Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 144

Prayer in the moonligh


Rhythmical music stops and the dance is over. The girls who lined up in three rows in front of the mirror decided to pause and stop their movement to match it. Both their faces and bodies are full with sweat.

The girls keeping still for a while. Normally they are girls with innocent looks, but now every girl is serious.

“Yes, let’s finish today’s lesson”

“Thank you very much!”

“Thank you very much!!”

The girls who left the lesson room say thank you to their dance teacher. They are finally liberated from the tension and relief and fatigue float on every face.

“Ah, Ito-san, come over here a bit”

Risa Ito, who finished her 90 minute dance lesson, was called when she was about to leave the room. A middle-aged woman who is the principal of this dance school was watching the lesson together with other dance teachers. Risa is wearing a thin T-shirt and training pants that are complete wet from sweat and her hair is tied up, because she feels more comfortable with it.

Risa approaches the principal while being looked at with eyes of curiosity, envy and jealousy. After that she was talking for a while, but as soon as she left did she lowered her head and entered the changing room just like any other lesson.

“Hey hey, Risa-chan, what did the principal want from you?”

When she went to the locker assigned to herself in the changing room, her two best friends came along immediately. Risa met both of them at this dance school and they are all close friends now.

“…Umm, this time, I get an audition for CGX…”

“Eeee!! Isn’t that amazing!! Right…”

“Uwaaaa!! The principal knows that director Fujimoto right? If so, you will pass naturally!!”

Those two show their joy for Risa and raise a loud voice. Meanwhile, the other students around who were listening to the conversation looking at Risa with dark jealousy. Their attitude is also unreasonable. Everyone who goes to this classroom is essentially a rival and the competition for becoming an idol has already begun.

CGX: Cute Girls Xtream is a dance idol group that is celebrating its anniversary now and is known for recruiting new members in auditions. As they say, the principal of this dance school has good contact to that manager and actually some candidates are also sent from this dancing school.

In other words, receiving a recommendation from the principal and receiving an audition means that Risa can become a member of that top idol group with a very high probability. It is no wonder that Risa’s friends are pleased with that news and that the other girls show a face of jealous.

Risa Ito is a 6th grade elementary school student. She is going to be a junior high school student in a few months, but her beauty is increasingly refined. Although she was a beautiful girl who was originally eye-catching, recently even surrounding children and adults are envying her beauty.

There are reasons for that. Just a few months ago, she became a prey of Kenichi who deprived her virginity, and since that time her young body has been refined. Because of the magic sperm that was released many times into her womb, was her beautiful appearance refined from the inside and let her have some sex appeal.

Of course, since she is a elementary school student, there is no soft curve as a woman yet, her limbs are slender and both her breasts and buttocks hardly developed. But this cute girl cannot be hidden and will be a tremendous beauty in the future with her gloomy eyes, her high and stretched nose and her lovely shaped lips which are perfectly arranged.

It was only one month ago that Risa, a transcending pretty girl who occasionally releases her sorrow and sex appeal by having sex with Kenichi, belongs to a model agency while being an lovely elementary school student. Risa had been called out by many scouts in the city, but she refused them all the time. However, after getting recommended by Rena Kurosawa who is a gravure model, she finally belonged to the same model agency as Rena. After that, she had less time because of dancing and singing lessons after school.

Although Risa wasn’t interested in the entertainment industry so much at the beginning, now she is strangely enthusiastic. Originally she loved to move her body and it makes her feel like she accomplished something small whenever she completed a complicated dance.

About 100 students pass through this dance school, from primary school students to high school students. Every student aims to be a gorgeous idol, so they gather from all over the country and are sweating from the lessons. Some students came from Hokkaido or Kyushu with their enthusiastic parents.

Risa, who had been changing clothes while accepting the jealousy cold eyes of the other students, walked out to the city with her two friends. It is approximately ten minutes to the station. Their appearances that lined up and chatted with each other reveals their innocence aw 12-year-old girls.

“Hey Hey, Risa-chan is pretty good at dancing, right? Are you practicing somewhere?”

That was said by Ema Hayasaka who is one year younger than Risa. She is carrying a red school bag because she is in the same school as Risa. She is also a pretty girl.

“Oh yeah, it’s been a month since you entered the lessons. How do you get so good?”

The one who said that is Risa’s other friend Naomi Utsugi who is a first year junior high school student. Among the three people Naomi has a black school bag that matches her school uniform. Naomi is a beautiful girl whose hands and feet are long and slim and she had long black hair. Both friends are carrying cloth bags with them because they have their training clothes and shoes inside.

Just like Risa, Ema and Naomi also attracts the eyes of others. All three belonged to the same agency and had a lot of opportunities to meet because they were taking the same lessons.

Those three are walking side by side along the side of the road. Many salary workers heading home from the station, are staring at them without any exception. Three pretty girls are walking side by side, so it won’t be difficult.

“That’s not right. I´m not better than Ema-chan and Naomi-chan at all. I still think I´m not practicing enough”

Her two friends who started dancing sooner than Risa, of course are a few steps better. On the other hand, what Ema and Naomi say is right. Speaking of speed improvement, Risa’s goes far beyond the general level. Because the original level of dance they practiced today can’t be dance well with only one month experience.

(I wonder what Naomi-chan is saying? She could also dance difficult dance from the beginning)

Risa, however, has a clue. The women who she knows, including her mother talked about a rumor. It is not that there is a clear basis, but everyone believed that they have that mysterious power.

(I guess it’s because I have a lot of sex with dad)

Kenichi who isn’t her real father lives together with them in her mother’s house. That man is a science teacher of a high school and originally wasn’t attractive. But Risa was captivated by him. She is seriously crazy about that middle aged man who is in his mid twenties and is waiting for her and her mother.

And realize it. When having sex with that man and being sharply ejaculated in the womb, magical powers arise.

Her mother said that skin tension and makeup ride are different and Junko Yoshikawa who is living with them too seems to get tired and releases toxins out of every corner of her body. In Risa’s case, it seems that the mysterious power helps her to learn better and improved her sport skills. It also brings out her real beauty.

Risa was thinking about that, when she arrived at the station soon, before she finally noticed a car. To the fact that a familiar car is stopping just beside the entrance of the station, a man also waited by leaning against the car.


As soon as Risa’s brain recognizes the man, did this 12 years old girl run towards him. And at first glance, she keeps looking with a full smile on the man who is like a regular salary worker. And they seem somewhat different from parent and child.

“I’m so happy! Did you come to pick me up?”

Her cheeky face isn’t suitable for a daughter who met her father but a woman who met her lover. Ema and Naomi are surprised about Risa who shows her affection for her dad.

Risa who was still holding Kenichi, finally noticed the situation, turned around looking a little shy.

“…Hey, I’m learning dancing together with Ema-chan and Naomi-chan. They are my friend”

Risa introduces her friends who she has walked together with a smile and calm voice. As the words triggered, her friends finally became able to move and bowed while saying good evening. They still have a puzzled and surprised expression on their faces.

“Good evening”

They only hear a soft tender voice. But why is it somehow caught my nerves?

Then they noticed. Risa ‘s father´s eyes are shining red. From the city’s night light, such a thing cant happen but they shine from alone like lasers.

Ema and Naomi are drawn to the red eyes that shine gently. Even their souls seem to be sucked in and their bodies who warmed up from dancing cooled down suddenly as if they feared something.

“Thank you for always getting along with Risa. Come and visit our house next time”

For some reason, did Risa´s father had a wicked smile on his face. It seems as if he is a ferocious carnivorous beast that is aiming at them and both girls felt fear instantaneously.

But at the same time it sounds like an anticipation of something. And the two are convinced that what the man said soon becomes reality. It is as if their destiny is determined.

“Well then! Bye Bye! Let’s Line later!” (TL note: For those who don’t know Line is like whatsapp)

Risa opens the door of the car with a full smile without concerning her scared friends. Risa´s friends felt uneasiness, anxiety and fear for some reason.

The car drove away at a fast speed. While pursuing it, Ema and Naomi felt as if they were in a dream and couldn’t move away from the spot for a while.

A chapel at night. In a quiet space where no one has gone, a sister is eagerly praying to God. It is an act that is done on a daily basis and there is no mystery in itself.

But that prayer continues for a long time and during that time did the sister not move a finger and is bathed by the moonlight.

The sister raised her face soon. Her face hidden behind a veil is surprisingly beautiful. This woman devoted everything to God and seems to shine with sacred power from inside.

(Something is going on. Something evil is stretching out where we dont know)

It was an unfounded conviction, but a certain fact let her come here right now. There is a certainty of revelation in her heart.

That day’s confession was the trigger. A few months ago, she recall a confession from a beautiful girl who was an avid believer. That beautiful girl who was a young lady of the upper class was violated by a teacher at school and confessed that she drowned in pleasure gradually.

At that time, the sister was surprised by the shocking content, but she didn’t feel anything. But she saw it today. The beautiful girl who didn’t appear to the mass of the church lately walked in a doubtful hotel today. She became even prettier than before. A evil shadow rose from her whole body and was swinging and flickering like a heat haze on a summer day.

It was a dense black mist in the sister’s eyes and it could be seen clearly. And while she is praying now, it has spread to the back of her closed eyelids with a mysterious sense of vision that something black and homogeneous covers the city.

(That girl is fascinated by something. There is no doubt that it is an evil thing. And that it’s related to that school teacher…)

That pretty girl was called Ruriko Asakura and she was raped by her science teacher at school. That man is the root of that black fog and the cause of the black evil covering this town.

The sister, who was convinced, prayed to God intently when she came back to the church. She devoted all her energy to the whole body and tried to receive mercy. All she can do is pray and hope for the protection of the girl and the light in this city.

(Lord. Please save that girl and this town)

In the chapel where the moonlight fell, the whole body of the sister glows bleak white. Pure and innocent energy rises quietly and rushes up to the sky. The white light is penetrating the black rain clouds.

As the big city’s black energy swirls, the church takes on the energy of dazzling light and drives out the darkness that is in it. Light and darkness are contradictory, and are homogeneous and equivalent.

The prayer lasts all the way until the day came.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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