Confinement King Vol 00 Chp 06

Brain washing program start!

I am hungry. I am hungry. I am hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. I’m hungry. Hungry. hungry. Hungry. Hungry.

That’s all I can think about.

My consciousness is faint.

I feel like my mind is floating.

I am starting to feel a little good that it really scares me.

The vertigo is harsh and I have to lie down on the floor because of it. I feel like my head just keeps spinning and spinning.

I recall the DJ event that I went to just a while back when I was still at work.

(I wonder if being on a turntable recorded feels like this?)

When I was thinking all these ambiguous thoughts in my mind suddenly a jarring sound echoes.

In this dark room, light seeps through and the shape of a door emerges.

(Ah, he’s come… that disgusting man.)

I was sick of waiting. He is finally here. I felt relieved. But I’m also scared. Seriously scared. I am also happy. Huh? I’m happy? But I don’t like it. He disgusts me.

My feelings are a mess right now.

I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

I’m supposed to feel reluctant that he has come here, but without a doubt I was feeling relieved.

The silhouette of the disgusting man raises to the surface and the piercing light burns my retina’s.

(It’s too bright…..)

Shining the torch into my eyes is such a rude thing to do.

My eyes instinctively squint.

「Oi, Kurosawa-san. Are you still alive?」

When the voice of this disgusting man came out I couldn’t help but to feel irritated.

「….I feel like I’m about to die.」

I don’t know if he heard what I just said, but he came closer towards me with his impudent looking face and an air of superiority.

「What’s this, don’t you seem just fine?」

In that instant, the thoughts that were suppressed in my mind that “My stomach is empty” resurfaced like an angry wave of deluge.

(How do I in any way look okay? He’s looking at me like it’s somebody else’s problem.)

Feeling irritated simply because I was feeling hunger pangs was one thing, but the nervous tension in the air also made the blood rise towards my head.

「Let me out of here right now… you disgusting pig. Just because I teased you a little… To think that you would behave like this, how despicable.」

I don’t think I spoke that loudly. To begin with, I don’t have much energy to raise my voice anymore.

However, seeing the expression of this disgusting person change in front of me, I instantly come to my senses.

(This is bad!)

It was too late the moment I thought this.

Just when I saw him raise his arm against me, in the next instant I could feel a sharp pain against my cheek.


My ears were ringing! and I could feel a sense of numbing heat on my cheek.

He hit me!?

As I thought this, tears begin to overflow from the corner of my eyes.

When I looked up I could see that this disgusting man was quietly staring at me.

I’m scared, it’s scary, it’s scary!

Even though I try to get up in a panic, my body becomes very stiff and I can’t really move very well. It didn’t really hurt but that wasn’t the point. it’s just too scary.

「Ahahah, I-I…was just joking, just kidding with you so….」

I don’t know the kind of face I was making.

It was probably an ingratiating smile to flatter the other party. That type of smile.

I try to kick back against the floor with my feet.


「That’s not true. That’s not…!?」

Just as I was in the middle of talking, the disgusting male lifts up his thighs.

「It hurts!! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! uuuu…..」

I reflexively scream out for him to stop.

Even so the man just keeps looking at me quietly.

Scary, Scary it’s scary! I want this to end! Please just end!

The back of my teeth starts to clatter. I can’t stop the shaking of my body.

When the thought of him killing me here crossed my mind, my tears just dropped down without control.

I don’t know what to do.

I couldn’t even look away, all I could do was wait for this disgusting male to talk and reply.

「…. Kurosawa-san.」


「You told me that you would let me do you is that correct?」

In that instant I felt like I found a pathway to my escape. I felt like I found a method to escape from this unbearable fear. I became desperate.

「Eh, ah, ah y-yeah! I will let you do me! I will definitely let you! So please don’t kill me okay?」

He will be able to sleep with a beautiful model girl like me. Any male would be happy without a doubt. That’s what I thought. I never had a doubt in my mind.

However, the disgusting male far from being pleased, started to grab the collar of my shirt and put his face right next to mine.

「You will let me do you? Whose mouth just prattled something like that?」

「Eh? Eh? Eh?」

I had no idea what he was saying and my face began to cramp.

「If I wanted to do something like that, I could of done that forcibly without you being able to resist, don’t you know that already?! Like this!」


The disgusting male started groping my chest violently.

It hurts! But I couldn’t shake him off and my body was only able to stay still.

「Kurosawa-san can only bargain with her body so why are you able to act so condescendingly and say something as ridiculous as “I will let you do me”. Huh?」

「T-That’s because… I am a model….?」

「And so?」

So he asks? Just that…

Just with those three words, I couldn’t give him an answer.


I could only groan. I am weak and all I could think about was how miserable I was.

I don’t know what to do anymore. My stomach hurts. I hurts and I’m sad and I can’t stop crying.

All I could think of from the corner of my brain was that I was wasting the water with my tears. I am really really miserable.

However, it was then that…

The disgusting man smiled at me.

I instantly fell into chaos.

(What? What’s going on? Isn’t he angry at me?)

My brain was barely functional anymore and it was very hazy, this just made it all the more confusing.

「Don’t mistaken yourself to think that you have no value. You poor girl.」

(Was I having a misunderstanding? Oh so that was it….)

「It’s alright. I will teach you properly. From here on out I will teach you how to get out of here.」

(The method to get out of this place?)

I doubted my ears.

「Y-You will let me out from here? You will let me go home?」

「That would be dependent on you Kurosawa-san. However, if you want a chance don’t you think it is only proper to bow your head and ask nicely? Rather than allowing me to have sex with you, isn’t it more proper for you to beg me for sex?」

「Eh, eh, eh?」

I don’t really understand what he is saying.

「Eh? You still don’t understand? For instance, if I was to do ecchi things to Kurosawa-san and then start to fall in love with Kurosawa-san, I will definitely start to treasure you right? If that’s the case, you will naturally be able to get out from here.」

(I see, all I have to do is make him fall in love with me!)

My hazy mind was absentmindedly thinking of his suggestion.

I became convinced. That there was nothing better for me to do but that.

In fact I feel as though I found the exit, I even became happy.

Before I knew it, the disgusting man’s hands were massaging my chest. Unlike the violence he showed before, this time was gentle and I felt relieved.

「Who is the person who will gain an advantage from doing ecchi things?」

「T-That’s me!」

「Yeah, that’s the way. Well then, who should be the one bowing their heads and begging for it?」

「….. I-It should be me right?」

Even though it seemed strange, I couldn’t deny what he said.

Just that I couldn’t let go of this chance to escape! That’s all that was swirling inside of my mind.

「Then, Kurosawa-san do you know what you should be saying?」

「umm… I… Umm I want you to embrace me… please.」

「If you say it like that I can’t really feel motivated. Come on, haven’t you ever read ecchi manga or novels before? You should be able to say it in a more enticing and indecent way right?」

「Eh , Eh, umm let’s see.. umm..」

I remember an explicit female manga I read in the past and the female character was in the back of the dressing room. To think that that I would have to say something like that…?

「Please… I beg of you. Please violate M-Misuzu to your heart’s content….」

I said it.

It’s so embarrassing. My face is becoming hot.

When I did so however, the disgusting man gently patted my head.

「You’ve done really well. To think you would say that much. You must have been waiting for me to violate you. However, the one who will have the advantage is Kurosawa-san right. I will lie down here, how about you think for yourself how you will be able to make me feel satisfied.」


◇ ◇ ◇

I take off my clothes and lie down on the stone pavement floor.

It was a stupid appearance but as long as I turned off my torch, the room would be pitch-black. I am not really embarrassed.

However… This has really gone very smoothly.

It would seem that she really did reduce her intelligence to the level of a drunk person.

Whilst chuckling I remember the words I exchanged with Lili.

◇ ◇ ◇

「If you don’t want to be seen as someone in capable of sex, why don’t you just let the other party do all the work-devi.」

「What do you mean?」

「In order words, Fumi Fumi can just lie down-devi. Then you just need to order her to satisfy you. Fumi Fumi is not doing anything, so if it fails then you can just blame all the responsibility on the girl.」

「Eh, but if we do it like that, wouldn’t it only be possible if Kurosawa-san was proactively thinking of ways to please me?」

「Well that’s the whole point-devi. Thankfully the other party doesn’t have her head on straight. Even if you introduce a slightly illogical suggestion, she will only be a little confused by it but still accept it-devi.」

Lili points her finger at me.

「Do you think it will work as you say….? So can you explain it clearly on how I can do this?」

「First of all do something she won’t be able to accept, and then when she tries to fight back, beat her and kick her, not to the extent that she gets injured but enough to drive her into a corner and become fearful of you-devi.」

「Ehh…. I don’t really want to get violent.」

「It’s alright-devi. Your opponent this time around is already very weak so even if you slap her cheeks lightly and step on her a little bit, that will be enough-devi. The most important aspect is that you must appear to be angry. If she believes that she has made you angry, it becomes easier for her to accept the violence. Give her a scary experience. That will carve your name into her heart-devi. And when she finally submits to your demands, you can reward her.」

「The carrot and the stick.」

「That’s right-devi. By the way the most important thing is that you need to prepare to give them an out after severely whipping them to shape. That will be the deciding factor.」

「What do you mean?」

「The method to gain release from the demon room-devi. 」

「Ehh!? We are releasing her?」

「Don’t come to a hasty conclusion. What I am trying to say is that the condition for her to leave the room is to make sure that Fumi Fumi falls in love with her first. If a human being doesn’t have a goal or objective most wont have meaning or purpose in life. By giving her the objective of making you fall in love with her. She will devote herself to that end-devi.」

「…..I understand, So you are telling me that Kurosawa-san will be trying her hardest to make me fall in love with her so she will do plenty of ecchi things with me? Will it really go so well….?」

「Don’t worry-devi. What we will be doing today is just the first level. The first step is to make her believe that doing ecchi things is only way-devi.」

「Is that so?」

「If she doesn’t eat she will one day die-devi. But if you give her something to eat then her level of intelligence will return to normal. Still if you do it at least once with her, the hurdle for next time decreases a lot.」

「I see.」

「The only thing left to do is to spend time to brain wash her properly. Whilst continuing to use the carrot and the stick policy, you can gradually change her treatment…. After one month’s time that girl will become Fumi Fumi’s cute little pet. She will fall madly in love with you and then it will be really fun to throw her away. Or you can make her a woman that you can embrace at any time, a woman that will conveniently work for your needs. You can also consider selling her sex as a service, it makes me so excited when i think about it-devi~」


「Hm? What’s up-devi.」

「You are a real devil you know that?」

「What do you mean by that-devil!」

◇ ◇ ◇

Remembering how upset Lili was put a smile on my face. At the same time, I could her Kurosawa-san’s voice.

「H-Hey….. I-I can’t really see you because it’s so dark, w-where are you?」

「It can’t be helped.」

I turn on the flash light and point it directly at my crotch.

I could see Kurosawa-sans face as she crawled on all fours towards me in the dark. Because of the expectation of what is about to come, my penis grew to it’s full size and was towering in front of her.


Her eyes open wide displaying her full pupils. If something like that appeared right in front of you, I suppose it’s natural to feel surprised.

She had a surprised expression on her face as she stared at my member with a blank look.

It was almost like I was in a comedy skit and I held back my urge to laugh and purposefully spoke in an irritated tone of voice.

「Stop messing around or I will end this, do you understand?」

「W-Wait! I-I will start right away so please!」

Looking at her flustered appearance, I could barely hold down a smirk.

I was just having so much fun right now it is truly enjoyable.

Confinement King

Confinement King

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A girl who calls herself a demon appeared before a timid student named Fumio Kijima. The girl claims to be a campaign girl from the demon world and she gives him the ability to “summon a room” from nothing but thin air. At first he doesn’t abuse his power and uses it as a convenient ability in his every day life. But one day he is bullied by his classmates under a false pretext and is made to suffer. In the past he would have wallowed in misery and cried himself to sleep, but now he had a power to call upon. “I will make them regret it!” Using his powers to summon his “room”, he begins his era of confinement and brainwashing to achieve his goals.



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