Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 63

he Beast's Feast

some seriously nasty stuff ahead

She turned out really good.

How cute …….

I want to rape her like this …….

I want to punch her in the face, make her let out a scream of pain, and skewer her with a scorching hot butcher lance. I’m going to burn you from the inside out. I want to pour every ounce of the Butcher’s vile semen into her womb and violate her dignity from the bottom up! She’s not going to stop resisting until the end, but that’s okay! I want to fuck her like that until her soul is gone, and then I want to bite off her empty flesh little by little.

The Butcher’s filthy wail echoed in the cloudless blue sky.

『That’s it.』

I looked up and saw the tip of the sword against my neck. I looked up at the cold sensation and saw the demon officer thrusting his sword at the edge of my red vision, which was beginning to be tainted by the Butcher’s ferocity.

Unconsciously, my throat rumbled. Fierce, deadly energy rises from my shoulders in the form of steam.

I’ll have to wait again. This is what pisses me off the most. What do you think I am? I’m a human being! I’m not a beast! How can you treat me like this?

Give me an offering, please!

…… Maybe I should just kill everyone in this place and go home.

『She’s a traitor. Rape her and eat her. If you do what I say, I’ll give you more offerings, Butcher.』

I looked at the offering.

The leopard woman is lying on the ground. The flesh is nice. I’m sure it will be delicious.

…… Well, that one is okay, too.

I left off of Arshella and went to work on the Leopard woman.

“…… ▽# 〓★▼, ◎§▼▼!”

The leopard woman shouted something hatefully at the demon officer.

I carelessly tore off those tight-fitting pants, choked her and held her down on the dirt. Taking out a butcher lance from under my apron, repressed and panting with the stress, I thrust it into her crotch.


The Leopard woman gasped for air.

I watched her face with such a mixture of fear and anguish as I slammed my hips roughly, again and again, enjoying my own personal sex toy.

The fate of this woman has already been decided. I don’t need to make her feel dreamy for long, like the women who come to my prison. This woman’s flesh, from the tips of her fingernails to the guts of her intestines, has been given to me as an offering.


The white magma that was boiling after having been beaten up by Arshella burst in the woman’s womb. The woman’s belly instantly swelled up.

A pleasant sensation escaped from my mouth as I let out a long, warm breath. I extended my tongue to lick and suck the woman’s face. It was salty.

Pink flesh, a mixture of blood and white slime, gushed back from the woman’s crotch.

This doubles the pleasure. Blood alone is too slippery to be very pleasurable.

My ejaculation is still in progress. But I don’t care about that. As I began to pump, I used my thick glans to torture the inside folds of the woman’s vagina, stroke by stroke, but with full force.

The area was silent.

The aliens were stifling their breath.

The only sound that could be heard in the square was the sound of slapping flesh.

Just as you would pummel salt and peppered steak meat to acclimate the flavor, you would pummel the depths of the womb where you poured your cum to acclimate it well.

The best time to eat is when the soul is almost gone. when I take a bite out of it, the soul rushes back to protect its home and starts screaming like crazy again. It feels so good.

As I was doing this, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure in a cage screaming at the top of his lungs.

I turned my head to look at the figure, I saw a man grabbing the bars and crying out as a violent piston pumped up the leopard-skin woman. I wondered if he was related to this woman.

As I looked at the man, I let out a second burst of cum.

The leopard woman twitched beneath me. What had been a voiceless scream earlier had turned into a tearful, unintelligible moaning doll.

The cage over there is full of my offerings. The demon officer said he would give me more. He’s a man who understands what he’s saying. He probably wouldn’t lie. Let’s just leave her as an appetizer and move on.

I raise my body while penetrating the woman.

The leopard-skin woman is lying on the ground like a skewer of roasted meat with my scorching rod inserted into her. It’s soft, flaccid, and delicious, like a piece of meat that’s been sliced with a meat hammer.

I took off the paper bag on my head and sliced the woman’s arms from her shoulders and crunched them. Next, I gobbled and licked the blood out of her mouth. In order to enjoy her screams for as long as possible, I carefully start from a place far away from the fatal wound and gradually take it into my stomach.

The woman’s desperate screams became pleasant dinner music in the square.

The humans in the cage, who had been screaming and yelling, were now watching me eat and drink. The aliens are silent. this woman’s performance has taken away their words.

As I crushed the woman’s eyeball in my mouth like a grape, I suddenly noticed through my thoughts, which were slowly turning red with butcher’s ferocity, that I couldn’t feel the disguising contact lens that should have been there.

I pulled out the other eyeball to check, and still no contact. The pupil was still dilated with gore, but it was a vertically split eye. They don’t belong to a human.

This woman is a genuine alien. What?

I craned my neck to look down at the woman’s face. There are two black holes in her eye sockets. Her cries had stopped. She seemed to have fainted.

Well, I guess I’m done.

When the woman is unresponsive, I crunch her headfirst into my stomach.

When I sink my teeth into her brain, her body jerks as a reflex, so naturally her vagina tightens up. As I ejaculated for the third time and devoured the head, the demon officer’s hot voice reached my brain.

『Your next offering. Now eat.』

The man who had just shouted came rolling up beside me.

“Uu…… *sob*…… why……”

This man who whines is human. I wonder what kind of relationship he has with the alien woman.

But it makes me feel so good.

–I’ve got a great idea!

We should kill the Fort’s people like this.

Let’s not just kill the target, let’s start with the ones they know and fill in the moat, and finally let them see I eat the people closest to them, so they know exactly what they’re dealing with, and then eat them. I like that.

Maybe this is the form of revenge I’ve always wanted. Just thinking about it makes me feel good. I’ve had some great inspiration today! Thank you, you guys, for your service.

With elation in my heart, I leave the woman with a loud roar. I was so excited that my whole body was filled with a rage that could not be described as sexual desire or murderous intent.

I reached out my fingers to the man, who was crying out in pain.

The first bite was of course the testicles. This is where he will scream the loudest.

As I began to eat the man, the demon officer threw the headless corpse of the leopard-skin woman at the humans in the cage and said something to them. The humans’ expressions were freezing.

Out of nowhere, a sobbing voice began to rise.

The Butcher’s feast continued.

As promised, the demon officer served me one offering after another.

He behaved like a waiter, delivering fresh, raw offerings just in time for me to eat. He seemed to be well aware of my preference for raw food. I’ve never been able to enjoy a live meal so many times before. I’ve grown to like the demon officer a little bit.

In between, the demon officer seemed to be talking to the humans, showing them my leftovers. He must be using telepathy to communicate with humans. He called the leopard-skin woman a traitor. She was an alien. She was acquainted with a human man, apparently. But the blood was already rushing to my head, so I couldn’t think about the details. I’ll let Abigail think about the meaning of what I saw and heard today later.

A breeze blew.

I felt a chill run through my body and stopped moving.

Before I knew it, I was covered in blood.

I wondered how long the gruesome party had lasted. As my appetite and sexual desire are gradually satisfied, reason returns to my brain.

I was in a pool of blood, fucking a piece of flesh that I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, while I bit into the throat of another piece of flesh and sipped its blood.

The color of the sky turned red. It seemed like a long time had passed.

Slowly, I cast my gaze around.

The alien soldiers are glued to my show, their expressions gone, and Tiriel’s face is pale without blood, and the injured Arshella, who was supporting her wobbly shoulders, looked grim and stiff.

Two additional people were rolled in front of me. They were an alien man and woman.

『This is your final reward for all your hard work. you can do as you please. Eat them all up and then head home. Don’t be too late.』

With that, the demon officer turned his back on me and walked away. He seemed to be taking a few humans with him. In the end, I ate up all the other prisoners, human and alien alike. I don’t remember much, but I’m feeling fuller now than I have in a long time.

The alien soldiers followed the demon officer and left.

All that was left here was me and the two alien men and women who had been offered to me.

They are hugging and shivering in the middle of the blood pond. Is it an AASPINT in disguise? Either way, it doesn’t matter.

By the way, it was that leopard woman who was my first alien brush-off, wasn’t it? I’ve just realized that. I don’t remember much about it. I wonder what my first experience was like.

I need to check both men and women again.

With that in mind, I was about to start on my final prey.

Shortly after, a shadow crawled out of the grass and jumped on my shoulder.

When I turned my head to face the tickling sensation, I saw a spider.

…… Oh, isn’t that you, No.2? It’s been a while. Are you on your way home from work?

When I recognized that the spider was a mini tarantula entrusted to me by Titania, I had a revelation that flowed into my brain. It was as if Mr. No.2 had come to deliver a message to me.

–I should stop by my part-time job on my way home.

I put my hand on my dessert.

The alien’s texture was the same as a human’s, but the flesh was a little dry.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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