I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World Vol 07 Chp 92

Dominating the Goddess

Chapter 7 ★ Dominating the Goddess

Lying down on top of the bed, Arianne looked down from above.

That said, I’m the one taking the overall initiative.

The overwhelming difference between the winner and the loser.

I’m still composed even though she’s looking down on me and Arianne who wants to have sex badly is now hesitating.

「What’s wrong? You’re just going to sit on me and we’re going to have sex. Don’t say that you’re going to stop after coming this far」

「O-Of course. I don’t want to be teased any more than this」

Saying that, she still doesn’t move her legs.

Could it be that she’s resisting from having sex voluntarily?

Her pride as the Goddess might still remain and she’s refusing the situation in front of her.

「If you’re so slow, my thing would wither」

It’s true, even if the best woman is in front of me, it would still wither if there’s no movement for long.

Even I would not be able to maintain my erection when there’s no stimulation.

「I get it! Uuu……」

Arianne finally began to move and straddles on top of me

Then, she slowly lowered her waist.

「That’s right, that’s the spirit. What a nice view」

Arianne’s desperate but I’m composed.

「Shut up for a moment…N, nn!」

Then, Arianne’s hand touched my penis and aimed at her vagina.

At that moment, her body shook greatly.

「That’s right, if you lower your waist, the Goddess will lose her virginity. You won’t be able to see it twice so I’ll burn this to my memory」

「Kuh…You pervert! Are all otherworlders are like this? Are they all people with bad personalities?」

「There’s no way that is, we’re just enemies. If you have sex with me and swear obedience, I’ll treat you better」

I don’t hurt my companions nor intend to treat them absurdly but, I have to return Aisha’s power that was stolen by Arianne.

「Fuu, fuu, then I’ll put it in」

While thinking about it, Arianne seems to have made her decision.

She adjusts the position of the penis then slowly drops her waist.

「Ah, mu…」

Arianne’s vagina is tougher than expected.

But, it’s a proper adult woman just like Aisha’s.

It should be structured to accept a man.

The penis entered her slowly, has she thought of it too?

The entrance was quite tight but I can understand that her vagina’s loose as soon as I entered.

「It’s better than expected, is this thanks to the aphrodisiac?」

「I’m in heat because of that aphrodisiac so it’s normal that it would serve it’s original role」

Arianne says while looking at me.

Fuufuu, her cheeks blushing red while breathing heavily.

I see, I understand that her vagina would come loose if she’s this much in heat.

The fearful part is that the goddess still has too much willpower to think even though she’s in heat.

If it’s a normal woman, she’d happily swing her waist even if she’s a virgin thanks to the aphrodisiac.

Still, being able to suppress it even not perfectly, this is what to be expected from a Goddess.

「Nn, fuu…ah, this…」

As it continues to advance, it suddenly stopped on one point. Well, I can imagine what it is.

「It’s finally your hymen. If this gets broken, Arianne would become my woman」

「You don’t need to say it on purpose…Suuhaa, suuhaa」

Arianne breathed deeply to strengthen her feelings then she dropped her waist in a dash


She groaned in pain.

She might’ve felt strong pain as she’s calm and conscious.

At that time, I let out a voice unconsciously too.

That’s because Arianne’s vagina is too pleasurable.

Her vagina resembles her twin sister.

It’s already obvious that it is an excellent quality vagina but, that alone wasn’t able to make me hold down my voice.

「Dammit, it sticks too hard on me」

It might be because it’s stimulated by the aphrodisiac for a while but, it’s seeking my dick with lust and I’ve never experienced this.

I’m respecting Arianne now for as she’s able to keep her sanity even though her vagina is in this state already

Being stimulated this far, women would attack as soon as they became free.

While thinking of this, her vagina is wriggling automatically and squeezes out the sperm from the penis

「Arianne, your inside is amazing. I might not be able to last long with this」

Saying that, she returned to her original self conceited attitude looking down on me.

「I-Is that so? Well, that’s normal. Think that getting inside me is an honor」

「But, isn’t your legs trembling? You won’t be able to move your waist, would you?」

「That’s not true, I’ll move immediately and make you plead to stop」

It’s clear that it’s a bluff in this situation but it’s’ possible if she gets used to sex.

Having those thoughts, Arianne’s vagina feels good.

「I’ll be moving…N, nn!」

Placing her hand on my chest, Arianne began swinging her waist.

Her bold movement stimulated my penis inside her vagina intensely.

「Guh, uo!」

I leaked out a voice as I’m unable to endure, then Arianne spoke.

「Fufu, Just leak out your sperm slovenly」

「What about you? Your voice is trembling you knokw? Also, are you seeing me get docile?」

I say so and extend my hand towards her swaying big breasts.

The swelling breasts is having a beautiful shape as it shakes from the movement of the piston.

I massaged it from under.

「No, don’t do my breasts! If you massaged it like that, I!」

「Haha, you’re going to cum with your breasts? I don’t mind」

「I’m saying I don’t want it…Ihii! Not my nipples!」

When I stimulate her nipples that got erect, she reacted interestingly.

She stopped moving her waist as she’s unable to endure it, this time I began piercing her from the bottom.

「Hii , damedame! Don’t move!」

Arianne says so to stop me but I offered a suggestion.

「Then, in exchange of me stopping moving, would you return the power you stole from Aisha?」

「Why did my little sister come into this?」

「This is also part of my contract with Aisha. So, what would you do?」

It’s is just actually a bonus for me. I’ve been indebt with Aisha this far so I thought that I must do something in return for her.

And Arianne’s in front of me so I thought of having her return the power she stole.

「If you say no, I’ll fuck you until you can’t think of anything but sex. If you say yes, then I’ll neutralize this aphrodisiac after one act」

「That’s the same as giving me no options! Ahi , uu! Stop moving your waist while I’m talking!」

「Then, answer sooner. Before you can’t speak anymore」

When I say that, Arianne nodded reluctantly

「I get it, I’ll return Aisha’s power」

「Great. Then, I’ll make you cum immediately」

When I heard her answer, I pierced her up more intense than ever.

「Auuu! no, this feels too good!」

「While we’re at it, swing your waist too and let’s both feel good and climax」

「Even if you say that, how do I move my waist…Aku! Ahn!」

Looking at that, I gripped Arianne’s waist.

「It can’t be helped, I’ll be moving us both」

Just like that, I lifted Arianne’s waist with power.

Then I pushed up my waist the same time I lower it.

「Ahiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! T-Too deep!」

The penis piercing her vagina went in with the power that made it enter her womb.

Then, we continued without stopping.

「R-ramee~ I’m going to cum like this! I can’t bear this!」

Arianne who’s unterus is broken cries out.

「me too, I’ll break open your womb and pour it inside」

The strong piston digs up the untouched uterus and rolls it up.

Then, the womb of the Goddess falls at last.

It began to open it’s entrance to my penis.

「I’ll go in deeper!」

At that time , Arianne’s body falls into my chest, unable to support herself.

「Ihiiii! Come, come inside meeeeee!!」

Hearing those words of desire, I released my suppressed lust.


My semen poured in her womb with a force like an opened dam.

「H-Hot. It’s trembling amazingly, it continues…」

It finally calmed down after a minute.

Receiving a large amount of ejaculation, a huge amount of stamina was consumed and she fell down wearily.

「Arianne, will you keep your promise?」

「I-I get it. If you do this multiple times to me, I’ll really go crazy」

「That’s fine」

Thus, the five Queens and the Goddess

All of the women ruling this world are now put under my control.

I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World

I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World

Isekai de Miryou Cheat wo Tsukatte Dorei Harem wo Tsukuttemita
Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2015 Native Language: 異世界で魅了チートを使って奴隷ハーレムをつくってみた
An ordinary working adult, Miura Ryouta, was summoned to a different world, and was given a charm cheat which he can use to make every woman fall for him. He used it to travel the world and gather a variety of women to his harem It’s a story of desire, cheat, and parallel world. The protagonist is basically strong, and is peerless when it comes to sex. (Peerless, when it comes to cumming on women) The protagonist uses his charm on strong willed women to make them deredere, please enjoy this ero ero.



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