Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 164

Natsuki’s opposing hear


Kenichi is drinking coffee alone in the science preparation room. In this room that had been filled with lewd smell just a little while ago, a fragrance of Blue Mountain brewing is spread.

Shiho had been exhausted from the countless extremely climaxes for a while. However, she returned by dizzy steps to attend the end of the club activity as the deputy adviser.

(There is no way to escape…)

While sipping the black-brown liquid, Kenichi smiles with a grin.

A beautiful woman who has long black hair and white skin left with traces of rough sex vividly. Disturbed hair and a tired face. Wet lips. The remnants of a thick love affair drifts from her whole body, and revealed the taste of “I had sex with a man just now” clearly.

This sexy female teacher will surely be raped if this is a boys school. When it is thought that Shiho who hardened herself in a suit which stuck perfectly to her body, and walking in the sacred schoolhouse while dripped a large amount of semen from her crotch of the poured, Kenichi remembers the excitement which is thrilled only by it.

After a while, there is a knock on the door. Kenichi who knows doesn’t reply, and continues the preparation of tomorrow’s class by ignoring it.

Soon the door slipped opened and a girl came in. When the beautiful girl in a dark blue uniform sees the appearance of Kenichi sitting on the sofa, she grins happily and comes closer.

“Heheee. Sensei’s cute sex slave, Natsuki-chan came…”

Kurosawa Natsuki in her cheerleader uniform stops as she says so with an emaciated tone, before coming to Kenichi. She rotated her body in front of Kenichi´s eyes so that the science teacher becomes excited. Along with that, her skirt is rolled up and her lower part wrapped in a shiny blue underwear is seen from the bottom.

“What, are you done with extracurricular activities yet?”

“Yeah, it’s over. I am a third grader now, so I don’t have to clean up, so it’s super easy~”

Natsuki who tied her hair back with a red ribbon grins with a laughter. This beautiful girl who laughs while being doubtful a little is now extraordinary pretty.

Natsuki was the first prey of Kenichi when he fused with the Incubus. Since then, this 17-year-old girl was fucked countless times. With the magic of the demon sperm, Natsuki was a pretty girl preeminent than before and has become more polished to being a beauty.

A small white egg-shaped face with patch eyes. Small red lips on a high, coherent nose. The lightly curled hair that reaches to the shoulder looks very good on her pretty face. If she walks in the city, every man will look back and will call out to her.

In addition, Natsuki´s body and contents have changed completely since six months ago.

Her originally proportions were a good one, but it is undeniable that Natsuki has a little child figure because she is still 17 years old. However, she is influenced from the inside by the Inma many times, so now she completely has an adult body.

Remarkably fat rides on her bust and hips as it is and her thin legs are long and slim. The biggest difference is her waist line, because it became very slender and has a good shape now. Natsuki might have had such a gene because her real elder sister Rena Kurosawa is a current active gravure idol. With the influence of the Inma magic and her DNA, Natsuki´s beauty fully opened.

No not limited to Natsuki. The women who absorbed the Inma sperm in the womb are affected by the exception of one person.

They have their beauty refined and are standing out now. Their skin has a fresh tension, so small wrinkles are gone. In addition, the inside of their vaginas become more complex and tangle around Kenichi´s penis with a powerful sphincter. With that, the pleasure is deepened more and more.

A overwhelming pleasure is obtained, and because they became beautiful enough, it is not unreasonable that all of them want to be spoiled by Kenichi.

“…Sensei, you’re drinking coffee…do you not have any beer?”

“There’s none. This is a school”

“What are you saying? You´re eating female students at school, because you´re a perverted obscene teacher”

While hitting a joke, Natsuki staring at Kenichi with her eyes.

“Hey? Sensei…how many other first-year students have you eaten?”

Natsuki laughs thinly while licking her lips with her tongue. This third grader looks so sexy that she doesn’t seem to make fun of the science teacher. Her whole body is attached with sweet sweat and begins to emit the smell of the female who was in estrus quickly.

“All the freshmen this year are pretty and everyone says you’ll eat all of them”

“Who is everyone?”

“Well, Ai-chan and Midori-chan”

Those two are classmates of Natsuki and are female slaves of Kenichi and Natsuki laughs with a smile. When she comes to the side of Kenichi and sits on the couch by herself, she look at at Kenichi with lust and approaches like a good cat. A pink aura is rising from her body and it can be recognized clearly with Kenichi´s magic eyes.

“Eating virgins who does not know anything with this child, you´re really bad, Sensei…”

This 17-year-old girl whispered as if she was panting while stroking the bulge from the top of the trousers with half power. Natsuki is bathed in the black wave of Kenichi and her desire increases so that her reason is further driven out though she was already in estrus before coming here.

The smell of the sweet and sour sweat that this young girl gives off from her body, let the dark desire increase inside Kenichi’s penis. Natsuki also knew the kinky hobby of this dirty beast, therefore she came with her cheerleader uniform that had plenty of sweat without purposely changing clothes.

“Until now, you were eating Fujiwara-sensei, right? Although we passed each other a little while ago, Sensei was entranced and was walking with a erotic face…”

Opening the front of the trousers while removing the belt, Natsuki licked with her tongue around her mouth. When Kenichi’s erection is taken out, her thin fingers entwined around the strong meat pillar.

“Noo…it’s sticky…. Already, its always attached with other women’s syrup…”

Natsuki complains. The point is truly correct. Since the fusion with the Inma, Kenichi’s penis is not a metaphor, and there is no time to dry really. Beautiful teachers and high school girls at school and a crowd of women from housewives to models.

The dirty liquid that remained on the dick comes from Shiho and it is leaving a thick and dirty smell. It did not become clean although a cleaning fellatio was made by Shiho after all of course.

“Such a bad child, I’ll punish it with my mouth”

The cute 17-year-old high school student says so, while clenching the penis that has been gradually increasing its strength and sits on the couch and spreads the legs of Kenichi.

“Nooo…it smells greatly…. The smell of Fujiwara-sensei´s pussy…”

Natsuki smelled the heavy scent and whispered in a drunken tone. Because she often serves Kenichi, her body burns as if it doesn’t have any resistance against the body fluid of other women and this smell.


The dick becomes hot and hard in her hand. While being entranced by that, Natsuki squeezes it with her hand lewdly. Natsuki already became accustomed to such lewd technique and she is as skillful as a veteran prostitute.

“Aah…I will lick it now”

A thick vein is visible on the surface and it seems to be a relief when seeing it only bathed in the dirty water of beautiful women. Natsuki brings her face closer to the deadly meat weapon, which is about the size of her face.

She spreads her pink tongue wet with saliva to the fullest and crawls around the lumpy skin. The movement is slow and she looks happy as if she is licking a sweet candy. Natsuki who received the poison fangs of Kenichi many times licks slowly from the root to the tip with her indecent tongue that doesn’t match her pretty face.

“I’m going to lick here…”

On the surface of the meat spear, a black bruise like a butterfly spreading its wings can be seen. Natsuki who laughed happily continue on that part by spreading her glossy lip and moving her tongue. In the meantime, her hands slowly squeeze the root and start to spin the pleasure of her beloved ruler.

“Noo, Sensei…today is not good…”

The penis that was erected became hard like steel. Natsuki who has tasted the destruction power many times has her body woken up at a dash by the memory of the pleasure which drove her crazy in the past and reaches the top lightly by shaking her body a little.

(Aaaaa…. Why…why am I feeling so good?)

It always was. Only touching the body of Kenichi makes it easy to feel good many times and reach the climax easily. It is likely to reach the climax even without inserting that thing.


Natsuki lightly hates that man who drives her crazy so far and chew her cute lips which is the charm point of Natsuki. However, the erected penis does not care and increases its volume more and more in her hand.

“Hey, don’t play around and hold it in your mouth slowly”

The pervert science teacher urges Natsuki who serve as a idol while making her pretty face burning with lust and shaking her red ribboned ponytail. Because she only is just licking the penis since a little while ago, she would like to sink the tip of the meat spear into her hot mouth soon.

The inside of the beautiful girl’s mouth is filled with plenty of saliva, and it is delicious which cannot be answered when the temperature is higher than the body temperature there. The spectacle to see a girl who is wearing a cheerleader uniform sucking on the own son is the best stimulant. It is not a costume play which is good anyway. The other party is a high school girl.

“Uhuhu…. Not good…I still have not pacified…”

But the nasty little devil laughs at the grinning Kenichi and say so. It is not possible to reach the point at all from the root of the meat pillar which reaches to the navel, and licks it up so as to spread the saliva with her tongue.

“Not only our students, but also attack the children of other schools…Natsuki will discipline this unchastity cock…”

Kenichi doesn’t sees the expression because Natsuki is looking down, while she says so a little angry. Probably what she’s talking about is that.

The other day, Kenichi loved Natsuki together with Eto Sayaka who is a half-devil and another sex slave. Natsuki, a student of a super lady’s high school, barely stuck to Kenichi sex more than usual, by exposing a rivalry mind to the girls who are playing in Shibuya, the black gals. Three young lady high school students and three poor high school students licked the body of Kenichi so that they compete with each other.

“What are you talking about Sayaka?”

While watching the ponytail swaying in his crotch, Kenichi laughs grinningly. Natsuki doesn’t answer to it and continues to lick the erected penis.

“She’s really useful. If you call her in the middle of the night to fuck her she will come and each time she comes with a delicious-looking companion, and are eaten together. She’s the best sex slave…”

The science teacher praises the other party on purpose.

Sayaka was so famous that there were no people in Shibuya who didn’t know her, but now she is a faithful sex slave. Although there was never satisfactory in sex with a ordinary man because she was a half-devil she finally received pleasure by finding Kenichi who had a stronger magic power.

Sayaka seems to be waiting for a call from Kenichi earnestly all the time while still playing in the town at night as usual. And, the black gal who wears flashy makeup brings a play companion when she is invited every time. Thanks to Kenichi, she has not had any hard time recently, and for that he is able to eat all the bad girls.

Also the other day when he called her to the hotel at late night, Sayaka brought four friends. When they had sex in front of those girls, those girls saw the cool and calm Sayaka crying out with a voice like a beast, watching the scene in trance and becoming numb and immovable.

The taste of those girls who had flashy makeup and black skin was sweet like a honey toast with plenty of honey. Kenichi had sex with five black gals until the morning.

Recalling the delicacy at that time, his penis becomes even more powerful.

Being sensitive about Kenichi thinking about other women, Natsuki feels like crying.

“Nooo…it’s awful, Sensei…”

Natsuki protests with a sad voice. Even during this time, Natsuki seems to have a rivalry consciousness about Sayaka and it is pretty to be nice as soon as she is pushed to that point.

“I…I’ll let you eat a cute girl. A first grade of my club, a classmate of junior high school, I will bring a cute child. I’ll let Sensei eat all…”

Natsuki who tries not to be defeated, says so and used more strength on the erection.

“So that’s why love Natsuki more…you can call me anytime…. I like being a toy for Sensei…. A convenient meat urinal slave…”

Natsuki swears her slavery with these obscene words while looking up with a frustrating look. As she faced back again, she insisted on oral service as if she claimed that it was her possession.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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