Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 194


“Are you really alright?”

“Ah, yes…. Director, sorry for troubling you…”

Inside a office, a young blond beauty seriously bowed her head down. She is a perfect Caucasian, but her Japanese is flawless and has no accent. Her blonde hair which is shoulder long isn’t dyed and shines beautifully with glitter under a fluorescent lamp. However, her expression has the shade of sadness included because she has just recovered from an injury.

On the other hand, the woman who was called director rows and looks at the blonde beauty with tremendous eyes. Her moist black hair is lightly wavy and perfectly matches with her egg-shaped white face. Her expression when she stares anxiously at the blond woman who stands in front of her eyes is overflowing with motherhood.

“No problem, I have dealt with the enemy alone. Apart from that, is your body alright?”

Reiko Arisawa, the head of the Japan branch of SHADO, looked anxiously at Emily Terasawa, her subordinate. A bandage is wound on Emily’s right hand and seeing it from the sleeve of the blouse it seems miserable.

“Ah, yes…. I still have some pain, but it’s okay…”

“…I see. Then it’s fine…”

Silence occurs between these two for a short time. Something floated in their heads that wasn’t possible to say mutually here and it was doubtful how to connect the story.

“…So, is that man dead?”

She was told that in the hospital, but Emily confirms it with her boss, Reiko.

“Yes. It seems that it was an instant death by receiving a bullet in his heart. Apparently it seems to be a professional, but the culprit hasn’t been identified yet…. It looks like a gun that has never been used in other incidents so far…”

“Is that so…”

Emily nodded with a satisfied look. Anyway, Shirato who was an devil host was shot by someone when she lost her nature on that day.

It was about a week from now that Emily fought with Shirato.

She was investigating a hiding apartment and was suddenly attacked by Shirato. She was defeated, caught and violated by him. However, the other party was not able to move and the energy was exhausted by the wave destroying machine which began to move suddenly. The battery of the wave destroying machine has become empty at the time when she almost erased all his energy.

Emily doesn’t remember after that. In her fading consciousness, there was a memory of the devil regaining power and absorbing energy. She remembers the feeling of despair that this guy revived because of her doing a sexual act to erase him.

But in fact Shirato was killed by someone and his dead body was found by a “SHADO” member who came to rescue Emily, who hadnt contacted him. In other words, the energy of Shirato was exhausted at that time somehow, and he became a crock that was unable to act. Otherwise it is unlikely that Shirato, who is a devil hist, will be easily shot and killed by a gun. A devil who can use magic has the ability to recognize a crisis that falls on it. It is extremely difficult to capture and erase devils unless it is a special organization such as “SHADO”.

“Your wrists and arms are okay? They seem to have received a great deal of damage…”

“…Yes, it’s okay. Fortunately the bones were not broken…”

This was also a strange story. During that battle, she heard the sound of her wrist breaking. Also, when she was kicked to her left upper arm, there was definitely damage to the bone. However, there was no abnormality when she was examined in the hospital after she was rescued.

There is only one possible reason.

(I was healed by the magic of that Inma…)

That night. Although it is hideous, she received the body fluid of that Inma many times in her womb. The demon sperm of an Incubus even though it is half-devil emits the wave by itself. And, it is said that a lot of phenomenons occur to a person who received the wave pattern into her womb. In the records that were remaining inside “SHADO”, there are no examples that a woman’s wounds and sickness have been healed.

A flashback suddenly struck at that time. Emily is raped in her mind.


It reminds her of that time and Emily shakes her body while standing in the office. She didn’t like it, but she was violated many times by the other party who she disliked and orgasms and vaginal ejaculations were tasted many times. That’s not all. She had done a obscene sexual act by herself with the purpose to erase that Inma, though she has a fiance who she wants to marry soon.


Remembering that time, the feelings of disgust and regret surge. At the same time, her body becomes hot and something mysterious black is emerging in her womb. She suppresses it desperately by reason and Emily immediately recalled a breathing method to regain serenity. To replace the air in her body with fresh air and to remove something evil from her body.

(Aaa! No, Not good!!)

In response to the black emotion in her womb, Emily herself felt clearly that something hot was pouring out of her crotch.

“Hey you, Midou? What are you doing here?”

When Kenichi was surprised and turned around to the familiar tone, there was the face of a man who smiles with a grin. Looking at that face, he became frightened reflexively and then he got angry with myself about that.

“Don’t be so afraid…I won’t do that anymore…”

The man who looks at Kenichi with a surprised look laughs like an interesting one. Although it’s well-appointed, the evil expression has not changed nearly twenty years ago.

“It doesn’t suit at all to have a guy like you in a fashionable place like this”

Saying so the man sits on the counter and he sits next to Kenichi and talks in a usual tone. It is a mixture of taunting and contempt, on the surface it is calm, but its contents are the same as those days.

“You, what are you doing in this place? This is an outstanding bar for girls, it is not where a moteless guy like you can come to…”

While sitting at a counter and looking at Kenichi who is drinking Laphroaig whiskey, that man ridicules while ordering a drink. You can see that the man looks pretty off from his tailor-made fabric suit.

That man is called Shioya and is a classmate of Kenichi from middle school. Shioya, who has outstanding motor nerves and a bizarre character, was a boss who was strong enough to fight and no one could defy him at school. Shioya and Kenichi, who lived in the same neighbourhood, were in the same class all the time since middle school.

Kenichi has been bullied by Shioya for three years in middle school.

The bullying is insidious and is a trauma of Kenichi. Besides going to buy bread and juice for him, Kenichi´s shoes and bags were concealed. Shioya put a paper on Kenichi´s chair and put sand into his desk. After physical education, the uniform was sometimes sliced and thrown away

The bullying person in question might have a light feeling because it was at middle school. However, it was a day like hell for the one who is bullied. It is not possible to go to school, because that person will be bullied every day if he goes. And no one can help him. All of Kenichi´s classmates and teachers pretended not to see while knowing the bullying.

Kenichi thought about suicide many times, but he didn’t have the courage to die. It is norm to spend three years to breathe as inconspicuous as possible. The ringleader of the bully appeared again in his eyes after twenty years.

At that time, the hardest part for Kenichi was that he took off his trousers in front of the female students. His penis was large at that time and his legs were held by Shioya and Kenichi was beaten in the belly and his pants were forced down in the classroom. It is one of the memories that Kenichi wants to erase if it is possible and that the girls in the class would be excited about his large penis instead of fear and disgust.

The scornful eyes of the beautiful girl who Kenichi was yearning at that time wasn’t forgotten. It was a pure first love in his middle school past and of course, he wasn’t able to confess. The most beautiful girl of his school Keiko Ogawa was looking down on the floor where his lower part was exposed and she looked at him as if she saw a cockroach.

After that, Shioya spoke almost unilaterally and Kenichi made a minimal reply in an attitude to explore. Kenichi wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, but there was an old trauma and he was caught up in Shioya´s pace. Magic cannot be used in such a public place, let alone Kenichi is useless against the other party.

“You are free now? Then, please come with me after this”

After speaking unilaterally for a while, Shioya smoked a cigarette and vomited the smoke towards Kenichi. He used to treat Kenichi like a insect, that attitude was still intact.

It was luxury cabarete in Roppongi where Shioya took Kenichi. He paid the bill at the bar earlier, so he probably had the reason to bring Kenichi here to let him pay the entrance.

Shioya sits down on a sofa. It is obviously the attitude of a man with money and power. He seems to be working as the president at his parent company. Although it seems to be a real estate business, it is said that it is stable while maintaining medium size with steady management.

“Hey, Shio-chan…. You were not here when I came the other day”

One of the most popular girls in this cabaret called Kanon came. She boasts the preeminent popularity in this high-grade cabaret and she is a beauty which is gorgeous and glamorous like an actress.

“Ah, I see this person for the first time. Is he your friend?”

Kanon sales a smile and checks up Kenichi. However, he is not handsome or rich. She rapidly loses interest in Kenichi quickly, which you can notice without knowledge.

“Ah, this guy is a old classmate from my middle school. …Well, he is a moving wallet rather than a friend?”

“…Puu! What!? …What, no way. Is that really so…?”

Even if such a thing is told, Kenichi doesn’t fight back and Kanon laughs with a giggle that is a cold as seeing an insect. As a guest or a man, Kenichi doesn’t seem to be interesting for Kanon.

“Somewhat like that…. When will go after me?”

“Eee!? Cause I also saw this and I am busy a lot ….

“What time is it? I know a good store, so let’s go when you have finished”

“Eee~. I dont know~”

They are acting as if no one is there and talking in a loud voice. Kenichi thought about what to do from now on while drinking water.

After that, Shioya and Kenichi stayed long until the shop closed. Because they opened a lot of champagne and wine, the price was so high that eyes would flew away, but Shioya told Kenichi that he had no money and Kenichi paid the full amount. In addition to his original work as the director of a high school, he is running a super high class club in Ginza, so there is nothing to say about such expenses for Kenichi. But it’s not that he is not angry.

Kanon came and went out like a popular cast, but as soon as it was going to say goodbye, Shioya pushed Kenichi to follow who didnt refuse it.

Shioya and Kenichi, together with Kanon and Momoko another beauty who worked at that cabared, they went to a super high class sushi restaurant that is open until midnight near the shop. At that time Shioya was quite drunk. Sitting in a room at the sushi bar, he started to sleep with mischief.

Kanon and Momoko ignore Kenichi and they ordered high-quality sushi and eat it by themselves. Of course they are also not interested in Shioya. He is only a man with money simply. Both have no intention of selling themselves outside the shop. They just eat luxury sushi as much as they want, before they will just go home.

Not to mention the number one girl Kanon, Momoko was also a beautiful eye-catching beauty just because she worked in a high-end cabaret. Both of them wear fancy make-up and have long brown dyed hairs, but their eyes are not complaining. Because they wrapped a conscious dress around their thin bodies, it seems that their annoying curve is round.

“Hey, do you have colored contact lenses?”

Kanon who eat only sea urchin asks Kenichi and looked at his eyes. Momoko who heard it also looked into his eyes in the same way.

“Are they red contact lenses…”

Not responding to Momoko’s question, Kenichi showed his wicked smile for the first time that night.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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