I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World Vol 01 Chp 02

If there’s no chair, then you should be fine instead

The light from the magic gradually disappeared from my eyes.

At the same time, the women have changed too

The stare disgust like seeing an insect earlier was now replaced with intoxicated gaze.

Now, let me see the power of absolute charm


「Ahn~ What a fantastic gentleman」

The woman speaks in a sweet tone while twisting and shaking her waist.

To loosen their facial expression like that, they look like a different person that is staring at their beloved.

Furthermore, it’s all of them.

Was it successful? I should confirm this first…

「Can you drop down your weapons?」

「I’m sorry! I’ll put this down so please don’t hate me」

It looks like the magic succeeded.

The mysterious voice did not lie.


Next would be testing the effectiveness. Let’s do a little experiment

「Do you love me girls?!?」

『Yes! We love you!』

「I wonder what you think of any men other than me」

「Men are slaves! us women tell them to lick our feet」

As expected that’s how it is.

It’s not just the knights, perhaps this world’s culture is matriarchal.

Although, it’s hard to summarise with just the flow, it wouldn’t be funny to have the culture to take root from powerful women

But those women who grew up in such a culture are already my prisoners.

As proof,


I grabbed the plump breast of the woman near me. The huge breast spills within the space between my fingers.

The woman seems to be surprised but she never show disagreement.

「I’m touching your tits, how’s it?」

「I-it’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m happy.」

「What if some other guy did it?」

「I’ll kill him」

Fast response. This is probably not an acting.

「So it’s good if it’s me?」

「Yes~! It might be a bit embarrassing, but I’ll still do it!」



「Yeah, let’s try it with light commands first.」

I spoke what’s on my mind.

「I want to drink tea. Bring it to me immediately」


The woman I commanded dashed immediately.

They’ve been looking me with scorn just a while ago, but now they’re completely submissive.

I just got such a wonderful ability! After this, I would test on how to use it better.

「Aahn~ ryu-sama!」

「What’s up?」

「Please touch my boobs too~」

「Heyhey, what’s wrong?」

「You’ve touched her boobs a while ago right? That’s why I want you to touch mine too! My boobs are large and soft~」

She’s rubbing her boobs on top of her clothes, it’s greatness appeals me

There is something projected in the middle of the clothes.

「What a lewd woman」

「Iyan~! N-not my nipples~」

「You want to seduce me using your body?」

「D-do you hate it?」

I don’t hate it. In fact I love it.


「What I want is to drink tea. You girls are okay as long as you listen to my orders」

Everyone was exchanging looks, and they nodded.

「If so… then that’s good」

While having such exchanges, a woman came back with a tea, and she politely added baked sweets too.

「*heavy breathing*、I’ve brought it」

「You’re breathing heavily」

「I can’t keep you waiting」

「That was thoughtful of you, but, where should I drink?」


The female knights faces turned pale in despair

「There’s no chair nor desks. I can’t rest like this.」

「I-I’m sorry! I’ll bring one immediately…」

「No, It’s fine」

I stopped her when she was about to leave again.

I came up with something interesting

「Just make a chair and a desk」

「M-make one? But, there’s no wood here」

「We have materials don’t we?」


She looked at me with a surprised look

「――You shall be the chair」

(TN: Sasuga Ainz sama~! “Shall be the chair” hue)

That’s really humiliating right? Now what will you do?

「I’d be happy to!」

She smiled and crawled on all fours near me.

This would be fine as a chair

「I can now sit, but I have nowhere to place my tea and baked sweets. Does anyone want to be a desk?」


「No, Me!!」

「Me too!」(TN:Agent smith: “Yes, Me, Me, Me”)

Everyone raised their hands.

I wonder if their attention will be drawn whatever I do

Absolute charm power is absolute.

「Then, I choose you. Be a desk.」

I appointed a woman to be the desk. There I put the tea and the baked sweets, and I took a seat

「……Nice tea」

I had someone poison test it, then I enjoyed the tea.

It tastes similar to tea, but it has a bit of bitter feel. It can be fixed with the baked sweets.

Since I was a bit hungry, I chow down a lot of baked sweets.

「Ryu-sama, you have a dirt in your mouth」

「That so? Wipe it.」

「Understood. I’ll be getting a wiper so please wait for a while」

「Lick it off」


「I’m telling you to lick it off」


The woman came close to me and whispered “Please excuse me”, she licked me with her small tongue

「*lick*……*lick*……Do you dislike it?」

「No way」

Are you making fun of me? you’re licking me with your tongue, I wouldn’t hate that

Rather, I like the feeling of her wet tongue stroking my skin

「Lick my fingers too.」

Another woman licked my fingers

「*Suck**suck*…..I’ll clean it thoroughly」

「*lick*,*lick*lick*….I’ll help out too」

Looking at the two girls licking my fingers, the other girls seemed to be jealous

Unable to bear with it, those girls nominated themselves.

「I want to lick it too~」

「The more the better, we’ll be licking it intensely」

「If you wished for it Ryu-sama, we would lick your whole body」

You love me that much?

This feels the best

These twenty women only looks at me, they want my attention.

Furthermore, they’re female knights.

Before my magic is applied, they should be filled with pride

Those women now follows what I say

I’ve never experienced such pleasant thing in my life

Other world is amazing

But suddenly.

「You guys!……What the hell are you doing!?」

The woman that’s not affected by my magic appeared. It’s the captain.

I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World

I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World

Isekai de Miryou Cheat wo Tsukatte Dorei Harem wo Tsukuttemita
Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2015 Native Language: 異世界で魅了チートを使って奴隷ハーレムをつくってみた
An ordinary working adult, Miura Ryouta, was summoned to a different world, and was given a charm cheat which he can use to make every woman fall for him. He used it to travel the world and gather a variety of women to his harem It’s a story of desire, cheat, and parallel world. The protagonist is basically strong, and is peerless when it comes to sex. (Peerless, when it comes to cumming on women) The protagonist uses his charm on strong willed women to make them deredere, please enjoy this ero ero.



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