Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 139


◇◆◇(Gevaudan’s point of view)

The search team blew up the slow tortoise and left quietly. After confirming this, I left the anthill castle to carry out my plan to invade the fort.

I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to Titania as she was exhausted from our lovemaking and completely exhausted, falling asleep covered in bodily fluids. I was sad, but it was my own fault.

I was waiting for the search team to come near the anthill castle so that I could take care of them, but it turned out to be an unnecessary concern. Maybe it was the rain and snow that came at the right time. I’m not sure what team came in, but in a situation like this, it would be Echo and then Fox or Delta.

I decided that the best way to get into Fort 88 was underground.

Once inside, there were many places where there were no surveillance cameras, so I could just walk through those empty areas.

But getting in was the hardest part, because the walls were under constant surveillance, and not a single ant could be missed. The walls of the Fort were literally made of iron. Even my Skin Disguise was powerless in front of the Fort’s surveillance cameras. It would be easiest to blend in with the shipment of supplies, but my size would become a problem.

So I got a new insect to help me out this time. He is even bigger than I am. The front half of the body is shaped like a shrimp, the back half looks just like a cricket. but what important is he has arms like a big shovel.

I didn’t recognize him, but when I stroked his body and heard him make a strange chirping sound, I realized that he was a mole cricket.

I have only seen them in picture books, but they are kind of cute with their beady eyes. In addition, the surface of its body was covered with a thin layer of fine hairs, like an exquisite textile. I wanted to rub my cheek against it. I secretly named him Velvet. The way he scrubbed his face with his big hands made him look like a cute cat.

Although this fellow has a gentle appearance, his abilities are surprisingly impressive. He can easily dig a tunnel with his thorny arms.

Normally, digging a hole would be done with a shovel or a pickaxe, but mole cricket-kun dug his way through with his strong arms.

The digging is done by hand, so there is no vibration and it is very quiet. The digging speed is about the same as a slow walk. It was amazing. mole cricket-kun, or Velvet, was not only superb to the touch, but also in terms of his abilities.

Moreover, as soon as he dug past, he solidified the wall with transparent liquid, so there is no risk of it collapsing. In other words, Velvet is the insect world’s ultra-high performance TBM machine (Tunnel Boring Machine). It looks like Titania was really wanted this trip to be fast.

Together with mole cricket-kun, We went underground, digging tunnels for several kilometers, then going above ground to mask the part, and then digging new holes. We dug several tunnels in this way until we were near the fort.

We had actually reached the point where we could see the fort from a distance before the search team even got close to the anthill castle. That’s tens of kilometers of digging in a few days. mole cricket-kun you’re so awesome.

–The giant shadow of the Metropolis, which reigned supreme at the forefront of humanity, was visible in the distance.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Fort 88, and it’s grown even more than I knew it. The number of skyscrapers penetrating the clouds has increased.

Fort 88 was the largest in the vicinity at the time, and it showed that its power had grown even more.

Now, the final part of the journey was the most difficult.

First of all, there are a lot of sensors that detect underground vibrations. Also, the basement of the fort’s walls is heavily reinforced. This was to prepare for the Underground attack.

Underground attacks have been a powerful method of raiding castles since ancient times, and are sometimes referred to as tunneling battles in engineering terms.

It is a tactic of digging underground to the bottom of a castle wall, creating a large cavity, and then collapsing the wall, the defensive structure, or the castle itself by collapsing the tunnel all at once.

Plain and simple. And there is no way to deal with this if the aliens get you.

In general, water and poison gas are the best ways to deal with an underground attack, but we know that neither water nor poison works very well against them. They are incomparably strong against poisonous effects. I guess it’s magic, but it’s really not fair. Even radiation has no effect on them.

Anyway, if they dig in, the Fort loses.

That’s why they have a large number of vibrometers and metal detectors buried around the fort to monitor the changes in the ground layer. If they detect any artificial vibrations, or if the metal detectors react, or if they see the ground sinking, they can fire a ground-penetrating bomb into it.

The city walls are covered with the thick reinforced concrete deep underground. There is no easy way to dig in. and they can always detect it with sensors.

Normally, it would be impossible to break in through the underground route, but Velvet played a big part in this.

He digs by hand, moving quietly and steadily, so there is no vibration or noise. First of all, vibration detection clear. No metal tools required, metal detector clear. The tunnel walls are firmly coated, so the ground sinking is clear. The soil we dug up was constantly carried away by countless termites. I have a feeling that they will be used to expand the anthill castle. The synergetic power of these insects is infinite.

And then there was the final obstacle: the reinforced concrete underground. If I used my , I could turn it back into a mere pile of dirt.

In this way, mole cricket-kun and I easily made a hole in the impregnable Fort 88.

The two of us high-fived. Yay.

Velvet is just amazing. Of all the insects I’ve seen in my life, this one has the highest level of usefulness. There is a phrase that describes something like Jack of all trades and master of none, but that’s not true. If velvet had as many as seven different abilities, the human race would be extinct.

Now, we weren’t just digging a hole randomly.

Sergeant Adams, a survivor of the crashed helicopter, told me that the underground haven, an illegal expansion of living space, is now in full swing at the Fort.

When I was at the Fort, there was an area called Pig’s Haven, which was reserved for ruffians, but it is now being expanded underground.

I heard that there was an incident a while ago where the underground haven overtook an underground military warehouse.

This was a big deal, and the passage was closed down, but the hole in question is still there because the underground haven and the military warehouse were sealed with concrete.

That means there’s an empty space under the ground that no one can reach. That’s where Velvet and I were headed.

and Bingo.

We came to a dark space surrounded by concrete, which was definitely the restricted path in question. Sergeant Adams who had given us the information must have been a capable man. The information was perfect.

By the way, Velvet, that was splendid.

I licked and petted him in return, and he squealed with delight. Cute little guy. But please don’t do this in an enclosed space. My head almost exploded from the reverberating sound.

This closed channel must lead to Haven on one side and a military warehouse on the other. I want to go to the Haven, but which way is it?

Anyway, I went to the right and found that it was a dead end. I tapped on the concrete wall with my finger, and found that the other side was also hollow. I guessed it was a wall that had sealed up the hole. It was quite thick indeed.

Please be an underground haven—

After praying to the god for a moment, I weathering the concrete, and Velvet drilled a hole.

The wall collapsed …… the hole opened, and light leaked in.

I put on the skin of Sergeant Adams, which I had prepared, and went inside.

It was a warehouse. Whoops.

Here’s where I walk in the act.

As I walked in, I happened to hear the voices of a man and a woman. I listened carefully, and to my surprise, they were talking shit about Fox.

I lost my temper uncharacteristically and found myself breaking the man’s arm.

The woman managed to escape into the explosives room, but I know the code. I knew the code because I used it when I took out the bomb.

I kept my cool while I went in there to humiliate her and make her understand. Oh, crap. We’re in the middle of enemy territory.

But I couldn’t back down now, so I fucked the woman thoroughly, then ate her while I was still screwing the man, and finally ate the man as well.

–I couldn’t tolerate any bad mouthing on Fox. To be honest, I was surprised as well.

But when I thought about it, I had grown up with Fox all my life. It was my life so to speak. And everything I can remember about my past is contained in that one word. If someone insults me, I have a right to be angry. I don’t regret it.

However, if I continue to do this, I’ll soon be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Stay calm. With that in mind, I put on the skin of the man I had just eaten.

I kept an eye on the security cameras. The current massacre must have been caught on the camera in the ammunition depot.

But for some reason, no one ever showed up with a gun, why?

But for some reason, no one ever showed up with a gun. For me, it was a matter of nine lives, but why?

The termites plugged the hole that led to the ammunition depot that I had opened.

The plastering skills of the termites were amazing. It looks like a concrete wall with a slightly bumpy surface. I also placed a box of antitank flying bombs, which are rarely used these days, in front of the hole to camouflage it, so I don’t think it will be discovered for a while.

Next, I broke down the concrete wall on the opposite side of the underground haven, and this time, I found myself in a dimly lit room with an AC.

Everything was okay now. I attached a Mini Tarantula, diamond to my back and moved on. I asked Velvet and the others to plug the hole for me. Maybe for another use.

No Miller this time. Silver butterflies are too unnatural in winter. However, if it is a tarantula, well, it should be normal …… right?

After opening a few doors, I eventually saw a light.

The Underground Haven was surprisingly full of people.

–What is this? Too many people. Isn’t this an illegal Underground Haven?

Just when I thought it was a mistake, a man who happened to rub shoulders with me walked by without saying a word to me.

After that, I passed a number of men and women, but none of them approached me.

There was also a woman who looked like a prostitute standing in the passage looking at me, but she too only showed her skin and did not speak to me. She didn’t even call out to me when I walked past her. Normally, women like that would try to insult a man if he ignored them.

It seemed that the Underground Haven was a place that respected privacy more than any other. Probably no surveillance cameras either. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. Thank you, gang.

I looked around the underground haven as if I were a tourist, and then I walked up to the surface.

–There are so many people.

Oh, wow. Is it a festival or something?

This is supposed to be Pig’s Haven, but is it supposed to be this crowded?

I’m pretty sure there are no security cameras in the Haven. But Caught up in the anxiety of the sheer number of people, I hurriedly entered a nearby alley.

As I looked up to the sky to decide what to do, I felt a cold drop on my face. It was snow.

From the night sky filled with low-lying cloud, flakes of white melted against my face. A strange sentimental feeling crept into my heart.

–I’m back. From that hell.

You must have thought I was dead.

But I’m back.

People who once called me the Grim Reaper. I’ve come back as the real Grim Reaper —-

I followed the falling snowflakes with my eyes and lowered my gaze.

Suddenly, I spotted a flicker of light at the end of the alley.

I looked closer and saw a girl cowering in the corner, watching the flame of a match.

The girl seemed to be smiling faintly behind her red hood.

She had a kind of morbid look in her eyes. She looked like a match girl, but why was she burning matches in an alley? If she was cold, why didn’t she just go into a nearby store? I wondered if she’d gone crazy from taking too many drugs.

The match went out just as I was looking at her with a blank stare.

The girl slowly turned around.

Her face was obscured by shadow of her hood. I felt a sense of horror inside her. She gulped.

She looked up at me in silence for a while, then stood up and said.

“Hey, sweetie. Are you looking for matches?”

She sounded like a little kitten.

No, not at all. I couldn’t take my eyes off you because you were kind of scary. …… I couldn’t decide what to do, so I nodded.

“It’s cold today, so I’ll sell you a special green match if you can get me a warm room….”

Green match…….

From the depths of my rusty memory, I remembered that it meant prostitution with this girl.

With the hood off, she had a beautiful face and mid bangs that looked good on her, but the look in her eyes was still morbid. She looked like she was about to collapse and pass out. Is she a drug addict?

And then she smiled.

There was charm in her smile. Seeing it, I was convinced that, indeed, she had been born with those eyes.

There was a thoughtful intelligence in those eyes, and once I got used to them, they had a unique charm.

The body is … a little young. But it looked like it can take my Butcher Lance.

“What do you think? I’m pretty confident in my technique…….”

She flashed me a glimpse under her clothes, showing me her neck and the bottom of her collarbone. Her skin was white and smooth. Her ears were pierced. There was a necklace and a jangled bracelet. Many fashion rings on her fingers. It’s kind of nice to see a girl with thin fingers wearing a lot of rings. It’s a little too ornate, but it’s nice.

“hey, don’t stare at me like that…… My body is still growing, but it’s also quite nice to taste some young fruit, you know?”

young fruit. That sounds delicious. I’m a fan of green apples, regular apples, and rotten apples. It’s tempting.

But I don’t have any money. I took the terminal that the guy I just ate had, but I wonder if I can use it. It would be nice if there were some thugs walking conveniently nearby who could be forgiven for robbing and killing.

While I was thinking about this, a girl came up to me.

“I think I like you Onii-san. If you hold me gently, I’ll give you a special one-time free extra. If you want, please pay me in advance. Onii-san.”

And then she took out her terminal.

She’s good at business, isn’t she? The sound of “free extra time” appealed to me. Free, It’s the weakness of humanity.

Hmm, what should I do? I just decided to act with composure just a few minutes ago…….

The sheer number of people here is troubling, to be honest.

It seems dangerous to move so actively right now. I want to know what’s going on at the Fort, and I think I’ll have a shot with this girl and learn a lot from her there. I’m sure she’ll tell me anything I want to know if I just go for it. Let’s go into infinite overtime, Should I leave her there if I faint? Because I’m Butcher I don’t want to throw such a nice freebie away.

I pulled the terminal out of my pocket.

Although I know how to use it, it’s been too long since I’ve used it, so I wondered if it was …… like this.

It beeped ……. The terminal showed the name Sean, his photo, date of birth, and affiliation.

No, this is a business card transmission. How can I introduce myself to a match girl? This isn’t a dating site.

Anyway, this leathery guy Sean was a lieutenant?

There is going to be a serious investigation tomorrow. I’ll have to keep a low profile for a while.

“What? I haven’t received any money….”


I hurriedly tried to send the money again. But for some reason, I got an error message.

Hmm, why? Is Sean poor?

After repeating the process a few times, the girl smiled teasingly.

“Ha…..Onii-san it’s your first time here, isn’t it?”

Ugh……. It’s not my first time, but I don’t really remember. also, I’m kind of in a hurry. Hurry up. *Beep, beep, beep*.

“You know, you can’t use terminal credits here. It has to be virtual currency.”

Oh, that’s right, …….

Pig’s Haven is almost completely cut off from the Fort system, so you can’t use credit. Here, it’s all about anonymous virtual currency or bartering, including meth. I’m not good with virtual or digital things. I’m an analog kind of guy.


Oh, she laughed at me. I’m embarrassed.

“I’m sorry ……. I can’t help it. …… Well, you can pay me later. You can go to the slum and pay me there. I’ll teach you how to make virtual currency. Don’t overstep your bounds, okay? If you do that, scary people will come to your house……So? Are you going to buy me?”

Oh, that’s sweet.

Those upturned eyes were quite powerful indeed.

I wondered what kind of eyes she was going to look at me with during sex. Anyway, I want to see her eyes wet with tears as she squirms. I’m horny now.

–Damn, She’s so cute, this girl.

She’s hitting all my points of preference that I didn’t even know I had. I was so excited that such an unimportant thought came to my mind. Maybe it’s because I’ve just had a lot of wild sex. I’m losing my ability to think. They say that a man’s IQ drops as his libido increases, but that’s no laughing matter.

–I need to calm down.

I looked up at the sky to cool my head. The snow, how unusual.

Come to think of it, using Sean’s credit would have cost me a lot of trouble. I’m glad I failed. I still haven’t gotten back to the feeling of living in the Fort, if I act in a hurry, I’ll make a big mistake like now.

Okay, for now, I’ll take refuge in a slum hotel with this girl.

She’ll take me to a secret room where I can have sex with her, and she’ll teach me a lot of things. Isn’t this just what we need? How could I refuse?

I nodded my head.

Then she smiled, showing her white teeth.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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