Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself I’ll find other ways to be happy Vol 00 Chp 156

The [Sex Shop] Game Interface (18+)

As the flood of [[Sex Shop]] notifications entered Devons peripheral view, time seemed to have stopped outside. Vesta’s semen filled bubble butt and pussy were frozen in space, as was a small moth that flew by in the moonlight, but the weather elements of rain and thunder and howling wind continued to descend upon the earth like a screensaver backdrop. 

Devon had already noticed some game-element type functions of his [Dead Man Walking] passive, and he hazarded an educated guess that the reason these celestial powers manifested in the form of game concepts like passive abilities and active abilities was simply because it was a format familiar to him. After all, any human male born within the last decade had played games at some point in their life. 

And if it really was a game-like system, then the game-master seemed to really want to give him some time to peruse and use the [Sex Shop], much like the buying period at the beginning of a round of that popular old fps game back on earth Counterstrike. 

[You have gained 100 points for [First Time Threesome] in this world.]

[You have gained 1000 points for [First Time Forced Sex] in this world.]

[You have gained 50 points for induction into the [Guild Backrooms]] 

[You have gained 10 points per person you have had sex with.] 

[You have gained 600 points for first time creampie.] 

[You may spend 3090 points] 

The world was still completely frozen, save for the weather and the wind and rain. All animals and people were completely frozen in time. 

[You may currently buy from the following list of items. The list of items changes periodically, so remember to check back often!] 

[Familiar Sex Slave Collar: 10,000 points]

Divine celestial item. The cutting edge of celestial kink fashion. Specially designed to make any woman a subservient familiar to you by contract for eternity. Familiar may be summoned from anywhere to your side. Cooldown period: 10 hours. 

[Pink Dragon: 5 points]

Factory manufactured pink ribbed dildo. For stuffing things. When you need things… or people… stuffed and filled up. 

[Flashlight: 100 points]

A simple battery powered flashlight. Use to illuminate dark places. Batteries may be replenished every 10 hours. Non-water proof. Because this exceeds the current world’s technological capabilities, this item’s price has been increased accordingly. 

[Desert Eagle .50 Caliber Pistol: 700 points] 

One of the wonders of modern technology, this semi-automatic pistol fires a debilitating .50 caliber round capable of piercing even the heaviest of armors. Comes with one clip of seven bullets. Bullets may be replenished every 10 hours. Because this exceeds the current world’s technological capabilities, this item’s price has been increased accordingly. Because this is a modern firearm well beyond the current world’s technological capabilities, this item’s price has been increased accordingly and its ammunition has been restricted. 

The list was short and to the point. A divine familiar collar that could bind a female to be an eternal sex slave, priced at a ludicrous 10,000 points, a dildo, an overpriced flashlight, and a hand cannon of a pistol.

Devon considered his options. The flashlight was completely out of the question unless he was in some kind of dire situation which really required their services. After all, he had magic to just summon a fireball to see. 

The Pink Dragon… Devon got excited at first, thinking that it was an actual dragon for sale on the cheap. Well… regardless of whether or not it was a dragon, it was cheap enough to be affordable, but why exactly did he need a factory manufactured pink ribbed dildo in the first place? 

The divine celestial familiar sex slave collar had a great effect, but it was too early for him to find any use for something like that. Maybe he’d need it in the future, but right now it served very little purpose. In the future, he could find the right candidate and bind a sexy and powerful female warrior by putting the collar around her neck to use her as both a summonable fighter as well as a hot piece of meat to rape at his leisure. 

The pistol was an interesting item. Since it was a piece of modern firearms technology from his old world, just handing it over for a small amount of points would be way too overpowered. Instead, the desert eagle was points gated to an eye popping 700 points and ammunition gated to seven bullets every ten hours. 

Nevertheless, it was worth it. Having a trump card like that up his sleeve could certainly come in handy. If only it didn’t cost so many points, though. Agh. It was fair. 

[You have purchased [Desert Eagle .50 Caliber Pistol] for 700 points.]

[Your new points bank is now 2390.]

[Will that be all for your visit?]


[Thank you for shopping with Celestial Express! We hope you enjoyed your customer experience. Please come again soon!] 

The sultry female voice came to a stop, as the world began to reanimate. The moth began fluttering again, and Vesta’s ass slumped forwards in sexual sensory overwhelm. Some semen dripped out from her pussy, but otherwise her cervix had drunk all of the baby batter up. 


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Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

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After death, Devon is given the second chance he never wanted. He decides to make the most out of his new life, exploring all that life in this new world has to offer, whether that be adventuring or soliciting elf girl prostitutes.



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