Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 198


—- This is not good.

As I thought, today’s Ferris is a little strange.

The best way to escape is to run away. Let’s run to the Ant Hill Castle and ask Arshella what’s going on tomorrow, even if it means making her regress to an infant, and then we can calm down and think about it while making her squeal.

『I see. But it’s a little too difficult for me, and it’s already cold. Let’s talk about it again tomorrow』

In the mid-sentence, I felt a pain on my shoulder.

I twisted my body to escape the pain and my vision spun around.

Almost without a pause, a cold shock pierced my back and escaped through my nose and my breath.

I was thrown again..

I fell on my back, and my vision was surrounded by falling snow.

When I gained my composure, I saw Ferris mounted on my body under the night sky with the moon floating behind her.

–Her eyes are as red as blood.

Her fur turns white, and her tail increases in number.

『–again, you are going to run away again.』

She looks down at me with a disapproving look.

『What a terrible knight you are. Leaving me behind. Abandoning your duty. This is not like the ever imposing Jibodan at all.』

Having said all that, Ferris quietly pulled her front dress down and smiled a bewitching smile.

『You’ll catch a cold.』

In response to my voice, Ferris’s beastly pupils narrowed.

Immediately after, multiple fireballs appeared around her with a popping sound.

Demon fire…… or should I say fox fire? It was warm like a stove was burning around us.

『…… you’ve changed, Ferris』

『It’s Jibodan’s fault.』

Ferris let out a huff …… and her smile widened.

She shifted my apron to the side and stuck her hand in.

『Jibodan can also warm me up …… with this thick, hot, vicious cock.』

This is not good.

『Aren’t you being stubborn? You and I are already broke up, and Ferris doesn’t turn me on. I don’t like loli.』

I tried to be harsh to her. Tried to shock her a little.


『Hummm …….liar.』

A cold smile returned.

『I know when we took a walk in the city, you intentionally walked behind me on purpose and got erect.』


『You always look at my butt and tails. Even when I was sleeping, you remained standing by my bedside with a tent on your apron. When I was bathing in the mountains in Dean, you secretly watched me and peeked into the outdoor baths. Spying on me all the time while having an erection.』

*jerk* !!

『No, that’s ……』

『I can smell it. The smell of Jibodan. It’s burned into my brain.』

The smell ….. so embarrassing …….

『On the way home from a school rampage that day, you were so upset when Dupont-san gave you an apron. In fact, you were actually happy to be seen naked by people on the streets.』

She knows!

『Jibodan’s scent was so amazing at that time, when you watched me being played with by Lydia in your cell. Did you turn on watching me cum right in front of you, by a woman you don’t even know? or ……』

『O-Of course not』

I looked up at Ferris, who was looking at me, her face upturned, as she looked down at me.

『Did you feel good when you got a blowjob while imagining fucking me? Or is it both?』

My butcher’s lance was already erect as it was taken out from under my apron.

The destructive power of the loli fox’s verbal abuse was just too much.

With her chilly hands, she squeezed me tightly.


I was thrilled by that one word. Yes. I’m a total pervert.

Ferris continued to lick my nipples as he squeezed her small hand around my massive meat stick and pulled my apron off. She even added an upward glance to provoke me. Her white fingers were sticky with leaking pre-cum.

『You’ve always wanted to rape me, haven’t you?』

ugg…… bingo!

『I don’t want to fuck Ferris!』

A verbal denial.

she giggles.

Ferris raised her body and got into a cowgirl position. She licked off the transparent fluid from her fingers and moaned.

『Look, here’s the real thing.』

She pulls up the hem of her dress to reveal a hairless pubic mound underneath. It was warm and plush against my enormous, grotesque cock.

Then I noticed something. I saw a strange tattoo on her lower abdomen.

『What is it?』

『Thanks to Jibodan, I got this naughty tattoo on my tummy.』

–Eh, What?

I blinked, and Ferris gave me a teasing look.

『Aww…… now you have to take responsibility. It’s not going away on its own, you know?』

『W-What do you want me to do?』



『You need to put your baby in right here.』


The responsibility is heavy. With an innocent smile, She dropped her weight down.

『No, no……. I–』

I reach my hand up to push Ferris away.

With a swift movement, she twists my thump.

— ouch …….

This is the skill of someone who knows the bone structure.

With her amazing grip strength, I am inevitably overpowered and pushed down on my back again.

And then Ferris brings her face close to my ear.


She whispered.

『What a weak limp dick ♡, the one that always gets off easily at the sight of my fluffy tail. Being unable to fuck one little loli fox like me is a terrible letdown. How disappointing!』

The fox girl rubbed her labia against the underside of my shaft. During this time, the cursing in my ear was getting more and more intense.

I was at my wit’s end in front of Ferris, who had changed into a different person.

And then, the word “mating season” suddenly came to my mind.

Could it be …… Is this the famous rutting?

Hmmm …….


I don’t know what happened, but if you insist that much, I have no choice.

I did not have Ferris because I thought that further dependence on me would not be good for her future. I thought I was dealing with Ferris properly as a friend.

If she still wanted to be taken by me, then.

I had no choice other than to follow this flow.

I’m going to ride this weird current with all my might.

After all, it’s a simple feast. To not take advantage of this is to ruin the name of Gevaudan, the greatest sex beast in the world.

I’ll take your offer and play with your game!

『Look Look ♡ If you don’t resist, I’m going to insert it myself ♡♡』

『Ku, stop. I can’t be with Ferris!』

『You all talk, Jibodan’s cock is already begging to come inside me, and crying out for me to put it in♡』

『It’s just a normal reaction. This is not right!』

『In front of the great yokai, the Nine-tailed fox Jibotan was acting like a little now wasn’t he? I can’t believe how big you get when you’re held down like this…… pervert』

『Ugh, I’m sorry I’m a pervert.』

『Sorry? you look so happy to be played with by the little fox who you’re supposed to protect.』

『I’m not happy-』

『Liar……♡ Jibodan’s weak dick is turned on by getting reverse-raped by the girl he likes♡』


While I was enjoying the play, my penis was soaking wet. All of it was her love juice and Ferris’s excitement was at its peak. I wondered where she had learned this obscene foreplay of masturbating with a rod and preparing herself.

–For a play like this, It’s all about the flow.

Any words that make things uncomfortable are prohibited. The direction we are heading is reverse rape. Even Ferris must have been really embarrassed as she was making this scene. I don’t think there is any human who can say such an embarrassing line without hesitation.

Then all I have to do is to keep the wood burning. That is good etiquette. You don’t need to have any real feelings about it. For a special play like this, leave it to this experienced Gevaudan.

『Ha …… ha …… ♡』

Eventually, Ferris stood up on top of me and put his hands on the butcher lance, and put it against herself. Her face, dyed in red, is filled with excitement. There is no sign of fear or nervousness in her.

“Nnn… nnn~~~~”

She continued to lower her hips, and hot slippery fluid slid down the glans, breaking through the slight resistance.


White fang peeked out of Ferris’ mouth as she took in the air. Her tearful eyes were lost in focus, wandering through the night sky. Her wild appearance resembled that of a delighted rapturous beast.

『Are you okay?』

I asked, taking Ferris’s hands to support her. She bit her lower lip and lowered her face.

『Fuu fuu……Umm, hmm,……fuu、fuu』

Fuu, fuu And as her hips dropped down with her ragged breathing, and suddenly, It thrust deep inside, I felt a small nudge at the head.


The little fox pussy was tightly stuffed and bulging.

Ferris pointed at it, her eyes dilated.

『—- It’s …… in …… ♡』

She stopped moving with a pained expression on her face. Her breathing was very shallow, her fox ears trembling.

What surprised me was how deep it goes in. My penis was already buried 80% in. I wondered where it had been stored in that small body. No wonder the fox clan is naturally attracted to big cock.

『I’m going to move.』

I tried to raise her body, but she put her hands on my chest to prevent me.

Ferris rubs my nipples and slowly moves her hips up and down.

『fuu………kun ♡ such a tiny …… weak dick ♡♡! fuu……this is no match♡ no match for♡ fuu ♡ for ♡ the Nine-tailed fox ♡!』

Every time Ferris bounced frantically on my belly, the crease between her eyebrows deepened and her breathing became more ragged.


Her white tooth was still visible, and steam full of pheromones was rhythmically exhaled from her mouth.

Perhaps because she was still wearing her robe, her hips swung awkwardly, and her pussy was tight, but despite her tone of abuse, there was a maternal tenderness to her movements. It was the movement of a woman urging me to ejaculate. I knew Ferris was a gentle girl with a good nature. Butcher’s diagnosis of sexual characteristics is never wrong.

I wanted to prank her a little bit, so I thrust my hips up from below.

『–Kun ♡!? No, don’t! Jibodan, don’t move ♡!』

『I felt a little overwhelmed, so I tried to fight back a bit.』

『Oh, really♡?』

Well, it’s a lie.

I don’t say such nonchalant things. Now I’m playing the role of a small dick who gets reverse-raped by a fox girl and has his cum squeezed out of him mercilessly.

『Kufufu … Jibodan is about to cum? already?♡ Well, I’m not quite there yet♡ you’re so weak♡』

That’s a lie. Ferris has already had several small orgasms. I can tell because every time she does, her tail perks up.

『There♡ If you want to cum♡ then cum♡ Pitifully beaten♡ by this small ♡ little fox ♡ that getting drunk♡ by Jibodan♡ cum♡ let it flow into my fox’s den♡!』

The surrounding fox fires are intensifying in sync with her arousal.

Ferris started bouncing in a more adept pace than before. It seems she has figured out the right way to move on her own.

Her oriental, strange, white clothes were disheveled, and her small, erect nipples were glimpsed through the gap.

Eventually, she found her own weak spot, and her movements turned into a repeating rhythm.

“ha…… ha…… ha…… ha…… ha……”

The look on Ferris’s face as she bit my finger and tasted my pole with an expression of ecstasy was worth a hundred points.

As I gazed at her innocent face, so absorbed in her newfound pleasure, my semen began to accumulate. I’m going to cum.

I don’t mind blabbing on like this, as it is just a play, but …….

『Ferris. I’m about to cum, I want you to drink it.』

I would like to increase her arousal level even more with my cum. Ferris is a cum lover. I want to see how dirty she can be.

At my pleading, Ferris stopped moving and smiled a lecherous smile.

『…………nope ♡』

Her face was bright red. It was like she was a little drunk. She licked some of my pre-cum off her hand a while ago.

『Aren’t you a naughty boy ♡ begging the little Fox to suck your dick♡ your gross♡ smelly♡ butcher♡ dick♡』

『I’m a little shocked that it stank..』

『Oh, sorry ♡! sorry♡♡! Jibodan’s dick smells really, really, really good♡♡』

Ferris hurriedly looked into my face and said apologetically.

–an opening!!

“—-!? Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

The voice echoed through the dry winter woods.

She was about to hug me to apologize, so her tail was defenseless and I was able to grab it.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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