I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically Vol Chp 153


My dick was inserted into Mikoto.

Mikoto was accepting my long and thick stick into her tiny body.

She was breathing heavily and seemed to be enduring it somehow.

“Nyaa…..Nnnnghhh, ahhhhnn. Nyaaahh”

She said I can move, but I hadn’t begun to move yet.

Muunyuu munyuu. Mikoto’s vagina was making those sounds.

I could feel that her vagina was contracting.

“Haa….Nyaahhnn. Nnnnnggh”

Mikoto’s vagina was trying to get the invading foreign thing out of herself.

But I prevented it by putting strength into my waist.

The cervix, which had been pushed to the back, was struggling to return to its original position.


The penetration was obscene.

From that integrated part, love juices are flowing out incessantly.

Her lower mouth was being forced open.

My childhood friend’s private area seemed to be for my son’s exclusive use.

“Can I move?”


Hearing Mikoto’s short reply, I pulled out half of my dick.

“Nyaaaaaaaaahhhhhnnn, ahhhnn, ahhhh…….Amazing.”

My dick was trying to scare Mikoto’s vaginal walls outwards.

A pleasant, sticky pleasure clings to my cock.

“Ahhhhnnn. Nyahhn, hey….Nnn, nyahhh, ahhnn”

With my dick half inserted, I moved it back and forth.

Mikoto’s body spasmed as she raised her voice.


When I go deep at once, my childhood friend’s body contracts even more.

Her body was curling up against the stimulus.

“Mikoto, Mikoto”

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I moved my hips out of excitement.

“Nyahh, nyahh, nyahhnn, aaahhhhnn, nyahhhhn”

Unable to reply, Mikoto just moaned.

She is blowing more sweat from being fucked from behind by me.

Her body was not strong enough, as her posture kept getting weaker.


Once I pull out my dick, Mikoto takes the opportunity to squirm away.

Breathing hard, she looked down and her shoulders were moving up and down in a wide motion.



Mikoto looked up at me.

Tears were coming out of her eyes.

Her cheeks were bright red and her body was slightly shaking.

“Come here.”

I reached out my hand and without any hesitation, Mikoto took hold of my hand.

I let her stand up with her strength.

I hugged Mikoto from the front, who had no strength left in her legs.


I whispered to Mikoto who was asking me.

“I love you”


Mikoto pressed her face against my shoulder as if to endure it.

And as it is, she murmurs in a soft little voice.

“I….love you too.”

The white steam rising from the bathtub deprived both Mikoto and I of our rationality.

The bodies of a young man and woman become one in a bathhouse with over 100 percent humidity.

A world with just the two of us. A world where no one else is in the way.

Just being honest with our desires in our own little world.

“I want……”

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Mikoto said it first.

Then she moved away from my body and spread her legs whilst standing.

I used both of my hands to spread her private part.

The peach-colored vulva is visible in the center of her thin bush.

It was dripping with clear fluid and was twitching.

“I want it…..right here.”

Mikoto further requested.

I squat down on the spot and lie on my back on the tile.

Soon after, Mikoto approached me and straddled me.

“I’m going to……insert it here.”


“Koumei, I’ll insert your thick thing.”


Mikoto’s spoiled child-like voice.

She slowly lowers her hips and lets the tip of my dick kiss her vagina’s opening.



“Nnnn……Koumei…..I love you.”

Saying this, Mikoto sat down further.

She stared into my eyes and inserted herself with a fawning expression on her face.


And so, my dick penetrates her body.

Her thin neck is streaked and drool is dripping out of the corner of her mouth.

Her tiny breasts were raised, and her nipples were pointing skyward.

“Nyahhhhnnn, ahhhhnnnn, nyaaa”

Obscene sounds echo through the bathhouse.

I can feel the temperature of her warm body.

Tasting the sensation of becoming one with Mikoto fills me with a sense of fulfillment as well as pleasure.

“It feels good, it feels good, it feels so goodddd”

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Mikoto begins to move while moaning.

Her movements were awkward, but it was erotic to feel that she was desperately seeking pleasure.

She accepts all of my cock into her body and I stir her vagina with it.

Pressing her hips against me, she cries out.

“It feels good when you hit me…..Koumei, Koumei, nyahhhhnnn, ahhhhnnnn, amahzing, amazing, it feels goood, nyahhhn, ahhhhhn, I love youuu”

The tip railed against her cervix and it felt good.

A whirlwind of pleasure, even fear, comes around my waist.

My vision and thoughts were blacking out.

Forgetting everything else, I savored the female body of my childhood friend in front of me.

Mikoto’s short black hair is and tears are streaming from her eyes.

She repeatedly cries out her feelings for me, shaking her small chest.

“Koumeii, I love youu, nyahhhnn, I love youu ahhnnnnnn, I love youuuuu”

“Mikoto……I’m coming…..”

“It’s fine, cum deep inside me.”

“Yeahhh, Mikoto, Mikoto……”

The sensation of ejaculation instantly rises.

Looking at Mikoto’s face, I opened my mouth.

While smiling happily, Mikoto pressed her hips against mine.

“Come, come…..Cum deep inside me!”

“Mikoto, ahhhhh, Mikoto……”

My hips naturally float up.

My light childhood friend’s body thrust up.

Mikoto peaked at the ceiling and moaned.

“Nyahhhhhnnnnn, Koumeeeeeeiiii”

At the same time, my thick semen shot out of the tip through the narrow urethra.

However, it poured directly into Mikoto’s body without going into the air.

“Ahhhhhhh, it’s coming!”

A perfect creampie.

Mikoto’s body trembled.

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And so, her insides were filled with my semen.

I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically

I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically

Erocom, Nukegakeshite Moushiwakearimasen. Dakedo Boku wa Eroi Hibi wo Okurukotonishimashita., 抜け駆けして申し訳ありません。だけど僕はエロい日々を送ることにしました。
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
I am a second year in high school belonging to the male only「Human Culture Research Club」. A beautiful female transfer student, Mia Kurusu, joined the club. Kurusu had a perfect appearance and character. Of course all the guys in the club were charmed by Kurusu. In some way or another they had become desperate trying to get close to her. Due to a strange event, I stole a march on them to get closer to her. After that, dazzlingly erot*c days awaited me.



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