Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 65


In no time at all, Ferris was stripped to a bare bottom by Lydia. Oh, so that’s where the tail is grown.

Next to her, Lydia also stripped down.

Lydia is a healthy, fresh, brown girl. Every inch of her body is brown. It’s not a tan, it’s her natural color. Lovely.

On the other hand, on the fluffy bed, Ferris, with both arms wrapped around her pure white body, was hiding her breasts and crotch, and her face was bright red. Lydia was leaning over her from behind and whispering something in her ear. Both of them have moist skin, and their whole bodies are full of life like young leaves.

It’s an amazing sight. It overwhelms even the most popular pornography. This is what paradise looks like.

I’m standing by the bed, gazing at such a magnificent view. I’m afraid the bed will break if I get on it.

By the way, I’m still wearing the paper bag. My face is disgusting. It’s not worthy of this paradise.

Ferris nodded in response to Lydia’s whisper in her ear.

Ferris moved over, slipping her butt on the bed. With her crotch covered she had no choice but to move like that.

Lydia, on the other hand, crawls on all fours and moves on the bed like a panther. She seems to be used to it. I guess she’s not a virgin. I mean, do aliens have a concept of purity? I’m really curious.

Ferris comes to the end of the bed. Immediately after, Lydia shifts my apron without warning. The raging butcher lance is now exposed to the air.

Just as my veiny, grotesque rod appeared in front of Ferris’ eyes, a thick shadow fell across her face.

Ferris’s vertically split pupils squeezed together. Her face tensed up, she stared at my private muscles. As they say, the more you look up, the more you see. But you’ve seen my gem once, haven’t you?

Yeah, but it’s bright in this room, so I guess it looks much more real than before.

When I looked at Lydia, she looked up at me with a puzzled look on her face.

『Ferris, have you never had sex?』

In response to my question, Ferris tilted her head for a moment, “Hmm?” but then she immediately turned red and shook her head.

『Have you ever done it yourself?』

*shake shake*

『Okay. Have you tried fellatio? Have you ever done that?』

『fellatio?』 Ferris furrowed her brows in a troubled manner. When Lydia overheard me, she shook her head in panic.

『And the kiss?』

*shake shake shake*

『um..with L..Lydia』

Her ears flattened as she sat on her butt.

It was fun …….

I had unintentionally created an interview session.

As I hug Ferris, Lydia looks at me mischievously.

『You’re not going to ask me?』

『I thought you’re used to it.』


When I answered, she gave me a reproachful look.

Because any girl who can lick a butcher’s juice without hesitation must be experienced, no matter what you think. In fact, I saw her as a battle-hardened woman. In my estimation, Lydia’s true nature is that of a second-rate bisexual emissary. My Butcher Lance challenges her to a duel.

『I’ll let you know』

I took Ferris’ hand and let it accompany the hot meat stick.

Then her small breasts and pointy nipples were exposed to my gaze.

Ferris, who was too slow to react to my abrupt action, tried to hide her breasts by arching her back to escape my gaze.

『The other hand, too.』

At the sound of my voice, Ferris looked as if she was about to cry, but at Lydia’s urging, she put both hands on my penis as if she had made up her mind. I caught a glimpse of Ferris’s private parts.

I knew it was smooth. I’m convinced.

I wonder if aliens have any under-hair? The other day at the feast, everyone was covered in blood, so I don’t remember much about it.

By the way, I don’t have any. I don’t have any hair on my body. I’m bald and fat. I’m sorry about that. I’m somewhat sorry that a beautiful girl like you has to be my partner.

From there, Lydia took the lead.

Four thin hands slowly squeezed my member.

My cock is right in front of Ferris. Her tiny breath was on my balls, making me squirm.

She didn’t look away. Her face bobbed up and down in small movements as her hand moved up and down. Lydia’s hand reached out to Ferris’s chest and began to brush it, but she seemed to be so distracted by the majesty of my beastly roots that she didn’t even notice.

I wonder if it was the blood of a perverted fox woman?

I take off my butcher apron because it’s getting a little in the way. I draped it over the sofa behind me in a well-behaved manner.

When I returned my gaze, I saw that Lydia had just put the tip of her tongue on my raging cock and started to crawl her tongue from bottom to top, as if to show Ferris. Teaching by the master herself.

Ferris gulped and watched the scene.

『Come on, let’s try it together.』

『….. Yes.』

At Lydia’s urging, Ferris also daintily sticks out her tongue and begins to lick my meat stick as if it were an ice cream stick.

『Like this?』

『Good, good!』

Her hands clasped together as if to say, “Anyo is good, Anyo is good”[1] In reality, though, “the blow job is good, the blow job is good”

Every time Ferris’ peachy tongue flicked out of her mouth, I felt a warm, wet sensation on the side of my cock. It wasn’t a movement meant to give pleasure. She glanced at my face and *pero pero* That awkward movement tickled me.

Across the butcher lance, Lydia’s face was on the left and Ferris’ on the right. I’m not sure if this is what is commonly referred to as a double blow job? As the thought crossed my mind, my gem swelled up.

Ferris watches Lydia’s movements and tries to imitate them. Lydia’s cheeks flushed as she watched Ferris’s desperation through her meat stick. I was very pleased to have my son licked and pinched from left to right.

Both of them had their hands on the bed, and with only the movement of their heads and tongues, it was as if two bitches were playing with me.

It’s a quite skilled technique to give a blowjob without using your hands, but Ferris’ potential to skip the detailed learning process and step into the realm of the advanced is enough to give me heart flutters.

I could feel the heat of the breath coming from both sides of me.

When Lydia gently took my testicles in her mouth, Ferris imitated her and took a bite. The two of them took turns sucking and licking. When Lydia licked it up, Ferris licked it up, too.

Ferris forgot about hiding her own private parts and became engrossed in this obscene game.

Her body, now fully exposed, is not too young when you look closely. Her body was well-developed for her age and seemed to be able to endure if I was gentle with her. Anyway, she looks soft.

Rape Ferris.

When I involuntarily jerked my penis at such a simple and blasphemous fantasy, Ferris pulled a face in surprise at the unexpected behavior of the male organ. It says on her face that she had no idea that the rod could move of its own free will.

Lydia smiled when she saw such an inexperienced reaction.

『That was a sign that Gevaudan felt good. That’s great, Ferris. Gevaudan said it felt good.』

『Are you sure?』

『Yeah. Keep doing it.』

At my urging, she seemed relieved and chuckled.

The one-on-one lesson with Lydia continues.

This time, Lydia grabbed my boiling rod with one hand, tilted her face to the side, stuck out her tongue, and licked my underside from the base to the top. The strong pleasure she was giving me made me jerk and my rod twitched.

After repeating this several times, Lydia urged Ferris to do the same thing.

Ferris gradually got into the act and did the same, grinding up the underside of my shaft with her tongue.

She was not used to opening her mouth wide, but when she replicated the movement, her whole lips naturally pressed against my penis. That’s why I’m so excited.

Perhaps the reaction of my rod, which jerked every time her strokes reached the tip of my urethral, was getting more and more tense, but Ferris never tired of this service.

『Jibotan, does this feel good?』

『Yes. It feels so good, Ferris.』

Ferris’s cheeks relaxed a little at the sound of my voice. Still kissing the manhood.

It’s too dirty for a virgin to give a blowjob, though.

Well, with Lydia and me as her teachers, it’s like she’s a gifted student of sex, so she’s going to make rapid progress.

In the future…

I wonder what Ferris’s husband will think when he sees these accomplished sexual professionals performing on their wedding night.

If Ferris, who looks like a walking doll, takes the initiative to give a lewd blowjob like this on his first night of contracting.

–You don’t have to do this. ……

–It’s okay. I’ve been trained by the Butcher.

–Wait, Butcher!?

–Yeah. Butcher’s cock is so strong. My jaw got tired. Compared to that, this is a piece of cake♪.

Ferris smiles at me. Her husband’s face at this moment.

…… It’s so energizing.

Quickly……fast, I need to build up some more.

“Huh……n ……n huh…….”

A cute exhale escaped from Ferris’ mouth.

It was because Lydia had resumed her mischievous pranks on Ferris.

She noticed it too. She noticed that Ferris’s reaction was clearly changing.

Ferris made a small noise while being tormented in various ways, and clutched my manhood with both hands and continued to suck on it alone.

She was licking and sucking the tip of my cock voluntarily, perhaps she was getting drunk on my juices.

Lydia is the one who is licking Ferris from behind. Her eyes are slick and wet with lust.

She runs her tongue down Ferris’s back, rubs her buttocks, rubs her tail. Flicking the nape of her neck. From behind, she plays with her nipples using her hands and does whatever she wants.

Lydia was like a brown snake, entwined tightly around Ferris’s slender white body.

With a slurp, I saw her fingertips slide into Ferris’ crotch.


Lydia withdrew her finger once and pinched it between her index finger and thumb to show me the Ferris’s sticky juices. What do I think? I’m so happy for you. It was good.

Ferris was already accepting Lydia with open arms.

I don’t know about you, but aliens have the same moaning sound like humans. It’s like when you’re watching an AV from another country, it’s like it’s a small world where all humans are siblings.


“リディア○□★■……んんっ! §○■▼●〓ジボダン……ああ、ううぅ……”

I have no idea what you’re talking about, though.

Lydia, you’ve been so absorbed that you’ve been skipping the translation since earlier. I can’t get into their conversation at all. I feel alienated. Damn it.

Ferris’s service is still not something that can make me cum.

But the picture is amazing.

It’s just too much.

I’m going to pour my filthy animal desires on the two beautiful girls entwined in front of me. The immoral fantasy alone was enough to increase my libido.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, so I slowly swung my hips in time with Ferris’ subdued movements.

Then Lydia, noticing my patience, stopped caressing Ferris and reached for my son.

Lydia takes the lead and increases the pace of her groping, with the added bonus of getting Ferris’ love juices all over my cock. She was a good girl.

The two beautiful girls, both with upturned faces and happy expressions on their faces, take on the challenge of my big, fat cock.

And there are twenty beautiful fingers gently squeezing my horse.

Twenty fingers. There’s an intensity to it that can’t be expressed in words.

The tension had left Ferris’ body. In response to Lydia’s question, she even smiled with a giggle. It’s a smile that should be found in paradise. And yet, She is holding vicious manhood in her hand, which is a perfect gap.

Ferris licked the head, closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and looked up.

Lydia guides the tip of my butcher lance into Ferris’ face like that.

Lydia watches Ferris’s face with excitement as she waits for the red-hot glans to be thrust into her, obedient, facial shot.

The twenty fingers accelerated under Lydia’s lead. The wet and obscene sound of chuck, chuck, chuck …… echoed in paradise.

I didn’t hesitate to unleash the beastly semen that had built up on Ferris’ face.

It was so powerful that it caused the glans to swell momentarily.

A large amount of white muddy liquid was spewed out in response to the pulsing.

The first shot gushed out to Ferris’s forehead and a little to her fox ears. Her face was quickly covered with a white, sticky, jelly-like slime.

My cum spills out of Ferris’ mouth and stains her innocent body, eventually coating everything from her pale twins to her navel in white.

I can see Ferris’s throat rise and fall as he struggled to breathe, spilling sperm bubbles from her mouth with a copious amount *coughing* and then the next moment.

Once the first gulp had been taken, the rest followed in an orderly fashion. Ferris’s thin throat began to move up and down.

I felt as if I was dominating Ferris, and I continued this immoral ejaculation while enjoying the feeling of dominance.

My sticky sperm gushed out from the sturdy beast’s roots one after another, eventually flowing into the space between us.

As for Lydia, well…

She’s staring at Feliz and indulging in intense masturbation … I think she just came. Lydia’s eyes narrowed and her back arched as she bit her lower lip. She’s even more of a pervert than I thought. I like her.

Like the perverted fox woman, are all alien women like this?

Eventually, my long ejaculation came to an end.

Ferris coughs with her eyes closed, and Lydia breathes heavily with her shoulders moving up and down.

『Did you feel good?』

That was Ferris’s voice. I should do my best to praise her.

『It felt really good. You’re really good at this, Ferris.』

Then Ferris’s face, smeared with my cum, innocently smile.

After was a facial and a swallow, and she smiled without hesitation.

I could imagine a scene with her future husband or possibly, what? Is it over? He could see the small confusion on Ferris’s face. Ferris has become a woman who knows true ejaculation. I can only imagine what was going through her mind at that moment, and with another jolt, the left-over cum erupted from my urethral splattered on Ferris’ forehead.

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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