Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 163

Devil and Half devil

May. The new school term began and soon almost one month passed already. The climate gradually becomes warmer and the green trees become darker in color.

Somehow the new freshmen became used to school and their new life completely and its the most vibrant time for captains and club advisor of all clubs to recruit new members. In the schoolyard and the gymnasium, students raise their voices loudly so that they sweat.

Here in Ellis all girl high school new students are supposed to belong to a club and are positively encouraged for club activities. There are only a few students who go after classes are finished home, while the majority stays for club activities until late afternoon or remained until it became dark.

In the school, the voice of a female student is flowing with the melody of a piano and the smell of early summer. The soprano and alto chorus are a tender and powerful hymn of life. The beautiful maidens ‘ singing voice can be heard in the science preparation room on the same floor.

In the dim room. Kenichi, the science teacher at this school, sits at his modest office desk and moves his hands intently. In general, the occupation of a teacher is busy with a lot of chore, and there is no time to rest. It is not an exception for Kenichi, because he is chased by the material and is doing it as long as there is time.

If it is true, it is necessary for him to show his face to the gymnastic club where he is an adviser. However, it is entrusted to the Deputy Adviser and the coach now and he is working hard in his own stronghold.


Finally he finished the last part and save the file. The material creation which was long ends at last and he loosened his stiff shoulders. If he takes the cup that was on the side, it will moisten his throat with chilled coffee.

At first glance, he is a high school teacher from everywhere. Uncommon but nothing, like general landscape. However, the life of Kenichi Midou has changed quite dramatically since he fused with an Inma which he met in a dream more than half a year ago.

He was a 30 years old nerdy-looking man, who wasn’t at all popular with women. By using the magic of the Inma, Kenichi is now getting countless beautiful girls and beautiful women from junior high school to married woman. They are only outstanding beauties that every man would look back at.

If another man knows Kenichi’s daily life, then he would feel startled, jealous and hate towards Kenichi who has sex with so much females.

While at school, Kenichi enjoys the beautiful and mature teachers and the high school girls who belong to him and at night he has skinship with married women, club hostesses and female university students. In addition, he has put out his hands to female entertainers and an female announcer recently and even a famous person who appears on television provides her great body by becoming one of his many sex slaves.

The beauties who became sex slaves, are reaching 100 people now. They are all drowned in sex with this dirty monster and they don’t intend to separate from him.

It’s just a dream situation for a man.

On top of that, he is the owner of a high-class club, which makes it his income. In a word, the amount of money can be obtained without any hardship more than the tenfold of the salary as a teacher at his school.

Even his mayor enemy “SHADO” is no threat anymore, because he destroyed the database and many members were disabled, so that the activity waned completely recently. Still thinking about the chance, it is possible to understand beforehand if danger is imminent because Kenichi ordered Shinomiya Arisa who was a former member of that company to monitor their activities.

All is well and everything is in his hands. Now that Kenichi has grasped the board of Directors of this school, there is nothing that prevents him from advancing further.

“Aaah…. Preparation for tomorrow’s test is over, Sensei…”

When Kenichi finished his work that he was working on at a late hour, he heard a voice from his groin sitting on the desk. A beautiful woman with impressive pure white skin and long black hair is laughing loudly with her with bright red lips that are wet. Her thin, white fingers are entangled around Kenichi’s meat rod that protrudes from the front of his pants and continues to caress it slowly. The surface of the penis is completely covered with shining liquid and it speaks eloquently about what was done there.

Shiho Fujiwara who became a science teacher at this school from this year now gave a skillful and rich blowjob that didn’t even reach the feet of a professional miss for as long as Kenichi worked in this way .

“Ah, finally…”

When the computer is turned off, Kenichi’s hand enters from the white blouse of Shiho and her soft chest wrapped in a black lace bra is stored in his palm. As with others sex slaves, Shiho’s chest is also developed every time devil sperm is poured inside her. It has become a big milk which is disproportionate to her slender body now.

These generous white breasts are rubbed carelessly and Shiho is entranced

“Then…Sensei…this…, please…”

The female teacher with good looks takes Kenichi’s meat pillar which is bigger than her face while rubbing up the stem trunk with her surprisingly long tongue. Usually Shiho has a cold and cool image, but her expression is completely dyed to the poison of dirty emotions.

Shiho Fujiwara is an existence called a half-devil. Although she fused with a evil spirit, unlike Kenichi’s Inma, it is not possible to give the magic to others. However, in copulating with the opposite sex which is the energy source, her ability is overwhelming and if it is a ordinary man, he will be killed in a second.

For example, when she was at high school. She was kidnapped by a yakuza gang because of her sex appeal and good looks and was brought into a office with 10 men. And the too sweet structure of her vagina, let the yakuzas cum inside in only a few minutes rhythmic and they were squeezed until the last drop and everyone was exhausted. Shiho who wore her uniform again walked back from the office as if there was nothing.

Everyone has an eye for such a beauty who has an man killing body and technique. Shiho had sex with a lot of men up to now, and all her opponents have been captivated. Men are a mere energy source for her so to speak, because they are food of the Succubus she fused with.

However, with Kenichi the situation is different. His magic which is stronger than herself, let her become the energy source and the food.

(However…. However, if I know something like this…aaa…)

It is not possible to escape from the sex with this man. Even a half-devil is completely fascinated by the sweet pleasure which is given violently.


The relation which was equal at first is completely changed to a master and slave relationship already. The voice and expression that every man related to Shiho found fascinating up to now, was directed to the man who dominates her body and heart.

Shiho licked her long tongue like a snake, and the area of the seam which is a man’s key point is attacked. While squeezing by entwining her fingers, she stimulates the root skillfully to let it erect even more. Her lips are wide opened, so that she can taste the tip. Shiho has been repeating such behavior since a while ago.

“Hurry up…please…. This fantastic thing, into Shiho’s pussy…”

Shiho urges with a look like a beauty. Her lips painted with red lipstick and the sucking mole beside it are wet with saliva and the hearts of men would be entranced seeing that.

When she looked at his red eyes, Kenichi stood up and moved to a couch placed in the back of the room.

Unlike the old that was previously placed, the sofa, which was recently purchased as a new school fixture, is disproportionately upscale and large in the science preparation room. Moreover, when the lever of the side is operated, the backrest collapses and it becomes a simple bed. Of course, it is needless to say for what it is used for.

“Aaa…I’m so happy…”

Shiho clings her body to Kenichi who sits on the sofa while raising a scream-like voice in the expectation of the pleasure which can finally be obtained. Anyway, the craving for that ecstasy is raised at the cellular level without being bothered for a long time recently. Shiho is only a mere sex slave though she is a half-devil from a lot of beauties who belong to Kenichi.

Shiho who tucks up her black tight skirt sits on the couch and spans her body over Kenichi. Because her stocking is the type that fasten with a garterbelt rather than pantyhose, it is possible to copulating immediately. A purple butterfly panty appear from under the rolled up skirt and her crotch is exposed by moving the panty aside.


Kenichi’s son is invited to the lewd flower which opened its mouth which became slimy by saliva and it still has a erected form.


Shiho screams to the too extended feeling and the shameful pain from the insertion and the huge meat pillar crawl to pry her narrow meat hole. The passage which warped the narrow meat is full of resistance and doesnt let the invader advance easily though it is slippery with the vomited mucus liquid. However, when Shiho released her weight as it is, the huge penis is sunk in her narrow inside completely.


This beauty screams while showing her white thin throat. Her body which has done fellatio for more than one hour is skewered from the bottom by a long meat spear and her voice squeezed out her soul to the violent pleasure.

(Aaa…after all, its totally different…amazing)

This female teacher is wrapped in the ecstasy that her eyes becomes white. It is a taste not attainable by other men and it satisfy to receive it from Kenichi as well as other beautiful women want it.

“Aaahiiiii!!! Goooddd!!! Aaaa!! Thisss!!!!”

The penis which is as big as s baby’s arm reaches the bottom of her womb, when it entered her uterus. A shock runs through her whole body and she shakes like when she has fever. Although Shiho has had a relationship with hundreds of men, she has never tasted such tremendous pleasures. Her black almond eyes don’t reflect anything, because rainbow sparks are scattered in front of her eyes.

“Ahiii!! Cummmm!! Again!! Again, I!!! Hiii!!”

It was a one-sided sexual intercourse even if it was supposed to be sex between two Inmas.

The ability of Shiho’s Inma was decreased. The performance of her meat jar has been tuned up further because devil sperm is still poured into her womb. If a normal man intersects with Shiho now, he will come quickly and the energy in his body is totally squeezed. It is a very complex and narrow pleasure organ. It is indecent with the performance of a super-first class good and high-performance pistil to squeeze a man’s spirit.

The meat wall stuck to Kenichi’s suddenly, and erected like a carnivorous animal without teeth and rub it. As the fine folds which grew densely on the inside had a will, it entangled around the glans. The uterine hole rubs against the root while pouring hot body fluids on the glans and the sphincter which develops at the root match the owner’s seizure.


Kenichi buried his face at the chest of the blouse, sucked in the fragrant body odor of this beautiful female teacher, grabbed her hips with both hands and raised a voice which is worthy of its deliciousness. It is a meat jar of the highest grade. Nonetheless he calmly moves his waist to enjoy how the cervix taps sharply at the tip.


When the highest erogenous zone hidden in the innermost part of Shiho’s body is stimulated by pinpoint, she is hit by an explosive ecstasy and let her raise a beast-like roar. Everything melts into a white mush, her reason, pride and desire as she is overwhelmingly conquered by Kenichi and clings her whole body to him.

From the usual cool and intellectual shiho, such a crazy behavior cannot be considered. This woman that has captivated many man flies to paradise while hanging drool from her mouth.

(After all, this pussy is the best…)

Kenichi’s red eyes sparkle to the delicious of this great vagina while piercing thoroughly. Anyway, the other party is a succubus. There is no chance of a break as everything is squeezed completely, from the tip to the root.

However, Kenichi is not satisfied yet of course and continues to fuck this superb beauty with a expression of margin. The breasts which grow out of proportion to the slender body are wrapped in a purple lace bra and shake in front of his eyes, which he enjoys while tasting the sweet woman’s body odor from there.

“Ahiiiiii!! Again…agaiinnn!!!”

Shiho received an successive acmes at once. She is pushed up to the climax again and again and she only keeps agony when becoming sweaty.

It was not so when they first had sex with. Shiho was better at that time. The reason why it has become this far one-sided is clear. The reason for it is that Kenichi has evolved by awakening his ability at the speed he exceeds Shiho.

A lot of women were made sex slaves, and Kenichi’s technique is superior now in addition to the meanwhile of the massacre which had been born from the beginning. Above all, the energy that he squeezed from a beautiful woman is absorbed in the inside of his body, and increase his magic power everyday. The black wave emitted from his body is stronger than half a year ago because he is an intermediate Inma now.


As for Shiho who continuously reaches ecstasy, a large amount of sexual energy is released and becomes a shining ball when it is absorbed by Kenichi. And, it is sucked into the black bruise which is in the middle of Kenichi’s penis after it goes around the body once.

That feeling that immediately fires. All of the five senses are pushed to the max and the world around Kenichi is shining as if it was a crystal. The black wave emitted from his body increases its momentum like a tsunami, swells up at a stretch and spreads out in all directions. Everything that is touched by the black wave becomes information in Kenichi’s mind immediately.

The black waves spread all the way through the walls, spreading to the whole school before long. It seemed as if Kenichi became a devil who spread its big black wings and has his hands on hundreds of high school girls.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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