Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 207


Sleepless. The Sandman does not come by all means though the eyes are shut since some time now. It’s been like this for a while.

Originally sleep was well She was able to sleep at once as she crawled into her futon. She always get up early in the morning to make her husband’s breakfast, so she already frenzy sleep at this time of midnight.


Gazing at the clock on the bedside with a chilling glance, it shows 3am in the morning. How much time has passed since she lie down like this?

Looking at the other side, her husband is facing the wall and sleeping. Regular sleepi is heard so far and she can see that he is fast asleep beside herself. Even though she can usually fall asleep with confidence only with that warmth, she has no sign of sleeping at all.

(If I dont sleep…it will hinder me tomorrow…)

Not just today. It has been many sleepless nights lately. Therefore, during daytime she is attacked with drowsiness and she often becomes awkward. Chronic sleep deprivation. Even though there is no obstacle especially because she is a full-time housewife since she married and does not work, she is still impatient to want to escape this state somehow.

(Aaa…wh, what shall I do…)

It’s not that she doesn’t know the cause. On the contrary, she understands why she can’t sleep so much at night.

On that occasion. Her body is hot. Her whole body is burning so she cant sleep. The heat spreads through the whole body that is lying on the bed.

And, the center which produces the heat is her sharp nipples and the depths of her crotch. The sensitive part keeps aching in the night and it plagues this good-looking married woman for a long time. It is possible to beguile the nature somehow by doing housework and going out shopping in daytime. However, when she enters the bed thus, the aching spreads to the whole body like wildfire which bakes the meadow before long, becoming a huge fire that burns brightly.

(Aaa…this…I have to stop doing this…)

Gently stretching her fingers out, she touches the crotch from above the pajamas.


At that moment, the current of pleasure is like lightning in her ripe body and a voice comes out from the nose. The part which had heated up for a long time shows a shallow reaction to the slight stimulation of her thin fingers like a hungry carp in a pond which asks for food. The luscious moment that her whole body has been waiting for.

(Why…why in this way…)

The more she says, her body wants more stimulation greedily. Her fingers move slowly from the top of the pajamas and the bottom melts from the waist and the pleasure rises, that her body becomes hot from this shameless reaction.

(So much already…becoming like this…)

It is understood by the feel that the part has already melted and collapsed from the top of the pajama ground which isnt thin. A large amount of flower nectar is already vomited into her panty and the meat petal opens its mouth greatly and wriggles to match the movement of the fingers. It’s like an obscene, greedy creature lurking inside her womb.


A hot sigh is leaked involuntarily, the married woman turns to the side and confirms once that her husband is soundly asleep. Beside her sleeping husband, she indulging in masturbation which let her feel guilt and embarrassment. However, it is not possible to stop the act of obtaining pleasure by moving her delicate fingers.


The desire and aching of her body can’t be controlled by herself. Her husband seems not to be interested in her and has not requested her recently. It might be not unreasonable because they are almost married for ten years. However, her aching body is still honest.

(Even I…I am still young…)

Her husband had requested her every day when they were lovers and did not marry yet. However, he doesn’t embrace her now and haven’t even kissed her for more than half a year. She wants a child, but she is too shy to say it. While frustration accumulates, her body is growing more and more ripe. Even though the flesh over 30 years of age grew matured, the fruit juice is about to drip out.

(And…that kind of thing…so amazing….aaa…)

A decisive incident. Unreal, but majestic fact that she think is a dream.

That day. That night. The event about a week ago has completely changed her. Even if she tries desperately to forget it, her body remembers that dazzling pleasure. The proclaimed of that heat has been etched like a tattoo.


As soon as she remembered that time, the sense of supersaturation caused by the motion of her fingers caused a small explosion. She reaches an orgasm and her lower lip is bitten strongly so that her voice doesnt leak out as her whole body trembles from this pleasure wave.

(Aaa…amazing…just remembering it…aaa…)

Revived in the mind of this virtuous married woman was a valiant towering meat weapon. It penetrated deep into the womb. Although she was fucked till the east sky gets white, the penis remained like steel.

The other day, a man who was her former classmate from middle school has raped her at home. She was made to taste pleasure that she didn’t like by a man she didn’t like and she went crazy. By the ecstasy pushed repeatedly, the sense of time was lost.


When the hand was put directly into the panty, it was overflowing with body liquid. With her clitoris being satisfied, she arranges two fingers and let them dive into her vagina hole that melts and loses one´s shape. Her secret hole tightened like a sea anemone.


The hole of a woman shows a shallow reaction by squeezing two delicate fingers. When the fingers are moved back and forth against the resistance of that man killing organ, the pleasure like ripples run with a faint overpressure. However, even if the fingers are moved, it is far from the requested stimulation.

(Like this…more…bigger…)

She still can remember the penis in detail. Her fingers, of course, are a far better pleasing tool than her husband’s penis. And at that night, she was raped by a monster-sized penis in various positions in this house.

No.she wasn’t exactly violated. Despite hating it at first, she quickly greeted the pleasure for herself. After being penetrated on the floor of the kitchen, she protruded her hips on the sofa in the living room, shook her hips by herself to the man seated on the couch and at missionary position, her legs entwined on the carpet against that man’s waist.

(Aaa…that thing…)

Deep kisses were exchanged repeatedly in the meantime, as well as entangling their tongues. The man’s saliva was sweet for some reason and she deeply wanted to drink it. When they changed position, she kept sucking his body fluids and favors the penis until she was told to stop. Of course, she has never done that to her husband.

At the end the man ejaculated inside her vagina, but at that time, she lost consciousness lightly. When it was pulsating in her womb and the hot semen was bathed in the interior of her body, the world has become pure-white in front of her eyes thanks to the pleasure.


The first acme of this day came when massaging her breasts with the other hand and tampering the nipples. The vagina road shrinks and squeezes and the swallowed finger are tightened up. Her body was trembling a lot, but the weakness was exhausted before long.

When the wave of ecstasy drew, the reason returned and her breath was still rough.

(This…I have to stop doing this…)

Since that day, bad habits have become habits. Since she married she stopped to masturbate, but she is comforting the body ache by herself like this every night hiding it from her sleeping husband. When she think about it, this married wife is feeling guilty and getting dark.


A new stimulation runs through the spine when her fingers are pulled out. And heavy pleasure spreads from the waist when she inserts the fingers which were pulled out again.


A hot breath leaked out and the state of her husband was confirmed in a hurry. However, her beloved husband who sleeps soundly doesn’t seem to hear her indecent sigh at all. Her finger begins to move again as if she is manipulated at the same time as being relieved. It is not the penis of her husband’s that crossed her mind, but the black sturdy penis that ravished her before.

(Dear…help me…. I…I managed to get through this situation…)

The outside of the window is already near morning. On the bed in the bedroom where she sleeps together with her husband, Keiko Shioya was unable to satisfy her ripe aching body while masturbating which might end today.

Music reverberates in a room. The body that is dynamic in front of her eyes matches it. Sweat flowing from the forehead makes her feel hazy, but she still can’t keep an eye on it.

(Terrible…why, like this…)

Moving her body to the flowing music and dance. She has practiced many times over and over again, but she can see that the perfect movement is still far and some mistakes are still made. Of course it’s very small little things. However, the gap is clearly conscious to her who is dancing.

But the two girls dancing in front of her were different. Moving their body to the rhythm in a movement up to perfection, the operation of each one is beautifully smooth. It’s too perfect, so it looks like the two of them are in sync.


Now, about fifteen people are dancing in this lesson. All of them are just young girls who practice dancing in three rows, facing a mirror on the wall. All of them aim at the entertainment world and to become idols, therefore these girls are working hard in this dancing class every day.

The entire room is mirrored, so she can see the movement of all fifteen people, including herself. It is understood that the performance of those two who are dancing in front of her stands out to the others. Their movements and rhythm that used the whole body, as well as the movement of the arms and legs, are intensely supple and beautiful like South Americans.

(Why is Naomi-chan…)

Especially, since she is jealous of her friends who have recently become very sexy, she still moves her body to keep going on desperately. However, her movement became awkward and it cannot be repaired that the tempo and the rhythm are disturbed.

Risa Ito and Naomi Utsugi, who dance in front of her eyes, are two of the best in this dancing class. As friends who aim for being idols together, they became friends while showing up in this classroom together many times. They are a little bit older than her, in spite of the lesson history Ema isn’t losing to them as she practices since she was six years old.

Ema wonders since when such a difference has been attached . Especially Risa who is one year older and started this lesson six months ago. Her dancing was awkward at first, but it remarkably progressed and now she became a candidate of a popular idol group and made her television debut. Risa was such a genius and she is able to give up if she had a different talent.

But Naomi is different. Naomi is two years older and has a long history of practice. She normally was as good as Ema. In the past few weeks or better in the last few days she’s been improving like becoming a different person and now her performance is as good as Risa who is number one in this classroom.

(W, why…why Naomi-chan …)

Naomi recently had a confident expression and attitude because she had improved her dancing skills. She was a little weak-minded originally, but she is now bright and speaking positively with the girls around her. Naomi’s expression in the mirror was satisfied with her performance and she makes a big grin.

Ema doesn’t know why, but she came to feel that Naomi became a matured woman. It is natural that she grows every day because Naomi is an 14 years old middle school student. However, the change was dramatic and as if an ugly larva had transformed into a beautiful butterfly through chrysalis.

“Yes, OK! Let’s end it for today! Everyone, thanks”

The fierce song ends dynamically and the dancing teacher tells the end of the lesson. After an hour and a half of lesson, the students were sweaty and tired as they bow to their dancing teacher with an rough breath.

Ema also was sweating and waited for her heartbeat to become normal. When she raises her face, she sees that Risa and Naomi are completely fine and chatting happily with each other.


Noticing Ema´s gaze, her two friends suddenly turned towards her. They grin with a smile as friendly as before.

“Hey, shall we walk home together today?”

“Would you like to drop by on my home? Shall we eat that sweets from back there?”

“Uwaaa! Yes! I got hungry!”

Both are the only ones who talk to Ema without any change.

“U, Uh…”

Both of them are drenched in sweat and a sweet woman’s scent rises from their whole bodies. Somehow it reminds Ema of an adult woman and she feels as if they have gone far beyond her reach and something sad and painful is overflowing from the depths of Ema´s chest. It seems as if she could see the invisible wall between her and the two of them.

“Ito-san and Utsugi-san. You were perfect today as well, continue to do so”

The instructor who finished teaching after completing the lesson approached the two girls and says so, while wiping the sweat off with a towel.

“Especially Utsugi-san. You´re really good at dancing in these days. That’s it. I might be recommending you from the house to the example audition”

“Eh! Th, thank you very much! …I…I will try hard!”

“Uwaaa! Naomi-chan, congratulation!!!”

Naomi is praised by the lecturer and grins with a big smile. The lecturer and Risa are smiling at Naomi happily.

(Naomi-chan…is ahead…)

Ema covers her face with a white towel and hides her inner feeling while hiding her expression from her two friends.

Friends with who she aimed to become idols together. But, at the same time, it means that they are rivals that follow the same path. It is frustrating and impatient for Ema that her two friends and rivals are ahead of her. Among the three, she is the youngest. But Ema know best that it is not an excuse to say that. There are many pretty girls aiming for the entertainment world, like the number of stars. If you linger, you will only be overtaken by everyone else.

(Only I…why…)

On the way back from the lesson, Ema looked down while walking home. After the lesson, Ema rushed to the dressing room to run away from her two friends and changed clothes and hurriedly left the classroom by herself. She always goes home with her friends to the station, but she wanted to be alone today.

(I’m not good enough…. Naomi-chan has become so good…)

Ema purposely do the detour and walk by changing the way not to meet Risa and Naomi. The road to the station is light and it is safe for a sixth grader to return alone though it is a road which has already darkened completely. Since she came directly from school to the dancing class, Ema is caring a red school bag on her back.

(Everyone goes ahead…I will never be as good as them…)

The feeling of defeat is stricken, and the mind of the 12 years old Ema is small and deflated. It seems that dark, negative thoughts undermining her small heart and the energy from her body is slipping away. Her heart is hurting and she walks along the shopping street while looking at the bottom. The weight of the school bag on her shoulders pressed against her back even today. The way to the station is always fun with her friends. However, Ema felt awfully long today and her feet are finally carried as if being dragged.

She is still approaching the station and the light of the street lamp shines like blasting the surrounding darkness. There are many salary workers, housewives and students, and it is a common sight that the same human odor of life always overflows.

Raising her face, Ema stops her feet in front of her eyes.

(Aa! That…that is!!!)

A car parked on the road in front of the station. Standing next to it, was a man who Ema can never forget.

(Risa-chan’s papa…. Why is he here…)

That man is a friend living with Risa, who is called papa. But he is not actually Risa´s real father, he is like a lover.

(Aaaa…that man…that man…)

Ema knew that this man had sex with an pretty girl from an idol group. Recalling the intense sight at that time, a shock runs through her back.


Ema felt like the man’s eyes looked at her and she hurriedly hides behind a signboard that is nearby. The man’s eyes have a mysterious light and they are glowing red like a laser pointer.

(Aa! Aaaa!!!)

At that time, she was likely to raise a cry seeing two marvelous girls running towards this man. Both of them wore middle school uniforms and these girls would make the surroundings become bright. Seeing those two girls, young men and middle-aged salary man would look back at them.

Of course, they were both Risa and Naomi, who Ema separated with in the classroom. Risa jump at the man without hesitation and hugs him firmly. Naomi, who is a little late, is talking happily with a big smile as if she is embarrassed to be near this man. When the man turns his hands over their shoulders, he smiles softly and gently.


Ema saw the sight from the shadows realized what was going on in a moment. From her perspective, it is certain that Naomi is completely intimate with that man. And maybe that’s what it means.


In front of her, her two best friends got into that man’s car and disappeared into the darkness of the night. Ema, who was left alone, stood on the spot with a blank surprise as people passed by her with a suspicious face.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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