I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World Vol 07 Chp 93 End

Twin Goddess double cowgirl

Next day, I returned the queens to the surface first.

That’s because it may become troublesome for the rulers of the country if they’re absent for a long time.

If a revolt happens and it becomes a post-war era, everything we’ve done would be in vain.

Therefore, we need to have a stable government as soon as possible.

Even if there’s no problem with such a system, it’s uneasy when a monarch country is open for too long.

I told them to find a successor immediately and stay by my side but I don’t think they’d find someone to take over so easily.

I’d go back and forth to their country by warping for a while.

Then, Aisha, Arianne and me are staying in heaven.

It is to return Aisha’s stolen power.

「But, for Arianne to return my power. That’s slightly unbelievable」

Arianne answered Aisha who spoke suspiciously

「It can’t be helped, if I say no, Ryuu would make me cum to death…」

「Hey, I didn’t say that far?」

I tried to correct it instinctively but Aisha already questioned.

「Oh, it was quite intense yesterday. How’s Arianne on top of the bed?」

「Hmm, she’s more aggressive than Aisha. Not the person but the body」

「Oh, is that so?」

Hearing about my story, Aisha slides her glance towards Arianne.

「W-what? He used aphrodisiac on me!」

Arianne tries to object but that’s not what Aisha’s thinking about now it seems.

She laughs while looking at Arianne like a hunter on it’s prey.


She’s frozen by that glance.
Somehow, I understood the power relationship of these sisters now.

Aisha’s the elder sister-ish, or rather, Arianne’s Goddess quality is fading off.

She had that intimidating atmosphere so I can only see her as a little sister being judged for making a blunder by her sister.

Then, Aisha’s eyes looked at me.

「We might as well have sex as my power returns. It’s been a long time since the last one」

「W-Wait, what are you saying? I don’t want this」

「Doing both of the Goddesses?…That looks interesting」

「Why are you in high spirits?! How about stopping Aisha?!」

Arianne’s being negative.

「I don’t have any reason to refuse. Could it be that you want to keep your dignity even on as an elder sister?」

「Because, shouldn’t you normally hesitate to have sex in front of your little sister?」

Arianne’s blurting out common sense this late in the game but does she really think that kind of reason would pass?

Meanwhile, I lied down on top of othe bed and Aisha stripped me and exposed my penis.

「Fufu, it’s already this big. Ryuu’s really looking forward to it」

「It would rather be strange for me not to get aroused having the twins as my playmates」
On top of that, both of them are beauties. It’s normal because they’re Daughters of God, if I say.

「Me too, I didn’t assume that I would be doing it with Ryuu here so I’m aroused. Can I put it in already?」

「Yeah, amuse me, Aisha」

When I nodded, Aisha immediately stripped and began insertion.

「N, aah, it’s really hard」

Aisha holds the penis and deep inside her while leaking out a hot sigh.

It has finished insertion just after several seconds.

「No way, that easy…」

Arianne who screamed a lot earlier, is watching when the act started.

It seems that she’s dumbfounded by the sight of Aisha easily swallowing it even though she had so much hardships yesterday.

Is Aisha feeling nervous being seen by Arianne doing the act? Her vagina’s tighter than usual.

「Now, Aisha. Swing your waist」

「Trying to show off intentionally, Ryuu’s a bully」

「What? Aren’t you not feeling good with this?」

Hearing that, she shook her head.

「If it’s with Ryuu, I can have sex anywhere. Of course, even in front of Arianne」

Then, Aisha began to swing her waist to prove it.

Having good speed from the beginning, a dry clapping sound whenever each other’s bodies clash with other sounds.

「Ahn, haaan!」

Furthermore, Aisha’s panting aloud, not even trying to hold it.

Seeing that, Arianne is slightly overwhelmed by the scenery

「Arianne, how about you return Aisha’s power while watching Aisha? Come closer」

「Ah, Un. Got it」

Arianne listened to me much more obediently than I expected. She might be confused in this kind of situation.

「By the way, how should I return Aisha’s power?」

Aisha’s moving her waist on top but I still have the room to ask Arianne.

「It can be done by touching the other party directly. Because it’s returning to the person itself」

「oh…Then sit on my face」


「Then give Aisha a kiss」

Arianne was surprised at my first line but she got speechless at the following.

「Y-You’re joking right? For me to kiss Aisha…」

「No, I’m serious Also, this is an order.」

Saying that, Arianne fell silent. I made the master-servant relationship clear yesterday absolute.

Arianne slowly got on top of me.

「Then lower your waist」

「But, if I go down, Ryuu’s face would be…」

「I know That’s why I’m telling you to do it」

Though Arianne hesitated, she pressed her crotch against my face.

At the same time my face feels her softness, I massaged Arianne’s ass.

「Ahn, it feels s trange…」

「Oh my, isn’t that great, Arianne? I’m jealous that Ryuu’s going to lick you」

「L-Lick what? Hyau!」

I moved her underwear to the side and began to lick Arianne’s vagina.

The place I’ve developed yesterday began to secret love nectar from being stimulated.

Then, I pushed in my tongue when it got wet enough. With the tongue that’s softer than a penis entering easily, I can see how lewd she has developed.

「A soft thing inside, is this your tongue? It’s wiggling inside…Ahn!」
「HAa, haa, nku. So you can make that kind of face too…」
Aisha smiled and said as she look at Arianne feeling it from my caress.

「Aisha, kiss Arianne. Get your power back」

「Ryuu’s thoughts are interesting. But, I admit that Arianne right now is cute. …Chu」

「Nfu, nnn? What are you doing Aisha?! You just kissed me…ngu!」

If Arianne tries to stop the kiss, I would strengthen the movement of my caress.

And because Aisha’s moving aggressively, the two on top of me are having a passionate kiss.

It feels regrettable not to see that but, I can understand it from the intensity of the sound of the kiss from below.

「Hami, chuu…what about Ryuu, are you feeling good?」

「Thanks to Aisha swinging her waist. Arianne’s inside is quite good too」

Saying that, I moved my hand from her ass to her chest.

But it was caught before it does.

「It’s unfair to do only Arianne. Touch me too」

Aiasha says so and brings my hand to her chest.

As a result, I enjoyed each of their chest with both hands.

They look the same but there’s a subtle difference when you touch them.

Aisha’s already used to caress so it’s wrapped in softness when you massaged it.

On the other side, Arianne’s breasts had tension that rejects the finger.

「Oh, this feels good. I can thoroughly enjoy the bodies of the two of you」

「That’s great. But, don’t forget this one too」

Saying that, Aisha moved her waist greatly and strokes my penis.

While her vaginal meat moves deliberately, it’s skill on giving pleasure on my penis is quite something.

Our relationship is already to the point where we know each other’s weaknesses, I believe that it would be well if I leave it to her.

「Uu…Aisha’s enjoying it by herself? Then I have to teach the beginner.」

Saying that , I caressed Arianne’s vagina that’s already loose.
「Who’s a beginner? Even I…Aaaah!?」

Though she tried to object, she made a jump when I stimulated her clitoris.

It’s dangerous for her to go wild so I separate my hand from the chest of the two.

Then I fixed my hands around Arianne’s waist to not let it make a huge movement.

「You won’t be able to escape with this . I’ll make you cum instantly」

「Then, should I do my best too? Are you ready, Arianne?」

「W-Wait a moment…nmu!?」

Though Arianne tries to say something, Aisha closed it up with a kiss.
That’s convenient for me so I attacked too.

「Fuu, nguuu! Ahii , I’m being licked in very deep!」

Caressing her deep by inserting the tongue without making a bite, Arianne raised a lovely voice as she’s unable to endure it.

「Haahaa, ahn! I’m about to cum too…」

Aisha who kept swinging her waist this long seems to be reaching her limit too.

「Okay, I’ll make the two of you cum!」

I pushed up my waist on the last minute and stimulate Aisha’s vagina, then sends pleasure to Arianne by stimulating her clitoris with my finger.

「Auuuuuuuu! I’m cumming, I’m cumiiiiiiiiing!!」

「Me too…cumcum, I’m cumiiiingg!!」

「DObyu, byugurururu!」

Arianne dirtied my face with her climax tide at the same time I poured in a large amount of semen inside Aisha.

「Ahn, fuu…there’s a lot coming in…」

「I might be unable to stand…」

I move the two people trembling from the pleasure of climax and listen to them while wiping my face with a towel.

「How’s it, did your power return?」

「Yes, it’s done well. It feels a bit uneasy since it’s been a while but I’ll be fine」

「Is that so? Then that’s great」

With this, everything’s settled.
Thinking so, I take a breath.

I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World

I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World

Isekai de Miryou Cheat wo Tsukatte Dorei Harem wo Tsukuttemita
Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2015 Native Language: 異世界で魅了チートを使って奴隷ハーレムをつくってみた
An ordinary working adult, Miura Ryouta, was summoned to a different world, and was given a charm cheat which he can use to make every woman fall for him. He used it to travel the world and gather a variety of women to his harem It’s a story of desire, cheat, and parallel world. The protagonist is basically strong, and is peerless when it comes to sex. (Peerless, when it comes to cumming on women) The protagonist uses his charm on strong willed women to make them deredere, please enjoy this ero ero.



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