Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 143

A girl with red eyes

Kenichi’s red eyes saw it clearly.

Rina and Naoko were left and right of Kenichi, who had sex with Eriko in the face to face position and they vomit sex energy from their bodies as soon as they reached their climax. It happened the moment when the energy became a white vortex and was about to be absorbed, when it slowly turned around.

The white energy suddenly turned into a narrow flow and headed to the entrance of the science preparation room. It headed for the tall, pretty girl who stood there and sucked it into her body.


Kenichi who absorbed Eriko’s energy and activated his super sense noticed that it wasn’t only visual but he felt it with his whole sense. The red aura of Rimi exploded and her eyes started shining red like his own eyes.

Rimi, the ace of the athletic club watches Kenichi with her red eyes and a look of hatred. From her whole body rises an aura that is so concentrated that it can be materialized. Its brightness and strength clearly exceeds the bounds of the regulars.

And Rimi who was inhaling big was bathed by the light from the corridor and her face was like a black silhouette, though her hostile and malice expression is exposed.

Soon after breathing out, it seemed that her body grew bigger. And at the next moment.


When thinking that the sound which breathed out from her small mouth was made, Rimi who stood in front of the door jumped at a stretch and moves quickly to Kenichi´s side. In addition to being a high jumper, since her strength has doubled somehow, it is literally speed enough to lose sight of her body for a moment.

Of course, with his magical eyes, could he see her movement. However, Kenichi can’t move because he has sex with Eriko right now.

“I won’t forgive you…”

Rimi shouted loudly to Kenichi who showed a surprised expression on his face. It is a voice that makes listeners tremble, as it shows the dark passion of this beautiful girl.


Next she started to swing her arm and her fist is thrust to Kenichi´s face at a speed which is not clearly visible.

It is a lightning blow that can even let you hear the sound of air cut. Rimi is not particularly familiar with martial arts, but her speed, timing and angle were enough to have destructive power. Her fist full of anger which goes to the limit of her physical ability is guided by an mysterious power residing in her body.

If an ordinary person is in the same situation, he absolutely wont avoid it. Anyway, Eriko´s body is in the way, so that Kenichi have struggles to avoid.

However, Kenichi avoids it.

Kenichi has just absorbed some sex energy so he is at 100%. The huge inexhaustible energy in his body covers his whole body by combing with the Incubus magic. He kept his eyes to the fist to avoid it barely with his face

A dull and loud noise erupts and the sofa vibrates greatly. The killing fist landed in the place of Kenichi ‘s face and its enormous energy was converted into sound and vibration.

At that moment Rimi hardens while sticking out her fist.


A few moments later, there was a voice of agony. The owner of that voice who emanated a expression that cant believe what happened turns its eyes downward.

Kenichi ‘s left fist was accurately digging into Rimi´s stomach. Everything, plus the anger and impulse of Rimi has enough strength to reap her consciousness.

Rimi found herself in a dark room. She can see herself standing in a room with no windows.

Naked men and women are intertwining in front of her eyes. It seems to be seen in a dubious light. Several people are naked on a bed with red sheets. Looking closely, it is composed of one man and three women. It would be more accurate to say that the naked man lies down and that the three women are crawling around him.

The man is lying on the red sheet in a calm manner. His whole body is thin and firm and gives a supple impression like a whip.

This dark body has a nude woman on top who makes obscene movements. No, all three females should be young girls. Everyone has a pure white skin, which is a contrast to the sheet and the man.

The girls are good-looking and serve that man by using their still undeveloped bodies. Watching closely, They skillfully lick and kiss that man´s body. So that they look like white snakes entangling that dark skinned man.

The room is so dark that she can’t see anything else, than the bed. The sweet voices of those young girls and the obscene sound of licking and sucking is echoing through the room.

Next an obscene thing draws Rimi´s attention which is standing up from the crotch of that man.

It seems like an incongruous sculpture or an grotesque meat object. Blood veins are visible on the dark surface.

The penis that glowed wet from body fluid is proudly exposing its eerie figure. All three beauties suck and lick that thing alternative and show a happy expression that could also be seen as a cute point.

After a while observing the scene, the man finally opened his closed eyes. Surprising Rimi, his eyes are red like blood. And she noticed that the red eyes were staring at her so that she breathes carefully.

The man keeps his eyes on Rimi and raises his body. That body is thin but is covered by a strange light. Even if it is called light it is not a divine thing but it is sinister and evil. The light rises greatly especially from the back of that man and is aiming at the girls before separating.


The man mutters clearly.

The young girls who stuck to his body gets at the same posture as they were urged. Crawling on all fours on the bed, those three waited for that man.

(That…Rina, Naoko…Eriko!)

The faces of the three beautiful girls is clearly seen now.

They are all lovers of Rimi who helped her fulfill her dark desires. Doing lesbian sex with them.

Eriko seems to be unaware of Rimi and is raising a sweet inviting voice to that man with red eyes that is standing behind. Rimi doesn’t understand clearly what she is saying, but her expression and gesture clearly seeks sex. While licking her lips obscenely with her tongue, she was waiting for that man.

While Eriko stares at him, did the man first go to Rina on the right side. After grasping her thin waist in a casual manner so as to confirm the position, he thrust inside her vagina at a stretch.

“Aahiiiiiii!!! Aaaaaaa!!!!”

Rina ‘s sweet excited voice can be heard. The sex has fierce intensity f, which means that the pleasure that Rina tastes now doesn’t compare to the lesbian play. Rina, an orthodox girl who wished to work as an actress, continues to raise a happy voice while being fucked from behind. Her white body is covered with sweet sweat and squeak when the man started to move, while she grasps the red sheet.

That man who has sex with Rina in a swift way doesn’t put his eyes off Rimi. His face cannot be seen, but she caught him like a red point on a radar.

The man who was trying to taste Rina´s vagina carefully, eventually let go of her body. Meanwhile, Rina keeps raising a joyful voice and collapsed on the spot suddenly.

“Aaaaaa!!! Iiiiii!!! Aaa!!Awesomeee!!”

Next, the man moved to Naoko on the left side and thrust inside her vagina in the same way as he did by Rina. This pretty girl who is like an idol is overwhelmed by the pleasures like a mature wife who looks almost asymptomatic on her face. Even though it shouldn’t be seen physically from here, Rimi can imagine what happens right now.

Naoko who was modest at the time of having lesbian sex with Rimi is accepting that man´s penis now happily, while she releases a lot of honey juice. Her vagina has opened wide and her clitoris beneath it was congested and sharp like a little gummy. The whole penis is covered with white mucus fluid and every time it goes in and out, it makes an obscene sound.

“Hooooo!! Aaaahiiii!!! Kuuuuu!!!”

Naoko also seems to be drowning by the extraordinary pleasure and continues to raise a voice while drooling. Her eyes are open and looking towards Rimi, but probably nothing is reflected. This 16 years old girl is overwhelmed by having sex and is murdered by a violent pleasure storm.

As soon as the puppet thread breaks, Naoko will soon lose her power.


Eriko who was left behind gives a sweet voice and invites that man again. Her expression was like a princess that met her dear prince and it seems that her whole body was full of love and passion.

(That girl…doing that…)

Rimi couldn’t believe it.

She met Eriko through club activities and from the beginning did she find out that Eriko was similar to herself. After becoming familiar Eriko told her an unbelievable story about an sexual trauma in her childhood and that she was disgusted of men. She lives together with her father and older brother, but Rimi remembered that Eriko said that she didn’t had any skinship with them and not even used the same bath water.

However the Eriko now is full of passion for that man. Moreover, her partner is obviously an evil existence and if she is her former self, she absolutely wouldn’t want to approach him.

It was unbelievable, but Rimi was at the same time sure that this is real. Seeing this obscene and unusual scene is a cruel mirror reflecting the reality.

“Aaaa!! Commmeeee!! Aaaaa!! Moree!!”

Like the other two, Eriko is also grasped by those hands from the start. While raising her clinched butt high up, does she make it easy for that man to thrust inside. Her body is also full of sweat and the whole room smells after sex.

“More!! Poke me more!!! Hiiii!!”

Eriko´s cry mixes with an lewd sound. It spreads through that dark room, and reaches Rimi´s body as if it was something lewd.

During the time Eriko grasps the sheets and holds her hips high, did that man enjoy the interior in a timely manner. Even doing that, his red eyes are still staring at Rimi, so that she cant even move a finger.

Eventually reaching an orgasm greatly, Eriko also falls deeply into the sheet. All three are panting and breathing strongly as if they experienced something great.

In the next moment did that man got up and walked straight towards Rimi. Needless to say the purpose. Her body and mind panic as those red eyes get closer and closer. Between his legs is his erected dick that was wet and muddy from the love juice of all her former lovers.

“You’re next…”

Suddenly his voice was heard from the bottom of hell. Goosebumps appear all over Rimi´s body out of fear and disgust, so that she even wants to scream, but nothing comes out of her mouth by any means.

When he approaches so that the temperature, smell and breathing are known, did Rimi finally panic. She was like a tiger put into a cage.

Eventually the veil of the darkness gradually fades and begins to show that man´s face. And when the face was clearly confirmed, her throat and mouth finally followed her instructions.


The volume enough to break a throat shakes the vocal cords and eardrum. Rimi was finally brought back from the world of dreams to reality with a scream that couldn’t be imagined.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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