Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 165

Third year high school trio

After-school science preparation room. This room at the end of the fifth floor of the school building is dim all day long because it is always shut with thick curtains. The sun is about to go down on the outside, but this time of summer is hard to hide a figure.

In the flow of such a leisurely time, obscene acts that are unthinkable in a normal high school are done in this room of a prestigious all girls high school. The huge penis of a male teacher seated on the couch is held in the hand of a female student wearing a blue cheerleader uniform and crawls her pink tongue on the dark surface.

The dark meat pillar gets wet with saliva and the female student is really persistent to lick the dick clean.

Such an extraordinary spectacle can only be seen in a adult video. It is impossible in a normal high school to see such an obscene situation. However, this spectacle is already natural and done almost everyday.

“Aaaa!! Huuuu!!!”

The 17-year-old high school student who sometimes closes her eyes is in an unendurable state and shakes her body. It is evidence that the pressure inside her body rises and lightly causing a small explosion of acme.

Just licking the penis of her teacher, let her reach an incredible ecstasy. As usual she feels ashamed of her body’s sensitivity and for this reason she cannot stop licking like this anymore.

The red aura rising from her body swells up greatly according to the climax, becoming a white whirlpool every time and disappears before long to be sucked into the body of the teacher.

A while later after Natsuki started to serve, a knock on the door could be heard again. However, Natsuki who intently serves continues her obscene act without stopping.

“Ahhh. Naturally Natsuki-chan has already come”

“She is sly…skipping club activities”

Two people came in. These beautiful girls look at the figure of Kenichi and Natsuki, and raise their voices.

The two pretty girls stop in front of Kenichi who is sitting on the couch while giggling. A pink aura has risen from their whole bodies and is clearly reflected in the glowing red eyes of Kenichi.

“No, I went to club activities properly!”

Natsuki, who has saliva sticking around her mouth countered her two classmates.

“I’m not doing anything like you guys”

Somewhat proudly somewhat laughing with her nose, Natsuki slowly starts to lick the root again to show off.

“What are you talking about? You’re always pushing the trouble to Miku-chan”

Yes, thats really a good point…”

While looking down on such Natsuki, one girl wearing a pure white tennis uniform and a pretty girl wearing only a jersey jacket over a pink leotard laugh happily.

“Are you done with your club activities?”

“It’s over, we cleaned up everything”

“It’s over here, too. But, Sensei. You didn’t come today. Sensei is still our club adviser…”

Aiko Kawashima, captain of the tennis club and Midori Hayama, the captain of the rhythmic gymnastics club answer their teacher’s question while breathing lightly. It is because they came up the stairs in a hurry and because they had been exercising in club activities until a little while ago and also because they are excited for the orgy which starts now.

These two high school third graders have already served Kenichi many times since they lost their virginities. Even if they have a cute face and figure, their contents are completely dyed black with the poison of the Inma and they have been turned into lewd woman more than an obscene prostitute.

“Ah, I’m sorry. It’s because she didn’t let me go…”

A smile appeared on Kenichi’s face when he looked at Natsuki who still clings to his crotch.

“It’s a lie! Lie only…. I just came a little while ago, Sensei had sex with a different girl in front of me!”

Natsuki’s point is quite correct.

Before Shiho Fujiwara, Kenichi had sex with Tomomi Takada, the music teacher and before that, two freshmen who gave off a aura lost their virginities in the health room. The taste of the virgin meat of 15-year-old who just graduated from Junior High school was wonderful, and while enjoying the expression and the scream of these girls who were crying,Kenichi alternately continued to rape them.

By the way, during lunch break he had sex with two favorite beautiful girl of the second grade and in the morning he enjoyed the ripe body of president Aikawa Yoko who is a starving wife. Her body continued to be bathed in demon sperm and it was refined so that her mouth and pussy become even more comfortable.

In a word, Kenichi keeps devouring the sweet bodies of pretty women and young girls for a long time.

“Natsuki-chan, I want to lick it too…”

“Yaah…me too…”

Aiko who is having a ponytail with a pink ribbon approaches from the right side of the couch, before facing Natsuki. In front of Kenichi, Midori, who took off the jersey and only wears a leotard kneels on the floor. Both of them are attached with sweet sweat on their whole body like Natsuki and the situation becomes unbearable for Kenichi who loves to fuck girls as a hobby.

“Sensei´s penis, I will tease it more now…”

Natsuki, who is smiling from the left side laughs when she looked at the other girls. She only licked the trunk until now, and while explaining so with a mischievous laugh, she continues to tease without doing anything to the glans that swelled up.

Aiko and Midori who heard the story chuckle and look at the face of Kenichi, before they stretch their long tongues out and slowly approach with their faces. They have a mischievous smile on their faces and look really fun.

“I’ve been so nervous. You want me to suck that up, Sensei? …Aah, pre-cum is coming out slowly. You’re very patient, aren’t you?”

Utilizing the rough rubbing of the tongue, Aiko licks the black surface from the other side. Her tongue is crawling along the embossing blood vessel and is withdrawn abruptly on the verge of the tip.

“Huhuhu…it seems to be full of milk here…. I will make it empty…. So that you can’t do bad things with other girls, we all squeezed…”

When the trousers were completely lowered, Midori licked the two balls. Her hips wrapped in a pink leotard are stuck out and her tongue is used to apply saliva to one of the wrinkles while swinging to the left and right. She wears a green ribbon on her hair and every time she moves her face, it shakes up and down.

“You guys…”

All three third-year high school students enjoy teasing their beloved teacher. All of them want the penis inside their wet holes, which cannot endure it anymore.

(These guys…. Well, fine…)

While looking down at the three ribbons swaying around his crotch, Kenichi let them do as they like. Of course it is not a problem to force them to suck, but sometimes it is not so bad to let them do it by themselves.

From the bodies of these three beautiful girls, sweet and sour smell rises. The sweat of the age with a severe metabolism excites the lewd devil with its peculiar smell. In addition, the crotches of these young pretty girls have already vomited a large amount of honey juice and have left a heavy smell of a female which let Kenichi become a beast. Midori´s leotard has already changed the color of its crotch, while the crotches of Natsuki and Aiko also released love juice through thick anscotheir thick underskirt and the color is darker in a oval shape.

The fragrance of sweet sweat and honey juice fills the science preparation room which isn’t very big.

“Prepare for today, Sensei…. We’ll bully you thoroughly”

Three tongues wriggle more and more violently, as in response to the declaration of Natsuki. They try to entertain their beloved teacher with their pride as sex slave.

Kenichi receives energy and his magic is enhanced more and more while receiving a threesome fellatio from his sex slaves who have become completely obedient.

How much time would have passed since then.

On the couch in the dim science preparation room, the service of the three pretty girls still continue. All three of them were some of the most beautiful girls in this school and they had a normal life before they met Kenichi.

However, they went mad when the poison of pleasure is driven into their bodies by the fangs of lewd Kenichi until they got used to such an indecent act and have started to do it on their own. Their technique is remarkably progressing since the first time through experience.

Kenichi´s erected son is completely attached with the saliva of those three lovely girls which they applied by their caress. From the crotch of Kenichi who looks thin at first glance, a penis which is so huge that it cannot be imagined from the body is towering firmly.



“Thi…This is…”

Natsuki, Aiko and Midori used their tongues, lips and fingers during their oral service. Their faces are full of lust and a small, hot sigh is vomited.

While looking down at the 17-year-old pretty girls flock around his crotch, Kenichi enjoys calmly the pleasure on the couch. As Natsuki declared, they do not give any stimulation to the huge glans part and continue to crawl their tongue around the thick root and the balls earnestly. Everything, from scrotum to the root has become muddy and slimy with saliva.

All three showed now a dissatisfied look. The meat umbrella that has been teased until now has not cum even once, so there was no way they can put the tip in their mouth until now. They want to taste it with their pussies already. Therefore they continued teasing Kenichi to make him cum.

However, the standpoint is completely reversed now.

Natsuki who has been licking for a long time is exposed to the black wave emitted from Kenichi´s body and is tormented since a little while ago by strong lust overflowing from the core of her body. That’s why she appeals with wistful eyes while hearing a hot sigh occasionally. All three are on all fours and are made to be in agony while swinging their lovely hips.

Nothing is wrong. They themselves want to suck the strong colt because of their aching vagina, though they declared themselves to bully Kenichi and stop being obedient cats.

“Aah…. Hey…hey…Sensei…”

“Noo…I want to suck…I want to hold it in my mouth…”

“Is not it good? I cannot withstand it anymore…”

Natsuki, Aiko and Midori who had a standpoint until a little while ago are raising charming voices now.

“No. You said it…. It will end when you make me cum. If you suck the tip, then there is no sex today.

Kenichi is so mean to everyone. Almost like a child.


“That’s terrible…”

In a desperate situation, the girls scream small. Anyway, it is a good idea that Kenichi who controls everything doesn’t ejaculate by their stimulation.

Only recently, when they had sex with Sayaka´s gang and Kenichi throughout the night, only the girls reached the climax, while Kenichi never ejaculated, even while tasting six mouths and six vagina and six assholes calmly.

“If you complain, it will end here”

Kenichi says so. His eyes are cold and red.

“Wait!! Wait, Sensei!!”

“I will do it!! I will do it…”

“Nooo!! Don’t go…”

Being thrown into such a state, they might go mad. All three nod to each other and brought up their faces to Kenichi´s crotch again and do an even more thick and indecent service. They are desperately trying to lead Kenichi to ejaculation with their techniques.

Aiko and Midori come close from left and right to the huge penis and blow it like a harmonica. Natsuki who crawled on the sofa caress the back hole of Kenichi.

“Ooo…that’s good…”

It is licked carefully, and Kenichi raises a groan of pleasure. The reason for that is a sensitive zone there and this dirty place is licked by a young cute Natsuki, what gives Kenichi the highest joy as a man and an overwhelming sense of conquest.

“I’m going to do it even more…”

Natsuki, who was careful about the reaction of Kenichi, carefully licked the butt hole further. She was extremely aroused by the wave emitted from Kenichi´s body.


A dull pleasure current ran through his tailbone and Kenichi leaked a cry which seemed to be satisfactory indeed. Blood is gathered in the body in response to it further and the meat weapon increases its volume further between Aiko and Midori’s mouth.

“Aaah… ass, it feels good…. So hard…”

“No…don’t go wild…”

Both crawl their tongues and suck up the surface with their lips. They don’t forget to put their teeth on the surface occasionally to place a spice to their caress. This is the finest triple fellatio.

This is an amazing technique for senior high school students and the combination of those three can’t be compared to a professional anymore. If it was Kenichi from half a year ago, then he would have cum in a matter of minutes, because of this intense and violent pleasure.

(However, it is hard to endure…)

Kenichi who tastes the pleasure can’t endure very long anymore. From the tip some juice is flowing out slowly, while the penis is bouncing around between the lips of Aiko and Midori.

A time of bliss which Kenichi tastes now. The volupte was undisturbed and the face was raised as noticing something by chance.

(A rare guy came…)

A person with a black mist on her whole body slowly comes towards this room. It was caught on the wave radar and Kenichi grinned so that he lifts up the edge of his mouth.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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