Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 161

Intertwining girls

Her body is light. The expression that a feather seems to have grown is an old word, but the feeling that she want to choose a word is understood well now. She is so light that she can fly in the sky.

Inhale and briefly stop. Her usual ritual. Procedure to calm her thoughts. But she is sure now. Even without doing such a thing, there is no basis that she can do it, but absolute confidence.

When she kicks the ground and dash, she feels as though her body is floating. Momentarily a bar is approaching in front of her. But now that the world looks slow, there’s no time to miss that moment.


When she bend her legs, make it like a spring she let her body go up. Her thin body with acceleration shrinks like a whip and accurately controls the change in motion vector throughout her body. Kinetic energy to the side changes her direction and directs the body to the sky against the gravity.

She doesn’t know how it’s reflected in the surroundings, but the more she really think of wings, the thinner her body will soar to the higher sky. Her supple body dressed in a red uniform that reaches out to the blue sky in may lightly arched over the bar.

(It feels good…)

Jump of satisfaction. Even the mistake that she is the center of this world is remembered at this moment.

“Senpai! It’s amazing! It’s a new record for the competition!”

“What are you saying! It’s not like that!”

“Oh yeah! She was 7 centimeters higher than the high school mark!”

At any rate, the juniors who belong to the athletic club crowd around Rimi Makino who won by a good record not thought in a local qualifying and they are noisy with the excitement without concealing interscholastic.

While listening to the voices of such juniors praises, Rimi in the center of the circle had a complex mind. Of course, she is pleased that she was able to win the overwhelming record as a high jumper and as a third yeat she has a true sense in the aerial part of the track. But there is a secret that cannot be told to people which is the cause of this complicated feeling of this 17-year- old girl.

(But…but it was myself that flew away…)

Of course she doesn’t use drugs or steroids at all. That can be asserted. No matter how someone investigates, illegal drugs aren’t used. Nevertheless, Rimi has a secret. Ethical problems that absolutely cannot be said to others. And that is also the cause of her good result.

It has been more than a month since she noticed that power, but of course she has never told anyone this secret. Even a close friend or a member of the same athletic club isn’t trustworthy this secret.

When Rimi suddenly raised her face, she noticed a beautiful girl who sent a hot glance towards Rimi from outside of the circle. This beautiful girl who has outstanding cuteness among the freshmen of this year cannot be approached because Rimi is blocked by seniors of the second year, and she only looks at Rimi with an embarrassed face.

Small red lips and big round eyes. That girl´s long eyelashes seem to have been well-made and this first year seems like an idol.

Black emotions begin to erupt from the interior of Rimi´s body only by seeing this beautiful girl’s face. It is a primitive impulse, as if a savage and greedy beast lurking inside her body, which finds a favorite prey.

(She has such a face…. I’ll bully you thoroughly later…)

A refreshing wind is blowing in May. The sunshine of early summer is pouring on the beautiful, pure body of these female high school students.

Looking at the aura of light that envelops the body of that beautiful girl while being surrounded by a crowds, Rimi takes time to observe the sweet body of this first year student in her heart and starving as if she was longing for it.

“Hey, don’t act violently, please behave yourself…”

“Aaah…Senpai…not good…”

A beautiful younger girl with a sweet voice raises protests on a sheet where her body odor drifts and she shakes her body. This girl seems to dislike it from her words, however, Rimi knows. This 16-year-old beautiful girl named Hayakawa Aya already has estranged completely and is longing for this skillful caress.

The evidence is that Aya´s grown-up expression has already melt to this pleasure. And, rich female pheromones rise with the smell of sweet sweat from Aya´s whole body because she was having club activities before.

In a quiet residential area. In a room on the second floor of a large house which is not a normal girls room. With idol poster that are mostly adorned, there are no pink decorations or plush toy stuff. There are only a desk and bed designed simply, a few bookshelves and furniture are placed. The color scheme is based on brown.

Rimi Makino, the owner of this room, invites Aya, who is a junior to her home, because her parents are working. Aya is invite to the world of pleasure in earnest today though a light play has been experienced in the school several times up to now.

“Huhuhu…. You´re cute, Aya. I want to eat you…”

“Se, Senpai…noo…not good! It is shameful…”

On the big bed put in the room, two female high school students are intertwining. Both of them are wearing uniforms and Rimi is covering Aya from the top.

“Aa! Aa! Aaaa!!!”

Aya trembles in Rimi´s arms just by sweet chewing her pretty ears and inserting the tongue into the ear canal. This thin body not yet attached with meat seems to be a musical instrument that responds sensitively to caress.

“Hey…here, you feel it?”

“Aaaa!! There…there, not good!! Not good!”

Rimi put her hands inside Aya´s uniform blouse, massaged her thin chests that have not yet developed from above the sports bra and gently pick up the small nipples with her fingers, to create a shocking stimulation. At the same time she deprived Aya´s open lips and sucks the saliva.

While suffering with a mushy voice, Aya further trembles with her body. As the mouth is blocked, the pleasure produced in her body loses its escape place and it is clear that it is like a windstorm. Rimi´s caress seem to be soothing it while finding the weak points of Aya with a dark joy. Sadistic pleasure runs through Rimi by bullying her kouhai and she enjoys it with her whole body.

“I will bully you even more, because I know all your weak points”

Rimi who once released her mouth from Aya-chan´s lips declares so with smile. Her eyes are shining red from desire.


Because of this incredible caress, this 16-year-old virgin blushes with a red face and shivers while being shy. There is something like a pale pink aura coming from her body and Rimi can see the state of this beautiful girl just by looking at it. The colorfulness and density of the aura is aggravated by the caress and Rimi precisely finds out the weaknesses of Aya, thereby accurately applying the caress to these points.

(Huhuhu…. I came to be able to do this…)

Another big reason why she can make this beautiful girl feel it so much is that she was able to use a mysterious power suddenly since a month ago.

One red tentacle extends from Rimi´s body. While this tentacle glows red in its entirety, it also makes a variety of light glittering inside the translucent inner part like jelly. It is not material at all, and from the appearance of coloring its seems to be unable to see an obscene figure with that, but Rimi can see it clearly.

The red tentacles are obedient to her own will and can be manipulated as she thinks. And when that tentacle touches Aya´s aura, it is eroded by the red light, and along with it Aya gets more excited sexually.

Although Rimi was surprised at first that such a thing comes out of her body, she was able to understand what effect it shows to pretty girls who are her prey right away.

(These tentacles will make you feel it even more…)

The red tentacle, which is the alter ego of Rimi´s desires, is now entering Aya’s shorts and sunk to the womb of this virgin. Because it is not a physical existence, even if there is a panty, the tentacle enters the inside and the part which is most sensitive for a woman is eroded from the inside.


Sucking and kissing Aya´s lips and stroking her chest, tracing the pubic part slowly with red tentacle, Aya wiggles her body and raising a loud shout on the bed. At the same time, something like hot energy flows out from her body into Rimi´s body and spreads to the whole body.

(Aaaaaa…this feeling…)

Senses of happiness and uprising spread quickly. It spreads to the whole body, it reaches every cell of Rimi´s body and it activates all of them. The fatigue of her muscles that should have been overworked at today’s tournament also disappear soon and contaminants in the body will be washed away. With that, Rimi´s mind clears up and her senses are sharpened.

(This feeling…. It seems that power will overflow infinitely…)

Rimi feels that something like a black wave is appearing around her body. It can be understand as the sixth sensation, what spreads out.

Of course, Rimi can understand more about the color that is currently hiding, such as handling more than herself. It is all prospect to Rimi who got this ability, such as what she feels now and what she wants.

Hey, how is this place?”

“Hiii!! Yaaa!!! There, not good!!”

Carefully observing the time when the small ecstasy finished, Rimi reached into the panty of her kouhai. For a moment, this virgin who was frightened by direct caress fought back, but when the tentacle wanders, Aya eventually entrusts herself to the skill of her admiring Senpai.

“Huhuhu…you feel that I do this here”

“Aaa…iyaa! Not good…”

Rimi´s hand passed through the panty and the thin pubic hair and touch the granulation directly, so that Aya responds sensitively by lifting a pretty voice. Aya´s aura is still eroded by the red tentacle and since the sexual feeling has been raised to the limit, the stimulation also increased. Furthermore, since Rimi´s black wave act as a sensor, it teaches clearly how this girl is feeling, so Rimi goes crazy with skills of an gigolo.

“So slimy…”

“Aahiiii!!! Huuuu!!”

A large amount of love juice is overflowing from Aya´s pink honey hole, so that Rimi is scooping it with her fingers and stimulating the clitoris. In doing so, the vaginal opening further opens, juice is spit out from inside and the inside becomes stiff.

(Ah… cute. More…I will make you more a mess…)

This spring, the reaction of the new students who just entered Ellis girls high school shows up in Rimi´s mind because of her flames of black lust. It is Rimi who loves to play with a beautiful girl from the beginning and it becomes an enjoyment to make such girls frustrated with this overwhelming power.

Aya´s delicate body attached with sweet sweat wiggles. Her delicate skin has no stain. Her small lips cries with a sweet voice. Her chest is still massaged and her nipples are erected. Her good butt with a small shape and her innocent secret hole who still don’t know a man are melting.

The sweet sweat, saliva and body fluids are also the highest grade treats for Rimi with an exquisite sweet deep which cannot be changed anything.

The black mass of desire arising around Rimi´s waist spreads to her whole body. The tentacle is pulsating to match the power and the beautiful girl in her arms shakes her small body in every case. This adorable beautiful girl who had laughed with everyone until a little while ago is not able to resist any longer like herbivorous animals bitten by the neck by a fierce animal.

(This power is amazing…)

Keep blaming the weak points of Aya with the red tentacle and black wave, Rimi thinks with a head that is drunk with pleasure while panting. In order to satisfy her pervert sexuality, it was necessary to carefully prepare and approach the target to date so far. But as soon as she got this power, she can easily make beautiful girls that she aimed at fall. Besides Aya who is actually agonizing in her arms, Rimi set her eyes on two more girls. Both are beautiful girls who are pretty more adorable than other students. Rimi wants to arrange pure and cute girls who do not know a man and to make a mess of them with this power.

(To do that, I have to make this girl perfectly fallen today…)

When the blouse is opened and the sober sports bra is shown, Rimi´s face is buried in the thin bulge and she smells Aya’s body odor. Aya´s body who was outside all day was sweaty and the smell of the rich maiden makes Rimi fascinated. Next Rimi skillfully moved one hand behind the sports bra while moving the other hand inside the panty and she started to lick the cute ear of Aya with her tongue.

“Higuuuu!!! Ahiiiii!!!”

This 16 years old girl reacts like a married woman who was stimulated by the exposed pleasure nerve and developed a feeling of sexuality. This first year high school student until this time cannot believe it and keenly pants roughly.

(Huhuu. Its still not enough yet…)

Rimi, who was well aware of Aya´s reaction, sharpened her tongue and sucked the earlobe persistently. In the meantime, her left hand plays with Aya´s vagina and the red tentacle is crawling around Aya’s body and is infringing on her aura.

“Aa! Aa! Aa! No, Not good…not good!!!”

Every time Aya suddenly climbed up to the top, white energy flows into Rimi´s body and seeps through it. The red tentacle becomes more active through it and the black wave spreads from all around to every direction. The black wave now has a spherical shape that penetrates Rimi´s room and envelops her whole home.

“Hey look…. How about if I do this here?”

“Aaaa!!! Not good! Not gooodd!! Aaaaa!!!”

When Rimi put her finger inside the shallow vagina, did Aya raise a voice of fear instinctively because of being a virgin. However, Rimi’s finger slowly stirred her secret hole up, and when Rimi send power to the red tentacle which had entered inside, this first year student who was awakened by pleasure as a woman runs up to the ecstasy.

Aya, who had been shaking her body for a while, limps down and lay on the bed. But of course, there is no end yet. Today is a rare opportunity for Rimi, because her parents wont come back until late at night.

“Still…I will cherish you more until the night today”

“Aaa…Se, Senpai…”

Aya stares at Rimi with eyes like a deer that is in front of an meat eating animal. Just looking at that face, Rimi´s body gets hot and her excitement gets intensified. The black desire inside of Rimi is greedy like a beast that made her hunger unsatisfied.

(More…more, more…)

Rimi´s dazzling red eyes are observing this weak prey from above. The black wave that got darker spreads to every direction. While undressing Aya’s uniform, Rimi had an wicked expression laughing with a grin at the expectation of the future.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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