Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 156

Unfaithful investigation

“This will be the survey report so far”

A man sitting across a table at a coffee shop hands over a brown large format envelope. To be unhappy when receiving it, Reiko´s husband´s hand cannot stop from trembling. He is trying to control his emotions throughout his body so that somehow the man in front of him does not know his inner fear and conflict.

Whether the man in front is accustomed to these scenes, even if this guy looks like that, he doesn’t change his complexion, especially his expression is emotionless. But perhaps it seems prejudice that comes from the occupation of this man that seems to be observing himself somehow.

Taking out the documents, Reiko´s husband briefly runs through it with his eyes. Suppressing his fear that only a couple of pieces of paper may decide his own life.

“From my conclusion, your wife did not have any infidelity”


He was told a conclusion abruptly and was surprised for a moment. It was also a result that he wanted to believe, but at the same time he thought that it could not be true.

“I’ve looked at your wife’s behavior for the past month, but she has been straight going home every day from her office in the Tokyo police department and of course when you’re away from Tokyo on business trips, nothing changed”

“…Is, Is that true?”

“Yes. Since my dedicated staff continually tailed and confirmed that it was no doubt, but since the time of returning home was mixed, my staff waited for a long time…. To that extent, it will cost more than a usual survey…”

The man opposite to Reiko’s husband runs a detective business, so he is skilled and knows what to do. Proof of that is that he immediately bring out the story of the fee. But for Arisawa Michio, such a thing is not a problem right now.

(Reiko wasnt cheating…)

Michio confirmed the fact and feel somewhat irresponsible with relief.

He who is studying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease at the university has a beautiful wife with a beauty and style that is out of this world. They got married as soon as they got to know each other in university and they were blessed with two children.

He was promoted to associate Professor two years before the result of the research began to appear. Michio thought it was impossible to get such a profession at his age, but at the beginning he was embarrassed at the beginning but now he is passionate about research and education with joy.

On the other hand, his wife, Reiko has been promoted steadily since entering the Tokyo Police Department and now she is active as an executive. Since it is a department with many confidential matters, even as her husband, she doesn’t disclose what kind of work she is doing. However, it seems that she is attached to a important post and that work often goes to midnight.

It was still cold in February, when Michio was suspicious that Reiko was cheating. As soon as he returned home early and relaxed at home, Reiko came back after late night.

It is not unusual, of course. However, her attitude and behavior after that caused deepening of his doubts.

His wife who he saw after a long time was glossy for some reason and was releasing a pheromone of a female inviting a man from her whole body. He hugged her because of that alouring invitation and asked for her body like newlyweds.

At that time, his wife seemed to respond to his request at first, but as soon as Michio touched her crotch, she started to resist and ran into the bathroom. The change in that sudden attitude seemed to hide something.

And the slime remaining on Michio´s fingers at that time and the sexy underwear he saw at the dressing room were suggesting the answer.

(That…that was definitely a man’s semen…. But the faithful and serious Reiko, cheating…does she really change from a married woman when she goes outside…)

Reason denies it. However, Michio cannot forget the feeling left on his fingers and its unique odor.

The behavior and action from that time let Michio ask an detective to conduct an investigation on his wife Reiko. Although 300.000 yen is expensive, he thought that it was necessary to take advantage of the inside of his heart. Fortunately, the couple’s savings are separate and it was the amount of money he could anything he wants with.

After paying the money to the man at the coffee shop and leaving as it is to the university and stopping in the laboratory assigned to him, Michio take out the survey sheet again and review it carefully from the beginning again. It seems that during the last month, there was no action that Reiko would be suspected at all. Apart from the home and workplace, Reiko just went to her parents house with the children.

Even though it is several documents, it does not take much time even if Michio read it three times.

Reading until he was convinced, Michio finally raised his face and sighs. With the percolator’s coffee warmed up, he has burned down and boiled down a distinctive fragrance. Pouring muddy brown liquid into his cup and swallow it badly as it is bitter and hard to punish himself who suspected his wife.

(That…was my misunderstanding…)

Michio thought it was semen, but it might have been a reclaim of Reiko. It seems that he has forgotten the smell and taste of the body fluids of women because it is totally irresponsible.

Thinking that far, his lower body was scratching. An emotion that he doesn’t really understand rises from his lower part and he realize the raw and fleshly feelings he has not felt for years.

(After a long time, I go home early today)

There are waves in the experiment and when Michio is busy then he is busy, sometimes he can do something that he doesn’t do normally like today. Usually, those days are used to read literature that is accumulated, but today Michio can let the literature away because it wont run away.

The clock on the wall shows 5 pm. Since Reiko comes home at 7 o’clock at the earliest, deciding to destroy the time while proofreading the paper until then, Michio drinks the remaining liquid and puts the envelope deep into a drawer, after a long absence he shook off his wife’s body from his head and sat back on his desk.

Frustrated. Reiko cannot stop feeling that. That stinging emotion is also directed to herself every time and she is in self hate.

(What am I doing…. I made such a simple mistake!)

It was a minor mistake caused by her subordinates, but boiling and anger spring up. At the same time, she couldnt find it at an early stage, as well as her own intuition and badness. Reiko cannot stop the negative circulation that her irritation will accelerate more and more for simple and mediocre mistakes that cannot be thought of before.

She doesn’t want to acknowledge the cause but she knows it. It smothers in the back of her body, due to the black desire.

During March there was never a call from that man. Before she was called twice a week, so it was a hard time now.

There was still room at first. She was going to be called out of her regular time. However, even at the second week or the third week, there is no communication from that man at all and Reiko finally understood that it is an abnormal situation.

At the same time, doubts about the intense flesh and desertion arised in her head. A fear that the guy who touched her body got tired of her and throw her away.

Reiko comforted herself with her fingers at night imaging another man than her husband, but her body accustomed to that pleasure no longer is satisfied with such a thing. With that incredibly stubborn, hot and gigantic pile of meat, she wanted to cool down the pain and fever inside her pussy as much as possible. Reiko can never do that by having sex with her husband, therefore she refused everything to not ge distracted.

Even when the moon changes after all, she hasn’t heard from him yet.

(I, I …was thrown away…)

It is the worst scenario Reiko doesn’t want to think about.

However, Reiko analyzes calmly. That man is clearly younger than her and there is no way she can keep him forever. There are women who are younger and prettier than herself in this world, so it will be natural that this man found other interests. He told Reiko that he is a teacher at a cram school, that’s why there will be many girls in their late teens among the students.

(If you taste something like that, any girl will be crazy…)

The memory of intense pleasures revives, at her workplace and this beautiful police chief closes her eyes and wiggles her body. In addition, lust and dark emotions also run around her body. Reiko realized that it was jealousy, which surprised this 39 year old married woman.

(Aaa…not good! Not good!)

Nevertheless, Reiko can’t imagine that he will have sex with other beautiful girls and it seems like she goes crazy just thinking about it. She is craving for a call from him.

(I…I suffer so much…it is awful!)

A ferocious emotion seems to be overflowing, therefore she takes a big deep breath. Turning her face to the ceiling by closing her eyes, Reiko tries to control her emotions that seems to be raging.

(…Calm down…. Calm down, now I am working…)

However, at that moment, her smartphone made an electronic sound. It is a demon invitation in a sense, while Reiko was longing with her whole body. Reiko looks on the small screen placed on her desk quickly.


When looking at the sender’s name and short sentences, Reiko was trembling small and a deep acme in spite of her workplace started to overrun her body.

It was the designated love hotel as usual. At the luxury suite of the hotel. Coming rarely to such a place, Reiko is restless with feeling that only herself is out of place.

No, it’s not just about the hotel. Since she received that email her secret hole that hasn’t opened for more than a month has completely floated. Reiko arrived at the hotel lobby long before the promised time of 8 o’clock. Her mind and body are already waiting for him and already flaring from inside.

If you think calmly, that is an unusual situation. A married woman who has a husband and children and is a police officer who should keep discipline and justice throws away everything for just one mail and whatever it takes to come here.

(After…after all, one month…)

Reiko was neglected for such a long time as to get distracted and she is stunned by her own desires and deep works accumulated inside her body. The seed of desire planted by Saito, roots up to every corner of her ripe body and is fully controlling everything.

Reiko didn’t know that she was such a colorful and nasty woman until she met him. She came across a real penis, was penetrated by it and was caught madly and experience the pleasure as a woman for the first time.

It’s 7:45 when she sees the clock. Even if Reiko looks at it many times the needle won’t move quicker.

While waiting till the end of time, Reiko looks at the door for that man to appear in the lobby. If there is something she calmly knows with her intelligent reason, she will lose her words for the first time. It is like the behavior of a drug addict who searches for a seller behind a alley.

5 minutes later. Reiko can not wait any longer, as she exhales a breath and heads to the elevator hall. Even if she goes to the room too early, it seems to be embarrassing, but even such shamefulness is drowned out by her womb’s desire.

There are lots of foreign guests due to location conditions, and the languages ​​here and there are flying around. English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. Reiko was fluent in many languages ​​enough to understand most of it, but now there is no room to keep in mind the conversation of such people.

When she tells the destination floor to the boy who was in the elevator, I raise my voice. Of course there is no reason to know the boy who looked like her husband a bit but she still felt like she was seen through.

A customer comes down one after another and not alone she reached the floor designated by Saito. That is one below the top floor. The floor where the so-called executive stays.

Standing in front of the door, Reiko breathes in so that she can calm down, and eventually push a small white button on the wall. She feels excited like a junior high school student, who went to a friends house for the first time to have fun.

There is a light chime sounds and with that sound the beating of her heart rises again. Waiting for a while, people eventually appeared over the heavy door and the door opened.


But there was a strange woman. Whether she is still 30 or so, apparently that young beautiful woman is laughing and smiling with a smile when looking at Reiko´s face who is settled with surprises by this surprising development.

“You are Reiko-san. Come and come, I was waiting…”

“Ee? Ee?”

Even if Reiko says so, she doesn’t understand anything.

She came to see Saito. Called by email as usual, she came here with a burning heart and body. Nevertheless, when she went to the designated hotel room, this strange beauty woman greeted her.

Better yet this was a secret of Reiko and Saito only. Not known by anyone, her infidelity that betrays her husband and children.


Reiko started to panic and becomes speechless without being able to issue words. But watching the solid Reiko, that beautiful woman talks to her without asking.

“Huhuhu…alright. You also came to see him, do not you? Come here, come inside”

The beautiful woman who has brown hair going till her shoulders takes the hand of Reiko and pulls her in while laughing as if she knows everything. Because this action was too natural, Reiko steps forward as she is lead into a room with two or three steps. After that, the door behind her was closed, and there was a sound that the door and Reiko´s destiny was locked.

Signs of rich people. It is also more than one.

The first thing that Reiko felt in that room is the heat and the fluctuation of life that humans emit. It is something like energy that a number of people gathered. That is coming from deep inside the living room, where the door is open and concentrated in the bedroom.

“Th, This way. Everyone is waiting”

That beautiful woman smiling while saying that is beautiful from Reiko´s viewpoint. She still has her hand gripped and invited to the back of the room. Just like a mother leading a young child.

Proceeding backwards, there were signs of more than one human. That encompassed Reiko releases thick body odor of a mature woman. The smell of pheromones emitted from her whole body mixed with her elegant perfume.


Her sight is outlined by the soft light of a lamp and Reiko intentionally shrinks as soon as her eyes become accustomed.

There is a big bed with a man on it. Two women are clinging to that man from both sides. The man exchanges rich kisses with the woman on the right and the woman crazily responds to it. The other woman is kisssing the neck of that man while envying those two people.

That is not all. Two more woman sit close to the feet of the man from the left and right. They spread the legs and thighs of the man.

“Yaah…this way”

When the woman on the left raises a sweet voice, the man stops kissing once, turns his face to the other side and takes the woman’s lips in the same way. When the woman gladly hangs around his neck and kisses him strongly, Reiko´s face blushes.

Four beautiful woman crowded around one man. Reiko just watching the abnormal appearance is astonished.

Saito noticed her presence standing in front of him and raised his face.

“Ah, you came. Now everyone gathered”

Looking at Saito´s face, Reiko is shocked. It was the man she wanted to see for the past month. The man who taught herself the pleasure of a woman, which is a secret from her husband and made her indulge in sweet pleasure.

“Sa, Saito-san…”

So when Reiko murmurs small, the beautiful women look at each other and started to laugh and giggle. Of course, Reiko did not know the reasons why they are laughing and kept an embarrassed expression on her beautiful face.

When the laughter is over and Saito rises up, he walks in front of Reiko. Reiko couldn’t move as she was staring into his eyes and was hugged suddenly, before her lips were robbed.

“Muguuuuuu!! Guuuuu!!”

Reiko dislikes it. It’s embarrassing to kiss in public. Besides, he was kissing other women until just now.

But such resistance, pride and shame are immediately turned down. Breaking through her defending teeths, Saito’s tongue came in. As soon as the tongue is felt, her whole body melts like a conditional reflex.

That’s why, even if five women were watching, Reiko can’t stop the melancholy sensation. As usual her tongue is sucked, saliva is drunk and she swallowed the saliva gladly by sucking the man’s tongue while being urged. They also intertwine their tongues firmly because of pleasure.

Inside this luxury suite, Reiko is already ready to have sex with a man who is not her husband.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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