Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 169



Natsuki and Rimi, who were staring at each other for a while look at Kenichi now.


“…He, Heeyy!”

Their beloved science teacher who was supposed to be standing alone was sitting on the sofa unexpectedly and Aiko and Midori give him a heavy double blowjob.

Both cling to his crotch and have their bodies wrapped in a white tennis uniform and pink leotard. They ignore Natsuki and Rimi as if they are air.


“…Noo, Ai-chan, sly…”

Aiko and Midori also fight with each other who gets the tip of the penis in own mouth. They continue to alternate for a long time until Aiko take a steal and put the penis into her mouth.

The huge tip occupies her small mouth and the captain of the tennis club sucks it with an enthralled expression and slowly moving her head up and down. It is an act that has been done many times already, so that it is inconceivable that the act is done by a third grader and not by a professional whore. Wrapping her pink lips perfectly on the huge meat stalk, Aiko´s tongue taste this delicious meal.

Aiko who has been bathed in devil sperm till now is a nationwide tennis player. It is a reputation that she got for entering the best 8 and she can still aim for the top. Moreover, her beauty is better than other players, so even tennis magazines picked photos of her.

Aiko sucks so strongly that her ponytail shakes. Sucking the penis of her beloved teacher with an melting expression, let Aiko have small climaxes right now.


Midori who lost the battle went up to Kenichi face and demanded a kiss with a very sweet voice, while her body wrapped in a pink leotard is completely drenched in sweat. Next she opens her lips and kiss Kenichi´s lips.


Midori actively uses her tongue by herself and send plenty of saliva like sweet syrup into Kenichi´s mouth. This girl who was a virgin and did not know even a kiss a few months ago is now accustomed to such a nasty act and doesn’t hesitate anymore.

“Hey…Sensei´s spit, let me drink it more. It’s sweet and very delicious”

The captain of the rhythmic gymnastic club pushes her sweaty body against Kenichi.

Until six months ago, this beautiful girl ignored Kenichi like air. Among the rhythmic gymnastic club, along with the 2nd year student Rio Hasegawa, they became Kenichi´s lovers and even masturbate at the times the cant see him. The so-called Takamine flower, who seems so innocent, rubs her soft body against Kenichi on her own and sucks his mouth eagerly.

“Aah…I´m so happy…”

The moment Kenichi´s ferocious tongue was stretched out, Midori with an joyful expression sucks it gladly with her own tongue. The saliva of Kenichi is like a sweet heavenly drug for women because of the influence of the Inma magic. This tongue kissing is making lewd water sounds.

Kenichi turns his hand to Midori´s attractive body and enjoy the body of this 17 years old girl. Although Midori´s body which was exercised by rhythmic gymnastic is tight, it is not stiff like a man, but soft and elastic. The moment Kenichi´s hand touched her buttocks, Midori bend her body and raised a small scream which is due to the pleasure and their kiss becomes more intense.


When Kenichi ‘s hand moves from her buttocks to her crotch, Midori easily climbs up the top from that stimulation. Her sensitive body reacts even to a little caress and even if she is touched from above the thin leotard it felt so badly that she got wet. She continued to kiss Kenichi, while wiggling her body.


Midori’s slender long arms are wrapped around Kenichi’s neck and they exchange hot kisses like a loving pair. There are boys who adore Midori as well as Aiko, but this sight will really shock them if they see it.

(Yaah…it became big again)

Aiko looked at the meat stick with an fascinating expression. Feeling that the penis which was excited by Midori´s kiss grows further, she pushes up her cheek more and skillfully sucks. At the same time she didn’t forget to actively move her tongue to stimulate the tip.



Both girls are so excited to serve Kenichi and really want to get his affection.


Kenichi made a small groin, while kissing Midori and enjoying this wonderful act that won’t be possible with an prostitute.

“Nooo…I…I, also want to suck…”

Natsuki who was watching this threesome for a while, finally returned to herself before she crawled towards them while raising a angry voice. Looking at Kenichi´s crotch that sunk into Aiko´s mouth let Natsuki´s mouth completely dry and demand this thing promptly.

“Hey…hey, hey…. Ai-chan…. I’ll replace you. Is that enough? I will take over”

Natsuki was licking the root now, but at the same time she protests against Aiko who does not give up the tip. Her body covered in a blue cheerleader uniform is releasing a lewd smell.

“Taking over. Ai-chan is so sly…”

Natsuki protests while shaking her hips covered by a blue miniskirt. She really wants to taste the huge meat umbrella in her mouth, but she only can look a little sad.

“Mara, ramee…”

Aiko talks to Natsuki while still occupying the penis with her mouth, because it feels so good when it rubs against the sensitive inside of her mouth. As if her mouth has became a genital, every time she shook her neck, intense pleasure runs through her whole body and has pushed Aiko to heaven a little while ago. Her wet panty stuck strongly to her crotch that it seemed to be incontinent, while a large amount of overflowing love juice flows down her thighs.

(Aaa…again, this…)

Watching her three classmates and her science teacher intertwine on the sofa, Rimi is left behind in a place a little away. She just keep watching the intertwining four people without doing anything.

Until now she was forced to serve this pervert teacher. She was threatened and was unwillingly haunted by this teacher’s reluctant male instrument. Even though she was herself before, she was full of lust because of the red tentacle. In other words, Rimi hoped for herself to never serve him.


But with reason, it cannot be suppressed and her primitive desire occupies her head. She want to get married. She want to suck it. She want to fill her mouth with the penis of Kenichi who she should hate normally.

Despite denying anything by reason, the desire springing up in Rimi´s heart was obvious. Now she can clearly see her own wish. She wants this huge penis in front of her eyes right now. Since the day when she served it for the first time, she always thought about this thing.

(B, But…but…)

Her throat desires this meat weapon strongly, but Rimi cannot ask for it by herself. Right, something inside her disturbs so that she cant move while sitting on the spot, even if she exposes her desire clearly and approach in the same way as Natsuki.


In the meantime the tip of the erection is sucked by Natsuki and she seems really happy right now. On behalf of Aiko, who became tired of opening her mouth greatly, Natsuki continued to serve Kenichi after waiting.

Her thin open eyes are entranced and she happily smells the fragrance of the penis. Then Natsuki´s line of sight intersected with Rimi who looked here for a moment.

Her eyes seemed to be pitying Rimi who could not move and also seem to despise her.

(I…I also want to do…)

Rimi´s rival is ahead of her which let her frustration increase further. However as long as she cant move her feet she cant hold Kenichi´s penis in her mouth. The regret, despair and conflict accumulate as a passionate black desire inside her body.

(Only me…why only me…)

Rimi´s three classmates intertwine with Kenichi and are being obedient to their desires while repeating their caresses. For those who are free and open-minded, behind sex the darkness and virtue cannot be felt.

How about Rimi compared to them. If they are the sun, then she is clearly the shade.

Rimi who hates men will never have sex with a savage, ugly and disgusting man like Kenichi in public. Even if the partner is a pretty girl who is lovely, sex is quietly done in secret. Acts that should never be shown to anyone, acts that should be done in the darkness of obscurity.

But at the same time, the heart of Rimi is also dominated by another emotion.

Although Rimi himself has not noticed it yet, but she is beginning to accept Kenichi with her mind and body. She kept receiving the wave throughout the class and she even drunk his rich semen for one week. Her wave resonate with Kenichi´s wave motion, so her body and mind have completely changed.

Reason and desire. Slavery and rebellion. Affection and hatred. Jealousy and favor.

Now, the inside of Rimi is a super antinomy ambivalent.

(Actually, Rimi is creating this peculiar thing…)

While accurately observing Rimi’s internal conflict, Kenichi remembers the explanation he heard from Arisa.

The day when Rimi came to the science preparation room for the first time. When she saw that Kenichi had sex with Eriko who was her lesbian partner, she hit Kenichi moved by her inner black impulse. It is due to the infiltration of evil energy into her body that Rimi was highly sympathetic with the Inma. And this is a very rare event caused by the overlapping of two factors, so thats why Rimi awoke the qualities as a capacitor.

One factor is that this girl has a high affinity for evil energy. And the other factor is that she is a lesbian who shows her sexual interest only to women. Because these two factors combined, Rimi was able to become a capacitor of Kenichi´s Inma.

Kenichi has an enormous power against the opposite sex. On the other hand, however, he cannot exercise direct magical power to the same sex. Therefore Kenichi cant resonate with a man’s aura and cannot see it. That is the characteristic of a Incubus.

On the other hand, Rimi is a lesbian who has sexual desire for women only. Despite being both biologically and physically feminine, her inside has a mental structure that is untouched by men. That is why while resonating with Kenichi’s aura who is a male Incubus, Rimi was able to exercise it even to girls who are Kenichi´s partners.

However, on the other hand, she was forced to give a blowjob to Kenichi, drunk his sperm repeatedly and experienced orgasm. As a result, her desire as a woman had woken up and it coexists with the mental structure as a man.

In other words, her spirit and body encloses the ambivalent. That is the unique point of this girl.

If, at that time, Kenichi robbed the virginity of the disappointed Rimi, she probably would have awoke her sexuality as a woman completely by the magical power of the Inma and would have lost the spiritual structure as a man. If so, she would have become an obedient female slave to Kenichi like Natsuki and Aiko. Ambivalent will be resolved and change to a single ordinary girl, and then the capability as a capacitor may also disappear.

(It’s time for me to teach her the goodness of men…)

Rimi is still kneeling on the floor while observing with a sad face. Kenichi concludes so after listening to Arisa´s analysis.

It is easy to take away a virginity now. Desperate desire to penetrate the hymen with his son while suppressing the cool and intelligent Rimi.

But once that is done, this beautiful girl will only become an ordinary meat slave. Kenichi would like to see a beautiful girl who has the qualities as a capacitor and has an antinomy inside, sp he will continue bridging beautiful girls one after another according to his own desire.

(And this is a good way to do it…)

When Rimi is indulging in her lesbian acts, she is making lustful girls her pets with the red tentacles. In other words, they resonate with the wave of Kenichi through Rimi, which means they can be sacrificed quickly without hesitation.

(Hayakawa, was her parnter now…. She is a cute girl…)

Kenichi remembers the face of the freshman who became Rimi´s newest partner and lifts his lips with a grin. Hayakawa Aya who he had almost no point of contact yet resonates strongly with his own wave through Rimi. If so, the carp on the cutting board is no better. Just a real red tentacle needs to enter her body.

(Do I eat her tomorrow…)

Dreaming of raping this beautiful girl, Kenichi´s black desire springs up from the back of his back.

He has received the virginitis of many beautiful girls until now, but the taste of a virgin is exceptional even when it is tasted many times. The shiver from their bodies and the crying and frightening expression on their faces. The narrowness of their underdeveloped vaginas. When he forcibly invades, they will spill their tears and distort their pretty faces from the severe pain. It is pleasant to pierce deep inside and holding them down who are resisting. However the funniest part is to pour his semen into those girls and enjoy their horror of becoming pregnant.

Imagine the scene to hold down a young girl with a unexplored body, to split her narrow vagina hole and to rob her virginity, the dark meat gun of Kenichi extends to the maximum inside Natsuki´s mouth.


The tip erected suddenly in Natsuki´s mouth. Natsuki, who is experience this has a fire ignite inside her body and she reached an great orgasm from this blowjob. As reaction a lot of love honey is released and wets the already soaking wet panty and skirt more.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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