Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch Vol 00 Chp 06

【mutual masturbation and footjob】

「nwaaa….. Thank you for the meal~♥♥♪♪」

Akie pulls the cock out after my ejaculation is settled, she put hands together politely and said so.

Somehow its look natural like this, and it’s strangely erotic ….., the meat stick that should have released a large amount of semen a while ago is hard again.

Somehow, I feel that sexual desire is getting stronger after I bought the switch.

「… Aaa? Araa? Cock-san getting bigger again ♥」

Erotic young wife immediately noticed my erection and smiled. The bulge which pushes up the apron under the lovely smile as usual is erotic, a small mole on the left chest further complements it.

「umm, can I ask for one more round?」

「Hmm ~~? But ~~」

She’s obviously not satisfied with such fluffy erotic face. But somehow the respond is not good.

If she refused here, let’s switch to the completely fallen mode, I panicked after thinking about it. It is possible to wither if it is bloody sex during reverse rape. She is welcome if it is a play of reverse rape imitation, though.

「n~~……All right. Then, let’s masturbate together ♪ 」


The answer that Akie gave was a little surprising, but I was happy as expected.
「I’m pretty tired from the previous blowjob ~. So I don’t want to use my mouth anymore, and I also want to feel pleasure~. I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, but my stomach is KYUNKYUN ♪. You understand~? 」


Amazing, while she holding down the lower abdomen, with the word “Kyun Kyun ♪ was very cute.

Speaking of which this person is probably younger than me. However, there is a mysterious tolerance that cannot be said at all, so I sometimes want to use honorifics occasionally. Is this the difference between married and unmarried people?

「So, Let’s do it together in the room~♪」

「let’s go then」


I don’t care, if I can satisfy my sexual desire, I follow Akie with a good feeling about it.

I thought it would be a bedroom or a living room because she said a room, but the one she shown into is a kitchen. No, there is a table and chairs, a table and a sofa in the large space behind the kitchen, so it’s a so-called living-dining kitchen.

We should sit next to each other on the sofa and think how to do the mutual masturbation. But that expectation was betrayed in two ways.

Akie stopped by before heading to the sofa, and she started taking something out of the fridge.


「Hmm♪, Oh, please sit on the sofa first …」

Akie takes out the thick cucumber from the refrigerator and starts to scrub and wash the surface. …… Uh, really, vegetables masturbation?

「Yoshi. …… Please wait for a moment! ~♪」

「a, yes……hmm?」


When Akie gets close to me with a cucumber in one hand while making a smile, she sat at the table in front of me.

Her breasts just come to my eyes-level and if you look up, you will see an erotic face, if you look down, you will see the crotch hidden by the white apron, which is exquisitely too thick.

Even so, a mutual masturbation using a table that would normally be relaxing place with her husband, there might be a sense of eroticism rather than to have sex with her normally.

「Well, what are you going to do with that cucumber?」

「Hmm, masturbate. It’s a substitute for Cock-san, it’s menstruation day, but today is the last day, so it mean there’s not so much blood coming out, and it’s good to just hide it in the apron, right?」

「Oh, yes……….」

I felt weirdly happy that my strange prediction had been completely hit, and I was surprised once more by her eroticism, to come up with a vegetable masturbation kind of pervert play.

「The grocery store in Minami-machi is more solid than the supermarket!, It’s pretty good ~ ♪ it’s more amazing than that man’s middle-aged cock. Oh, but it seems to lose to your cock. I’m looking forward to it next time. 」


I merely judge from these words, It seems that she have already done it a couple of times.

The middle-aged cock she talking about probably her husband’s thing, perhaps she was frustrated because of her age different in marriage.

Butchick, butchick!

「N, so good♪」

While I was thinking a little, she started preparing vegetable masturbation. She put hands under the apron, to tear the crotch of pantyhose and shift the underwear.

「It’s been a while ago that cock-san hot semen, I’m getting pretty wet ~. I put it now ~. Uu~~~!!」

Zubu, zubububu!

While opening the crotch to show me, she still hid the crotch in a white apron and inserted cucumber.

The movement invites the erotic delusion of the man strangely. The thing between the crotch has been bulging for a moment.

「uuuuuuuuu~~! Suzuki-san cucumber, Sugoiiiiiii! It is thick and hard, nwaaaaa~~!!」

「a, akie!?…………Masturbate while looking at me.」

I think that Suzuki-san was the old man of the grocery store owner, 「Suzuki-san cucumber」is a strange feeling like she was taken by old man when she was panted in front of me.

So I leaned deeply on the sofa and opened my crotch and started masturbating to show off the erection cock to Akie.
It’s not as long as cucumber, but its thickness is a decent man’s meat stick. Soon akie is glued to my cock.

「N, Yessss. It’s full of them! Your thick thing~♪」

「That’s right, Think of that as my thing! 」

It might be a strange story that the man who stole another lover with the switch hates the feeling of being Netora, but I want her to think only about me.

「Nm … your cock-san, is super good-♪ thick, sturdy and strong , It’s unbearable ♥ Please think that you are also using my pussy, and please do shikoshiko~」


After all, it is more exciting to be told that it is your own thing rather than being someone else’s cock. It seems to me that I have no hobby to be netora.

「nnn!………….Cock-san, cock-san♪♪」


Every time her apron shakes, there is sound of water gushing out, and the tip of the cucumber is seen.

It is a movement that is perfect for a man of erotic delusion, In addition, the groin reacts more and more with the pant voice that is more like an adult than Wakana.

However, after playing the previous throat blowjob, it’s not enough for me to use my own hands.

When I look at the dick that is simmering with my own hands while feeling good,
I saw a black object shaking slightly from left and right side.

It’s full of flesh, thighs and calves, and it seems to be a young wife plump erotic leg.

「Hey, can you do it with your foot? I will do it myself when I about to ejaculate, I’ll move the cucumber」

「n, yeesss~. If you okay♪」


I make a suggestion, it accepted immediately, and footjob is started before I hold the cucumber.

The feeling of the rough stocking is unexpectedly pleasant, and the liquid that running through the glans act lubricant is make it unbearable.

「Ah, Akie! Stop, wait I can’t reach the cucumber!!」

「n~~……。 Somehow I like to look at your comfortable face more ~♪ so, I don’t need cucumbers I already feel excited~I’m going to make you cum a lot♥」


The glans are sandwiched from the left and right in the inside of the foot and moved up and down slowly. The movement is similar to that of handjob, but it brings about a unique sense of rough feeling of stockings and a slimy feeling of Cowper juice and a movement of only slightly clumsy foot are bringing the peculiar pleasant sensation which can’t be called nothing.

「O, uhaaa!!」


The soft smile I saw many times today looked indecent at this time.

I try to get hold the cucumber put in and out somehow, but my feet have already begun to shake with so much pleasure and I cannot hold on it well. The cucumber it does not reach to her crotch delicately while sitting on the sofa deeply, and I decided to give up the resistance to her footjob and just enjoy playing with her.

Basically, anything can be good if it is erotic. That is my recent motto.

「Hey, pretty good isn’t? How do you like it cock-san? ♪」


I was dedicated to giving up resistance and feeling it, I felt so good that I would have become idiot.

Nuchuri, nuchinuchi ♪

My Cowper juice come out form the small holes entangled to black stockings and makes a humble noise.

It was supposed to be just Cowper juice, but it came out so much and dirty her leg over the stocking.

It also makes a unique feel of slimy gritty to double the pleasure of footjob further.

「a, aaa………I’m about to cum」

「It’s okay~. I’ll take it! Let’s it out ~ ♥」

I just moaning and she’s controlling my ejaculation. The relationship is like a young child and mother, it was kind of one-sided thing. Yes, I felt that she had a strange motherhood only for this moment.

Give something one-side, receive something one-sidely.

Just now that’s something I picturing「Sexual pleasure」It is just that there is nothing in between parents and children.

「aa, akie-san, no more……」

「nfufu~、horaa, I going to get a lot from this sturdy cock-san ♪ HO~RADOPYUDOPYU~♪♪」

「a, uaa!」

I got it to match her call.

The semen that has been forcefully released from the crotch of the crotch, draw a small parabola and drop in front of our eyes.


「araa~, It come out a lot~♥♥」


The semen caught in her white apron was the second time today and was strangely thick.

The faintly yellowish cream color shines like a dirty white newlywed apron, and white marks are also left in the black stockings.

Although it is supposed to be the same body fluid, it looks slightly different in color depending on the fabric, but both are just too erotic.

「fuu………………., nn?」

「Hmm …, cock-san come~ ♥♥ cock-san semen♪」

In front of me who is still enjoying pleasure, she is putting vegetables in and out with the crotch open to me.

It is made an indecent juubujube sound in crotch with a lewd smile while breathing in the nose as she smell the thick smell of the semen that just come out.

「Ahhh, cummingggg …」

Having tasted the pleasure that I had never tasted twice in a row, I could only look at her perverted vegetable masturbation while slumping for a while.

Even though the body cannot move, my crotch still reacts with the twitch. I felt like I was being scolded by my crotch.

「Ha ~ ♪ It’s been a long time since I felt this good ~ and I got excited to get a lot of semen. Next time we will go to the end…~」

「Hmm, Okay」

The dick that reacted with the twitch seems to have become limp soon again so as to show the owner’s fatigue, and it seemed impossible to play anymore. Well, I think it already good today as I could be satisfied with Akie.

So I finally got dressed, and now I’m walking with her to the front door to go home.

「Ah! Next time, when are you free? 」

「u~nn。 Its impossible tomorrow, maybe the evening after tomorrow. Please tell me your phone number for the time being」


The figure of Akie who goes to take a cell somewhere while making slippers flap sound seems to be younger and adorable.
A fluffy young wife who is airhead and loose, but has a mysterious tolerance.

I waited at the entrance while holding the expectation to the actual performance of her heaped next time. …… 10 minutes after that.

「I’m sorry …. I can’t find it easily. Oh, my husband is on a business trip until next month, so I am basically always welcome~ ♥」


With this, I had prepared for the next time with Akie and I walked out to the completely dark road.

But I return in a few tens of seconds. The reason is simple, the supermarket bag that she dropped at the moment I used the switch was left alone until now.

「ara~, thank you very much~. ……Ah♪ how about, I cook for you as a thanks~. Would you like to eat? 」

「…….how about next time」

「waa okay~ii♪」

Beautiful wife’s handmade cooking is quite attractive, but now I need more rest.

Let’s have taste her cook the next time I come to have sex.

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Daredemo Kantan! Soku Ochi Suitchi, だれでも簡単!即堕ちスイッチ
Score 6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
I have a quite unusual hobby, which is visiting antique shops. One day, I got my hand on a suspicious item called 「Instant Love Switch」 at a shop I visit by chance. Let alone feeling dubious, I totally doubt the effectiveness of the tool, but I still try it anyway. I used it on a random bishoujo on the road and it was surprisingly effective. From that day on, I will be living an erot*c life with its various girls such as the pure beautiful girl and her friends, the voluptuous neighborhood young wife, and various other women. I will live this erot*c life.



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