two behind her.



As I stared at her, Arshella said something and Ferris answered. The three of them gathered further away from me, along with Tiriel, and began a conversation I couldn’t understand.

『…… Wait a moment, Gevaudan.』

After saying that, Lydia also entered the conversation circle.

The four of them put their heads together. I am the one standing outside the net. I was alone.

The conversation between the four of them, who had formed a small circle, accelerated while I was feeling more and more uncomfortable.

Tiriel shouts in a whisper. Ferris responds by shaking her head or nodding her head. Arshella crosses her arms, clears her throat, and never takes her eyes off me. Lydia was holding her head in her hands.

I want to join the conversation. I’d like to talk to Arshella and Tiriel as well.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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