Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 199


『Not–Not the tails! —-ei!』

…..And with a Pom sound, the tail of Ferris I was holding on to disappear.

『Kufufufu … How’s that ♡? This is the power of the nine-tailed fox ♡!!』

Oh, no matter. If one tail is gone, I’ll just grab another.

『No, no ♡! this one is real ♡!』

Ah, so there is a real one and a fake one.

I could play the M while being humiliated by Ferris, but I’m still an S. With that, we switched roles.

I hold Ferris’ waist as she collapses on top of me, and I lay her down on her back. Her body temperature was so high that it almost felt like I was holding a hot water bottle.

I rubbed my hands along her tail.


Her shoulders shuddered with pleasure, and a different shade of lustful look took over her beautiful features.

Her brow furrowed, her expression one of lust and agony.

I continued thrusting her from below.

『–Kufun ♡!』

I alternately stimulated her tail and vagina.

『 Are you really a Nine-tailed Fox? If so, just this weak dick is not enough. So I’m going to unleash my monster cock to deal with you from now.』

『 No, no ♡! I’m-, oh ♡!?』

In a turn of events, I devoured the fox girl’s vagina greedily.

One hand holding her waist to prevent her from moving, and the other hand squeezing Ferris’s tail.

“Ii, Ii, Ii, Ii, Ii—-!!”

Ferris’s eyes opened wide in response to the intense pleasure.

Clenching both fists and half-crying, her womanly moans is beginning to leak from between her clenched teeth as she endured her first taste of male genitalia. Making a baby is hard work too you know?

Of course, I am a knight of Ferris, so I don’t treat her like an object. I stroked her tail while I’m doing it, patted her buttocks, and also stroked her head.

『How is it? It’s not as bad as you said before right?』

If my big dick is small fry, then what about the other guys? Plankton, I guess.

『The thickness can fill up the inside tightly and also long enough to knock on your deepest part. Equipped with a sharp head to scrape Ferris’s weak spot, Hope you like it, And do you want some hot drink that will ward off the winter chill?』

Ferris’s expression was disheveled and debauched in this combination of both rape and caress.

『Wa ~waa… … Fu~, fu~ such……such thing♡ squeezes my tail without hurting it, moves me around, looking for the places that make me feel good. Fu……my head is all soft♡ For such a gentle small dick to beat this cold-hearted nine-tailed fox was — Iiiiiiiiii~iiiiii ♡♡♡!』

The surprise ejaculation forced Ferris to break her cheeky reply.

“ha …… ♡! Ahh…… Aaah! …… ♡!?”

Ferris’s face filled my field of vision, spilling her tongue out like a dog.

Ferris’s brow is furrowed tightly and her body is frozen in place as she endures the stimulation of my first ejaculation.

Her provocative look is still there, but her mouth is, by all means, slack-jawed. I found her expression so cute that I plunged my black tongue into the back of her open mouth.

“Argghh…… Ha…… Muggu……!? Arghh~~~~~!”

From the back of her vagina and the back of her throat, I skewer the loli fox from above and below.

Her eyeballs are gradually turned into her head.

『I’m sorry I ejaculated inside your vagina without your permission, but it felt so good inside that I couldn’t resist. I really like the erotic Ferris.』

At that moment, her pussy squeezed. Seems like she climaxed after getting fucked in the back of her throat.

『Ferris, did you cum?』

『N-No, it’s not … I mean …』

『Oh, really? Then let’s continue.』

『Wha- aaaaaaah ♡!?』

Ferris’s eyes widened in surprise and she screamed as I resumed pistoning despite the fact that I still was in the middle of ejaculating.

Men and women do not move during ejaculation. It is a rule common to all living things. But since I was something out of the category of a creature, I was granted permission for such an outrageous act.

Ferris was a little out of control after the rushing torrent of cum hitting the depths of her vagina and the pounding from the pulsating meat rod, but she couldn’t escape the pleasure because I was holding her tightly.

I tightened my hold on the thin fox girl’s body and thrust my hips up into her belly. Each time I did this, Ferris’s back arched, and her hole moistened.

At the same time, her upper mouth was also gaping.

Her head shakes. Her fox ears twitched. Her tail stiffened. Her eyes were watering.


I now have the doll I’ve been longing for, and now, I’m raping it.

I was overcome with emotion. A sense of satisfaction spreading gradually in my pace accelerated.

Then, Ferris’s protesting voice with tears in her eyes reaches me.

『byu, byu♡ You can’t move when you cum♡! don’t pat it♡! cheat♡! A chivalrous knight ♡ should honor the princess ♡! ♡♡♡♡!』

『No good princess would ever think of reverse raping a knight. Ferris is a bad girl. I have to punish her. I’ll be rough with you to pay for what I’ve been put up with so far, but I’m not complaining. Let’s play the princess in captivity together.』

『This is treason♡! Jibodan rebel ♡!!』

『Look, look. If Ferris doesn’t try harder the revolution will succeed, right? A captured princess is going to end up in a heinous humiliation.』

『No! … I’m not ….. letting you!』

Ferris, with a sharp look in her eyes, raked her fingernails along my collarbone.

Pulling my arms hard to raise her body on top of mine. ……

『Fuu, Fuu……To think that this weak dick can humiliate me ……Fuu, Fuu……I am a proud, nine-tailed ahhhhh!♡!?』

I squeeze the tail and grind her hips at the same time.


The proud Nine-tailed easily fell. She collapsed, clinging to my collarbone.

She weakens in my hand, and her tail is vibrating slightly. A sure sign of climax.


My black tongue slurps out of her small mouth, which has loosened up.

“Fuhe … he …”

Her gaze is shaky and dreamy.

『Give up? If you raise the white flag, I’ll spare you』

I thrust the head of the butcher lance into the unused cervix and forced her to surrender.


Ferris, who had rolled her eyes and clamped her mouth shut, looked up.

Her red eyes were shining brightly, and she looked at me intently.

『Fuu! Fuu! ……h-hmm……Such a soft dick, simply knocking my innermost part, and stimulating my pleasure zone is not enough to satisfy me. Nine-tailed, who has bewitched many of heavenly beings — ah wait.♡! Jibodan wait♪♡! Please, just normal sex please♡!』

Ferris cried impatiently when she felt the increasing pressure of the ferocious glans that pressed against her cervix.

『–In battle, it’s a basic rule that you don’t stop attacking until the enemy’s will to fight is shattered.』

『Nnn n nnnn……!? Ji, Jibodan ♪♡ Beyond that is the fox sacred inn ♡! It’s an inn that has our traditions and prestige♡! No entry with shoes on♡! no rape loli little fox♡!』

『Like Ferris said earlier, I’ve always wanted to rape you. Because I’m an animal.』


Ferris gasped and looked at me.

I held her waist and pushed my hips forward.

『Rape♡! Rape the loli fox’s womb♡! I have to cherish it as a future bride♡ ……nnnnN♡!? Stupid dick♡! Stupid dick♡! –get out!♡! naughty kid is banned from entering the fox’s inn. Nya~aaaaaaaaa a a a a a♡!!』


Ferris’s white tail puffed up.

This combination was perfected.

『Good girl, good girl, Well done』

『Wa, Hahhhhh……don’t ‘good girl’ me~……♡』

Oh, her consciousness is still strong.

I lick away the spilled tears.


She grabbed my tongue firmly.

『Ku, kufufufu, I did it ♡!』

Suddenly, Ferris woke up. Her expression is that of a demon. Her crotch, which was spread wide open, was tightly attached to me. Also, the mysterious pattern on her lower abdomen was glowing with a light purple hue.

『T-This is it♡! This is the realm of the Nine-tailed Fox, who has been preying on the world♡! this is not a fox’s inn, but a fox’s stable♡! Now Jibodan can’t get out of there♡!!』

What’s she talking about?

『Well then, I’m going to discipline this violent, stupid dick right now, and I’m going to give it …… Oh, what ……?』

With a jerk. I raised my upper body.

With both hands busy, Ferris can’t interfere with my movements with her joint techniques because she was holding my tongue.

I was free from the restraints and could move freely.

I put my hands into Ferris’s sides.

『That was a rookie mistake.』

“–Nya Nyanaaa……♡”

I lifted Ferris up and pulled my son out of her pussy.

A cute voice arises from the stimulation of the torrent of white waterfalls pouring down from her crotch.


I turned her body over and threw her out onto the snow. Her bare buttocks, small and fleshy, are exposed before me.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I lean over her, grab her by the tail, and penetrate her from behind.

When I thrust deep into her at once, her ass made a lovely sound.


『I knew it, a fox must love getting it from behind.』

With this, there would be no more unnecessary resistance.

I got down on all fours on the snow, and without hesitation, I pounded the walls of Ferris’s womb.

When I pushed her hips forward while pulling her tail up, dug it in even deeper and it felt really good.

『Nyaa ♡! Nyaan ♡! Whyan is ♡! this ♡!』

I was surprised that she didn’t say “kon, kon” even though she was a fox.

With such a discovery, I slapped Ferris’s ass.

As I got into a rhythm and her moans synchronized with my movements, I could feel the two of us becoming more and more united. That’s the best part of sex.


『N-no♡! I will♡! Discipline Jibodan♡! –capture♡!! To Faymbaum♡! take♡! you♡!!』

That’s what you were planning.

I pushed on the back of Ferris’ head.

Then she was plunged face-first into the snow.

『Snow! ……My tummy hurts♡』

It’s not “head cold, feet warm,” but “head cold, body warm.” This way, you won’t catch a cold.

I continue to teach her by going back and forth and violating her depths over and over again, with only her ass up in the air.

『Come on. Admit defeat already.』

Slap! Slap! Slap!

I repeatedly punish her with ass-whipping and wait for her to give in.

『Nnn♡! Nnn♡! Nnn♡! I won’t lose♡! I won’t give up♡!!』

Ferris was stubborn.

And she has stamina.

Although she repeatedly orgasmed and became weak, she soon recovered, clenched her teeth while on all fours, thrust her bums out, and gave me a provocative look as if to say, 『Kuhuhu, are already done? 』

Ferris’s vagina was very tight and hard to hold back, but I did my best.

I pulled her arms and secured her in position by wrapping my tongue around her neck.

I pulled out until the glans was caught in the entrance of her vagina, then I thrust the butcher lance into her womb, stretching it from her belly button to just below her small breasts.

While slapping her ass.

“–A-Aaah ♡!!!””

With her gasping moans, the routine is repeated dozens of sets. It was ferocious sexual intercourse.

If I endured the ejaculation and pounded her ass endlessly, Ferris would eventually fall into a continuous climax hell that was almost like a total cumming frenzy.

『~~~~~~~gg♡!! ~~~~~~~gg♡!! ~~~~~~~gg♡!! ~~~~~~~gg♡!! ~~~~~~~gg♡!!』

She burst into tears and bit her lower lip with a distant look in her eyes. Her expression became fixed and unmoving.

–It’s my first time doing this kind of rough play.

I’m a little worried that I might break her.

However, if we stopped here, the cheeky little fox would get carried away again. I repeatedly made savage incursions into the paradise fox inn to discipline Ferris, who was in heat.

Soon, her screams began mixing with pleas.

『–Hii♡! Hii♡! Hii♡! I-I can’t♡!! the womb rape of love, impossible♡! It’s going to break♡!! Jibodan♡! I’ll♡! I’ll do it♡!! so♡!! ejaculate in my womb♡! ejaculate already♡! do it♡』

Ferris declared her surrender.

『Very well.』

I accept it by inserting it to the deepest part and pouring my semen into her.


Ferris’s screaming climax rose into the night sky as the torrents of surging, concentrated sperm of the beast flowed in.

I grabbed her ass, which kept jerking and twitching, and pulled her into my crotch. I continued to spurt out my cum as I poured it into her womb. The tail poked out deliciously, so I bit it gently with my bare mouth.


With Ferris’s head stuck in the snow and only her buttocks pointing upward, the white fluid was able to accumulate in her womb without any overflow.

When Ferris finally became quiet, the moon went down over the mountains.

The pale moonlight faded, and darkness quickly took over the forest. The only thing that remained around us were the shadows of fire created by the fox fires.

Ferris’s thin, naked body, illuminated by the orange fire, looked unusually glamorous. Even the sweat dripping down her ass was glistening.

Suddenly, the female body in front of me seemed like an object begging to be fucked to shreds, and I became so horny that my ejaculation lasted longer than usual.

『fluffy … so happy, my brain fluffy♡』

The belly of Ferris, who was lying on the ground, was bulging. In such a pseudo-pregnancy stat, the dirty little fox enjoys the feeling of euphoria.

Without warning, I pulled out.

“Naaa– ♡”

A white fluid shot out of her gaping pussy with great force.

The sticky semen that was spewed out trickled down her clean inner thighs and stained them.

The sensation of such a violent surge hit Ferris, and she collapsed onto the snow, unable to support her body.

I took one of her arms and pulled her up

『The next step is to dispose of the defeated』

『Fu, fuee♡?』

She was still in a state of helplessness from the rape, and I slapped her cheeks with the still-raging sex tool.

『This is what the weak penis that just raped Ferris has become.』

『Ho waaaaaa……♡』

Ferris opened her mouth wide. I thought I saw a heart symbol floating in the back of her throat.

I pressed her face against my cock with a hard, firm push.

『*sniff sniff*……such a……*sniff sniff*……lousy ……lick……cock……*lick* *lick* ……*sniff sniff*………I’ll clean it up for you…….』

Slurping, I pinched her nose and shoved it down the back of my throat.


Inside the unpopulated forest, Ferris’s figure was disheveled in the dim light of the fire.

Her hair was a mangled mess, and her clothes were ruined. A princess in defeat, on the run, captured and tossed about by enemy soldiers in the woods. With this fantasy in mind, I enjoyed her oral and then cumming and spraying her.

“Puhah! Ann …… Chupu, ng…… *cough*…… *cough*……”

Without me forcing her to do so, she licked up the stick from below and sucked on the cum-spurting head, seemingly unwilling to let it go to waste.

She was unable to keep sucking on my cock due to her breath. Whenever she took her mouth off the glans to catch her breath, her face was smeared with white cum

However, Ferris was so aroused that she didn’t want to waste any of it. She licked off the cum that spilled on her lips with her little tongue and continued to encourage me to finish by squeezing with her slimy fingers.

After several minutes of ejaculation, Ferris was already acting like a high-class prostitute, sucking off every last drop that remained in my urethra.

Finally, she looks up at my muscular son and smiles with satisfaction.

『Haa…… Hah…… Today, it didn’t go well, but …… Next time, I’m sure I’ll get Jibodan all worked up, oh?…… Hey!』

『Good girl』

I picked Ferris up.

I place the tip of the butcher lance, against the opening of the vagina, which is still spilling semen.

『–Wait, wait…… I’m sorry! Fair play, Jibodan! Fair play, Jibodan♪… I give up, I’m done for the day!』

–In fact, Ferris is as tough as Arshella.

Now I know that she was fine with being plunged into the womb, there is no reason to go easy on her.

『Over! It’s over! Jibodan♪! A knight spares those who surrender! Think of your chivalry!』

『The chivalry of the Beast is to convert captive women into prisoners of his cock』

『I-I was tricked. Nyaaaaaaa♡!!』

In the end, as I had predicted, she had tremendous stamina, and we enjoyed a winter rape together until dawn.

As the morning sun began to shine through the forest, Ferris rolled over on the snow, her tail wagging powerlessly like a white flag as she raised her ass and surrendered to the Butcher’s army.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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