Confinement King Vol 00 Chp 04

Please teach me how to have sex!

A night passes by.

The classroom was the same as always.

Even though Kurosawa-san has not appeared in school for two days, there doesn’t seem to be much noise being made.

Come to think of it she usually gets days off from school due to her modelling job.

Because of that nobody thought anything unusual of it.

At the very best, I can imagine that Kasuya-kun was feeling a little frustrated that his text messages were being ignored.


But when I heard Kasuya-kun click his tongue, the muscles along my spine shudders.

When I think about it, I never took Kurosawa-san’s smart phone from her.

Looking from his appearance it would seem that there was no reception on the other side of my room, but just thinking about the fact that there may have been reception… makes me feel horrified.

I need to be more careful.

Just like Kurosawa-san said yesterday this is a legitimate kidnapping.

Kasuya-kun seemed to be displeased but the Tatsuoka-kun and the rest of the crew are as boisterous as ever. It would seem that they have already lost interest in me and they are not bothering me for me.

Afterwards, something unusual happened during lunchtime, I could see that Masaki-chan was looking at me with a hint of uneasiness and a touch of anxiety.

I don’t think she could of sensed something between me and Kurosawa-san but I should take extra precautions just in case.

Just like that another day passes without anything occurring.

It’s a holiday on Saturday and 8.30am in the morning.

It has been two full days since Kurosawa-san has been locked in my room.

I quickly finish some breakfast and tell my mom “I’m going to take a bit of a nap”, then I go back into my bedroom.

「Now then….」

Trying to compose myself and my excitement, I summon the aforementioned door.

My feeling right now is like a ceramic artist taking the pot out of the furnace for the first time.

I wonder how Kurosawa-san is doing?

While feeling my heart throb I carried a 500ml plastic bottle along with a large flashlight before turning the door knob.

The door quietly opens.

However, I don’t immediately enter.

I take precaution to make sure that she doesn’t try to rush out and attack me. Being more careful is never a bad thing.

According to Lili’s explanation, she should not be able to come out of the room without my permission, so for now I carefully look inside of the room from the outside of the door.

When I shine the light inside through the crevice of the door, the thing that catches my eyes first is a blazer on the floor. A bag that had it’s contents scattered.

And on the other side. Within the room’s interior, is Kurosawa-san who was leaning against the wall with her head hanging down.

A loosened necktie. Her second button undone slightly exposing her chest area. She had a silvery necklace which reflected the bright light of the torch.

Her wrists was dangling loosely and her legs were stretched out in a slovenly manner.

When I enter the room with my hands behind my back and shut the door, she looks up at me quietly.

Her eyes were hollow and vacant. She looked dull and lifeless.

I felt like her cheeks were sunken and that her eyes had dark circles under them.

It almost seemed like she struggled to look up towards me.

(Uwah….. I don’t know what I would have been like if it was me, but for her to become like this just from the second day…)

There is not shadow of the strong minded person she was before.

「Good morning, Kurosawa-san.」

「……S-Save me. Please… Forgive me.」

What I returned to was… Like one of those desperate girls in the drama shows, she was pleading with a hoarse voice.

It almost makes it seem like a lie that she was using a high-pitched voice to tell me what to do.

I feel a rush of an electric current rush through the back of my spine.

Unconsciously the edge of my mouth rises.

What is this? This is incredibly fun.

「I told you didn’t I? I won’t let you out for the rest of your life.」

「I am going to….die…..」

「Hahah, well you are right in the fact that humans will die of dehydration if they don’t drink any water for three days. In other words, Kurosawa-sans’s life is about to end in one day. If tomorrow comes to pass, well there we go, it would be time to say goodbye Kurosawa-san~」

「Uuuu…… Please…. Forgive me. I will apolo…gize so….」

Oh what do we have here? This is weird~. When I was asking for forgiveness in the past, did you consider forgiving someone like me?」

To be honest I have no intention of killing her, but I just wanted to to tease her.

Instantly Kurosawa-san began to show a depressed and crying face. However, she probably did not have enough moisture in her body to cry. There were no tears coming out.

Just like a dog whining, only a groaning sound could be heard spilling from her cracked lips.

The muscles along my spine shiver.

Perhaps because I was usually on the receiving end of being bullied, I was having too much fun bullying her and I might have gotten carried away.

「I’m sorry…. I’m really sorry. Please.. Forgive me.」

I stepped up next to her and grabbed her on the chin forcing her eyes to match mine.

And seeing her frightened eyes, I gaze at her coldly and state this.

「I already told you, I won’t forgive you.」

「I-If you want money, I-I have at least one million yen in savings… so…」

「Ohh, it seems being a model is really profitable. But unfortunately I don’t need any money.」

When I looked around I could see a cracked smart phone next to the wall. She might have thrown the phone into the wall in her hysterics.

As one would expect of the model-san. Even when getting angry she can take it out on her things.

「T-Then… How about I get you along time with Masaki….. Y-You like her… Don’t you?」

「Oh but just the day before yesterday you told me that I could never approach Masaki-chan ever again. Eh, are you really going to sell out your friend? Ahh I see how it is.」

「Uuu, Uuu….. That’s cause….」

「But no deal, after all, Masaki-chan committed the same crime. After all she must of been the one that spoke to Kurosawa-san about this and that’s how it all came about right? Once I am done with Kurosawa-san then she will naturally be next.」

Hearing the word “once I am done”, Kurosawa-san shrieks in fear.


「Fuhhn, I can see that you don’t want to die. But at this rate, you are going to die of dehydration.」

Saying this I bring the plastic bottle filled with water in front of her.

The contents is just basic mineral water. Just free tap water.

However, the moment I showed it to her, her eyes were glued to the bottle and her throat was gulping.

「You want it?」

「I w-want… it.」

My arrangement is that I will threaten her by saying that “If you dare to speak about this to anyone, I will use the powers of a demon in order to put a curse on you that will make you die immediately” and then I would release her after she drank some water.

Lili told me that this was “halfhearted-devi” but I think that the revenge will be sufficient with this.

After her, I still have my eyes set on Tatsuoka-kun, Kasuya-kun, Masaki-chan, Fujiwara-san and the others. I still have plenty of revenge targets.

But I think I want to change my mind.

It is an exaggeration to say that she is strong willed, but without a doubt Kurosawa-san is a very pretty girl.

Her figure is thin and well-proportioned, and whilst her breasts aren’t huge they really stick out.

At the very least I should be able to touch her breasts.

Revenge or breasts?

I definitely choose breasts.

If you surveyed all the guys in the world then I reckon at least 80 percent would answer the same way.

Yes, breasts! All hail breasts!

「Then lets see.. What should I make you do for me?」

I forcibly showed that I was thinking of something. And then…

「T-Then, Brea….」

Just as I was about to finish my sentence, Kurosawa-san interrupts me by saying.

「I will let you do it with me!」

「……Come again?」

She will let me have sex with her?

Let me have sex??

She will let me violate her she means?!!

My eyes widen instinctively.

(S–She means that?! I-I I can have s-sex with her!??)

「Y-You were planning on this… From the start weren’t you? You can do it…. I will endure it so…. Please…. Don’t kill me.」

Looking at me with pleading eyes, she began to unbutton her blouse, the third button and the fourth button comes off. I could see a light blue bra underneath her exposes breasts.

Instantly a thought boils in my mind.

She is the type of girl that looks slender in clothing but it would appear that her breasts are much fuller than I initially thought. I instinctively swallow the saliva in my throat.

(Wait, Wait Wait! I am totally panicking right now!)

Thinking up to now I have never even considered the possibility of having sex with her until this moment.

It’s not like I am too pure to think of it.

It’s just that the sex was something that existed in a different world for someone like myself.

Nevertheless, even if she told me I could do her, I still don’t have a clue on where to start.

I am lived a life completely without a single girlfriend, I am a virgin of the highest purity.

My whole existence can be defined as “The virgin”.

Moreover the difference in experience between myself and Kurosawa-san who has a boyfriend and is both a model and performer is worlds apart. In the world of show business this type of thing may be common. abc.

She presented her body to me so quickly.

It would seem that Kurosawa-san is unexpectedly bitchy. She must be a sexual prodigy.

I can’t begin to match her. No way.

This is like me trying to climb the peak of mount Everest ill equipped with just beach shorts and a pair of sandals.

I really want to do her. I really really want to.

However, if she were to laugh at me because of how bad I am at it, it is highly possible that it would have a reverse effect on mental domination.

Whilst bleeding tears in my heart, I say to her in a face with no interest in her.

「I have no interest in bitches.」

For an instant, her face looks wounded.

「…..I am not a bitch. Rather than dying… I just thought it was better to endure…」

However, there is no doubt she is just acting. I won’t be moved by her words.

I throw the plastic bottle towards her and turn my back.

「I feel like the mood is ruined. Go ahead and drink it if you please.」

I give her a passing remark over my shoulder and start walking outside of the door.


After closing the door behind me I repeatedly take deep breaths in and out.

*Breathing in and out, *Breathing in and out And then–

「Lili! Lili! Come out! Lili! You are here aren’t you?!」

I raise my voice.

「What is it, you’re so noisy-devi.」

When I did, a red haired girl wearing her usual bondage style fashion shows up floating in the air whilst scratching her head like it was a bothersome thing to appear before me.

As soon as I confirmed her appearance. I began kneeling on the ground and bowing my head.

「Please teach me how to have sex!!」


Confinement King

Confinement King

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A girl who calls herself a demon appeared before a timid student named Fumio Kijima. The girl claims to be a campaign girl from the demon world and she gives him the ability to “summon a room” from nothing but thin air. At first he doesn’t abuse his power and uses it as a convenient ability in his every day life. But one day he is bullied by his classmates under a false pretext and is made to suffer. In the past he would have wallowed in misery and cried himself to sleep, but now he had a power to call upon. “I will make them regret it!” Using his powers to summon his “room”, he begins his era of confinement and brainwashing to achieve his goals.



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