Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 179


(I have no trouble today…)

Laughing alone with a grin, Kenichi pushes the pretty woman who is on his waist to an climax. He absorbs a large amount of sexual energy since a little while ago, so the sensation becomes sensitive and the surrounding situation can be clearly perceived like a radar with the wave that is overflowing without intention. Even in places where loud music is played, countless people are gathered, Kenichi can understand conversations and thoughts of everyone.

“Now, bring the woman with the white miniskirt that came into the store”

In a room with dim lighting, the music from the lower floor is not enough to be able to converse in this place because it is interrupted by a soundproof door. When the target is confirmed by his black wave motion, a beautiful girl who was behind Kenichi smiles and rises up as ordered and goes toward the stairs which go downwards.

“Aaaa! Awesome! …I will come again! I will come again!”

A beautiful woman with a tanned skin straddles over Kenichi, screams a number of times, while shaking her hips in a lewd way. Her whole body glows like greased oil, with blonde long hair and fancy makeup, her face is surprisingly beautiful. Such a woman is a so-called black gal, they usually do part-time jobs and work as clerks and at night they gather in these places with bold dresses.

This is a VIP room in a club that has been popular recently and only allows special guests to enter. The place near the inner city is filled with the evil energy that the men and women who are full of desire gather and it is a great place for an Inma.

It is the third time that the beautiful woman who is called Maya has sex in this VIP room. She probably isn’t even 20 years old, the size of her breasts swaying in a leopard bra are huge and the softness of her thighs is wonderful, offering an irresistible taste.

“This is dangerous…. No, its dangerous…. Stop…”

Kenichi sits on the sofa in the VIP room and straddling on his huge pillar from the bottom is Shoza Maya, who shakes her body even after reaching an orgasm and spits words of pleasure. Shaking back and forth to seek further pleasure. Her H-cup big boobs boasted in the bra stand out, while Maya is tightening the swallowed meat stick with her vagina and waving her hips that wear a super mini skirt with pink race decorations.

“Maya, change quickly…”

“Yes. You are unfair!”

“I cant wait any longer…. Somehow!”

There were three more black gals who had tanned skin around Kenichi and Maya. All of them have a gaudy appearance like Maya, wrapping their outstanding bodies with colorful lingeries and super mini skirts, because they are longing for the sex with Kenichi. The super-size mini skirt is attracting man´s lewd eyes instead of protecting them from it.

Every time they walk or sit down, you could see their panties from among the skirt and it was exactly the poison for those with a rapist hobby like Kenichi.

All four were guests who came regularly to this club and they were sex slaves who were fucked the other day by Kenichi. Although they wear gorgeous make-up, they have an excellent beauty when you see their real face. They came to the club after being invited by a companion, encountered Kenichi and since then they are waiting for Kenichi to call them to have sex.

While they are in estrus through the red tentacles, these girls release a lot of honey from their lower part and are crowding around Kenichi’s body, using their hands, lips and tongues repeatedly. Kenichi’s hands also crawl around their breasts, buttocks and crotches while constantly sucking someone’s mouth and drinking their sweet saliva.

“Ahiiii!!! Aaaahiiiiiiiikuuuuu!!!!”

When Maya reached a massive acme she fainted lightly as it is, as Kenichi dumped her body and reached out his hands to a beautiful girl named Ami who is on all fours on the table. When he covers her from behind, he removed her flashy underwear sideways and thrust into her meat pot at once.

“Aaaaa!!! Iiiiiiii!!”

Ami, who has been kept waiting and was impatient for a long time, is pushed up to the top of a tremendous pleasure with just one thrust. The same as last time, but this man’s sex is more violent and destructive enough then all the men she had skinship so far.

“Ahiiiiuu! Cum! Cuummiinngg!”

In the dark pleasure raped like a beast from behind, Ami with a desire to being raped offers violent contraction of her vagina and provides a tremendous pleasure to herself and Kenichi. Her 96 cm G cup chest protrudes like penetrating her crimson bra and change its shape in the hands of Kenichi.

Kenichi gets drunk by the overwhelming pleasure brought by Ami´s tightening, therefore he is pushing through her uterus with the tip, rampage around her secret hole and absorbing her sexual energy.

More recently, higher grade beauties have come to gather around himself. Of course, one of the reasons is the expand of range of activities gradually from the school, but until now it pretends to a large extent pretty girls and beautiful women who are super-priced with an unlikely probability.

For example, Kenichi came to this club for the third time today, but even when he came earlier, he had sex with the finest prey which was not only those four.

When he first came, he invited the four of them into this room and raped them one by one. Those who have an affinity to his black wave become prisoners of Kenichi´s sex in a short period of time and became a sacrifice to his animal’s desire in the progress.

Last time he was having fun with these four people, Kenichi found beautiful 14-year-old twin sisters who ran away from the countryside of Chiba and were drinking juice in the corner of the store and skillfully dragged them into the VIP room. After pushing down those two girls with long black hair and holding them down with Maya, he slowly took time to lick their whole bodies and then robbed them of their purity while they were crying painfully.

Nevertheless, Kenichi had sex with the twins in the sixty-nine position and robbed their virginities in front of each other. The blood of their hymen broken hangs on their faces and both screamed in despair, but at the same time they were pushed up to a violent climax that burned their brains.

Since then, those poor middle school girls have been excavated to sex with Kenichi and have become loyal sex slaves. At the weekend, they go to Tokyo to be fucked by Kenichi.

Even now they got accustomed to sex with Kenichi, these small girls who are like fairies have a honey pot that is incredibly narrow. Tearing their pretty panties, although they cried painfully, they react with convulsions and makes the rapist attack become ridiculous.

There were also Russian models with tremendous beauty and style, among the club’s customers who are also popular among foreigners.

Kenichi raped a platinum blonde beauty in the girls’ toilet of the club, but the taste of this blonde beautiful woman with white skin that can’t be compared with a Japanese was tasted for the first time for Kenichi.

The russian beauty named Katarina initially resisted but was violated by Kenichi´s huge penis from behind while having her huge chest massaged. She immediately was tossed by pleasant pleasures and swore many times her obedience and that she will become a sex slave. The Russian woman whose physical strength differs from that of a Japanese is tough, Kenichi carefully sweeps her sweet body from corner to corner slowly, spitted his evil sperm into her vagina and asshole and in 30 minutes her body and mind both fell.

Katarina, a model for a famous underwear maker known for its sexy design, is scheduled to come to a hotel suite tomorrow and at that time she is supposed to bring a blonde model friend. The girls who are seen in the underwear maker’s catalog pictures have beautiful appearance and bodies that all of them are as good as Katarina. For tomorrow he ordered Katarina to prepare a lot of colorful and sexy underwears. She will change her underwear many times, doing a lingerie show, before Kenichi is gonna enjoy the body of Katarina throughout the morning with plenty of multiplayer games until morning.

To express such a recent state of Kenichi, comparing it with fishing, the beautiful women are just in the state of being eating.

Of course, the criterion that Kenichi chooses as prey is not going down. Evidence is that everyone here has both an excellent beauty and body that can pass as a model as well.

Of course, this club is a spot of rapidly rising popularity now and hundreds of women come here every night, so maybe there is a possibility that encounters of beautiful girls with a beautiful face that Kenichi jumps out happen to be coincidental unknown.

But what about the tennis club the other day? Was that a coincidence?

Kenichi commanded Chizuko, a sex slave and a beautiful married wife, to visit her friends and invite these beautiful upper class ladies to tennis. Two married wives who were influenced by the Inma magic were fucked in the medical room inside the club betrayed their husbands and offered their fully ripe bodies to Kenichi. Both of them had a beautiful appearance to pass as an actress, and although it was planned how to arrange such women at the same time, it was said that it was inexperienced by itself.

But the story is not over. The super sense of Kenichi who was charging his sexual energy while enjoying the pussies of these three ladies found a married woman and a young girl with even more preeminent beauty in a group of women who visit the tennis club one after another. Those two, who every man would look back, are aunt and niece of a familiar person who those ladies know and they tell Kenichi that those two are descendants of noble blood.

Therefore Kenichi instructed Chizuko to invite these two to the medical office as well, and when Kenichi destroyed their reason with his Inma magic, Kenichi had sex with this beautiful aunt and niece duo until the sun together with the three ladies.

The poor young girl lost her purity that she protected for 19 years by Kenichi and the married woman was robbed of her vagina which belongs only to her husband and each other were in the sixty-nine position and saw how each other was fucked by Kenichi.

Afterwards, Kenichi let his body be washed by the five sex slaves that were covered with foam in the shower room, and while enjoying the finest soap play brought by these upper class ladies, Kenichi wonders if this encounter was coincidental.

(It might be true that the black wave attracts beautiful women…)

“Higuuuu!! Cuummmiinnggg!!”

Other than sucking Ami´s huge breasts, Kenichi also chews on the tanned neck to the point where blood gets out and Ami with a severe rape desire falls to the dark ecstasy. While chewing Ami´s neck, her sphincter squeeze tightly and Kenichi released a satisfying breath. A large amount of sexual energy flows into his crotch and his super sense awakens which let him see everything.

The woman who went to the floor below came back to the VIP room with the pretty female who wears a white mini skirt and entered the shop just as instructed by Kenichi.


The beautiful woman wearing the white mini skirt went in while opening the door and at the same time she saw the scene of the sofa and screamed faintly.

There she saw a cute tanned girl being fucked like a dog from behind.The black gal who is trembling with her whole body looked like a rabbit who is eaten alive.

When the convulsion arrives, that black girl is moved to the side and the man sits somewhat normal on the sofa. It’s dark and she cant see his face clearly, but that man has a muscular body and his skin is sweaty. His penis is standing up at an incredible size and angle between his legs.



Then the pretty female with the white mini skirt saw three other women who were clinging to Kenichi. All of them are black gals that have a flashy appearance and they are devilly nasty looking from the eyes of another female.


These tanned black gals are like greedy hyenas that attack the naked body of the man sitting on the sofa. Sucking his lips, licking his neck, teasing his nipples, sucking his thighs and clinging to his penis in a obscene way. Thirty fingers with flashy nails crawl around the body of Kenichi.

The black gals are crawling around so that their panties are visible from the back of the mini skirts and a lot of mucus liquid overflows from the side of the multicolored fabric and is shining glittering even in dim light.

Even though the instinct works immediately after feeling the danger, the beautiful woman who wears the white mini skirt has somehow not been able to move her body and furthermore she cant take her eyes from that obscene view.

Many men and women who are full of lust gathered in this club, from which energy like an evil magnetic field is generated. Of course it is weak for humans, but if it diffuses into space and converge it with magical power and collect it in one place then the influence becomes enormous.

Actually, in this room the black energy swirling in the sky is flowing in and Kenichi doesn’t use his magical power at all, but uses the evil energy that the countless people in the club has released and manipulates that beautiful woman. In that sense, this place where such virtues and desires are concentrated is a very good hideout for Kenichi and it could be said to be a hunting place.

Enhanced demonic wave. Although Kenichi doesnt know whether that is the reason, the resonance of the wave which took time takes place in a very short time in such a thick space of negative energy. The pretty woman with the white mini skirt who has just entered also emits a yellow aura from her whole body.

When that happens, it will become a childs play afterwards. Red tentacles grow from Kenichi´s body and entangle the thin body of that pretty woman, while eroding that aura in a blink of an eye quickly.

“Come over here”

Before understanding the words that Kenichi says, her legs tied to magical power proceed without authority and walk towards the sofa. Even though that pretty female can usually judge it as dangerous as she anticipates such a subsequent development, her thought is disturbed by something and it is as if mist was blocking her mind.

The pretty woman looks at Kenichi´s face again. His face isn’t a characteristic face, but in this situation it looks like a devil who sends herself to hell.

She also observes how the girls surround Kenichi and carefully serve him, while looking at his red shining eyes shining her head becomes numb. At the same time her body gradually gets hotter and sexual excitement and desire slowly rise up.

“You are Saeki Nozomi, right?”

The black gal named Mami who had inserted her tongue in Kenichi´s ear realized who the new sacrifice is.

Laughing happily, Kenichi checks the rare appearance that has already started to be in lust. There was a rare moment of embarrassment on Saeki´s face, who breathes out a hot sigh. Next one of his hands is extended which enter to the collar of Saeki´s blouse.


Saeki tries to shake the hand off, but her body can’t be controlled at all. Kenichi´s rugged hand enters from the chest and rubs her breasts which are wrapped in a bra. Saeki feels a clear and strong pleasure, so that a sweet current spreads like an anesthetic.

“You’re going to eat this entertainer…amazing”

“She is totally different from television…. Really erotic”

A beautiful woman named Mei who was licking Kenichi ‘s chest also joins the talk and the black gals laughs wickedly. Mei actually remembers the celebrity who was seen on TV and remembers the excitement that such a famous talent will become the prey of Kenichi.

However Maya and Ami who are sucking Kenichi´s penis don’t care about this talk and only focus on their caress. Even though they are around 20 years old, both are beautiful girls with sexual experience, so their oral service is also skillful enough to match a married woman.

Last time when the twin sisters were caught into this room and they were tremendously excited by witnessing the merciless robbery of the twins´s purities. They made sure that Kenichi´s penis broke their hymen and checked it with glaring eyes, as the honey juice and the virgin blood mixed together.


Nozomi who is sexually excited opens her pretty pink lips and raises a groan of pleasure. It is a pleasant feeling to have a man´s hand massaging her chest from above the lace bra and skillfully stimulate the nipples.

And in the net moment, Kenichi sucked her pink lips that many men dreamed off to kiss as well.


When sucking up her tiny pink tongue, Nozomi reaches it out by herself. It is a superb pleasure that she can’t taste with acts with famous celebrities who she is dating hiding behind the mass media. At first Saeki hesitated, but soon she also ties her tongue by herself.

“Wow, Saeki Nozomi is french kissing”

“She is kissing so erotically. Isn’t that amazing?”

The teasing voices of Mai and Mami dont reach Saeki who indulges in the pleasure and turns her hands around the the head of Kenichi who she met for the first time and does fierce deep kisses with. After suddenly sucking his saliva, she sucked more of it. While Saeki was drinking that mucus that tasted great, Kenichi noticed that she was already completely excited.

In the bra, her nipples erect and rub against the lovely fabric, while inside her lace panty, her vagina already opened its virgin entrance as if it can’t endure anymore.

Saeki is completely in the care of Kenichi who controls the act as usual.

“Hey, hold it in your mouth”

Net Kenichi takes his penis away from Maya and Ami who are dissatisfied with that and shows it to that superb famous celebrity.


This beautiful idol who is like a perfectly arranged doll is ashamed, but she looks at Kenichi’s crotch and gently tightens her lips slowly before confirming it with her hand. And in the net moment Saeki put Kenichi´s son in her mouth and licked it like a delicious candy, before she moves her head slowly.


To the pleasure created by the blowjob of this marvelous celebrity, Kenichi also raises a groan of pleasure. Moreover, Nozomi who seems to like this reaction, uses her moving tongue skillfully to stimulate the point that Kenichi feels.

Every man who sees this would feel jealous and would show a murderous intent towards Kenichi who does such a sex play with such a beautiful woman. And Saeki totally forgets all the past men because of this great pleasure and makes a decision to become Kenichi´s personal sex doll.

Now they change their bodies so that Kenichi can look into Nozomi´s skirt. In other words, Kenichi and Saeki lie down on the sofa and caress each others crotch.

(How…how does this celebrity taste…)

Holding her with his hands and opening her thin white legs, Saeki´s groin of Saeki appeared in front of Kenichi. The thin blue panty worn by her is for girls with lots of hobbies and very popular, so it stimulates Kenichi´s mind unbearably. Rich juice overflowed from the secret part, because it couldn’t be absorbed by the fabric anymore, that’s why it is flowing down the thighs. Of course, a sex odor is emitted from her vagina, and it seems now to wait for Kenichi´s caress.

When Kenichi licks up her white thighs, Nozomi writes a muzzled voice, while still holding the meat stick in her mouth. Right now the black wave is poured into Saeki´s body through the body fluid she is tasting with her tongue, therefore when Kenichi tries to lick her slim legs that was trimmed with rhythmic gymnastics to the fullest extent, the pleasure would be so great that Saeki would reach the top at once.

After wetting the thighs a bit, Kenichi finally puts his hand on the secret garden of Nozomi. Because of being sensitive, Saeki feels his hands and becomes embarrassed.


She exposed her crotch to a man who she met for the first time, that’s why her body is burning with shyness and her face becomes deep red. The moment Saeki feels the breath of Kenichi, she immediately tries to close her legs out of embarrassment, but it is kept open due to Kenichi´s strength. After grinning lightly, Kenichi starts to lick her secret part from top of her blue underwear.


In that instant Nozomi receives a electric shock from the stimulation. She intensely inhales so that the cheeks of her small mouth cling to the penis tightly.

While spitting out a large amount of pre-cum andletting Saeki drinking it, Kenichi sucks the honey pot, like a bear who was hungry after wintersleep was over.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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