Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 04


While Kenichi slowly taught science that morning, he thought about the mysterious event that happened to him.

He was distracted thinking about Junko and the vice-principal. After such a strange thing occurred, it went without saying that his attention was stuck on them.

His severe nearsightedness had been cured overnight, and he got over a crisis by suddenly speaking without understanding the agenda of the morning gathering. Even science didn’t occur by accident and he felt a strangely mysterious presence that he couldn’t explain. Of course, there were no grounds to believe as such.

Kenichi noticed it himself, but his body was strangely hot since a little while ago.

He may have exceeded 38°C (100.4°F) if he were to take his temperature.

Nonetheless, his head which had felt heavy this morning was now refreshed and so light that he was startled how quickly the melancholy feeling dissipated. His physical fitness, which could have been considered useless for exercise originally, now felt like he could manage any task, even sports.

(A Vivid Dream? Hallucination by fever or delusion?)

Appropriate for a scientist’s brain, somehow, he tried to explain what had happened by itself with the scientific rationality, but there were too many points which were too hard to swallow. Aside from the answer he gave in the staff room, it was impossible with present-day science and medical common sense to do nothing and recover from nearsightedness overnight.


“What happened to Sensei´s glasses?”

After the class was over, Natsuki Kurosawa, a student of Kenichi, had asked aloud. Natsuki, who was outstanding in the all-girls’ school, was well-known by Kenichi because even among the pretty students, she was one he had set his eyes on secretly.

Natsuki had many friends and was also cheerful. Her father was likely a director of a large enterprise.

The uniform skirt with checkered patterns appropriate for a female high school student was extremely short these days at around 25 cm from the top of the knee. Kenichi often snuck a look at her underwear, which he frequently saw on the stairs and he noticed has been made from a thin, sheer fabric.

(It’s unusual… She’s speaking to me on her own…)

Kenichi was different from Usami. He was always pessimistic and had a gloomy character. Thus, he wasn´t popular at all with the students. Rather, in the student’s popularity poll, his position was always a fight for the last rank.

Of course, the top of popularity was Usami.

“Sensei, did you substitute them for contacts? Or LASIK?”

Natsuki was still speaking to Kenichi persistently. She didn´t understand it, but a fire ignited on her face and she became dizzy. Such a face was cuter than what she usually showed in the classroom.

“Yes, something like that.”

While being puzzled over her unusual condition, Kenichi also thought if this event was also made possible as a result of “the power” from the contract. He came to realize the schoolgirl who always ignored him like air wasn’t wasting time or making fun of him; she was talking to him with interest.


That is when Kenichi noticed it there.

When he saw it clearly, some unknown aura permeated from Natsuki’s whole body. It was so faint that he couldn’t tell what it seemed to be, so he concentrated carefully and a light yellow light started to radiate from her to the point that it covered up her whole body.

(What’s that?)

“Teacher… I’m embarrassed. Please, don’t look so much.”

When he stared at the aura for a while, Natsuki misunderstood that he was looking at her, became embarrassed, and smiled while saying that. Then the wavelike aura that radiated from her whole body changed color a little and it became slightly dark before turning back immediately.

Kenichi understood that the aura seemed to show Natsuki´s current condition. While recognizing the aura in this way, its color changed a little and then it was the same pale yellow again.

But he didn’t know what the color meant.

The science teacher who stopped in the hallway and talked with Natsuki made an unexpected pair. The other students walking in the corridor stared as they passed. As to that, it was no wonder at this school that the combination of the number-one unpopular middle-aged teacher and an exceptionally beautiful student would raise questions.

Kenichi was seized with the impulse to run immediately by his inborn nervousness, but he endured it firmly to confirm what Natsuki’s mysterious aura was. But as far as he could see, the other girls who walked along the hallway didn’t have such an aura. It seemed to come only out of Natsuki’s body for the moment.

(What does this aura do…. it seems that the color delicately changes based on the mood of her heart.)

“Hey, Sensei. Are you distracted?“

While the aura was being considered, Natsuki’s present state was unbelievably revealed, and he began to realize that she seemed to have a liking towards him. In evidence, Natsuki, an eminently beautiful girl from the second year, seemed to talk more with Kenichi while showing shyness.

(What is that aura, I want to know more…)

The curiosity of a scientist flared up suddenly. (EN: Sure, Scientist… Let’s bang high school girls… FOR SCIENCE!)

However, it was bad to do it here. Even if it wasn’t the hallway, they had been receiving too much public attention.

“Well, no… But now that you mention it, there is a 20-minute break… Because I need to prepare for a test a bit, does Kurosawa-san want to come to the science preparation room and help me?”

Kenichi spoke to Natsuki so calmly that even he was surprised. If it was his past self, he would get a red-hot face and would feel confused.

He smiled when Natsuki seemed happy and nodded her head. The color of the aura which appeared around her whole body was becoming a little dark again.


Kenichi and Natsuki went to the science preparation room while the hallways were filled with other schoolgirls walking, laughing, and talking respectively with each other. Their shadows gradually left the busy area as they went up the stairs and advanced to the top.

The peculiar smell of wax thickened gradually. The air from the fifth floor, which was also the top floor, stagnated coldly somehow.

The air was undisturbed by other human presence.

“Sensei, the atmosphere around you is somewhat different from usual….”

“Is that so?”

“It’s a somewhat wild and manly feeling, may it be because you removed your glasses?”

Her eyes seemed to somehow turn wet as she stared at Kenichi. From a girl likely to win the most beautiful girl contest from Gravure magazine, this kind of thing shouldn’t be said, but Kenichi didn’t hate it either.

“Then can you help me distribute the prints here?”

When he entered the dim science preparation room, Kenichi sat at the desk where the paper was printed and separated for distribution to the class while Natsuki stood next to him. Because this preparation room was located on the fifth-floor in a secluded place in the school building, no one except Kenichi usually approached.

In a dark room isolated from noise, there were no signs that this beautiful girl felt anxious about it being just the two of them, not to mention the fact he was the least popular male teacher on campus. When she was her usual self, getting close to her would never happen in such a dim room nor would Kenichi find himself alone with her.

“I think that Shibata-san mistook us for another class the other day. Only our class did the same test two times. Because they had already done it, everyone did enormously well and received a good mark. Then, I thought that Shibata-san was surprised….“

Natsuki seemed relaxed now as she was talking out loud. School matters, class matters. She kept speaking about such unrelated things continuously while sitting at the desk and moving her hands.

The shrill aura like a wave has still coming out from her body and Kenichi saw it even more clearly in this dark room.

Every time she moved, Natsuki’s body smelled of a clean beautiful girl and made Kenichi, who was sitting next to her, feel pleasant. While Natsuki’s moving hips were seen tightly wrapped in a mini skirt beside him, Kenichi felt that dark desire well up in his body suddenly.

(I’m here and nothing is stopping me….)

There was such a wicked thought until now. He never usually felt desire for his students openly at school. However, the internal desire swelled steadily like a joke and the effect on his crotch added to that capacity.

Then a surprising change appeared.

As he welled up, and the world shone like a crystal, all five of his senses sharpened wide infinitely, giving him a flash of taste.

(And what is it?)

When his dick became red-hot, engorged, and swollen, his senses became abnormally sensitive to the point that Kenichi could feel every aspect of the room he found himself in. The flow of the air, Natsuki´s breathing, the clock ticking off seconds, all of them he could grasp.

He felt that some kind of power was emitted from his body. Something was appearing from his body and scattered out in all directions like a ripple. He saw it as a totally black wave and the strength emitted out with a comfortable rhythm.

Of course, Natsuki beside him right now was struck with the black wave. Furthermore, something red, long, and narrow appeared from his body.

(This is what?)

Something like a red semi-transparency developed readily like a tentacle which was twining around the body of Natsuki beside him. It was different from the black wave spreading randomly in that it clearly aimed at Natsuki.

When the red tentacle clung to Natsuki´s body in her school uniform, the color of the aura from her body began to change rapidly. The color of the red tentacle from Kenichi and the color of Natsuki’s aura started to mix together, and the color began to change according to the strength of the pulsation.

In that way, the color began to be gradually dyed red.

(Does this do… anything?)

When Kenichi concentrated his feelings on changing of the aura, more red tentacles came out and clung all over Natsuki´s body. Red tentacles were winding around Natsuki from head to foot as if it was taking its prey.

Natsuki didn´t seem to feel or see the tentacles winding around her body. In a state that she didn’t notice even as it twined around her whole body, she continued talking happily without changing from a while ago. Only Kenichi´s eyes seemed to see the red tentacles, it seemed.

He doesn´t understand, but his heart ordered that the color of Natsuki’s aura should be made redder. He concentrated his consciousness according to it and prayed strongly.


Just now Natsuki made a small hot sigh.

(Slave Kurosawa!?)

A change in Natsuki’s body was grasped correctly by his perception which became abnormally keen for the moment.

Natsuki’s mouth opened a little and a hot breath came out. Her cheeks were flushed and even her ears became red. Kenichi could understand her condition from her appearance. He realized Natsuki’s carnal desires had made her nipples stiff. The flattery of Natsuki’s 17-year-old body was known, Kenichi could even clearly perceive her rather engorged clitoris soaking wet and welling up.

(What is it, isn’t she… excited?)

Kenichi was increasing the excitement more for Natsuki, who began to show her carnal desires next to him.

The movement of the tentacles became active at the same time that his penis rose. Natsuki shook her body. The amplitude of the excitement from Kenichi was transmitted through the tentacles somehow and it seemed to sync up with Natsuki just as it was.

Her color was being changed so that the aura covered Natsuki’s whole body in a blink. It seemed to face a little resistance. Though its shade now and then changed, it was encroached on by the red tentacle and it looked clearly different from the yellow a while ago.

Perhaps, does this aura indicate the state of Natsuki’s body?

(Should I try it…?)

Natsuki could no longer concentrate, she had to recount the papers numerous times now. Kenichi put his hand on her shoulder and counted the next print.

At that moment, Natsuki shook her body from top to bottom.


Kenichi put both hands down and made Natsuki turn to him so that even Kenichi with little experience with women clearly understood that her expression was that of a woman in heat. At the same time, the wave of light that rose from Natsuki’s body was already a perfect deep red as if it has been dyed by something.

More tentacles appeared from the hand put on her shoulder and Kenichi found out that they also twined around Natsuki’s body. Dozens of red semi-transparent tentacles already appeared from Kenichi´s body. With his nearsightedness-repaired eyes, he could clearly see them coil around Natsuki’s body without a single gap.

The beautiful girl in front of him looked up with wet eyes and it became an expression of enchantment. Then, before long, she closed her eyes. An actress showed it on TV dramas many times, the thing when she awaited a kiss.

(And it’s alright…)

Natsuki was excited and with his sharp senses, her sexuality became clear. Even if Kenichi understood her carnal desire, as to why? It was hard to reason out. It was hard to fathom a woman with goodwill and desire appearing before him.

But Natsuki was waiting for something while closing her eyes. Her pink lips which were glossy with cream opened and it was awfully cute and pretty.

(Yes, there is it!)

However, while Kenichi who was losing to desire was afraid that he would be accused of sexual harassment, he finally brought himself close to her plump lips without being able to resist the expression that the beautiful girl showed.

“Awh, teacher…, no…”

The beautiful girl who it was usually difficult to get close to, without a word of opposition and without resisting, accepted his kiss. Kenichi tasted it while being impressed. Kissing with his student on campus in broad daylight, it mad the gloomy science teacher become ecstatic.

(In- Incredible!!)

While trembling with a delight that made him want to dance for joy, he pushed his lips up to the soft lips of Natsuki. After confirming that she wasn’t resisting it for some time, he invaded past her teeth and bought out his deep tongue. Surprisingly, Natsuki just received his tongue with rapture and she let it enter her hot mouth.

What heat. What a sweetness and comfort.

(Oh, it’s wonderful… uh, I’m kissing with Kurosawa…)

Although Kenichi became rapturous and tasted Natsuki’s sweet saliva, he was making his fierce tongue slip in the beautiful girl’s pure mouth.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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