Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself I’ll find other ways to be happy Vol 00 Chp 97

Just Stick Her With The Pointy End

“Mortals…” said the goddess of Witchcraft in a haughty voice that was vaguely sexual, her high heels clacking on the floor while bar patrons and waitresses alike cowered in fear. “How dare you open your filthy mouths and speak in the presence of me?”

With a swift arm movement, she cracked her flame whip in the air menacingly while taking another step forwards in her high heels, flames spewing from her dark red whip that matched the color and shape of a devil’s tail, complete with the little spade shape on the end.

“What are you doing? Restrain her!” ordered the main thug leader to his minions. His voice had a bit of a quake despite its loud booming volume, betraying his nervousness in the face of a victim who seemed to defy all expectations and even wanted to fight back. He’d never dealt with this kind of victim before. Normally the peasants in this town just gave way to his bullying.

“It’s just a simple backwaters sorceress from a poor village somewhere outside of the country,” he assured his men. “Just stick her with the pointy end, and then we’ll stick this whore’s holes full of our cocks afterwards!”

“Oh, really~” snickered Hecate, who was quite amused at these mortals who seemed to still have no idea what they were dealing with. In reality, the minor discomfort that her torn panties were giving her by riding up into her pussy was a bigger problem to her than these insolent mortals pointing their iron sticks at her as if they could hurt her.

Yes, that piece of fabric caught between her plump peach lips was currently dealing more damage than these ground dwellers could ever muster.

Reaching down with her left hand to slightly adjust her torn underwear through her pencil skirt, Hecate’s knees and thighs squeezed together while her feet were apart but pointed inwards, in a slightly embarrassing pose. But even so, she was battle ready.

She activated her mana circuit in preparation for a new spell.

[Wrath of the Witch has been activated.]

[Wrath of the Witch has been primed.]

A demonic magic circle appeared in front of her, as her skin turned more blueish-purple and her eyes flared golden-black for a brief moment, revealing her true form for just a second.

The group of thugs fell to the ground in shock and scrambled backwards, as they watched flaming hot ooze drip out of the magic circle. Their eyebrows raised in fear and confusion as some other-worldly plasmous glob of flames slowly oozed out of the unnatural demonic magic circle. It was somewhat similar to volcanic magma, but did not have the same base of molten rock. Whatever this strange demonic substance was, it was highly dangerous.

However, as the molten ooze flames hit the ground, they sizzled but did not burn the tavern’s wooden floor like an objective third party observing the process would expect. The material that made up the molten fire ooze was primed by Hecate’s magic to have a discerning taste when it came to choice of what material it encountered to burn.

The wooden floor was not included amongst the molten ooze’s palate. It needed to consume something more substantial, something with life essence…

“What in the–” one of the bandits began to say in confusion, curious about what this strange foreign substance was that seemed to be spilling towards him. But his self preservation trumped over his curiosity. The bandit shrieked and scrambled up to his feet and began running towards the entrance.

The big, hairy thug leader attempted to get up as well, but a foot in heels pressed down on his chest.

“You,” Hecate said. “You’re not going anywhere.”

With a burst of movement, the thug leader attempted to break free from the high heel pressed down onto his chest, as the businesswoman’s sparse pubic hair covered pussy lay bare to his sight from below. Oddly enough, her pubic hair was a strange shade of magenta, just like her hair, and it was shaped into that of a small downwards pointing triangle despite having a few strays here and there, giving it a look of a bush that was manicured, but not often.

“Please, let me go,” the sweaty thug leader pleaded, the high heel digging further into his chest, drawing blood.

“Hm… let’s see… I recall you said something along the lines of just stick her with the pointy end, and then we’ll stick this whore’s holes full of our cocks afterwards~” Hecate mimicked mockingly. “By pointy end, did you mean something like this~”

The fiery whip in her hand began to thicken and harden slightly, the devil tail tip hardening into a dangerous point. She pressed the heart shaped devil tail tip of the whip down onto the thug leader’s upper chest, then began to drag it down his torso, as a thin line of blood stain began to appear in the man’s cloth shirt.

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Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

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