Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 170

days later.

“A-h, A-h I a-m huma-n”

That’s what it sounds.

I was able to vocalize quite smoothly. It was worth all the mumbling training I did in the living room late at night.

However, there is still something eerie about this vocal sound. Like a weird noise that comes out of the speakers that pick up the radio wave in the middle of the night.

“How’s it, Natsuki?”

I asked Natsuki, who was sucking my son, making a slurping sound.

“Chu~pu……♡ hah hah,…… wow, I can’t believe you can talk already. Hah……♡ Let’s tell that Yakumo, too…… ha~mu♡”

She replied and went back to her oral ministrations.

She licks up from my testicles to the tip over and over again deliciously, Her face is bright red and she looks almost longing.

She squeezes the glans repeatedly with her lips and then swallows it with long slurping noises. She sucks my cock with a lot of passion.

“You’re so good, Natsuki.”


At my compliment, the corner of her eyes dropped a little and her cheeks puff up.

I sit on the couch, Natsuki kneeling on the floor with her head in my crotch.

Yakumo is in the study room with the door left open, looking at his computer. The backrest of the couch is blocking his line of sight, so he can’t see her from the other side.


There’s no way he doesn’t know. We’re not really trying to hide it too.

Perhaps Natsuki has already broken free.

Originally Natsuki is somewhat like a bro-con, but she seems to have woken up to something about the immoral situation of having a Yakumo watch her perform a real sex act.

She no longer cares where or when she has sex with me. By the way, This is just past noon. I didn’t invite her. She was the one who started this session. I got horny at the sight of Natsuki in her skimpy pants and my son swelled up a little, but she saw it and without saying a word, she peeled off my apron and took a mouthful of my half-erecting cock. And here we are now.

A few days have passed since the night of the delivery truck ambush. The year was finally coming to an end.

We had decided to wait until the city calmed down, so we stayed quiet in this room, and now we are having a wild sex spree. and it’s great.

Getting a blowjob in the shower room in the morning is a common occurrence. In the daytime, we have sex all over the room, hiding the act from the Yakumo. There are not many places left in Shigeaki’s house we haven’t fuck.And at night it’s all on the bed. she even invited me in her naughty underwear last night,.

Apparently, she is strangely aroused by the fact that she is really enjoying getting creampied in front of Yakumo. It seems that the humiliation of having her lust exposed in front of her beloved brother is now linked to her ecstasy now, It is a so-called sexual perversion.

I have uncovered her sexual fantasy that I should have not. According to the list of sexual perversions that I have put into my head by surfing the net for the past few days, it might be an NTR. the most cutting-edge and complex fetish of humankind. Or maybe she’s just an M. Anyway, there’s no turning back now. Let’s just continue fucking each other until we satisfy.

“Almost there.”

“*slurp*♡ Pu~ha…… what……?”

I pull out of Natsuki’s mouth and switch positions.

I stand up and press the back of her head against the seat.

“Open your mouth.”

“Haa…… haa…… ahhhhh……”

Oh, it’s wonderful to be able to speak. Thus, it is now possible to give prompts like a human being now.

Obediently opens her mouth wide. her mucous membrane of her inner mouth is red and glistening from the long struggle with my big cock. She was waiting for me with her tongue wiggling in the red flower garden. Erotic.


I slowly push the glans in, savoring the feel of her lips and the warmth of her inner cheek. Natsuki greets me with a tongue rubbing against the underside of my cock.

“Mmmmn … mm … nn ♡ nn ♡ nn ♡ nn ♡”

I swung my hips while pressing Natsuki’s head against the seat. Despite the rather loud squeaking sound she made, she wrapped her hands around my waist and was at my mercy.

–This is where we spice things up a bit.

Stretching out my tongue, I tapped Yakumo’s shoulder who was looking at his computer screen. He turned around and I gesture him to come here with my finger.

Yakumo obediently got out of his chair and made his way around the couch.

“Mmmm, mmmm……. nnn!? nnnn! Mmmm♡!!”

Although she pretended to be unwilling, her expression remained calm and relaxed. I was roughly using her mouth, but her eyes that fills with tears were already melting with ecstasy.

When revealing such a scene in front of her brother, I gives her a deep thrust into her throat.

“Nng, nngu……♡”

Her shoulders jumped a little at the first splut, and the hot, sticky lust was poured directly into Natsuki’s esophagus, as she stopped moving.

“Fuu-Hmm … nnn, nnn… fu, nnn… fu, nnn… fu, nnn fu…”

She was breathing in between swallows, which made her hot breaths gently caress my rod, tickling it, that feels nice.

By the way, she didn’t gagged at all.

This was a great thing. Even Titania sometimes coughed. Maybe it’s because her throat is trained with capsaicin on a regular basis. Capsaicin is amazing. (it’s in the chilli)

Even so, she couldn’t drink all of it. Because the speed of pouring is faster than the speed of swallowing. It’s like putting your mouth on a carton of milk only to find that you can’t swallow it all. Natsuki’s mouth was overflowing with white liquid.

Normally, she would puke it out around butcher lance, but today she worked desperately to drink it all.

At the end of the ejaculation, I slowly pulled out the meat rod.

When the head leaves Natsuki’s lips, a sticky white thread stretches between her mouth and my rod. She gazed at it, entranced at the sight.

“Hah …… hah …… hah …… I can drink it …… I drink it all today ♡”

Natsuki, who had consumed about a carton’s worth of my sperm, never took her eyes off my towering butcher’s lance. She licking the left over from the corner of her mouth and begs me for more, nibbling on the underside of my cock.

“Good girl, good girl.”

“Hehe…… ♡”

I stroked her head, she was so cute. Natsuki smiled with a cum-covered face.

–Hmmm…leaving her like this would be like a killjoy. Let’s fuck her to the end.

I really want to press her naked figue against the window and fuck her, enjoy the shameful act and the views of the city from this high-rise building. but the sky has been dark for many days now because of the snow and I can see anything from outside even if I stand by the window, so I’m holding back. If only it were sunny……. I have no choice but to play it differently.

“Na-tsuki, Bring that th-ing here.”


Natsuki wandered off and left for the bedroom.

Meanwhile, I put Yakumo on the sofa and did some vocal training. The “aa” sound is still quite delayed.

By the way, my voice is coming from a small speaker hanging on my neck. It seems to be wireless, so as long as I set it up, I can connect it to any speaker.

“Do you like my voice?”

The boy just stare at me. I decide to take it as a positive.

“It would be nice if it’s a little more cool”

“–Sorry to made you wait……”

A shy voice comes from behind me.

I turn around.

There stands Natsuki, fidgeting in her apron, her entire pale arms and legs are fully exposed.

–Her face is completely in heat.

She has been embraced by me for almost two weeks now. Maybe it can’t be helped.

Looking back, Abigail is the only human woman who has ever remained sane after being held by me for two weeks. Although the encounter was uneventful, I fucked Abigail carefully and tenderly. Natsuki too, as she was also carefully fucked. As long as the sex was not rough, but rather polite and respectful, it was possible to make her a butcher’s exclusive girl. I learned some valuable knowledge.

Natsuki’s sense of duty to protect Yakumo was also a good thing. However, the situation took a slightly strange turn.

–I think there are a lot of people who get drunk with the ideal of sacrificing themselves to protect their loved ones. But those won’t last long on the battlefield.

Well, as for me, the more perverted a girl is, the happier I am, so there you go!

I took Natsuki behind the kitchen counter and stood behind her.

The stunning white curves from her back to her hips catch my eye. Her shoulders are slender, and her hips are smooth and plump. The knot at her waist is a nice touch.

Come to think of it, we are both wearing a naked apron.

“Natsuki, we’re matching”

“is it……? Ah, hi♡”

I thought I’d need to get it first so I inserted my meat hook into the crack of her ass, but it was already soaked.

“Do you want it?”

Natsuki silently bit her lower lip and nodded coyly. She is honest.

I run my black tongue up her slightly sweaty back several times. Each time I did, she gave a little “Nnhee!” scream.

After smearing Natsuki’s slimy love juice on my big, burly cock and twirling it firmly, I slide in the tip. At that moment, I could feel her back stiffen with tension.

I thrust my hips forward.

I pushed against the resistance of her opening and was welcomed into the warm folds of her flesh. I continued to thrust deep into her.

“–Hmm, uhhhhh ♡!? Ahhhhh … ♡”

Natsuki sloppily opens her mouth and easily accepts the invasion. Her warm honey pot was enveloped me with just the right amount of tightness.

After inserting it to the deepest part and filling it to the brim, I stopped moving and rubbed her ass, waiting for her to get used to it. Her ass was white and smooth.

“Oh …… ugh!”

“Ya-kumo, wha-t do you wa-nt to ea-t?”

I asked Yakumo, who was sitting on the couch. We are going to prepare dinner together.

Yakumo immediately opened his laptop and started playing with it. Diamond was also sitting on his shoulder, looking at the screen with interest.

“Nnh♡ Nngh♡ Nnh♡ Nnh♡”

Natsuki desperately holds her mouth and endures my thrusts.

It’s no longer a matter of whether or not he can detect it, but it was impolite of me to point that out. She’s enjoying this so much. I’ll let her do as she likes.

“Wha-t do you wa-nt to ea-t, Na-tsuki?”

“Hmm … ♡ Hmmm, I’m full … so–Ah ♡!”

She let out a nice voice while holding her mouth.

All that protein fluid is actually not good. I don’t really know what my cum made off. It may not be nutritious.

Gently, I carefully inserted my hand through the gap in her apron to fondle her modest tits. I pinch her nipples and lick up the nape of her neck at the same time.

“Mmmm, kuuu♡”

Natsuki squeezes her eyes shut and moans in pleasure.

While doing this, I did voice training with Natsuki. I’m the type of person who, when I decide to do something, I do it thoroughly. Even sex is a nice form of teaching material.

“Na-tsuki, ha-ve you ever ha-d sex with someone before?”

“Hmm ♡ I was ♡”

“How ma-ny?”


“Wha-t position?”

“Why is that–Ah ♡!! No, I understand ♡ I’ll say, I’ll say it ♡ So please, slow down♡?”

According to her, Natsuki’s first experience was with a friend of Pedro’s. He comforted her on the day she had a scary experience at work.

–About Pedro, She said she like him at first, but I guess he was in a phase, I think it’s called BSS.

As I further force Natsuki to confess the number of people, including guests, she had experienced with (surprisingly few), the next topic was my sexual experience.

“Je, Jebo, tan … also made ♡ those alien girls, cries ♡ with ♡! this dick♡?”

“as of now, at the front line, all down.”

“Hi …… hi …… hi …… hi, nnnn, aaaaahhh ♡♡!”

“I even sma-shed a dra-gon girl, her name is A-shera.”

I made her my local wife. I haven’t even clawed in her bed yet.

–I can’t go to that town anymore. I don’t think they’ll let me in again. I’m sorry, Arshela. It seems like it was just a one-night stand.

“You’re lying…… awesome♡ nn, guh♡ this dick♡ is it a dragon slayer♡?”

“Yes this is a dra-gon slayer, It’s called Butcher la-nce a.k.a. piece maker. a-ma-zing right?”

“amazing ♡!Oh, no, I can’t take it♡! I’m going to die♡!! nn♡! nn♡! Oh♡♡♡!”

I look into Natsuki’s face. Her face was flushed, like someone who has been standing on her head for a long time. A tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and saliva was trickling from the tip of the tongue. Her eyes almost rolled into her head.

-I think it is time.

I stop moving, grab her hips, and it deep into her cervix.


“With the, ejecula-te into the womb, move. Even a dra-gon wa-s turn in to a big mess.”

“hah …… hah …… ejeculate hah ……ejeculate into the womb?”

“Penetrate and ejaculate directly in the womb until it is filled.”


The blood drained from Natsuki’s face.

“It’s all right. I won’t do that to Natsuki.”

“Hah, hah … ha~ …ha~ … the dragon girl is defeated like that………”

She gulp.

“–Can you do that to me, too?”

“I ca-n do it with huma-n, but if you don’t like me, It won’t be sa-tisfied.”


I could see goosebumps running up Natsuki’s beautifully arched back.

She raises her body and twists her arms around me over her back.

“…… I want it, want to make Jebotan feel better …….”

Wow, I’m glad.

“Why? so sudden.”

“Because, you see, we are lovers. We’re fucking every day, and yet we can’t get enough of it. I thought maybe I wasn’t satisfied you enough…….”

She looked up at me with a sad look on her face.

–I didn’t know you were thinking that. Natsuki has a very maternal nature. Maybe it’s because of Yakumo.

Indeed, it was a little unsatisfying. the most pleasurable experience is when the cock is fully penetrated and bottoming out.

“I’m ha-ppy, I’m getting a little bit uncomforta-ble but you don’t ha-ve to worry a-bout it. You ca-n’t protect Yakumo if there’s an a-ccident from it and you got injured.”


She broke off and continued.

“Well, do you want to use my ass …… like that elf did?”

“Oh, you don’t mind?””

Quickly, I extended my tongue and lick Natsuki’s asshole.

“Hiiii!……Yeah, nevermind. Sorry……”

Yeah ,You should take care of your sphincter. I heard that once it’s torn, it won’t recover.

When I was in Faymbaum, I didn’t worry about it because of the healing magic, but here there is no one I can rely on. I don’t want to see Natsuki having a colostomy.

The safest thing is Deep Throat, but …….

“Ca-n you ta-ke it with your throa-t?”

“Eh, …… Isn’t it the current pace fine?”

Natsuki can swallows pretty deeply. But it was barely past the halfway mark.

“Ta-ke it more, a-ll of it.”

“All ……”

She closed her eyes once, took a deep breath and looked at me.

“…… alright. I’ll try it next time.”

Natsuki’s smile, promising me, made my cock heaten up a little.

“Ugh, it’s hot …… ♡”

“Where do you want it?”

“Oh, inside♡ kitchen might get dirty so , let in out inside, give it to me♡”

Well, then, I’ll take your word for it.

I grabbed her hip and violated her vagina with a fastening thrust.

“Ah, ah, ah, nniii, iii, iii!”

She closes her eyes and clenches her teeth. Natsuki concentrates on the friction inside her. The living room is filled with a loud, cute moaning voices.

As I listen to her high-pitched charming voice, my cum is starting to build up.

I roughly pressed Natsuki against the kitchen counter and thrust her hard from behind into the back of her vagina, gripping and squeezing her squirming body, and I shot out my seed.


Natsuki’s entire body stiffened at the first shot.

Her vulva spasmed and twitched as she squeezed my son.

She climaxed in time with my own. That’s a hundred points.


She drops her head, bites her lip and continues to spasm. It is a longer orgasm than usual.

I wondered why, but while she was climaxing, she was making eye contact with Yakumo across the counter kitchen.

This is …… there might be an incest shenanigans happens in the future when I’m gone.

But I doubt it. Yakumo doesn’t react at all, and he doesn’t get erect either, it’s fine with me if we play together. He seems to be at an age where he is ready to do this stuff. Too bad.

“A, no….”

At the end of my ejaculation, Natsuki slumped over.

She’s very tight, because of her youthful tightness. And since she was clamping my cock so tightly, all of my cum was stored in her womb and only a few drops of cum trickled down her inner thighs. Her bloated belly looks painful though.

“Tha-t wa-s really good, Na-tsuki. Thank for the hard work.”


I lifted Natsuki up while still prenetating her, and headed for the bath room.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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