Butcher Demon Vol 00 Chp 88

Fort 88


Abigail is undressing in the changing room.

This is Fort 88, the private room with a shower was given to her.

It took her a good half month after that incident to reach Fort 88. As soon as she was identified as a former AASPINT, the treatment she received was remarkable.

It was fortunate that she was able to go through Gevaudan’s lair on the way and get equipped. It was as if she was still under the protection of Gevaudan even after they had parted, and she felt a strange connection and even a sense of security.

From now on, she would be asked to report on the events of the past.

A person who had survived and returned from an alien stronghold.

There was no way human force would just let this slide.


Originally Abigail had no intention of returning to the Fort after her escape.

She was going to run away somewhere far away and live in secret.

That dream she had told Gevaudan was her real wish.

However, it was the presence of Gevaudan that made her change her mind.

Gevaudan was…

He was a human. There was no doubt about it.

But, she couldn’t ask him directly.

Imagining the feeling of what he had to go through to answer that question, she couldn’t ask him. She was afraid to ask.

So she continued to search for the person.

She already had enough material for a theory. Namely…

He was someone who could use Morse code. He must be a soldier or something similar.

He is a man who knows how to live in the wild. A soldier who travels to the front lines, not the defense forces. It was possible that he was from the colonies, but Gevaudan had some knowledge of the Fort’s military situation. After all, he must have a good background in the Fort’s military.

Judging from the way he had attacked the Echo Team facility, it was safe to say that he had been a well-known expert in the past. I heard that he single-handedly destroyed three Ripley. If that’s true, it’s incredible. No matter how good the Butcher is, it’s impossible for him to be an ordinary person. He is either a highly skilled scout or a special forces soldier.

From the content of their conversation and the topics they talked about, I can assume that he belonged to one of the forts. That alien city used to be Fort 89. This Fort 88 would definitely be the place he was related to.

He said he had amnesia, but considering the way his memory was broken, it was likely that he lost his memory around the same time he was defending Fort 89. It also fits with what Gevaudan himself said, that he had been awake for two or three years.

Whether or not he really lost his memory is a touchy subject.

Rather, he has lost most of his memories and remembers only a few. I think it’s more like most of my memories are still there, but only a few are missing. Abigail thought that such a state was probably more likely.

Reinforcing this theory was the unnaturalness of the one time when Gevaudan had corrected his story when she had asked him why he could speak.

At that time, Gevaudan lied to Abigail. He lied and hid his true identity from her. Her keen eye had not missed it.

Gevaudan didn’t have amnesia.

He must have remembered who he was.

But he hid it. Why?

Even though he became the Butcher, he was still alone in the middle of the enemy lines, without talking to anyone, and he was able to maintain his human consciousness for many years under extremely dire situations.

Was it a yearning for freedom that kept him going?

What did Gevaudan want to do with his freedom?

What was he planning to do with the excessive amount of weapons and devices stored in that secret base?

Gevaudan participated in the defense of Fort 89, which he was then treated as a K.I.A. (killed in action). Or a scouting party or special forces unit from Fort 88, especially one that is incredibly skilled.

If I could narrow it down that much, I should be able to find it.


Most of the records of the battle, not to mention the soldiers who participated in the defense of Fort 89, have been erased, and Abigail’s research has failed to reveal any information.

Abigail’s intelligence work to find out who Gevaudan really is is at a stalemate.

“–I’ll just have to ask around. ……”

Rather than scouring the archives, I decided to ask the people who were involved at that time.

It was a suicide mission, trying to uncover the truth that had been covered up.

She looked at her naked body in the mirror.

A smooth curved, white, well-proportioned female body.

Her long blonde hair hung down over her body.

Everything had been conquered by that beast.

The mouth, vagina, and her anus…..was spared, but the tongue was still inserted in it several times. The palms of my hands, my fingers. From my toes to my thighs. My belly, my navel, my breasts, my neck, my face, even a strand of my hair.

I was skewered to the very soul and defiled to the very depths of my womanhood.

Over and over again, he poured it in so much that her soul was repainted.

When I think back to my days in that tormenting, lascivious prison, the unquenchable fire in me starts to smolder.


Abigail scratches her head and takes her makeup bag out of the drawer.

Abigail scratched her head and pulled her makeup pouch out of the drawer.

It’s a big one, different from what I usually use.

I pulled the zip.

A spider peeked out from inside.

The spider was a smaller version of a tarantula, a spider with hair all over its body. He had a distinctive stripe running down his back.

He is called Niblo.

I hadn’t heard that from anyone else. That’s what this spider called himself.

Niblo tapped on the sink *tap* *tap*.

–Big sis, food, please —

Abigail brought the piece of meat she had prepared to Niblo’s mouth, and he raised both of his front legs in appreciation and munched on it.

Niblo is an extraordinary spider who can use Morse code.

And according to Niblo, he was originally a messenger Familiar of Titania, and since Gevaudan had given him the name Niblo, he was a Familiar of Gevaudan as well.

The moment she heard that an image crossed her mind.

The inside of his mouth as she was penetrated by Gevaudan. It was the spider that had been peeking at her from there.

It was the moment that made Abigail understand that she had a rival for her survival, and at the same time made her realize that she couldn’t go on pretending, that she had to give her body and soul to win Gevaudan’s heart and soul to ensure her future.

In a way, she was saved by Niblo. If she hadn’t been able to make up her mind at that moment to become Gevaudan’s woman, she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the protection of the monster as much as she did.

Niblo – an unusual spider from Titania.

The Familiar of Gevaudan.

So it seems that he has inherited some of that technique in the form of alien-specific abilities called skills. That’s why he can use Morse code.

It is only the skills that he has inherited, not the sharing of memories. It is not possible for him to communicate with Gevaudan from a distance.

But he said he could tell the exact location of Gevaudan if he got close enough, and he could also sense his thoughts if their bodies were attached. That’s what a messenger familiars are for.

Niblo had attached himself to Abigail’s back as they escaped from that cell.

She noticed it when she arrived at Gevaudan’s hiding place.

In a dimly lit cave, a lone spider suddenly appeared in a banzai pose in the center of a spotlight falling from the ceiling. It was a strange tarantula that began to tap the floor and perform a charming dance in the bright light.

Abigail knew immediately that the spider was trying to have a conversation.

The residue of her and Gevaudan’s distorted and lecherous life that had seeped into that her must have heightened her sensitivity to the Morse code that connected them.

–Why did Niblo follow me?

Niblo himself didn’t seem to know the answer to Abigail’s question.

Niblo jumped on Abigail’s back, although he should have jumped on Gevaudan’s body at that moment.

Abigail had a feeling that it was Gevaudan’s intention.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Gevaudan was asking him to help her.

It may be just wishful thinking.

But she believed it.

Gevaudan cannot live in a world of people in which love and hate swirl around him.

If he could live a life that blended more into nature, he would be able to live peacefully in the great flow of nature, like a wild animal.

That’s what I understood in my short cohabitation with Gevaudan.

The back of Gevaudan living at the base was like the back of a peaceful person living in the mountains.

The more I learned about him, the more it became clear to me that his moral compass was deeply rooted in his being.

My sympathy for Gevaudan turned to trust because I saw the spark of humanity in his every action.

But even that was in danger.

I saw the fragments of Gevaudan’s thoughts that were on the verge of breaking down again and again.

I had to see Gevaudan again.

I need to know who he is before then.

Maybe that will give me a hint to make him human again.

I don’t believe that true love, like Beauty and the Beast, will break the curse of Gevaudan. Only I could keep his humanity intact. I was sure of that.

I couldn’t let Gevaudan’s humanity be destroyed.

Abigail put her hands on the sink and stared at her reflection in the mirror. With a sigh, she lets out that woman’s name.


The Dominion that rules over giant insects.

As she came back to life, her eyes showed the characteristic chilly look of a woman who uses men.

At the same time, there was a glimpse of the passionate face of a woman who loved a man.

Abigail had very little information about Titania. It was only a rumor whispered among the AASPINT that some fort had been destroyed by aliens with the power to control it in the past.

However, on her journey back to the Fort, Niblo told her (a little too proudly) of his chivalrous adventures the which provided her with comfort as she traveled alone, as well as a great source of interesting and valuable information.

Niblo’s story began with the unfortunate death by crushing of a respected senior.

After the very scary incident in the mouth of Gevaudan, Niblo traveled alone across the Otherworldly Gate to Miforsis to seek out and gain an audience with a great spider named , who was in charge of the remaining giant insects over there. He informed him of Titania’s survival and whereabouts and asked him to reorganize his forces for the coming time. With this, the mission was complete. No doubt he’ll get a promotion.

After such a long journey, he was on his way back home.

Hungry and exhausted, Niblo smelled the thick scent of blood in the forest. Could it be some kind of hallucination caused by hunger? Grasping at straws, Niblo followed the scent and happened to come upon the scene of Gevaudan in the pool of blood.

Niblo was dying of hunger, and he wanted some of the goodies, too, with the hope that he’d let him have a little meat leftover. He jumped up and down, but somehow it was mistakenly conveyed to Gevaudan that he should keep the skin for . No, give me some meat. But as it turned out, Niblo’s words were the best advice, and he was later recognized for it.

He was given the glorious name of Niblo in honor of such an achievement.

Niblo decided to neglect his report to Titania and was selfishly transferred to the butcher’s shop, where he was treated lovingly by Gevaudan. Every time he begs, he gets plenty of meat. Niblo is now on his way up the ladder under his new boss.

While Niblo was enjoying his smooth sailing, his juniors, silver butterflies, came to the butcher’s shop next. The silver butterflies in their larval state were nothing to be afraid of. I won’t share my meat with them. Niblo, who had been acting like a senior, was horrified by the message they brought with them.

Orders from Big Boss. If you’re not busy, go to work. If you don’t, you’re doomed to execution. I wonder if She saw through the fact that I was about to switch to Gevaudan because of the meat. What I should be afraid of is the big boss’s ingenious plan. There was no escape. Niblo tightened his grip on his head with trembling hands.

Thus, Niblo followed Titania’s orders and formed a joint front with Butterfly and the others in order to gather information on Gevaudan’s self-destruct mechanism.

However, the Silver Butterfly, who was supposed to be his direct subordinate (apparently the first time he had ever had a subordinate), was cruelly killed by the elf man, Tulyal, before he could reach adulthood.

Body fluids splattering. My vision enters slow motion. The tragic music plays in my ears. Niblo is so frustrated that he suffers from hair loss for a while. It was heartwarming to see that loathsome Tulyal, who had even harmed Titania, being slaughtered by Gevaudan, and he even ate some of his own flesh afterward.

After the death of his younger brother, Niblo has been living a desperate life. He has countless bottles of alcohol lying at his feet. Then, the three remaining Silver Butterflies, through their steady intelligence work, finally discover the location of the control unit’s information storage.

Hearing this, Niblo threw away the liquor bottle in his hand and stood up.

I have to do it myself. Silver Butterfly’s death will not have been in vain.

Niblo ran across the city at night with determination.

On the way, Niblo survived a fight with some horrible stray cats, but unfortunately, he was cornered by a swarm of magical beast bats. Damn, I guess I’m done here. But there’s still a second and third Niblo. Niblo was cornered against the wall, despite his usual swearing. He was seriously on the brink of death. But then, thanks to the support of Silver Butterfly and the others who appear on the scene, Niblo is able to narrowly escape.

The shining silver dust flutters in the dimly lit alley (it’s bad if you inhale it). The scene of chaos. Bats were falling in drops, their bodies bleeding. Niblo was almost caught in the powder and ran for his life.

But Niblo was cunning. He was able to sneak into the facility in the nick of time, taking advantage of a dumb staff member who opened a window, startled by the commotion outside. I was scared of the butterfly.

However, what was waiting for me was a large number of crickets. They were Yakuza that had been hiding in the facility earlier.

The cricket yakuza surrounded the unsuspecting spider that had invaded the territory without an appointment. But after a long standoff, Niblo’s passion for this mission moved the yakuza. Yakuza have a weakness for stories about avenging their friends. Let’s go pay our respects!

Niblo had managed to get their help. That last challenge finally uncovered the secret of the hidden Gevaudan self-destruct device.

The important spell that he finally got was entrusted to the crickets. Please, avenge the Silver Butterfly with this. I’ll leave it to you. It was a spell that Abigail would never forget, and she knew it well.

Thus, the handsome Niblo survived the impossible mission, and without boasting of his achievement to anyone, returned to the store where Gevaudan was waiting in the morning glow.

It was a story that could have been written in a book, a gripping Crime Action story.

Abigail had grown fond of Niblo, to say the least.

–Is it okay to talk to me about that? Won’t Titania be mad at you? —

–Bad, Bad, secret, secret, dangerous, punishment. —

Niblo’s position was now in jeopardy, but thanks to him, she was able to learn more about the situation.

There is no doubt that the woman was helping Gevaudan.

But for what?

–Whatever it is, it’s dangerous to leave Gevaudan in the hands of Titania alone.

That woman is leading us to a dark future, a future that can only lead to ruin.

The woman’s intuition inside me tells me so.

I have to see Gevaudan again.

There are things I need to see him to confirm.

I felt a strong stirring in my chest and held my heart.

Abigail left Niblo in charge of gathering information and went into the showers.

She turned on the faucet.

The cold water splashed down on her face, causing her body to jump, but it quickly turned into warm water. The heat that poured down on me soaked me in relief.

The sensation of liquid on my face. A hot sensation dripping down my entire body. As I closed my eyes and concentrated on these sensations, I could feel the illusory odor in the back of my nostrils. I almost drowned in the dense, fragrant smell that melted my brain.


For now, the only thing that gave her peace was the time she spent alone with her memories like this every night.

remembering the dizzying sensuality of being violently ravished to the depths of her soul by a vicious beast.


If you do something bad, Gevaudan will come for you.

This was a common warning phrase at the orphanage where I spent my childhood.

At the annual festival, the orphans’ main contest was how scary Gevaudan could be. Everyone was expressing their imaginary Gevaudan in their own way.

“Hah hah……”

My sister, who was separated from me, was good at imitating Gevaudan.

In the memories of her painful childhood days, which she had sealed away in the depths of her memory, a little girl vividly raised the cry, imitating the voice of the Beast of Gevaudan.

She’s a treasure that could not be protected.

The fierce but lonely cry that Gevaudan raised into the night sky brought back such a heartbreaking memory.

Gevaudan’s voice.

The voice I heard through Lydia sounded like the voice of a boy soldier or, weirdly enough, a female soldier with a husky voice. I first thought it was because It was interceding with a woman named Lydia.

But now that she thought about it again, she realized that it was something else.

Abigail shook her head and broke the thread of her own unsettling fantasy.

I have to see him again.

I have to see him again, I have to make sure of something.


A sad woman’s voice called out to the beast.

Her slender fingers slithered down her wet body and disappeared behind a bush.


The sound of the shower water was mixed with a moaning sound.

— (Beauty and the Beast Prison Break) —

Butcher Demon

Butcher Demon

Butcher demons: Women writhing in the immense pleasure of the beast who vows revenge, and my personal goddess, 屠殺鬼 ~復讐を誓うケダモノの絶倫セックスに悶える女たちと、僕だけの女神さま~
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There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a “Butcher”. That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence into the women everyday. I pour my burning rage into them. Over and over again, until they conceive. From morning till night. Until the women’s souls withered. To show them that I’m an excellent stallion and an obedient domestic animal. But my soul has not perished yet. I will break free from this prison soon. And when I do, it will be your last. Every human who betrayed me, every demon who altered me, I will trample down like an ant. And it won’t stop until I’m satisfied. The dawn of the beast is near.



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