Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 197


Red Flames. A burning crimson flame that burns everything.

Usually Keiko is neat and clean, but you can see an aura rise from her body. It is a synonym that this beautiful wife is in an estrus.

However, magic isn’t used. Only tentacles at first.

When the blue aura of his former classmate was seen at first, Kenichi was overjoyed. The fact that he can see the aura indicates that he can use his magic. In a word, he forced Keiko to be in lust using his tentacles and it is possible for him to corrupt her body as she liked.

Noticing her aura, Kenichi used his tentacles at the same time, but that was only at the beginning. Soon, this good-looking wife fell down as if she tumbled by herself. Keiko married his other former classmate Shioya who is sleeping because he is drunk and his wife is feeling sexual desire erupting from inside her body.

(Ogawa is like any other woman…)

While pretending to be embarrassed, Kenichi stares at Keiko who is still looking sideways and he is pleased, but becomes disappointed. The reason for the her who was his first crush at middle school is that the nature of a lewd female becomes exposed if her shell breaks as every other women.

Since the fusion with the Inma, he had sex with a number of women from elementary school to married women and he realized that married women fallen more easier than he thought. Of course, to try to protect the actions of her husband is common, but she would quickly succumb to the heat burning inside her body because she had no skinship with her husband for a while. As for a celebrity wife who has a serious face outside, it was always to rupture the lust like bursting a balloon with one stab of a needle only by using magic a little.

Outstanding pretty married women, especially mothers of his students has been eaten more than 20 people until now and all of them opened their crotch easily when they were a little lustful or frustrated. It was easy to bring them to a love hotel with the car because they were in estrus and as soon as they spread their legs they were completely wet and Kenichi didn’t liked to suck it with his mouth. Even though they resist and said only their husband is aloud to enter their secret holes as soon as Kenichi entered inside they felt so good that they quickly became one of his sex slaves. And, the best and delicious dish is to eat a mother and daughter’s bowl with a beautiful daughter and a usually chaste and humble mother.

“Is this your first time to see someone other than your husband?”

Keiko who is asked, only says “Ah…”. However, from the reaction that the answer is yes, Kenichi is aware of his influence.

“Are you going to live without knowing another man?

“…That’s right…”

Keiko sits down in the hallway and answers without any power.

“Hmm. Does your husband has an affair behind your back?”

“…Su, Such a thing! …That…That person…won’t do such a thing…”

Keiko’s eyes become wet. Clearly, her behavior is a proof that she knows that her words are not true. And, it is clear that Keiko voluntarily wants to continue a happy married life.

“Huhu…. Even at the cabaret club where we stayed together until a while ago, he was flirting with the hostesses. Shioya was proud that he was hiding that fact from you who was staying loyal for so long”

“Don’t lie! Lie!”

“It’s not a lie…. Ogawa-san knows it surely in her heart”

“…Th, that kind of thing…”

Keiko is desperately trying to spin words, but something is tangled in the back of her throat and her words are not clearly audible.

She knows everything. As Kenichi said, there have been many affairs of her husband. When he came home late at night, he smelled after heavy perfume and sometimes smelled of soap. Keiko found a lipstick mark on his underwear taken off at the dressing room and and shed tears when she saw it.

“Shioya himself had said that he has many fuck-buddies…. He was so proud of it while we were drinking…. Well, he’s been popular for a long time”

While at the bar, Shioya was very proud of how successful he was at his job and what popular women he had fucked until now. On the other hand, he made fun of Kenichi like in old times and Shioya assumed that Kenichi was still a virgin.

“He seems to have put his hands out to a woman in his company, so he was proud that he went to Kinugawa river while saying he is on a business trip last weekend”


Hearing these words, Keiko became gloomy.

Her husband went out to work in spite of Saturday and Sunday though it was certainly a weekend. The underwear which had entered the bag of her husband who returned home was politely folded somehow and a long hair was also attached to it politely though Keiko didn’t feel anything at that time. Her husband usually doesn’t fold up his underwear and it was something that obviously someone intentionally did, and Keiko was convinced by force that her husband betrayed her even though she believed him.

“Your husband is playing outside with another woman and you Ogawa-san only want to live your entire life with one man, that’s quite unfair…”

“……Di, different…such a thing…”

The same question as before, but this time Keiko can’t answer and keep quiet. She is shaken by the words of her former classmate and her head turns and her reason is not understood gradually. The poison of Kenichi´s words puts a crack in Keiko´s innocent and faithful heart.

“Hey, look here once more…. Are not you interested in a man other than your husband?”

“…Hii!! …Aaaa!!!”

Raising her face as told by Kenichi, his penis appeared in front of her eyes. The cobra like tip is facing her and white liquid comes out of it. It is as if it is drooling because it found a new prey.

“I’ve been wanting you so much. Were you aware that I loved you all the time?”

“Th, That…that…”

Kenichi´s penis aimed at Keiko as an object of sex and moves excitedly.

(So much…I want this so much…)

Keiko has never had such a clear desire for her husband for several years. The desire of Kenichi for her is making her core as a woman ache in response to it. It is a typical reaction that a female asks to mate with a strong colt and the physiology of animals. Her pussy opened her mouth greatly and spit out a large amount of dirty honey that overflows from the inside.

(Aaa…amazing…I’m so excited. Also, it smells awesome…. My head is spinning…)

Even the male smell which is different from her husband is a strong aphrodisiac for the current Keiko. When she reaches her hands out again, she grabbed the meat spear, closes her eyes and look mesmerized.

(Thick…hard…it is completely different from that person. My fingers…my fingers won’t fit around it properly…)

On the lumpy surface, a blue vein runs and creates a grotesque irregularity. Keiko is amazed that her thin fingers can’t be wrapped around the penis completely. Her face is close and the thick lewd smell is sniffed while rubbing it slowly.

“How big is it, compared to your husband?”

“…Aaa…th, that…”

The standard question said by Kenichi to every married women he met. The answer is obvious, but Keiko struggled. Instead, she put power on her fingers and grips it as to fight back to the mean Kenichi who is bullying her. As if it were the answer.

(Amazing…it still getting harder…)

The feeling of Keiko´s cold hands make the penis more rigid and more bloodshot. It was exactly like steeli. Transparent mucus liquid overflows from the tip.

“Not only your hands, please use your mouth”

“No, No…”

“Make sure you see a difference with your husband’s thing”

“Aaa…th, that kind of thing…”

It feels like something is flowing out from her hands and the desire is heating up more and more from the interior of her body as if responding to it. Therefore, Keiko´s reason is paralyzed and she is encompassed in the unreal feeling like being in a dream.

(What happens if I suck this? What kind of feeling will it be?)

Since she only know her husband, she can’t imagine how great it is. Feeling curiosity, the remaining reason is crushed and oil is poured into the flame of desire.

“Your husband isn’t going to wake up in such a state…”

Kenichi who laughed fearless take a glance toward the living room. A big snore of Shioya who is sleeping on the sofa can be heard in the corridor. As long as his snorting is heard, it is certainly safe as Kenichi said.

(Aaa…what shall I do…)

Keiko who is still hesitant, squeezes Kenichi´s penis with both hands. Her nipples rub against her bra whenever the arm is moved and a sweet numbness rises from her clitoris whenever she moves her waist. Seeing the swaying erection in front of her, her head started to become a white mist as if she was hypnotized.

“Hey, open your mouth”

Being ordered so in a low voice in such a situation, her body reacts before thinking and Keiko´s lips opened. And she slowly sucked the strong meat pillar which will rule her in the future.

(I did it…I finally did it…)

Keiko was defeated by her inner carnal desires and seeing her sucking his own penis, Kenichi was also full of excitement.

Since he fused with an Incubus, a lot of beautiful women have fallen in his hands by magic. Young school girls and female teachers who he were longing for were obtained and even idols which were distant existences were easily captured. It is a equal feeling today to tempt this married woman who has a ripe body which is frustrated and wants skinship.

A deep emotion is felt by Kenichi seeing Keiko ardently licking and sucking his son while still kneeling in the dim-lighted corridor. Anyway, she is his first love that he had liked since middle school. The girl he was longing for is finally going to become his after twenty years.

(Ogawa-san…. Ogawa-san is sucking my penis now…)

Kenichi became a prisoner of Keiko at a glance from the first time seeing her at the entrance ceremony. Shiny black hair and big blue eyes. A white, small face with plump lips. When he saw her face, an electricity ran through his body for the first time in his life.

It is not something that can be called love, but one-sided desire instead. He was pounding every time he passed her in the hallway and looked at her conversation with her friends many times. He wasn’t sure if he could match eyes with her even if there was a chance to talk directly with her actually.

Kenichi´s first love, Keiko Ogawa still remains beautiful after more than fifteen years. Because there is no child even though she is married, she has transformed into a beautiful mature woman through the years.

This wonderful wife accepted his penis in her mouth right now and is eagerly giving a fellatio while making lewd sound. She has a mesmerizing expression and makes full use of her skills that would have been taught by her husband, Shioya. Keiko finally could release the sexual desire that was accumulated until now and the spectacle imagined in her head while indulging in masturbation is in front of her eyes now.

(Ah~, I’m tired…)

She is sucking the glans which tasted like bread and licking the sensitive seam with her thick tongue, her fellatio is like dissolving the penis in her mouth. To the thick blowjob that cannot be tasted by a JK that is usually subsist, Kenichi is excited and even more blood comes to his penis.

Keiko who has been left alone for years has been absorbed in sucking. Her thin white fingers entangled around his balls and massaging it, while she uses her mouth skillfully. Keiko closes her eyes occasionally and shakes her body as if she is about to receive an orgasm.

(Oooh, I got crazy)

The sexual energy of Keiko which is constantly flowing out is accepted with a smile by Kenichi. Her hands and mature body which was developed by her husband is used on Kenichi her former classmate who was yearning for her and she shakes her head.

This is the power of an Incubus which drives the opposite sex crazy. There is no beautiful woman who can escape from that power. Even if the other person was in the least of their own league.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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