Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself I’ll find other ways to be happy Vol 00 Chp 100

(Book 2) ? Pitchforks and Jiggly Breasted Whores

I think 100 chapters is a nice round number to call a book, so now is the start of book 2~ Happy hundred chapters~

Villagers began to congregate behind the double jugged jiggly middle aged wavy brunette-red haired sorceress with a charismatic beauty mark near her eye, dressed in a skimpy but lavish silky-velvety black sorceress robe with gold trimmings. Some of the village men armed themselves with pitchforks and what looked like tiki torches, as well as a few rusty swords, shields, and spears here and there. Then there were the other villagers, completely unarmed and wearing nothing but worn cloth clothing, huddling with their children and wives in hand.

Interestingly enough, among the crowd were a few particularly voluptuous whores, with nipple tassles and flowing middle-eastern style clothing that showed their bellies and left very little to the imagination. Devon noticed that they were coming out of a seedy establishment that looked very much like a whorehouse, themed in some kind of middle-eastern harem style for the week.

With civilians behind their back, and the unconscious countess Ilyana within the horse drawn carriage which was now tucked behind the horde of armed villagers, Devon, and Madame Elisa, it was time to make a stand against the monster menace.

Thankfully, the earth shaking thumps from the behemoth’s footsteps were no longer audible, so they only had to deal with the remaining howlers that followed them to this village.

However, this was problematic because they lost the support of the fifth and the regular army. What once was an easy fight at the blockade now turned into one where bloodshed on both sides was inevitable.

They arrived quickly. Beating their chests and letting out frenzied noises, the gorilla-sized man eaters flooded into the village through the entrance in the forest.

“No! Dori, get back here!” a woman shouted frantically.

Devon watched on in horror as a small blonde toddler girl in diapers hobbled out of a village house near the entrance to the village with its front door ajar, looking on in confusion with her big eyes as she got knocked back by a howler’s thick hair arms. She began crying.


As the horde passed by, another howler stepped on her leg, crushing it completely. The girl’s leg was flattened, leaving her in a limp for life. The girl’s pained wail pierced the sky, which attracted another monkey, who brusquely grabbed her by the other leg and began dragging her along, as the toddler’s head bounced up and down while the howler monkey charged forwards. It then raised her up and began flailing her around like a lasso while letting out monkey screeches, before tossing the toddler to the side. The toddler girl very slowly blinked one of her dazed eyes while the other stayed open. It was like looking at a broken porcelain doll.

“Dori, my baby!!!” the woman sobbed, running forwards with her arms outstretched.

“Hilga, no!” a village man shouted, but it was too late to stop her. The mother of the child dashed right into the incoming howler horde.

Devon wordlessly unsheathed his moonlight steel sword and prepared his mana circuit for combat. To the left of him, the madame was doing her classic ohohoho~ laugh while casting fireballs. She did not seem to have seen what happened with the child.

Seeing the lone soldier, already bloodied and bruised, draw his shining sword and step forward alone against the dozens of howler monkeys inspired the rest of the villagers’ confidence.

One of the villagers shouted confidently, rousing the spirits of the others. “We have a sorceress on our side! Let’s drive back these foul creatures from our homes!”


“Let’s do it!”


“That’s the spirit, ohohoho~”

Very few things were more intimidating than a horde of villagers armed with pitchforks and spears charging forwards, and the village men led the way, although they did make sure to give enough room for Madame Elisa to fire away at the howlers, as she posed with her arm outstretched to cast each new fireball spell. All things considered, she looked rather cool doing so. It was like fighting alongside a sorceress from a jrpg, for some reason, and it felt like she had Devon’s back when it came to dishing out sickening amounts of dps.

“We can help too,” one of the skimpily dressed whores said. This particular one was better dressed than the others, and had pointed ears. She was a fair skinned voluptuous elf with a cloth dress tailored to look like a set of leaves, and judging by her demeanor and mannerisms as well as the many expensive pieces of jewelry including mana crystal earrings dangling from her earlobes, she was probably not one of the girls working the floor at the whorehouse, and instead was one of the managers. She did fit the theme though, and had smaller oriental fan shaped red nipple tassles to complement her puffy blonde hair.

[author] im feeling evil today… gonna tease you guys a little… here is a part of chapter 155 fufufu….


[Congratulations Devon Hall! You have———- redacted spoilers———-]


[A new sex shop has opened for you.]

[[Sex Shop]]

[You have gained 100 points for [First Time Intercourse] in this world]

[You have gained 10 points for [First Time Fellatio] in this world]

[You have gained 10 points for having sex with a new race, Human]

[You have gained 20 points for having sex with a new race, Neko girl]



Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

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After death, Devon is given the second chance he never wanted. He decides to make the most out of his new life, exploring all that life in this new world has to offer, whether that be adventuring or soliciting elf girl prostitutes.



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