Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 155


“……bathroom for a sec.”

Natsuki said to me while going to the bathroom, that was something that lady shouldn’t say.

When I returned to the living room, Yakumo was playing with Diamond.

–Well, well.

It seems that Natsuki’s ignoring time for me is over. So I’m going to ask her to have sex with me, but I wonder what Yakumo will do. I’ll ask him while she’s not here.

I flipped through his notes.

I point to the picture of Natsuki, make a ring with my left hand, and slide the fingers of my right hand in and out of it. Next, I put my fingers over both eyes like a binocular.

–Want to watch us fuck again today?

*nodded* It looked like he nodded.

All right, all right. Leave it to this sex beast, Gevaudan. You’ll have to show me your dirty pictures later.

“don’t even think about it.”

Oh, no. I was suddenly caught by a killing intent that was coming from behind me.

When I turned around fearfully, there was Natsuki with her hands on her hips and veins on her temples. How did you manage to use the toilet so fast?

“It’s more exciting when someone is watching…”

“Normal lovers don’t let their family watch them while they’re having sex. We’re just playing lovers, right?”

You’re right.

So I told her about my situation in Faymbaum.

They would lock me up in a cell for years, forcing me to rape people I didn’t want to. If I refused, I would be whipped. When I rested, I was electrified. They feed me dog food. If I get dirty, they spray me with a bucket of water and drag me out to the battlefield to serve as a decoy. Even when I was injured and about to die, they would leave me lying on the ground. The aliens laugh at me from outside the prison. The only thing that keeps me from getting hurt is a job at a butcher shop.

In the prison, there are special mirrors on the walls, and I have sex while watching myself. I have sex while being laughed at behind the mirror. I felt like I was going crazy. The only way to get over it was to learn to enjoy having sex in front of an audience.

Even if it’s a little bit twisted, it can’t be helped, right?

I told her with some exaggeration.

Towards the end, Natsuki was listening to me with a pensive expression. Her eyebrows were twisted into a ハ shape, and her eyes were slightly moist.

“…… I see. You’ve been treated that badly”

Yakumo grabbed my fingers tightly and looked up at me. Even Diamond crawled up on my shoulders. Thank you, everyone. Although I was lying a little.

The plan was to show off my misfortune to Natsuki and stimulate her maternal instincts.

“When Natsuki asked me out that night, I was so happy. I felt like I was human again. When you accepted me, you looked like an angel to me ……. I felt like I was healed.”

These words had an effect on her.

Natsuki turned her face down and sniffed. Young girls are so easy.

Well, it’s not all lies. There are nine truths and one lie.

“……*sob* ……Let’s have lunch. I’ll make it for you today.”

All right, all right, this should convert sympathy into love. Make her fall in love with me.

–and the room turned bright red.

Natsuki made me very spicy ramen. It was frozen ramen, so it should have been easy.

But then…

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The soup was already spicy, but then she added a lot of red spices, including red chili peppers and hawk claws pepper, which we had in the house, This girl.

The aroma that filled the room was straining my eyes…….

Butcher’s eyeballs were in danger, but Natsuki and Yakumo were both fine.

And then we got to the table.

“Here you go!” Natsuki held out her hands with a smile on her face.

I nervously and fearfully lifted the bowl.

It was red.

The soup was bright red. How can such a red substance exist in this world?

I could say it’s water from a river flowing in hell and people would believe me. I don’t have lips, so I can’t slurp up the noodles or the soup. I can’t even sip so I have to take it in one gulp. I’m scared.

“itadakimasu!” The two of them started to eat their fill.

It is not nice to refuse it. Let’s put my tongues to the test first.


That hurt! The impact was as if I had been hit on the head.

pain ….. too painful …….

Is that ……? Is it too spicy, or is it too painful? Hmmm, is this what real spicy feel like?

I think this is the first time I’ve felt spicy since I became a Butcher. The spicy is not a sense of taste, but a sense of pain. In other words, this ramen has penetrated the butcher’s defenses. Capsaicin is to be feared. It’s poison. It’s a killer ramen.

Looking at them, both Natsuki and Yakumo looked unfazed as they slurped it down……..

Okay, here I go… *gulp *

It was as if an army of sea urchins was sliding down my throat.

“Fu~~ha~~~~ It’s been a while since I’ve had good ramen~~~~! How about it Onii-chan.This is my winter special ramen’Genkou Tan-men’! “

“It’s good”

The muscles in my mouth and throat are throbbing as if it is about to burst.

“It won’t feel hot and sweat, If it’s not spicy”

Natsuki wiped the sweat from her face and fanned her hands, sending air to the slits in her armpits. I caught a glimpse of her, no bra. Her pale skin was glistening with sweat. A drop of sweat dripped down the surface of the sideboob……

“You know, unlike what they sell in the store, frozen food is made for the everyday consumer so It’s not spicy at all! but I’m glad we have lots of chili in this house~♪”

–Natsuki was a Scoville addict, a chilli holic.

I quickly cleaned up the dishes and turned on the fan to vent the burning miasma in the room. I hope it doesn’t turn into poison gas.

“So? What kind of person you’re looking for, Onii-chan?”

“A woman named Abigail.”


Natsuki crossed her arms and tilted her head. There’s a “?” floating on her head.

I think surviving and returning from the alien camp would have caused a certain amount of buzz.

“Hmmm? I seem to have heard a name like that recently?”

Yakumo tugged at Natsuki’s clothes as she grumbled.

“What’s wrong, Yakumo?”

When he showed her the terminal, she shouted, “Oh!”

“That’ s right! A while ago, this woman was the talk of the town. Do you mean this one?”

Natsuki showed me the terminal.

…… Oh, wow.

Interesting. It’s all over the paper.

Abigail, you’re so famous. And what’s with the illustrations? It looks like a gorilla. It doesn’t look like her at all lol.

oops, the slang …… Natsuki’s influence…

But I’m glad. If it looks like this, she should still be alive.

Abigail is a capable woman after all. It’s safer to stand out like this than use her real face.

But how the hell am I supposed to meet her? I’m pretty sure she’s being watched.

And the guy who wrote this article …… Eugene?

So this guy has met Abigail in person. I’ve seen this name around a bit when I was surfing the net yesterday. He’s a veteran reporter of some sort. I wonder if he can still contact her. But it’s hard to get him. Should I kidnap him and torture him?

“…..Why did you come to see this woman? I thought you lost your memory? Are you saying she’s the only person you remember? Because she might be the key to your old memories? Maybe she’s your wife?””

Natsuki was curious.

“Abigail and I escaped from the alien city together.”

“……?………… eeeeeeehhhh!?”

Natsuki paused for a moment and then looked up.

“So, that’s what it was…….”

“We met and escaped from prison together. although we were supposed to go separate ways, but now she’s in trouble. I’m here to help her.”

“Wow …… that sounds like something from a movie.”

She held her hands to her mouth and exclaimed.

She looked at me with glittering eyes filled with admiration and respect.

The sympathy for my earlier story of misfortune plus the secret about me and Abigail. I have melted Natsuki’s heart, I am going to have sex with her today 100%.

“Well, I must go see her.”

Then Natsuki took my fingers in hers.

“Do you want me to contract her? I have some knowledge of how to find my way around dangerous places.”

“No, nothing that dangerous.”

I saw on the news that the police and gangs are still working on my massacre the day before. I did a lot of killing in one night. I killed two people in a military facility, three people in Natsuki’s room, and I even turned a gangster’s office into a slaughterhouse. It was a reporter named Eugene who wrote a newspaper article called “Bloody Christmas”.

That reminds me of Natsuki’s duty, who seemed somewhat confused “Hmm.”

“Since you were in the middle of our deal, you should be responsible.”

Please be professional and take care of my son.

Silently, I stood up and turned to face her.

My energetic rod silhouette appeared underneath my apron.


A silent gaze.

That outfit…….

That sleeveless knit is not fair. I can’t stand it.

The lines of her body look soft and fluffy, her smooth and pale shoulders are visible, I can see her ribs glimmering through the side slits, and she’s not wearing a bra. But I can’t see her nipple, Are you wearing any pants? Damn, my imagination is running wild. I want to roll up that knit dress slowly from the bottom and check all the answers.

“The sun is still high.”

Natsuki said with a dazed look on her face.

“We don’t do it yesterday”

“Why don’t you just rub one out and go to bed?”

So let me explain the nature of the Butcher to her.

So basically, if I’m not holding a woman, I’m going to become uncontrollably aggressive. This is a characteristic of the Butcher, and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s something that can’t be stopped.

That’s why I needed you.

“…… huh. Oh, Geez.”

“Yakumo…never ever, ever, ever come to the bedroom during this, alright?”

After reminding Yakumo, who was listening absentmindedly, Natsuki took my hand and headed for the bedroom.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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