Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 132

With plot and betrayal

Yamaji can’t suppress the wicked smile that is coming up. Thus in the daytime, even in his own president’s office, he can’t stop grinning after laughing last night.

Anyway, last night, rather than this morning, he was able to fully enjoy a extremely beautiful woman’s secret hole and soft body. He had sex with Aikawa Yoko, board chairman at Ellis all girls high school.

Originally it was part of a plan to collaborate with Shirato-san as a delegate secretary to advance the relocation of Ellis all girls high school which didn’t go as they wanted first, but he good a hot night with a woman he was aiming for.

(Well, the Board of Directors no longer has problems)

By excluding Kawano-san who is the managing director and who was against the relocation, his plan is almost successful. Besides, by succeeding her dead father and becoming the new president, Yoko Aikawa, who also became a slave to Shirato-san can they resolve the relocation at the next board of directors meeting without fail. The other two directors are chickens and would accept the relocation, because the new president and managing director can oppose as before.

(Sorry…but well, this is a punishment against Terashima-san)

Kawano-san who was the biggest obstacle for the relocation still remains unconscious at the hospital. Yamaji smiles happily from the fact that his competitor and natural enemy was at the hospital. His greasy face distorts from the wickedness and his face becomes increasingly inferior and uglier. According to a doctor, Kawano won’t regain his conscious so soon and there is a high possibility that he becomes a disabled person. He was supposed to be killed in the accident but was it lucky or bad that he survived?

(Even so, that body was the best…)

Now he recalls the white meat that he had skinship with till this morning and was weak at ruminating the best pleasure.

Yoko´s body kept her youthful enough that she could also be 30 years old. Moreover, the internal structure is incredibly complicated and narrow, so that you would ejaculate after a few minutes.

(That is the best woman for a man…)

And even though he released a lot, just from remembering that sensation let his penis erect inside his trousers.

Yamaji thinks highly of Yoko, because even if he held numerous beautiful girls, she was the best. Even though medicine was used, she is a great beauty that would squeeze out a cry of pleasure from you and her vagina was very violent from the beginning already. At first, Yoko was really disgusted but that quickly changed and they exchange deep kisses with each other like lovers and even at the last part she even requested it herself.

(This is also why that woman was here. It wont only end with one time)

Although he had sex with her with a break in the middle, he took many pictures of Yoko’s naked body and genitals, so that he can continue calling her out as he wants. Of course, his original purpose was to let the board approve the relocation, but when he had such a chance he need to use it. Yoko is a married wife and she can’t go against anything if he blackmails her to reveal it to her husband. Including the activities at the Board of directors, Yoko promised not to go against Yamaji in the future.

Yawning and drinking the tea on the desk. Despite being truly tired, Yamaji seems to get hot again after his crotch remembers last night.

It was early in the morning when he left the hotel with Yoko and he went to the office after sleeping until noon. He can allow himself to do this because he has his own company and cancelled all appointments in the morning.

(Shall I continue or end today? If I keep going for two days, I’ll be sure…)

Yamaji still has enough energy to dream about it. To a great extent Yoko’s body is the best and just remembering it let his crotch erect and become hot.

(I’ll do it in secret to Shirato-san. I swear she’ll be mine at last…)

Originally she is Shirato´s woman who came after work. Even though he promised to contact Shirato as soon as that case is cleared up, which he should do now. However, the hungry Yamaji doesn’t want to report everything to Shirato.

(I don’t care about that. Yoko is a different matter because she is mine, sooner or later)

This greedy president made his own conclusion in his office.

But at that time, his smartphone on the desk rang. Yamaji hesitated a bit after seeing the name of the caller, before he accepted that call. The person who called was Shirato.

“Ah…. Thank you for yesterday”

Yamaji thanked him again for yesterday and explained the situation. Of course he doesn’t speak in detail, but he said that she agreed to the relocation.

『So, everything went well?』

“Yes. Thank you very much. The board of directors in one month will be successful”

Yamaji talks with relief after that long project finally has finished.

『I understand. However, we won’t move backwards as we will move forward as planned. We prepare everything on the premise that the relocation is accepted』

“Ah, that’s the same for our company. Because it is too late, I will put out a go sign to advance all preparations for relocation. We’ll secure building materials and personnel in order”

Because it is a project involving huge interests, failure is absolutely unacceptable. However, as the plan is delayed significantly, they need to proceed as soon as possible.

The conclusion of Yamaji and Shirato is the choice to start all preparations before the board meeting next month. Waiting for the next board of directors, the plan will be delayed more and more. Of course, if the relocation is rejected by the board of directors, the loss of investment that was spent in preparation is huge, but until then the possibility is already close to zero. No, Yamaji is convinced that it is zero since last night.

Shirato advised something at the end of the conversation after an administrative conversation has been exchanged for a while.

『Ah, Yamaji-san. Since it has become like this, don’t call the board chairman until the net Board of directors』

“Eeh? Whyy?”

Yamaji had the plan to call Yoko again tonight, but he reply instantly to Shirato´s surprising words.

『I don’t want the risk of her husband finding out by chance. If that woman’s infidelity is found out, one of the trump cards is lost. At this stage, I don’t want to take any extra risk』

“…Ce, Certainly…”

Yamaji is convinced that what Shirato said is true. But still, that body is too attractive.

And as if he read Yamaji´s mind Shirato continued.

『Somehow, have patience for a month. Its okay after the next board meeting, there you can do as much as you like. Of course it is okay to divorce her husband and make her your wife』

Shirato’s voice speaking beyond the phone somewhat contains a mockery tone. To the extent that it was noticed and the current Yamaji was neither delicate nor sensitive.

“Uhuhu…. Do you like that woman so much?”

Inside one of the most expensive apartments in a apartment. A bewitching beautiful woman was covered by a muscular man on the bed, while whispering sweetly. Wearing a pair of shorts with pink babydoll on her white plump body. Her perfect body line is fully visible through that thin cloth.

Her maroon’s lustrous and rich long hair is waving from behind and shows a marvelous thing different from usual. Her face that looks like a sculpture is a perfect match for her big eyes and high nose bridge and her lips that are slightly larger and rolled up, would attract many men. Besides, her body that has been touched by many men has an outstanding proportion and compared to her big breasts and buttocks, her waist is tightly narrow.

“It’s not like that…. That guy is addicted to that woman, so I just stabbed a nail, so if you don’t feel at ease this time, what I have prepared so far are water bubbles”

While leaning on the bed board, a man with short hair answer in a low voice while putting his smartphone away. His eyes are sharp like a razor and frightening with a ruthless light. His firm body is dark and there are innumerable wounds on his whole body, that tells stories. It isn’t hidden now, but there is a vivid, rising dragon carved on his back.

“Do you want to let go of that wife? It was the first time to see such an ardent man”

But the violent atmosphere of this man does not apply to that beauty at all. On the contrary, without being concerned about the violent appearance or atmosphere at all, she makes fun of him while talking about the scene on the other side of the magic mirror.

“I was a little jealous that you liked a woman who was so ripe. I mean, if it was Eiji-san, you would go for a three hour round. She was very enthusiastic and violent than I was”

Yuki Yamaoka peeped at the scene over the magic mirror while being embraced by Shirato who is her affair. It’s half teasing and half of jealous words.

“Hey? Did you get tired of her body? Is that woman so good?”

Yuki who is a woman that belongs to Terashima asks with a sweet and furious voice. At the same time she shakes her body to stimulate the meat pillar behind her. If the regular club members see this club’s mother doing this, they would all feel jealous and would notice that this woman tries to seduce Shirato.

Shirato does not feel bad, seeing the attitude of this woman who normally belongs to his boss Terashima. Yuki is a nice woman who can be the best, if you take time and money to polish her beauty. Such a great woman is in love with him, so it seems like a situation where it will become ecstatic if it is an ordinary man.

But for Shirato who is a gigolo, a woman is a target of desire and a tool for work. There is no romantic feeling at all and only a dark hot creature waits for Yuki. The situation that neither of us can not finish by itself if it is done in Terashima which is a patron also becomes a spice which increases its sweet pleasures.

“Raise your ass”

And Shirato only orders coldly, without answering the question. Without any delay, Yuki raised her hips moved her panty aside and put Shirato´s dick inside.

This pretty club mama has already gotten wet and the head of that huge cobra invades into her interior by only putting weight into it.

“Aaaaa…iiii…. Amazing”

She never get used to this huge pole, no matter how many times she inserts it. It is unbearably pleasant that this meat weapon scratches her sensitive vagina wall without mercy. It was completely buried under the weight and everything was swallowed.

“Huuuuu!!! This…I wanted this!!”

Last night Terashima came to visit and fucked her with his frustrating small dick. But now Yuki can finally experience the real weapon and breathes out satisfaction from the bottom of her heart. Although Yuki has slept with many men, Shirato is another dimension. That pleasure absolutely can’t be felt by other men.

“Aaaa…it won’t the…there!! There is good!!”

Her huge chest pushes over the babydoll, while her hips shake for demanding pleasure. The huge glans rubs merciless against the sensitive inside and create intense stimulation that runs through her spine.

And a sweet female fragrance erupts. While being wrapped in rich pheromone, Shirato also enjoys Yuki´s complexed inside. Next he holds her white plump hips high up, to rush up without mercy from below.

“Higuuuuuuu!!! Aaaaa!!!! Great!! Amaazziingg!!! Ikuuuuuuu!!!!”

Having her weak points blamed by the piston movement, Yuki is drowned by a tremendous ecstasy. In that instant sex energy overflows from her body and becomes a red aura.

Shirato´s sharp eyes glows gently and the aura converges soon, before becoming a small whirlpool and being sucked into Shirato’s body. Of course, it isn’t visible to normal humans and only for special existences.

“Hey, don’t take a break, use your waist more”

“…Aaa…I, I´m sorry…Eiji-samaa…”

Even though Yuki is already exhausted, he once again commanded her to move her hips, which she does. Once this female body has reached the ecstasy, it easily climbs up to that height again. It is absolutely impossible to obtain this union with other men.

“Aaaa…. Ag, again…great…aaa…”

A bizarre beautiful woman wearing a babydoll drowns in ecstasy again while shaking her body. And every time she moves, the dick inside her wet crotch makes a obscene water sound.

A weekday afternoon in winter. In the room of a super-luxury mansion, two people continue to have fun. Tiny lens are attached to the emergency sprinkler on the ceiling that keeps recording this scene. (TL note: Who could be doing this ;)? )

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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