Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 131

Structured trap

An obscene sound is sounding through the room. Yoko’s voluptuous breasts are massaged from top of her bra and let her raise a cry while keeping a meat stick inside her mouth. It was bad at the beginning, but she also improved while being taught after a few times.

Just watching it, it’s like a passionate and funny blowjob to a lover or husband.

(A older woman isnt bad once in a while…)

Shirato’s eyes are full of pleasure and reflect on the whiskey glass in his left hand.

He is working as a secretary for Terashima, but the actual situation is that he is doing illegal business. He is dispatched from a crime organization closely related to Terashima as his right hand. He was the one who planned everything about president Aikawa murdered and executive director Kawano’s car accident. Kawano surviving wasn’t calculated, but he is unconscious and won’t wake up so fast.

With the elimination of two members of the board of directors who were a hindrance, the relocation of the school building should be no problem with this. When the board of directors starts next week, you will get a go sign for the relocation immediately. Then, by the interest of relocation, a huge reward is paid from Terashima to him and the organisation.

(Well, this guy isnt needed?)

In consideration of an emergency, Yoko who became the new president became a sex prisoner. He could have threatened her with violence, but he changed his mind when he saw her beautiful appearance and plump body.

Originally, Shirato was a prestigious gigolo with a huge genital, skilled techniques and great physical strength, which made a number of women succumb to him. Every time he caught a beautiful woman, will he chew up her sweet body.

Of course there are still a couple of ladies, among famous idols and actresses, who Yoko can be compared with. With her 42 years of age both her skin and body are still young and she has a rich and delicious taste that younger girls doesn’t have. Her vagina that has never had a baby is surprisingly narrow and filled with tightly soft folds. Every time Shirato push into her uterus, it clings to him immediately and let him feel a great and wonderful feeling.

(Well, work is work…)

It is regrettable that he must let her be embraced by that man, but work has priority. After watching the clock, he started to speak to Yoko who is still sucking crazily.

“Hey, I’m going to bed”

Yoko finally raises her face after being told so. Her glossy lips have lost their radiance, but the mouth is gleaming with saliva. Her big eyes that look through her black glasses are full of passion.

A black rope was pulled out of a bag.

“Aaa……again, do you tie me again?”

“Just come over here”

Yoko who still wears a tight dress shows a sad face while being ordered. Underneath, is her white rich body that wears sexy black lingerie. This underwear has a fancy and sexy design to seduce a man. The small fabric panty is covering her plenty buttocks, while the bra seems to tear apart any moment. Yoko’s legs are covered with seam stockings which is combined with a red garter belt.

Shirato wraps the black rope around her body and quickly ties up her breasts and hands. Yoko was often tied up by a rope, so she doesn’t show a reaction to it.

“Aa, painful…my chest…”

Her chest hurts every time she is tied up. Yoko who appealed for the pain, has a entranced expression and breathes roughly with a red face. It is a typical rope sickness that a masochist woman who is bondaged shows.

Next she is pushed to the bed, and needs to raise her hips while being on all fours. Yoko can’t resist because her hands are tied up behind her back.

Shirato applies some kind of medicine or a drug on his index finger from a tube he has taken out from that bag and moved to Yoko’s secret hole. The next instant he inserted his finger and smeared everything on her clitoris and the inside.

“Aaa!!! Nooo!!! Wh, what are you doing!! Stop it!!”

Yoko thrusts her finger into her boiling vagina, to stimulate it, while screaming with a pant voice. However, as the rope deprives her of her freedom, she can’t do nothing else and remains on all fours with her buttocks high up. Nevertheless her burning body wants a better simulation than the frustrating stimulation from her fingers.

(It’s such a good thing…this is really the best woman…)

Shirato who had many beautiful women thinks that Yoko’s vagina is the best he had so far. It has fine and tight folds in the interior that wraps around you very fast when you enter. If you forcibly break inside, then her entire vagina reacts like a creature and swallows your penis as if it wants to devour it. And each time she reached an acme does her secret hole squeezes so strong that his dick might be bitten off.

It is the best pleasure organ that God gave.

(It is regrettable to let him embrace …)

Shirato had a good time. He only waits for Yoko to go crazy, before he pulls out his son.

Yoko was shaking her ass as she couldn’t satisfy herself with her fingers, but while she was still in that posture did she noticed a strange incident that happened inside her.


The inside that she stimulated before with her fingers started to heat up.

“Wh…what did you do…?”

Shirato didnt reply, while sitting on the sofa again and drinking his whiskey again. His face is as cold as ever and nothing seems to emerge.

Yoko send a hot glance at Shirato. She gradually realized that her interior started to become frightening.

(Aa…what…what is this…?)

It itches. The place where her fingers touched a little while ago begins to itch violently.

At first it was only hot, but gradually it spreads throughout her vagina and release a itchy stimulation.

“W, Wh…What did you smeared on me?”

Without answering the question, Shirato continued to look down on her. As if he is observing an animal serving as an experiment.

“Aaaa…itchy…aa…itchy, itchy…”

It was unendurable and a scream was gradually released from Yoko’s mouth. Her sensitive vagina became burning hot and she thought that she need to stimulate it, while her entire vagina is burning.

“Wh, what did you do…. This is…nooo…”

It is as if countless insects crawl around it, which is an abnormal feeling. This married woman still shakes her ass and screams. The panty she is wearing is already soaking wet from the liquid that overflowed like a river.

“You have to do something…please! Itchy!!!”

Yoko can’t do anything by herself because she is still tied up. Even while she moves her legs and butt, the inside is still itchy and rises steadily. She immediately knows when the net itchy feeling comes and turns herself into a worse situation.

“Please…do something”

Her voice gradually turns into a cluttered voice. The fact is that Shirato smeared a special aphrodisiac on her vagina. It increases the blood flow, congestion and cause mild inflammation. Its slightly painful or itch and you become unbearable sensitive.

Yoko still shakes her rich hips which is wearing a thin black cloth and raise a painful voice. The itchiness cant be described and gradually increases in violence, so there is no choice but to scratch it somehow.

“Itchy…aaa…help me…somehow…”

Yoko is already begging Shirato. There is no choice but to be overwhelmed by the unstoppable pleasure. If she could move her hands freely, she would masturbate immediately to comfort herself.

For Yoko, the hell time continued.

“Hiaaaa!!! Aaaa!!!!”

The voice that she raise make no sense anymore and is like a animal. Her reason was completely eroded from the powerful itchy feeling and made her scream all the time. Desperately shaking her butt somehow to get a stimulation is completely useless.

“Aah…do something!! Please!! Ahh…I go crazy!!”

Her white skin if full of sweat and Yoko already went crazy on the bed. She still swings her ass on all fours, while her upper body is tied up and she tries to endure the burning stimulation inside her secret hole.

At that time, Yoko who was covered with sweat noticed that there was someone else in the room. Apart from Shirato sitting on the sofa, there is already another person in the room.

“Aaaa!!! W, Who!!!”

She quickly looked around and saw a familiar face. It was a greasy middle-aged man with a wicked smile.

“Hehe…board chairman…. This is a sexy appearance”

“…Aaaa…Dont look!! Please dont look!!!”

Yoko is shocked enough to forget the itchy feeling for a moment. The person who came was Hirozou Yamaji, who is an executive director at Ellis all girls school.

Yamaji with his bald head turned around and showed a vulgar smile, when Yoko looked at Shirato´s direction. His face shows his hiding feelings after seeing Yoko’s strange appearance and his rough breathing.

“Board chairman. What is with your body? It looks so delicious…”

“Nooo…don’t look at me! Please dont look! ”

Yamaji ignores that and looks at her sexy body while licking his lips. Shame, anger and despair are rising up inside Yoko who shows that with her gaze and attitude.

“Don’t say such a thing…I wanted to do something, because you shake your ass so much…”

“Oh no…don’t look…don’t look…”

Yoko is looking shyly at her crotch. She is deathly ashamed since the first time she saw this disgusting old man. Moreover, her crotch is so badly wet that it makes her aware of it.

“You want me to scratch it for you?”

That said, Yamaji suddenly rubs from top of her black underwear, her sensitive part with his fingers.

“Hiiiiiii!!!!! Aaaaaa!!!!”

Yoko´s body instantly had convulsions, when a pleasure nerve was rubbed. Her body responds to the long awaited stimulation and made her reach ecstasy at the blink of an eye.

Yoko was pushed up to a deep ecstasy just by that. It was long-awaited and whatever the opponent did, it would blow her mind.

However, as soon as Yamaji moved his finger away, everything was as before. Although it was healed temporarily, her burning womb seeked more direct stimulation and search for it more violently than before. Like a thirsty sailor on a ship who would drink seawater to appease his thirst.


Yoko can’t withstand the desire that erupts from her womb and she starts shaking her ass in front of the disgusting Yamaji. She seems to forget herself, though she occasionally returns to sanity as long as she can endure.

“Shirato-san…I can’t withstand it anymore Is it okay?”

Shirato didn’t reply and continued to sit down on the sofa. However, Yamaji came up to the bed without waiting for a reply, took down his pants before pulling out his erected penis.

“Aaaa…stop…that…that is, wait…”

Yoko realised from Yamaji´s movement and atmosphere and from the sound that a belt is removed what will happen from now on. She quickly tried to escape somehow but a sudden impact pierced her honey pot.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiii!! Guuuuuuuuuu!!!!”

A pleasure-like lightning stroke runs through her whole body. It is a pleasure that satisfies a friction of the itching pain. This pleasure is greatly absorbed by her vagina hole who was waiting for this.

“Aaahiiiii!!! Iguuu!!! Iguuuuu!!!!”

Yamaji´s disgusting penis brings such an too sweet and intense feeling, that Yoko raise a loud roar.

She already has goosebumps on her skin and her clenching fingers are pale, but her lower part still demands more. That’s why the penis is entangled by the inside wall and squeezes like a creature.

“Ahiiiii!!! Guuuuuuu!!!!”

“Ooou!! I will release it!!!”

Yamaji has a lot of experience with women, but Yoko was a complete different dimension from those women. Her beautiful appearance which has been desired for a long time and the delicacy of her honey pot that entangles around his son was dreamed off. He couldnt endure this sensation anymore and released his white liquid inside.

“Higuuuuuu!!! Aaaahiiiiii!!!!”

Yoko is driven further to heaven by the stimulation inside her womb. This stimulation is felt to the utmost and pushed her into a incredible height.

“Aaaaa…this…this is disgusting…”

When Yoko finally regained her sense, she immediately showed her disgust. That strange medicine corrupted her reason and she was fucked by a man other than her husband again and ejaculated inside her vagina. Moreover, it is a man that she knows well, a man who she hates.

“Look at this…the board chairman is so furious…”

Yamaji was completely excited when he saw such a weak Yoko and he felt that dark desires rise again from his body. Even though he is inferior to Shirato, his pride that made many women succumb to him is high. That’s the reason he started a second round.

“Aaaaa!!! Mo, Mou…hiiiii!!!! Aaaaaa!!!!”

The influence of the medicine is still remarkable and continues to give a slight stimulation again to Yoko as soon as he started to move. Once relaxed this great vagina wrapped around his meat pillar again and gives a frustrating feeling.

“Ooou…coiling around…your body is really nasty…”

Yamaji raises a groan of excitement.

“Aaaa!!! Th, There! There is good!!! Moorree!!!”

Yoko shakes her hips unawarely and begs for more from this hateful old man.

(Well, let’s leave them alone)

His role is over if it reaches this far. Even if Shirato leaves them alone, Yamaji and Yoko will continue their skinship until late at night. Therefore Shirato left the hotel room after putting on his clothes.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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