I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically Vol Chp 155


Rino-chan said that there will be an autograph session for Umehara Umekori.

She said she became a fan of Umehara-san’s after lending her a book.

The book signing wasn’t at a very big bookstore, but she wanted to go to it.

“It’s next Tuesday, can you come?”



Rino-chan was puzzled because of my immediate answer.

I have an appointment with the editor on Wednesday.

I will go to Umehara-san’s book signing with Rino-chan the day before and stay overnight to meet the editor.

“Th, then…..together…”

Then I told her about my schedule.

And I showed her the photo.

“Eh!? Mr. Okutani, did you have such a special skill?”

“No, I don’t know…. I’m just going to meet them for now.”

“I see.”

Rino-chan said that her only day off is Tuesday, and she had club activities the next day.

She felt rather happy by the fact that the autograph session was held on a day when she had a day off from club activities.

“Th, then…Email me for more information.”

Rino-chan hung up the phone.

After that, we exchanged several e-mails and decided on the details.

> Umehara-san

> It’s been a while.

> I’ll be at your book signing on Tuesday.

I sent a simple e-mail to Umehara-san, but she did not reply.

There was no reply.

“Did you wait?”

Early Tuesday morning.

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I met Rino-chan at Ichikura station.

As usual, I was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, which was far from fashionable.

I had my Boston bag with me for the overnight stay, but I still didn’t have much luggage.

Rino-chan ran up to me in front of the ticket gate, dressed in her casual clothes.

She is wearing a white frilly shirt and a navy blue pleated skirt.

It exposed her dazzling legs, and I could see her thighs glimmering as she ran.

“Here you go.”

I handed Rino-chan something I had prepared.

“Wh, what is this?”

With a surprised look on her face, Rino-chan accepted the small box I handed her.

She looked at the box with her curly, long eyes, as if she was happy to see it.

“It’s a ring…… That all my girlfriends wear.”


Rino-chan opened the box in a bit of a panic.

She took out the ring from inside and held it in front of her face.

“Woah….This is exciting.”

“I guessed the size, so I’m not confident about it, but….Put it on a finger that fits.”

“Y, yes….”

Rino-chan puts on the ring

“Ah……It fits perfectly here.”

She then showed me the ring on her left ring finger.

That’s where you put your engagement ring. Rino-chan is watching me for my reaction.

“It’s too early for that.”

“Ah, eh!? Ah…..that’s right……”

With her face turned red, Rino-chan took off the ring.

She then placed the ring on the ring finger of her right hand.

“Then let’s go.”

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Rino-chan nodded, looking embarrassed.

She didn’t tie her hair up today.

Her black hair had grown a little longer than when we first met.

Her bangs were pinned up with yellow pins.

Her breasts were huge for a junior high school student. Her lips were mature and sexy.

It takes about two and a half hours to get to Tokyo by train.

For Rino-chan, it was a one-day bullet trip.

After changing trains, Rino-chan fell asleep when she sat down.

She was probably tired from her daily club activities.

“It’s okay, just sit on my shoulder.”


Rino-chan who was looking down, put her tiny head on my shoulder.

The nice aroma of shampoo wafted through my nostrils.

She still looks like a child.

But she is definitely my girlfriend.

On the ring finger of her right hand, which was gripping her handbag, there was a ring, albeit a cheap one, shining.


Rino-chan pressed her face against my shoulder.

Her long eyelashes and slightly heated cheeks.

She is breathing regularly, and looks happy as she sleeps.

“I’ve slept too much!”

Rino-chan says, rubbing her eyes as we reach the station.

We get off at the platform together. A hot air rushed over us. The heat of the train was rushing toward us.

“Is this Tokyo?”

“Stop it, you’ll look like a country bumpkin.”

“I am one.”

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We had to take another train to get to the bookstore we needed to go to.

Since we still had some time left, we decided to go to a coffee shop.

All the coffee shops were crowded, and there was a line in front of the cash register.

“Oh, this one looks good, too.”

Rino-chan was looking at the menu above the cash register and wondering what to order.

With our orders in hand, we went to at a table by the window.

It was a coffee shop adjacent to the station, and many people were coming and going outside the window.

“I’m happy to be with Okutani-san like this.”

“I’m glad.”

“What’s with that reaction!”


I turned my head to the side and saw Rino-chan, her cheeks puffed out, staring at me.


“Shouldn’t you say something like, me too?”

“Ahh, me too.”

“It’s late.”

Rino-chan, a little grumpy, sucked up the sweet-looking drink through a straw.


“What is it?”

“I’m so happy to have you as my girlfriend.”

I took my mouth off the straw and Rino-chan looked at me with a blank stare.

I continued without thinking about it.

“Thank you.”

“…..eh? Ah, y, you don’t owe me a thank you.”

After chewing it like crazy, Rino-chan sucked more of the drink up through the straw.

She turned her head away, but her face was clearly reflected in the window in front of her.

The way her cheeks were relaxed and her eyes were tightly closed was oddly cute.

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I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically

I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically

Erocom, Nukegakeshite Moushiwakearimasen. Dakedo Boku wa Eroi Hibi wo Okurukotonishimashita., 抜け駆けして申し訳ありません。だけど僕はエロい日々を送ることにしました。
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
I am a second year in high school belonging to the male only「Human Culture Research Club」. A beautiful female transfer student, Mia Kurusu, joined the club. Kurusu had a perfect appearance and character. Of course all the guys in the club were charmed by Kurusu. In some way or another they had become desperate trying to get close to her. Due to a strange event, I stole a march on them to get closer to her. After that, dazzlingly erot*c days awaited me.



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