Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 136


There are several sofas in a large room and many pairs are waiting for time to come with a thoughtful appearance. Everyone of those 20 people wear fashionable suits and dresses, just like a social gathering.

However, the room is dim and far from bright and gorgeous social gatherings, therefore this place seems fishy all over the place. The couples laugh with each other and cant hide their excitement for the party to start.

“Hey, dear…. Let’s go home after all…”

A beautiful lady who stands out among the resident ladies hides behind her husband’s arms who is wearing a suit. She was brought to a dirty world that she doesnt know and make her tremble from its atmosphere.

“Don’t struggle. Just enjoy it”

Yamaji who also experience this event for the first time says this to his wife, Yumiko, in a strong tone. If he doesn’t do it himself, then she will become more uneasy and might leave.

Yamaji tries to look around inside the room with his eyes, but it is too dark to see well. Sometimes it looks like a cinema, but it’s only when the pen light of the waiter appears.

(Will they really come?)

That was the only concern of Yamaji. If those guys don’t come, then there will be no reason why they came here. And just when Yamaji was feeling uneasy, the quiet music stopped and a male voice was heard.

『Everyone. Welcome to the party today. Then, from now on, please draw a card to decide your partner today. Please come to the table here』

Yamaji unravels his arms, rises from the fluffy sofa and slowly walks to the table. The inside of the room is dim, but the card on the table is illuminated with a desk lamp.

With a little hesitated, Yamaji chose a card. Looking at the back side you can see the character “ROSE” with the picture of a rose. Apparently this decides his partner for tonight.

There was an entrance to a secret club designated by Kasukabe in a place where high class clubs lined up in Tokyo. Yamaji who had anticipated a more dubious strange construction was a bit sluggish for the surprisingly mediocre door.

But as he entered the inside, the appearance changes completely and the interior decoration of the club is noticed as luxurious things. Was it already an hour since they passed through this room and were guided by that waiter?

A week ago. Yamaji was called to a coffee shop and made a deal with Kasukabe who wants to embrace his wife, Yumiko only once, with the reason to get Emi. At first he refused, but he couldn’t forget Emi´s fascinating body and technique, so that he finally accepted the exchange deal.

Behind that, he has connection with the Genkai group, so he had confidence that he can pick up Yumiko from that guy at any time by force. Besides, that man in front of him seems to be less vigorous than himself and he is certain that it is impossible for Yumiko to fall for such a man.

Specifically, Kasukabe proposed the exchange as a member of a swapping party that only people with a social position can participate. That’s why they exchange Yumiko and Emi and enjoy themselves while watching each other.

At first it was a ridiculous idea for Yamaji, but he began thinking that it was also a good idea. There was a desire to see Yumiko´s reaction when she is embraced by another man then when she is together with him.

The man who calls himself Kasukabe is rather old and Yamaji cannot think that that person’s sex skills are better than his own. That’s why it’s interesting as long as this triggers Yumiko and wakes her up for sex. Yamaji cant imagine that Yumiko will be head over heels for this old man, because he is many times more attractive and there is no possibility that Yumiko will be taken down by any chance.

(It might be interesting to compare Emi with Yumiko and to eat Emi´s buttocks)

And just like that Yamaji is like a typical ambitious family who was overconfident.

『Then, each man walks to his assigned room. There you will have the whole night to enjoy your partner. Well then, please have a nice dream for a while』

The moment Yamaji rises, Yumiko begins to rise too. To the horror of what is going to happen, she still trembles.

“Ah..Dear…. I can’t do it any longer…. I don’t want to be embraced by a man other than you…”

Yamaji chirrup in his mind. Over the past week, he persuaded his wife over time until she finally agreed to it. However, Yumiko showed her faithfulness to her husband and made him realize that she won’t be seduced by Kasukabe.

“It’s okay, Yumiko. I’m in the next room”

“Do you throw me away?”

“Idiot. I won’t throw you away”

As he told so to encourage his wife, he managed to take a break. Telling himself she only loves him, before he advance in front of the room written as “ROSE”.

“Apparently this card itself seems to be the key”

There are doors on the left and right with “A” and “B” on the left and right, and Yamaji´s card is marked as “A”. When he passed the card through the magnetic slide, he heard a sound and the door opened.

The room was unified with a chic design and it seemed like a room of a city hotel that didn’t have any characteristics. But Yumiko saw a big bed in the center and screamed a little, before seeing the second wall and looking at a one-sided mirror.


This high society lady who has never been to something as a love hotel is stunned by looking at the room made just for enjoying sex. However, when Yamaji entered the room and didn’t mind the state of his wife, he pulled out a cigarette and started smoking.

(I guess he can really do it?)

According to Kasukabe, he is the owner and entrepreneur of this swapping club, so he can decide the combination of the card freely. Therefore, no matter what card Yamaji draws, the partners will be Kasukabe and Emi, so there won’t be a mistake.

At that time, a male voice was heard from the speakers.

『Well then, the lady with that card, please move to the other room』

“Now, go, Yumiko…”

“Aaa…. Dear…don’t abandon me… ”

As Yumiko looked back towards her husband many times, she opened the door with her keycard.

Yamaji was waiting a little nervous, before the door was opened soon and Emi showed up.

“Aah, president…I wanted to see you…”

As soon as she said so, the beautiful university student raises her voice and jump into Yamaji´s chest. The body odor of that young female intertwines with her perfume and fascinates that middle aged man.

Emi has been absent from the snack bar since the man named Kasukabe appeared. So Yamaji wondered if he will see her today. He went to the snack bar every day, but he couldn’t meet Emi, so today his craving for pleasure with Emi is overflowing from his sturdy body.

“Did you quit the bar?”

“Uuh…. He didn’t let me out…. But, I wanted to meet the president very much. ”

If you do so to a young beauty who is less than half of Yamaji´s age, she will also lose her preferences. Since Emi swirled inside his head, he completely forgot about his wife who was very lonely.

“In the meantime did you get involved with that man?”

“Are you jealous? Hehehe…. Yes, I had sex with him every night”

At that moment, a dusky black emotion sprout in Yamaji´s chest.

“He punished me, because I cheated and made me become embarrassed. However, what about you president, did you had sex with your wife, when you weren’t able to meet me?”

While Emi looks up with mischievous eyes, did she rub her soft body against Yamaji´s body. The smell rising from her luxury one piece is the scent of a magical feeling that bothers Yamaji. While enjoying the soft feeling, the inside of his pants is starting to erect. The reaction as if he return to his twenties makes Yamaji crazy inside.

(This is also thanks to Emi…)

Even when he had no se with Emi recently, his emotions would erupt immediately in four of five cases.

(Why is it so different…when I change the partner)

Emi also seems to have noticed the change in his pants and while looking at Yamaji with her mischievous eyes, did she gently grab his crotch.

“May I suck?”

Emi said so, after licking her lips. Her mouth is bright red and has a long tongue that makes you think of a snake somehow. While looking at the obscene expression of such a female university student, Yamaji can’t endure any longer.


Next he raise a cry that doesn’t become a voice, when pushing Emi onto the bed and presses her sweet hills. Peeling off the dress that sticks to her body, Yamaji gets absorbed in sucking Emi´s body as if he was deprived of his mind and became crazy.

“Ah, you’re so impatient…”

Saying that, Emi smiled a little and looks at the mirror while she is pressed down by that middle aged man. While thinking about her beloved man at the end of her sight, did Emi slowly opened her body.


Yumiko watches her husband through the mirror and feels disgusted from the scene happening in front of her eyes. She was invited by her husband, so she followed him to the swapping party, but when she understands the reality, her head is confused with fear, shame and jealousy.

A young man seen for the first time is sitting next to Yumiko who sits on the bed and observe her husband playing around with another woman in front of her eyes. Looking at the young wife who is scrambled with shock, that young man is grinning.

“Your husband seems to be completely absorbed with my girlfriend”


Yumiko shakes her head as if she doesn’t want to hear such a thing and has a desperate face.

“Hey, he started to take off her clothes. I see, your husband turned red and is quite excited”

Nooo! Stop it! Don’t say that!”

Each time the event in front of her is explained, Yumiko panics inside her head. Although she doesn’t want to see it with her eyes, her imagination is rather stiff by doing so and the desire to check it is increasing.

“Your husband surprisingly has a sturdy body…. Oh, in front of his pants, he set up his tent and it’s a very young cock for his age”


Yumiko who was brought up as a young lady heard a bad word which she had never heard before and tried to cover her ears. And then she stopped thinking due to regret and anger as to why this happened.

“Hey, your husband seems to have asked for a blowjob and my girlfriend started to suck your husband’s wonderful cock now”


Why? Her beloved husband makes an unknown young woman give him a blowjob, while she sees it with a man other than her husband through the mirror. In an unusual situation that cannot be imagined, Yumiko seems to have gone mad like this.

(I already want to go home… Please help me, dear…)

But her husband, who she begged to rescue her from here, is indulging in a wicked act with another woman in the next room. In this situation, Yumiko just repeats pragmatic and meaningless.

“Raise your face and look at me. Yumiko”

When that young man tells her so with a strong tone, she gradually opens her eyes and raises her head. Then sitting beside him, her eyes met with that man who is staring at her. It seems that his eyes are shining red and a chill runs through Yumiko´s back.

(Why…it’s so red…)

Yumiko looked at his fascinating eyes. His eyes clearly has a red light.

“Hey, look over here”

Regardless of her will, did she turn her face in the direction she was told as if she was moved by an unseen force. There was an obscene view that was beyond the imagination of Yumiko.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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