Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 56



Lydia laughs out loud while holding her stomach.

I, on the other hand, was shaking with emotion.

It was the first time in my life as a butcher that I had directly spoken to someone.

It was an emotion that soaked into my heart.

Such a good feeling. My body feels fluffy.

When I was a human, I didn’t know that being able to talk was such a blessing.

She laughed for a moment, then wiped the corners of her eyes and put her hands on me again.

“Hi, hi …….”

『Oh, really? Ferris can be a bit loose sometimes…….Roger that, Gevaudan. Knight of Ferris.』

Lydia then looked at Ferris, who was still unable to stand up.

In the meantime, I’ll make sure to keep her safe.

『You’ve been torturing Ferris?.』

『Huh?…… Oh, as a knight of Ferris, you must be concerned about that.』

She glanced back at Ferris.

『It’s not, don’t worry. Rather, the opposite.』

Lydia continued with a grin.

『……Actually, Ferris asked me to help her because she wants to talk to the Butcher. But you see, I don’t really want to talk to the Butcher, you know?』

Lydia shrugged her shoulders.

『And you’re the Butcher who went on a rampage at the school last time, aren’t cha? I turned her down once, saying that I didn’t want to get too close to a Butcher who could overpower Arshella. And then…』

She licked her lips.

『Ferris said I could do whatever I wanted with her.』

I see. That’s how it is.

『Isn’t it cute and innocent? Too cute! I was so excited that I agreed to be your translator on the condition that I can play a naughty prank on Ferris every time I talk to you from now on!』

『I want to talk to Ferris. Will Lydia translate for me?』

『Yes, yes. I’ll translate for you, kay?』

『Thank you.』

I thanked her, and she gave me a thumbs-up.

Then we continued our conversation for a while.

Here’s my setup: amnesia.

It’s a useful power word. No questions asked, no answers. All questions can be answered with “I don’t remember.”

Don’t try to talk to me more than you have to. If I talk too much and too intelligently, it might make them wary of me.

In addition to that, it’s my way of making sure that I don’t say anything unnecessary because I’m a bit of a loose mouth…….I also hoped that the slightly stupid look would make me more sympathetic.

And most importantly, I wanted to ask them not to tell the other aliens about the fact that I could speak.

This is extremely important.

Abigail’s analysis gave us the background that the Butcher is too stupid to do what it is told, so it simply follows what it is told.

In other words, the Butcher’s consciousness must be extremely dangerous in the eyes of the aliens. If military personnel familiar with the Butcher were to find out about it, they could dispose of me.

I can’t let the fact that I have an ego spread any further. I have to keep it a secret from Ferris and Lydia.

Abigail and I struggled with how to convince her.

And what we came up with is,’ I had seen the Butcher, who had an ego just like mine, get destroyed. I don’t want to be treated as a dangerous object and disposed of. I want to talk to Ferris. I want to be around her more.’ I made my request in a way that appealed to those feelings.

Sharing a big secret with a friend that should not be known to adults. It’s a teenager’s dream. This would work better with younger kids. It was Abigail’s idea.

Lydia nodded her head in sympathy.

Even though she is an alien, she is still a girl.

『I don’t know if she can talk to you today, but…I’m sorry about that, okay? I just couldn’t take it and got carried away.』

Lydia took one look at Ferris, who was still rolling her eyes, and continued.

『I’ve always wanted to have sex with Ferris.』

You’re a crazy lesbian, after all.

『I’ve confessed many times, you know. Sometimes it was formal, with a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes it’s casual like, “Hey, do you want to go out with me?” That kind of thing. But she is very shy……. I couldn’t get her interested in me. So the desire that was compressed to the limit exploded. Tehe ♪』

Lydia gulped.

『I know exactly what you mean.』

I agreed completely.

I can’t help but nod my head in agreement as similar painful experiences come to mind. Butcher is also in a position where he can’t avoid the hell of being left in custody.

Then Lydia said『understand? Butcher?』 And then Lydia started laughing again, slapping my still-tickling genitals and saying『Gevaudan is something else!』

She’s got some nerve.

So, since it’s nothing to hide, I tell her about Butcher’s daily routine, how I often have to hold back in front of the girls, how I sometimes go a little overboard afterwards, and how I put my heart and soul into finishing them off.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a conversation, and my tongue rolls a lot.

Lydia listened to me intently. “What does it feel like to overdo it?” “What happens when you broke a girl?” “Would it be safe to insert my son in the first place?” And so on.

『Such a magnificent cock…….I think it’s gonna rip me open…』

『It’s very much appreciated』

『Are you kidding!? Only in erotic novels will you find such a huge dick! Ahahaha!』

……This girl likes to talk dirty. She is a very interesting and wild girl.

She looks healthy, and she’s very open up to me.

A small sense of camaraderie began to grow inside me.

Lydia seemed to be a quiet person on the outside, but she talked to me a lot.

Eventually, her rambling conversation converged on Ferris.

『So many girls at all-girls schools end up going bye-bye when they find a guy. It’s inevitable, it can’t be helped. I understand that. But you know what?』

Lydia raised one of her hands up.

『I want to keep Ferris locked up with me until she dies.』

her fist clenched tightly.

『I want to make her my sex slave for the rest of her life.』

A strong declaration of sex slave.

『I want to take this opportunity to dye her completely in my colors and make it so that she can’t live without me in a year.』

After the slightly dangerous dream, we talked about our fantasies.

『When I get home, Ferris will greet me at the door with a fidgeting naked apron, so I’ll take my time to stare at her and refresh myself after a long day.』


『Ferris, serving dinner, is still wearing a naked apron. I’ll drop my fork on the floor and eat my dinner while watching Ferris pick it up from the floor, watching her buttocks, her tail, and her shoulder blades rise and fall. Oh no, what should I do?…..I’ll eat so much I’ll gain weight.』

I don’t want to see a fat Lydia…….

『So at night, as I am on the bed with a wine glass in my hand, Ferris, dressed in a negligee, comes into the room and begins to shyly undress in front of me. Then little by little, what comes into view is a pair of skimpy underwear that doesn’t hide the part it should.』

You mean the open crotch?

『When I saw that, I couldn’t take it anymore, pushed her down on the floor and attacked her. For the rest of the night, until morning. Everywhere in the room. Dawn greets us gracefully on the bed while I sucking Ferris’s ear–』

Lydia spoke out crisply and nodded vigorously

『That’s the future I want!』

How enviable…….

『Ahhh, if only I had been born a man. I could make Ferris cum with a big cock like yours…… I want to watch Ferris’ fainting face all to myself as she gasps ……ha…..ha……ha』

Lydia looked like an old man who had just had his first sip of beer.

But her feelings for Ferris are genuine.

She was talking about Ferris with such passion that I was a little taken aback.

I was defeated by her passion. I imagined a scene where the two girls are passionately loving each other and gave her some advice.

『I recommend a strap-on dildo.』

『What? dildo? What’s that?』

What? You don’t know? You’re a lesbian, but aren’t you kinda slow?

When I proudly told her about the pseudo male genitalia for lesbians, she made an admiring sound.

『They’ll be stabbing each other. You can shake your hips and both of you can feel good together. There’s a one-hole type and a two-hole type. I recommend the two-hole type, because it’s more stable and can be used for intense fucking.』

Lydia listened to me and silently turned her head down. I can’t see her expression, but her shoulders are shaking.

『Hey, Gevaudan……you’re ………』

I took my time, and then looked up.

『You’re so interesting!』

A super big smile.

『Look, we’re an all-girls school, you know? Our knowledge and experience are limited. And because we’re all girls, we’re not allowed to go out with guys, That’s why I’m really interested in Gevaudan’s stories. …… It’s very informative.』

Lydia’s eyes glittered in a respectful gaze.

She grabbed the tongue I held out to her and shake it.

I wonder if this is what it means to be a fellow comrade. It was at this moment, the Degenerate Alliance was born.

I’m also interested in Lydia’s training process for Ferris. At that time, please use me as your assistant. I’ll dispatch my son to help.

『By the way, Lydia. What’s her name?』

I turned my head to the Miss who was staring at us nearby.

She noticed my gaze and cocked her head. The expression is gone, but the gesture is extremely adorable.

When Lydia saw this, she scratched behind her ear with an embarrassed expression.

『Hmmm…..that one probably doesn’t have a name. She’s just an imp.』

That one? Imp? That’s terrible! She’s something more noble than that!

I struggled a little, and the restraints on my limbs made a muffled sound.

Lydia, who stepped back with her face drawn, said a few words to Miss standing next to her.



Lydia groaned.

Then, as if she remembered, Miss said “&◎、〆&〒□★……? ……☆■※〓”

then Lydia

“■◇○? Gevaudan”

She replied.

That’s when I saw a faint glint in Miss’s eyes.

Lydia put her hand on me again.

『I’m sorry, she doesn’t have a name as I thought.』

I see……. I’m sorry.

『Do you like her?』

After wondering how to answer Lydia’s dubious question, I nodded.

Lydia’s eyes narrowed for a moment, and then her mouth relaxed.

『Well, here’s the deal. If Gevaudan helps me with my love affair, I’ll come here once in a while and translate your stories to her』

That’s wonderful!!

But immediately after, a small disappointment landed on my shoulders.

I can’t talk to Miss about escaping through Lydia, as I thought. I’m going to kidnap her and get out of here. and I need to tell her that somehow, some other way.

Besides, it looks like your love life is already on the line without my help, is that okay with you?

I glanced at the back of the room, where Ferris was lazily getting up and fixing her clothes. She had been lying there for quite a while. It must have been feeling pretty good. Maybe it was her first time cumming? Whatever it was, it looked like she was going to fall in a couple more times. If she keeps doing this all year round, the day when Lydia’s fantasies become reality will soon come.

Well, whatever.

I decided to go along with Lydia’s suggestion. I felt as if she was saying it out of pure goodwill.

I should secure some contact with her, and I’m simply happy to be able to talk to Miss.

Lydia left with Ferris in her arms. When Ferris got up and her eyes still wandering around, she became worried and said she would come back.

It was as if a typhoon had passed. With the bustle of the girls gone, there was silence in the cell again.

As I was immersed in the afterglow of the conversation, looking at the entrance of the cell where the girls had left, Miss stood in front of me, blocking my gaze.

She smiled, her purplish-blue eyes. The golden eyes that split the center of them vertically pierced me.

She suddenly put her hands around my neck, hugged me, and put her mouth to my ear.


The faint whisper made my heart skip a beat.

She licked my earholes with her tongue, and then again.


She said.


That was her name.

She told me her name. It was a sign of her trust in me, a sign that I was accepted by her, and a sign of our bond.


The sweet sound of Titania’s voice tickled my brain.

It was a clear whisper of an angel.

Titania had called me by name.

My whole body lit up as if I had received a confession of love.

My heart tightened up.

Then, all at once, the blood flow in my body froze.

In the freezing cold, I couldn’t move a muscle.

My breath stopped.

As I stiffened in confusion, Titania kissed me on the mouth.

Her soft, slimy tongue licked up my upper jaw.

Immediately afterwards, my bonds are broken, and I felt something slithering into my mouth.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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