I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World Vol 07 Chp 91

Arianne’s doing a fellatio

Chapter 6 ★ Arianne’s doing a fellatio

「What would you make me do next…?」

I sat down cross legged in front of Arianne who recovered from the anal creampie.

While I still have the composure, Arianne who’s breathing heavily and have her beautiful silver hair disheveled clearly has none.

But, I’m not so gentle to give her a break here and she also wants to break the ache as soon as possible too.

Thus, she wants me to give the next instructions immediately.

「Let’s see, how about you like mine this time」

Arianne’s eyes opened wide from my words.

「N-No way! It want inside my anus just earlier!」

Even though she’s in heat from the aphrodisiac, she’s still refusing as expected.

Well, anyone would normally refuse that.

「It can’t be helped. Should we lower the difficulty. Use this」

Saying that, I handed her a towel. I took out from the restroom of this room.

Then, I wet it with water magic.

「Do it carefully okay? If you do something strange then I’ll pour in more aphrodisiac and leave you unattended」

「I-I get it. Then, I’ll be touching it

When I spoke strongly, Arianne nodded obediently as expected.

Then, she touched the penis that’s still erect.

「Hard, also, it’s hot. This thing went inside my ass…there’s still a strange feeling remaining」

Afterwards, I cured her sense of unease and immobility with recovery magic but it seems that she’s not completely cured.

「You’ll keep me company from now on so you should get used to it」

Saying that, Arianne knits her eyebrows.

「…I’ll definitely make my counterattack」

I clearly heard it but I just stayed silent.

Then, Arianne wiped my penis with the towel in her hand politely.

「It’s fine now, it should be clean already」

I took away the towel when it’s almost done

「Now then, how about you clean it yourself? Lick it」


When I ordered her, she breathed out, reaching a conclusion. Then she brought her face close to my penis.


Then she took my penis in her mouth at last.

At first she’s just timidly doing the glans part but the difference from wiping it with wet towel is dramatic.

It’s wrapped with wet and warm space.

「Just like that, take it to the root. if you don’t stimulate everything I won’t be able to ejaculate」

If it’s a good woman like Aisha, she might be able to make me ejaculate with just stimulating the glans.

But, Arianne who’s doing it for the first time won’t make me cum unless she use everything to serve me.

Perceiving that it won’t end until I ejaculate, Arianne slowly takes it to the root.

Then, she put everything inside her mouth at last.

「Good, then use your mouth and stimulate my penis. If you did well then I would cum」

When the fellatio ends, it would finally go insert her vagina.

Arianne’s tongue began moving violently, did she realize that?

「Rero rero, chu, churun」

While moving her head up and down, she stimulates the penis by pushing her tongue.

「Aren’t you quite good even though it’s your first time? You might’ve the talent」

「I don’t need that talent!」

「Hey, don’t stop. When you stop the stimulation even for a second, the ejaculation would go away you know?」

Saying that, Arianne scowls at me.

「Isn’t it your fault for fanning me?!」

「Ahahaha, then let me teach Arianne a good thing. Use your hand to stroke while doing fellatio and the excitement won’t cool down」

「You can have fun making fool of me for now」

As expected, she did as she was told and continued the handjob without making a counterattack.

Just like that, the sexual techniques are being trained into Arianne bit by bit.

And, her body is helplessly getting more erotic without her noticing.

It arouses me more when I imagine it.


Some of my semen has leaked out a bit unintentionally.

I want to enjoy Arianne’s fellatio and so I can’t just ejaculate at this time.

「Just now」

But, the sharp-sighted her didn’t let overlook the change.

「Jubu, jubu, jurururu!」

She shook her head greatly to stimulate it with her mouth.

「Ku, uu…」

Unable to endure, I leaked out a groan

「I’ll be making you cum in a dash!」

Arianne buys time buy doing a hand job and meanwhile she filled her mouth with a lot of saliva then took my penis in like that.


With a sound you won’t think coming from a human body, my penis was swallowed hole.

「Uh, this is…」

Even though I’ve experienced various fellatios, Arriane right now is a different league.

Enough warm liquid spreads out in her throat then twines around my penis that’s swallowed hole in sequence.

It feels like it’s swallowed under a bottomless swamp.

「Chapu, reroo…」

In that state, Arianne’s tongue moved and stimulates the penis.

The moving tongue goes up and down, and strokes my penis skillfully

Inside her warm mouth, her tongue is the one moving aggressively.

The monster lying hidden in the bottomless swamp is preying over my penis.

「It must be your first time feeling this great, don’t you?」

Saying so, Arianne answered naturally.

「I’m the goddess unifying this world you know? There’s no way a human would be able to do me」

「Oh, yet you lost to me?」

「You’re not following the rules of this world. It can’t be helped!」

Saying so, Arianne misplaced her anger.

Well, even an Olympic player cannot win when he participates a walking race by bicycle.

「Rather than that, are you okay with stopping your hand?」

「Uu, guu…」

Even though she’s glaring at me, Arianne resumes her fellatio.

To tell the truth, I almost came with her fellatio earlier so the talk earlier saved me.

I want to enjoy Arianne’s mouth for as long as possible.

「Hamu, ngu. Peropero, juru」

Unknown to her, she’s doing her best in fellatio to make me ejaculate.

She’s Aisha’s twin sister, their faces are really alike.

If you dye the hair, you might not be able to judge who’s who.

But, I can understand their difference on top of the bed.

Aisha’s a tolerant woman who accepts man but Arianne’s the type that won’t be satisfied until she has taken the lead.

Thus, it might not be better to do it in missionary but cowgirl position.

When I thought of that, my arousal had risen again.

「Arianne, I’m about to cum」

「! Nfuu!」

Her movement has become more intense by those words.

Moving her arms around my waist, she hold my penis even deeper.

「Nu, eho! Haahaa, rerorero」

Arianne got choked from taking it in too deep but she immediately resumed and continued to rise my arousal.

「It’s close, I’m going to cum inside your mouth. Don’t swallow it until I say so」

I don’t know whether she heard it or not because she’s moving her head intensely but, if it doesn’t do well then so it be, one of my pleasures will increase again.

Then, I finally reached my limit.

「Arianne, I’m cumming!」

I placed my hand on her head then I ejaculated while enjoying the feel of her smooth silver hair.

「N, nbu!? This is too much !」

Though it’s my second ejaculation, it doesn’t show any decline, it filled Arianne’s mouth with a large amount of semen.

Then she’s unable to endure it so she tried to raise her head but she wasn’t able to as I’m holding her head.

「Fugu , juru, jurururu」

Arianne reluctantly stored the semen in her mouth.

When I finished ejaculating, I pulled out my penis from her mouth then looked at her.

「Okay, open your mouth」


My pure white semen clogged up her mouth.

I shot out a lot if I say so myself.

「Then, drink it」

Saying that, Arianne scowled.

「You’re the loser for today, do you know your own standpoint?」

When I spoke of it as a threat she finally drank it.

「Ueee, it tastes the worst. It doesn’t even pass as a pig’s food」

「Hmm, you’re still saying that?」

Well, Arianne throwing up is better than a doll without any reaction.

「Then, I wonder if you finally want to do it?」

「Oh? what is?」

When I played dumb, she asked me with her face colored red.

「Sex! Sex! I’m so horny that I can’t endure it!」

「Oh right, should we begin then?」

I lied down on the bed laughing.

「Now then, please show me the loss of virginity of the Goddess-sama」

The next one is finally the real thing.

Thinking that the arrogant goddess will break her own purity, I got aroused again.

My penis is already standing, prepared for the next act.

I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World

I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World

Isekai de Miryou Cheat wo Tsukatte Dorei Harem wo Tsukuttemita
Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2015 Native Language: 異世界で魅了チートを使って奴隷ハーレムをつくってみた
An ordinary working adult, Miura Ryouta, was summoned to a different world, and was given a charm cheat which he can use to make every woman fall for him. He used it to travel the world and gather a variety of women to his harem It’s a story of desire, cheat, and parallel world. The protagonist is basically strong, and is peerless when it comes to sex. (Peerless, when it comes to cumming on women) The protagonist uses his charm on strong willed women to make them deredere, please enjoy this ero ero.



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