Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 195

One’s first love

An apartment that you can say is luxury in Tokyo. When Kenichi pressed the chime in front of the entrance, after a while, the sound of a key disengaged from the inside and the steel door was opened. A woman who is illuminated by the light of the room from behind probably finished to go to bed as it is late at night.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my husband to have troubled you…”

The married woman apologizes, while saying so. Her age may be at least 30 years old and she emits a mature clean sex appeal sparingly. Her well-appointed face is attached with thin makeup and she doesn’t look like a married woman at first glance.

“Hmm…it happened again…I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, let’s carry him to the inside. It’s impossible for you alone to do it”

When Kenichi says so, she cannot refuse it. Kenichi went through the door with the man who he had been carrying the whole time. Her drunk husband who hardly is conscious is carried to the sofa in the living room.

In the room, it’s like a couple’s life, it’s a landscape everywhere. Because there are no child’s clothes and toys, this couple might have no children. Although it was understood by the conversation until a little while ago, Kenichi sees it and laughs small so as not to be noticed by the housewife in this house.

“I wonder why he drink until this happened…I’m really sorry”

The wife solves the tie and makes it easy to open the shirt of her drunk husband that is sleeping on the couch. The married woman who is treating her lovely husband in this living room has the line of her bra seen through under her blouse. Kenichi can clearly see her ripe hips that has fat moderately through her skirt.

“I’m sorry to bother you…. You were really helpful”

When the blanket is finally put on her husband, the married woman apologized once again so that no one knows how many times she did it already. With light wavy brown hair and beautiful brown eyes, this wife looks perfect for a neat and clean beauty.

“A…Emm? Somewhere…did I have met you…”

At that time, the married woman seems to have noticed that the other party who brought her husband home has a familiar face. The gesture by which she tilts her little face has not changed since middle school.

“You, don’t remember? We were classmates in middle school, I´m Midou”

“Ee! …Ag! Ah…Mi, Midou-kun?”

After a moment of surprise, a complex expression crossed on the face of Shioya’s wife in front of Kenichi and a dark thought rises from the interior of her mind. What kind of thought or memory it was is unknown.

However, Kenichi is an adult now. The married woman who quickly recovers shows a smile. The person that married Shioya was Kenichi’s classmate Keiko Ogawa who was his first love.

When they talked about various things at the bar, Kenichi heard about it from Shioya. He was told by his own pride that he did not hear anything. Of course, Shioya learned that Kenichi was longing for her.

However, when the person in question is actually seen, she ìs only a little shocked about that fact. And, Keiko likely noticed that Kenichi had kept a pure, hot desire for her for a long time.

“Mi, Midou-kun…. Ho, How are you?”

“Ah, I´m fine. Ogawa-san seems to be fine, too…”

“Th, thanks…”

What kind of reaction does she make when you deliberately call her by her maiden name? The look of those days remains certainly dark when seeing her closely.

In the past Kenichi never faced such a close distance, and never even exchanged words with Keiko. There was always someone around Keiko, the best girl in school, and there was no situation that he could do that. Of course, even when Kenichi was alone with her, he wouldn’t have the courage to speak up.

“Th, then, thanks…. It’s already late at night…”

Keiko urges softly, while choking her words to an awkward atmosphere. However, pretending not to hear such a word, Kenichi looks around in the room.

“That. Is this is a picture of your wedding ceremony? Hee, you did it overseas…”

“Ye, yes…. In Hawaii…”

Keiko is seen and her expression is clouded. It is not possible for her to be rude to Kenichi because he carried her drunk husband here though she wants Kenichi to return quickly. However, because it is late at night, Keiko doesn’t want to have an outsider in her home at such time.

“This is a recent photo, are your parents together?”

“…Ye, Yes…. His parents. We had a party at the office the other time, so…”

In the photo stand, Shioya and Keiko dressed up and next to them are a man and woman in formal dress. Looking at the picture frame its an 50th anniversary of an company’s establishment.

Keiko is obviously perplexed to see Kenichi not return so easily. It is natural because her former classmate who she disliked appears at midnight and stays in her love nest with her husband.

For Keiko, Kenichi was a poor classmate. He has always been sitting alone in the classroom, reading books and never had fun talking or playing with everyone. She knew he was bullied by her husband, Shioya, but she still thought he deserved it. Compared to her husband who has countless friends and who is bright and active, such a insidious man is nothing than trash.

“Emm…Midou-kun…. We want to go to bed soon…. Won’t you go home?”

Keiko says a request clearly. She thought that it was better to recall that he was bullied and so she said it in a bullish manner.

While pounding inwardly, she now saw a man taller than her. His face is different from the timid man before though he has the same look as in the past.

Kenichi had an expression that didnt understand Keiko’s words for a moment, but soon in front of her he grins and laughed. Keiko thought that the smile was artificial, but she feels relieved that Kenichi understood it for the time being.

“Ah, sorry…. I don’t want to disturb the two of you…. You were the best couple at middle school…”

“Th, that an old story…”

Keiko remembers being called so while being teased by a friend before. However, it was emitted by a taunting tone from the mouth of Kenichi who is now in front of her and it seems that he remembers the memories of the best couple with a frown.

“Well, I will return now, I was glad to meet you…”

“Ah, …Ye, yes…”

Keiko swallows the word “I’m glad too” on the way. No fun at all. Rather a painful time. The classmate who was poor appeared suddenly and stomped into her home. She regrets it now that she hasn’t received her husband at the door.

Straight from the living room to the entrance. Keiko dispossessed to block the retreat.


Kenichi who came to the door stopped suddenly. He was supposed to go home, but he gets frustrated in such a place. Keiko wants him to go home as soon as possible. She doesn’t want to breathe the same air as this guy.

“By the way, Ogawa-san, did you knew that I was being bullied by Shioya?”

It is ease like the weather of tomorrow, and Kenichi speaks abruptly. Because she wished in her mind that Kenichi goes home early, it takes a lot of seconds until these words enters her brain from the ear.

“Ee? E? Eeh??”

“I see. You knew I was being bullied by Shioya and you didn’t do anything, did you? Do you know that it is the same thing as being bullied now?”

Kenichi who was facing towards the door broke. At first she thought that the other party was angry with her words. However, the tone of the voice remains as bright as before though the man’s face is not seen well in the dim entrance. Kenichi continues to speak further to disregard Keiko’s embarrassment.

“…In addition…. At that time…when I was pressed against the floor in the classroom and my pants were taken off. The girls were watching, while the boys were laughing. Looking at my crotch, they looked at something filthy…. You might have forgotten, but I still remember it well… ”

When that was said Keiko finally recalls the memory buried in the depths of the hippocampus from the sea of chaos. But over the course of twenty years, the contours are blurred and the details are unclear. A boy took off someone’s pants in the time of cleaning after school and the lower body was exposed surely.

A trivial event that has never been remembered and has been forgotten for a long time. It is nothing important for her.

“What’s the matter with that? If you want to complain, tell the boys from that time!!”

She felt like that the man in front of her laughed and Keiko felt fear immediately.

“…That’s right…I will do so…”


When the man’s words were slowly released into the air, something emerged in the light dark darkness in front of her eyes. Then, realizing that it was the eyes of Kenichi in front of her, the fear doubled. Because his eyes were glowing red like blood.

“Then, I have to give back the debt at that time. I’m going to give you 20 years of interest”


The eyes glow red as if they were LED. The moment Keiko had seen them.

The inside of her body is throbbing and the front of eyes becomes white momentarily. It becomes hot as the body temperature has risen at a dash several degrees and her whole body opens up suddenly.

(Aaa…wh, what…whats this…)

It’s a terrifying and dramatic change. Keiko who is standing at the door of her house has her body suddenly attacked by something. The daily life of a little while ago becomes distant and she falls into the illusion that something big wraps around herself.


It was only a few seconds in time. But the effect was dramatic. Something hot slowly spreads from her waist as if Keiko entered a hot spring and run through all cells in her body. The blood that had flowed with for a while eventually began to converge on several places.


Her nipple becomes hard in the bra and starts to burn. Her huge breasts that is unproportional to her slender body slowly rubs against the bra. At her crotch, the most sensitive places start to awake suddenly.

(What…why…why at this time…)

Being married for many years, Keiko easily understand what it is. Such a state occasionally happened before when she was younger though she hasn’t been in such a situation for several years now.

It’s estrus. A female desire to mate with a strong colt. Imprinted instinct in the DNA of a living being.

(…Un, Unpleasant…b, but…why…)

In front of her eyes is her former classmate from middle school who was poor. It is a man who always had a timid face, and it is recalled that he always looked at her as if he can see her naked body. This person is so disgusting. And yet.

“What’s wrong? Is something wrong with your body?”

“No, Noo…”

Keiko is instinctively frightened by Kenichi who approaches while laughing and they touched each others bodies and a electricity penetrates her body from there. Her hips seem to fall involuntarily and she straddled and supports herself desperately with both feet.

(Aaa…. What is this…this…)

Keiko is clearly aware of it now. Something overflowed from the interior of her body and her indecent spot opens its flower widely. The mature womb wants semen and hanging slowly down. A feeling which she has when she has sex with her loving husband, the thirst of wanting a man inside her whole body.

“No…don’t come…please…”

It is not the man in the presence that she feared. Keiko feared that she feels lust for the man in front of her. The fact is that she feels love for Kenichi, while her husband sleeps in the living room.

“It is steady, look”


When her shoulder is held to support her, an explosive good feeling springs up from there. The concentration and strength is many times stronger than when her husband caress her.

The last time she was having sex with her husband was six months ago. She has been dating him since middle school and dedicated her virginity to him. Since they are together for a long time, sex itself has been made into a rut. It was a seed of Keiko’s trouble that her husband didn’t become excited so easily though he thought that she wanted to make the child.

For more than fifteen years, the erogenous zone of this married woman has been developed by one man and now it reacts to the stimulation of another man. It seems that the joy cells of her frozen body melt and heat up and raise the enhance their activities.

“…No…N, No…No…”

Keiko feels a itchy feeling and shakes her body while standing in a dim corridor where electricity is not lit. It is possible to be conscious that her vagina opens inside her panty and body liquid is starting to hang down. Something hot flows through her thin blouse from the shoulder that is touched and makes the storm blowing in her womb more violent.

(Dear…. Dear help me…please…)

Without being able to issue a word any longer, she desperately calls for help in her heart. However, Keiko is sure that it won’t reach her husband who is sleeping on the couch because he is drunk. In a desperate situation, this chasteful wife is still desperately calling for help.

“Ogawa-san, what’s wrong? Do you have a fever?”

Kenichi comes up with a calm face saying that. The smell is different from her stuffy husband and the remaining reason is destroyed.

(Ki, Kiss…. I want to kiss…)

These words came up in her heart and Keiko was frightened by herself. However, it is the desire that her body wants and the one that she begs for. When Kenichi’s lips are seen in front of her eyes, it is leeching and Keiko wants to exchange rich and deep kisses with that man.


Imagining the pleasures that she gets from kissing, let Keiko feel happy.

Because she has only dating her husband until now, she has never kissed or had sex with another man. She didn’t have any complaints about it until now, and she wasn’t interested in other guys at all. But now she want to kiss Kenichi and not her husband and taste the inside of that mouth filled with a different saliva.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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