Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself I’ll find other ways to be happy Vol 00 Chp 40

Fitting Room Fun (18+)

Devon made sure to stay inside the lewd cat girl assistant’s pussy as his cock happily twitched inside her to his heart’s content. Only then, after he made sure that there wasn’t another drop of sperm left in his penis and that Annabelle’s pussy and womb drank every last bit of baby batter in his body, did he pull out.

Almost nothing dripped out as he pulled out because he shot so deep inside of her. Devon hugged the cat girl assistant tightly, and thrust his tongue into her lewd mouth, feeling her soft and gushy tongue and lips on his.

“Mmmmfff….” assistant Annabelle moaned, her skintight bodysuit clinging onto her every orifice and her bouncy breasts as heat covered her body.

Devon continued to roll his tongue inside her mouth, thinking about how satisfied he felt after creampieing another random girl during his adventures in this new fantasy world. It felt like a sandbox world to him, where he could shape it to his own pleasure and do what he wanted.

He finally pulled his mouth away from her lips, leaving the cat girl assistant a dripping mess, with drool coming down her lips… and her other set of plump lips.

“Hah… that was good,” Devon said, stretching out his arms while sitting upright. He then lifted the neko fitting assistant onto his lap so that her butt was pressing onto his crotch, and began playing with her supple boobs as if she was some kind of squeeze toy. “Did you enjoy getting raped?”

The cat girl assistant did not respond, and instead just wiggled herself to a more comfortable spot on Devon’s lap, placing her hand on her belly.

“Madame will be upset at me if she knew I was slacking on the job…” Annabelle whined, her tail perking up as her buttocks sat comfortably on Devon’s lap. “What am I going to do, nyaaa~”

Devon’s dick nearly shot up again when he heard the cat girl say nyaaaa. That was something that only really submissive girls would say back on earth, and only if they were the really lewd kind that were into that cosplay or anime sort of thing. But here, all the girls were so lewd and had natural cosplay aesthetics that he felt himself get hornier the more he interacted with them.

Sitting there for a moment in Devon’s embrace and hands groping her breasts, the assistant spoke. “Okay, playtime is over. I really need to dress you up before the Madame starts looking for me, alright?~”

Standing up professionally even though Devon’s come was so deep inside her womb and pussy, Annabelle waited for Devon to stand up. “Hmm… okay…” she said, taking a look at a sheet that contained Devon’s measurements. “It will be hard to sneak you into the baroness’s estate undetected, so we will have to dress you up as a kitchen assistant, alright?”

“Oh, my god… it’s leaking a little…” she said as she leaned over to Devon to do some hand measurements. “You’ll take responsibility for this, right~” she smiled with a hint of sharpness in her smiling eyes.

Devon leaned in and kissed her again, making out with her lecherously until she pulled away and took a white chef’s assistant coat off the hanger nearby.

With a practiced hand, Annabelle pressed the hanger with the white chef’s assistant coat onto Devon’s body and made some quick judgments. “Hm… the sleeves are a bit too long. How about this one?” she said, taking another identical one off and measuring it against Devon’s body again.

“Aaaand… perfect!” she said. “I’m so good at this, hehe~ Here, put this on.”

At the assistant Annabelle’s request, Devon put on the white chef’s assistant coat, which had a column of buttons going down the middle and large sleeves with a few pockets on the sides. With just the top on, he was already starting to look a bit like a chef.

“Now for your pants, and underwear. Normally I’d tell you to take off your pants right now, but since you’ve already done that this will be easy~”

She stroked Devon’s semi erect cock in a practiced manner. “Underwear is an important accessory, and you’ll want to impress the baroness if your pants end up coming off. Let’s find something that fits you nice and snugly, alright Devon?”

The assistant winked at Devon, pulling aside her body suit and showing her sweet juices running down from her kitty.

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Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

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After death, Devon is given the second chance he never wanted. He decides to make the most out of his new life, exploring all that life in this new world has to offer, whether that be adventuring or soliciting elf girl prostitutes.



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