Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 118

Melting married woman

Reiko who has never been to such an outright hotel steps into the room while trembling with a bit of fear. Only closed doors for obvious purposes.


That room with indirect lighting is far from Reiko’s image of a hotel room. Various things are placed on the sofa and the table, while pornographic images are shown on the huge television. Behind them is a large double bed, telling the story of what this room is designed for.

“Let’s take off your coat because it becomes wrinkles”

“Aaa…wa, wait…Saito-san…. I, It is, it is not good after all…I go home…”

While standing at the entrance of the room, Reiko looks at the man with a scared expression. The air in this room became a bit clearer, and thanks to that, she was able to calmly look back on her situation.

“What’s wrong?”

A young man who seems to be good for herself forcedly takes off her coat and goes to the hanger on the wall. Reiko, who is also a mother with two children shakes her worries out of her head while seeing the situation stunned.

“…Be, Because…I…I have a husband and children…. I can’t betray my husband…”

Reiko was also today on her way home from work, that’s why she wear a business suit under her coat. Holding her body with both hands, Reiko Arisawa who is the chief of “SHADO” entreats in the love hotel room.

A young man looked at this state of such a beautiful girl with calm eyes, but as soon as he smiles, he approached Reiko slowly.

“I understand, Reiko-san…. If you say so, shall we stop?”

It is said with a gentle tone, but Reiko who shrunk her body reconsiders his face. Reiko who has no experience other than her husband knows what will happen if she doesn’t refuse. Therefore she tried to say it but she didn’t think that she could go home so smoothly.

Saito-san observes her with a gentle smile. He isn’t the best good-looking partner, but she doesn’t dislike him. Reiko always chats with him when they drink at the bar and having a fun time some feelings developed. That’s why he was able to kiss her so far.


At the same time does she feel sorry for the other person. However, as if Saito-san has seen through Reiko’s feelings, he has issued conditions.

“Instead…. Once, let me kiss you once more”

“Eh…th, that…”

Despite saying it is not good, Reiko thinks about it.

The other party who is demanding a kiss is drunk and a bit forceful. There is no big difference if she do it once or twice. Although it came to this point and she refused, she allowed it quickly. Because with such a partner, it is hard to say no.

Reiko, who had been facing down for a while, finally raised her face.

“…I, I understand…. But only once…once…”

Just a light kiss. Reiko apologizes to her husband in her mind who might already at home.

“Yes. Only once…”

Talking about that, Saito gets her face again by putting his hands on Reiko’s jaw. This time, Reiko accepts the kiss of this younger man without any refusal.

At first it is a kind and gentle kiss, thus Reiko who was nervous slowly relaxed. Saito’s lips opened as it was anticipated and his tongue came in slowly.

(Not goo…tongue…dont insert your tongue…)

It is too late to think so. His tongue breaks through her teeth and licks the inside of Reiko’s mouth. Reiko wasn’t aware of it herself, but her body that is completely excited by the kiss increases her excitement gradually to demand more hot kisses. And when her body is tightly hugged, her head becomes baud.

(Aaa…this…this intensity isnt known…)

It is something other than the light act of her husband. Even in the past, she has never received such a violent mouth service. However, it was a man who she had met at the bar, so she was intensely sensual, because she hadn’t experienced this before.

The tongue is so pleasant that Reiko’s body seems to melt and she is strongly held by her waist. When the man’s tongue licks her mouth, her head becomes numb already. Reiko spilled out saliva which was swallowed gully and obediently.

Unawarely, did Reiko put her hands behind Saito’s head and kissed him aggressively by herself. Intertwining their tongues together, they also mix their saliva. The intense fragrance of the Laphroaig whiskey further deepens the pleasure.


(I feel good…I feel good…)

This married woman becomes crazy from deep kisses. Her reason is melted by the mouth caress and the alcohol.

When the man finally releases his mouth after this long kiss, Reiko’s face was already melting and a fire emits from her sexy eyes. The powerless Reiko was taken to bed and knocked down on the futon


“Huhuhu…the kiss isn’t over yet…”

Hr resisting arms and legs are held down, and the deep kissing continues.

(No…I cant do anything more than that…. Even though I said only once…)

Reiko melts like snow which hits the heat and she is covered from the top by that man, who moved his tongue again. Her body that was burning with excitement and from the alcohol was cooled down by the cold futon, which is just a pleasant feeling.


The effort to shake her face left and right as resistance gradually becomes weak, because her whole body is hot like a sensual flame. Saito-san’s kisses become more and more violent in response to that until both of them intertwine their tongues and overlapping their lips.

And the stirring up of her mouth with his tongue, let Reiko’s thoughts become nothing. Before she gave up and drank and suck the saliva from his tongue.

(Aaaa…it feels good…)

Reiko opened her mouth from herself and actively entwined his tongue.

While lying on the bed, Saito-san and Reiko continue their deep kiss. Both seem to have become a prisoner of this sweet act and especially Reiko who awoke her female pleasure accepts the passion while being puzzled by the violent behavior of this young man.

(This…this is crazy…my body will melt…)

She also wonders how much time has already passed. Her head and body seem to become muddy when she is kissed for so long. Until today Reiko didn’t know that her mouth can feel so good. That guy ‘s kisses were skillful and passionate.

(I’m used to this kind of thing…. Since I was young…)

Next year, she will be 40, while Saito-san isn’t even 30 yet. Kissed by a younger man, this married woman who has children becomes crazy. At that time, she noticed the hot mass which hit her lower body.

(Nooo…this is…that one…)

A hard thing like a stick is pressed on her thigh unawarely. Something is thought, before a small scream is raised from the depth of her mouth. It is a very basic reaction for a married woman who has two children.

“Hey, Reiko-san. Touch it…”

Seeing her reaction Saito whispers softly into her ear when he released his mouth.

“…Eee? …No, Not good…no…”

Words of denial are issued by Reiko but she is kissed again and her voice is muffled. As it is she is led by the man who took her thin hand on top of his trousers so she can touch the bulge.

(Aaa…this…this is…)

Reiko tried to withdraw her hand several times, but each time her hand is taken again and brought to the bulge. Her hand isn’t tied up and she feels fascinated by the mass and hardness inside the pants.

(…What…this is…a man´s…)

The size was out of place and is felt clearly even through the trousers. Reiko thought for a long time if it isn’t a mistake because it is obviously an article which exceeds her imagination.

(Ah…amazing…its getting bigger and bigger…)

The meat stick which gradually becomes big hardens from her touching. Although she is frightened by its enormity, she gradually became obsessed with an unknown feeling. Like a child trying out a given toy for the first time, she strokes the bulge with her thin fingers.

(This all…all of that…)

Because of the deep kissing, it isn’t possible for her to see how that part looks like. However, her imagination spreads and the long mass which isn’t the same as her husband can be confirmed by her palm and fingers.

“Ah…it feels good, Reiko-san…”

A little while later, when Saito conveys his pleasure, he takes her lips again and continues with the heavy kissing. He is gradually domestic in such a way and doesn’t hesitate to put out his tongue and and to match it with the other party.

(Does he feel it with my hand? …Is this comfortable?)

Whenever the other party moans when the lips touch and shows a pleasant reaction she moved her hand further down. At the time Reiko thought that her hand is rejoicing this man, her waist becomes hot and she wants to pull out more of his reaction. Something awkward that is unlikely for this married wife let her push the excitement of Saito-sa instead.

“No! Not good! …Don’t touch!! Muguuuuu!!”

In the next moment, Saito-san´s hand went into her suit and began to touch her chest from above her blouse. Although she protests hard with swinging her mouth, but as soon as her resistance is restrained again, she is made to drink his saliva again.

(Nooo…not good…al, already stop…this is not good…)

Every time she drinks his saliva, her self-control, reason and morality seems to gradually become thin and her head tries to resist desperately. However, Reiko’s body staked to the sensuality which has already begun to melt and burn up which is proportional to the desire residing inside her body.


Rubbing her voluptuous breasts together with her bra, let a white light flicker behind her eyes. It has been a long time since Reiko has received a caress from a man, because the last time was several years ago with her husband. Her 39-year-old mature body reacts sensitively to the massage of her chest on top of the bed in this love hotel. Her big breasts of 88 centimeters change their shape softly in Saito-san´s hand.

(Aaaa…its comfortable…. Wh, Why…what am I doing…)

After she is slowly and casually caressed, her female frustration burns up explosively. This married wife who is a beginner never had such a cunning and skilled young man.

(No…my husband…. Nnhuuuuuuu!!)

This time a colored spark flew in front of her sight, when her nipples are poked through her bra. Then, when her tongue is sucked up, her body melts even more and became like butter which is heated up.

Reiko was urged to use both hands to rub the bulge, while as a promptly answer her chest is rubbed. In the meantime, they kept kissing all the time, and sucked each others tongue and drunk saliva.

(Nooo…. No…it feels good…)

The chief of the japanese branch of “SHADO” is melting away from this rich feeling that was awaken by this young man who is together with Reiko on top of the bed.

After some time Saito-san finally parted his lips. In the whole time he caressed her breasts and spread a sweet stimulation from there to Reiko´s whole body. Her whole body has become numb because of this man’s skillful caress and she felt a good feeling that might also be influenced by the alcohol.

“Aaa…no…Saito-san…. I told you, just kissing…”

Reiko is pushed down on the bed in this love hotel and while she protests with a weak voice does Saito cover her. His hands came into her blouse without great resisting and began to rub her bust over her simple beige bra. They have a splendid shape even if she beared two children and Reiko is secretly proud of this part. She must think for a few seconds to know when was the last time her husband teased her sensitive place.

“Because…that’s impossible…. Reiko-san is too attractive…”


The moment Saito said so, he tries to deepen his caress while talking by kissing her scruff. Saying that she is attractive, let Reiko’s face became bright red and increase the fire in her body. The guilt of betraying her husband isn’t around anymore at the same time as the pleasure of a woman is felt is from the fact that a young man lust for her body.

“…I…I’ve already made up my mind…. Stop it…”

However, the young man’s lust does not subside with that. Even though there is no absolute experience, anyone who has a child would understand it. This man won’t let her go until the end.

Before she knew it, he already took half of his pants off and pushed his son against her skirt. Even though her skirt and Saito´s shorts are in the way, she still can feel the heat of this thing. Its heat and hardness embodies the desire for Reiko.

“Hey, touch it…. It’s getting like this…”

“…N, No…. I can’t…”

“Please…?Just a little…it’s just a little…”

“Aah…. Really? …Really only a little?”

Reiko wasn’t able to win against the curiosity of wanting to touch this thing directly. She put her hand in the man’s shorts and clench the hot steel pole timidly.


It is much more boldly than her husband’s one which was confirmed before through his trousers. The breath of this colt is transmitted through her thin fingers. The reaction is a strong pulsating. All of that was forgotten a long time ago, so that Reiko shakes as a female.

(Amazing…so thick and large…)

The novice wife is aghast to this abnormal size. With this extraordinary size and hardness, her husband’s thing seems to be a child. Saito-san´s penis is beyond any imagination and she grasped it many times involuntarily, while thinking whether it is a mistake.

“Ah… it feels good…Reiko-san…”

“No…not my breasts…don’t touch my chest…”

This young man narrowed his eyes and whispers. Making a hot whisper into her ear while massaging her melons, let pleasure runs through Reiko´s body.

But Reiko misunderstood. She thought that he was sufficiently angry, but Saito´s son erects even further in her hand.

(Lie…it…it gets even bigger…)

His colt moves from her slow rubbing and pulsates inside her hand. This reaction further excites Reiko and she used her hand more ardently. It is an obscene act that she has never down, but now that her reason is paralyzed with alcohol, it is fluffy and there is no sense of reality.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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