Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 162

A girl with a devil king’s wave

Two young girls are intertwined naked on a bed with white sheet. A tall shortcut girl and a young girl who still has a young face caress each others crotch in the sixty-nine position.

Pant and weeping leak as emotions and occur whenever their tongues moves. This lewd act that has been going on for a while has been interrupted by a emotional voice several times, but it is resumed a little later.

The neighborhood is already dark and it is about time that the world got under control of the king of darkness . Rimi who knows that her parents will be late because of work intends to continue this act like this until the last minute.

Her figure burying her face in the crotch of a younger girl is far from her usual intellectual and cool appearance. Like a bear who is hungry after a winter storm that eats a beehive that honed honey, she licks the shameful part of a beautiful girl.

The other beautiful girl who is called Aya was brought to her Senpai’s house she was longing for and finally was dragged into the forbidden Lesbian pleasure. In this way those two are endlessly pleased by the pleasures, already no longer feeling of time, filling their faces with the open petals in front of them and desperately using their tongues and mouths.

“Aaahiii!! No, Not good!!”

Nevertheless sometimes the brain is burned to the current sharp pleasure, which is unbearable so that they need to raise a small scream. Of course, it was Aya´s first experience to lick the shameful part of another girl, which is so embarrassing that she would rather die. But as the extreme shame slowly fades, she begins to drawn in this extraordinary pleasure.

Even though she was a high school first year student, her opponent had repeated acts of lesbian play with numerous opponents so far, so to speak, she was a tricky technician. Even if Aya is still an immature virgin in sexual pleasure, it is easy for Rimi to dig the sexual sensation and invite her to pleasure paradise.

Besides, a red tentacle has come out from Rimi´s body and is used to send power to the warmth of Aya. By doing so, it is clearly understood by Rimi who invoked her super sense that this poor sacrifice is increasingly in estrus.

“Hiiii!!! Aaa!! Se, Senpai!!! Ag, again!!! Aaaa!!!”

This 16-year-old high school first grader is still forcibly raised to the top with her young erogenous power with the violent power of an Inma and trembling her thin and flat body whose fat is still not developed. If there is a penis inside, her vaginal meat will shrink as much as to crush it and so she tightens the fingers of Rimi.

At that moment, sex energy is released from Aya´s body, which is caught by Rimi’s red eyes like a white fog. It gathers so that it can be absorbed immediately and eventually becomes a small light ball and is taken into Rimi´s body.


When the white ball enters her body, it slowly goes over the whole body and is sucked into the interior of her waist before long. Rimi´s whole body quickly becomes hot and an explosive energy springs up.

Pervade energy to the whole body. Euphoria and the feeling of floating is brought. The overwhelming feeling of invincibility and versatility, as if all of the world belongs to her.



At the same time, her sexual feeling exploded and Rimi jumped into the white vortex of ecstasy like Aya. These two beautiful high school girls shake their naked bodies and tremble on the bed in the sixty-nine position.

From the body of the tall beautiful girl, a thick black wave was slowly released, pierced the wall of the room and spread out to the outside of the house and eventually melted into the darkness of the night.

“There is no doubt…the wave motion of an devil host…”

The rear seat of a van. A young lady tells so while watching the laptop screen. Although a complex pattern figure is drawn on the screen, an analysis software associates with past data and shows that it is devil-specific one.

The men sitting in the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat gulped by listening to this pretty voice.

“Ho, However…she is not a host or is she?”

The young man sitting in the front passenger seat looks forward and asks the beauty woman over a mirror. The young woman who only seems to be a beauty even if seen many times still seems a little uncomfortable to speak fluent Japanese, but of course this woman understands the question accurately.

“That…. That child herself isn’t a devil host…but she is clearly releasing the same wave as it is now…. Although it is not very strong right now, it is still a close range were the power can sufficiently influence”

In the back alley of the residential area. Two men and one woman sit in a large van parked on the street in a quiet corner. The people in the neighborhood who are taking a walk with their dogs until a little while ago, watched with suspicious eyes, but now the night has begun and there is no person who walks in the vicinity.

The man who sat in the front seat looked up at the house instinctively through the windshield. Except that there is a super-luxury residential area, the house at first glance seems ordinary. On the second floor of the house is only one room that has light going through the window by passing through the curtains.

“B, But, does she really have, that kind of thing? That devil king…”

It was a young man who said that, but he swallowed the following words. At first glance he remembered that the young woman who was not too old than himself was an expert coming from the London headquarters of “SHADO”.

This cool beauty does not change her expression to the question of that young man. A general member should not be able to understand at once because it was fairly troubled whether the answer which had been derived only by herself the other day was correct. Nodding small, the woman repeat the explanation that has been said to many people recently.

“I tried to measure it several times so far, but the biological wave pattern that she originally has is different. Which means, her original wave pattern and the devil wave synchronized, so that there is only one possibility to be considered, which is a devil called devil king. That girl is highly under its influence”

The beautiful woman’s face is clearly visible by the light of the monitor though the space of the van is dark now. The half beauty who doesn’t keep her eyes away from there is seen while talking and the man in the passenger seat has been fascinated by her beauty though he is on duty.

When the beautiful woman came to the Tokyo branch for the first time, he has come to like her completely. That man was so glad to hear that he was able to work with her.

But that half-beauty´s top priority is her work and there is no sign of acceptance at all like that guy’s romance. Her profile is intelligent and cool, the ace of the brains-minded research team. Her class is the sub-leader as she is coming from the headquarters in London and her capability is an elite female member that is comparable to director Reiko Arisawa.

“But…such a thing…because the subject is still in high school third grade? Such a child can synchronize with the devil king…. Moreover, it is not likely that such a devil king appears so easily”

A man of old age sitting in the driver’s seat murmurs as if throw up while looking forward. There is no reason why this young beauty who is born in the UK but is fluent in Japanese is aware of the opposing spirit and faint disdain contained within.

As a class, women are higher, but there is a pride that they are longer in employment history. A man who does not care for a noncarrier opposes the young elite beauty who came from the headquarters as it is not to be honest. Despite not being able to pass at all to her who was born and grew up in the UK, such as the tendency of hierarchical relations due to the age unique to that Japanese.

“Of course it’s only a theoretical hypothesis. But if the devil king’s existence is as we guessed it and if it was a presence that could be synchronized with other waves highly, then it has a special ability to keep that girl in sync…”

A hypothetical reasoning on a hypothesis. The story which should be attached to the laughed if it is original. However, all data supports the fact that it is almost true.

“I cannot explain why a high school girl who is not a devil host is like that, I cannot explain why she is releasing the demon king wave, apart from her own wave. She herself is the devil’s resonance and has become a capacitor of magic.”

It is a story that has been heard in the headquarters many times, but these two people suddenly cannot be convinced.

About ten days ago, this high school girl, who was discovered by chance, was daring to leave the devil’s wave at a fast-food shop in town. While eating a hamburger, the girl was sending a strong wave toward younger students sitting across the street, with red eyes peculiar to a devil host.

Then the research team traced the high school girl and identified all her personal information. It was a beautiful girl who seemed to be a mere lower-devil host at first, but it was understood that the reality was remarkable.

After the explanation, Emily once again concentrated on the screen and the scene in the car calmed down. The men who looked at each other looked up at the window as they remembered.

“She has a junior of the same high school club in her house now.”

“Yes…. She was a pretty girl…”

“Even if we say devil, maybe it is an Inma…”

“When it comes to that…then at this time these two people…”

The men who were confirming that two beautiful high school girls were together in this house in the evening of this day talk in a low voice so that it is not possible to hear by Emily Terasawa behind. In their heads, they imagine an obscene scene that would have been done in this house.

(The fact is that the devil’s wave is strongly released when it is hunting…)

(In other words, those two are now…)

Both men swallow their spit at the same time and expand their indecent delusion. While sitting side by side in the passenger seat and driver’s seat, they imagined those two pretty high school girls that they saw a little while ago intertwined naked.

A tall girl with a short cut and a pretty younger girl with a childish face. The height stood out so that it was likely to pass as an idol who had come out to the television. These two girls are now in this house, devouring the pleasure and lust of the Inma.

(I want to be raped by such a girl…)

(Damn it…. She is a high school student…)

They want to interrupt the naked girls, right now. They want to pushing the high school girls down and taste their sweet bodies. They want to stick their erected penis into the pink vagina holes which dont know a man yet.

Black emotion runs through their bodies and in their trousers, blood flows into the penis and becomes cramped. These two men who imagine the scene that it is unscrupulous and obscene, release their desire on duty as the investigation group of “SHADO”.

(I’m going to go to that room right now…)

(I’ll show her the taste of a man…)

If there is no woman’s boss behind them, the black impulse would erupt rapidly so that they might have really gotten off the car and did so.

A black wave of desire overflows weakly from those men´s bodies.

(What are these two people thinking!! At such time!)

The wave radar captures the evil wave of those two people and it expresses it as noise on the screen. Both man won’t know because it is silent, but the pattern peculiar to a man’s sexual desire suddenly appears on the screen and Emily who is an expert in wave analysis is trying to figure out what they are thinking.

(Imagine those two girls, they are thinking about something ecchi…. Really men are stupid and weak and helpless…)

Because Emily was originally disgusted by the stupid creature called man, this situation makes her head angrier. Besides, the wave emitted by these two people is noisy, so she cannot pick up the wave of the subject accurately and is irritated.

Thinking about such a thing, while cursing those two in her head, Emily is appalled by the anomaly of the situation in the rational part.

Even if the high-performance radar boasted by “SHADO” cannot be caught, it is impossible to capture a normal human wave as it decays instantaneously as it leaves the body. However, now clearly the waves of the two male members of “SHADO” are released to the extent that they are captured by the radar attached to the roof of the car, keeping the energy.

The fact that the wave of the level which cannot be detected absolutely if it is normal is spreading without being attenuated in the flow of negative energy now covering this big city. Thinking what it means, let Emily feel frightened and goose bumps on her back.

(This is… a really bad situation…)

Proof of the utmost that the energy of negative feelings of human desire and hatred is very dense in this region. Every human being in that place will receive its influence virtually.

(As it is, more and more crimes are on the rise…)

Recently, there has been an increase in crime, mainly in the downtown area of western Tokyo. It is clearly correlated with the increase in negative energy, and has been especially a lot of sex crimes protruding such as molestation and rape.

(Before becoming the second Sodom, they are walking the way of ruin…)

Increasing negative energy. A person who will grow desire by it. If this situation continues, the world may be destroyed not by the devil but by the “ordinary human” crazy with desire.

(I have to hit the culprit early…)

The person who is probably synchronized with this girl is the root cause of this phenomenon. A horrible demon-fitting called the devil king, who can resonate with others with high vibrations.

(But the harvest was great…. If I follow this child, I will definitely find that person…)

The wave pattern of the object was able to be identified by examining the wave motion that the girl shoots. It’s probably an intermediate-class Incubus. It is the cause of this abnormal situation and the target to be erased as soon as possible.

The fact that the wave pattern was able to be identified means that the search becomes much easier. If it is a devil that can sync so powerfully as its vibrations go, the power of that wave will also be of magnitude greater.

(The school is still suspicious…)

If it is a capacitor, it should periodically resonate with the demon king. Speaking of where this high school girl goes every day to school first. In the back seat of the dark van, the beautiful half-beauty was preparing the next survey plan with her lucid brain.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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