Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 217



Suite room of a luxury hotel. Two beautiful women attack from the left and right Kenichi´s crotch who is sitting on a sofa and are repeatedly performing oral service. These pretty women with enthralling expressions continue to be obscene while skillfully using their long tongues, soft lips and hot mouths. Their pink tongues glow wet with saliva. Both tongues move like living things crawling on the black surface to enjoy its hardness and thickness.

It towered firmly at the center. The surface where the blood vessels emerged ugly on the surface is gushing wet with saliva and the giant glans spread its meat umbrella which is big enough to intimidate the surroundings.


Reiko licked this penis with her mouth until a while ago, but even if she looks at it many times, she doesn’t get used to it. A devil-like penis which has been pushed into her inside before let her become crazy. Every time she sees the terribly dependable appearance, the back of her body begins to be wet.

“Take it off”


Reiko who is fascinated to devour Kenichi´s penis, suddenly was ordered and didn’t understand his words.

“I told you to take it off”


Being ordered with a cold tone, Reiko is stared at by Kenichi with calm eyes. But she cant react quickly and she feels stunned as if her head is paralyzed.

“Take off your clothes Reiko”

“…Ye, Yes…”

Ordered a third time, a positive answer finally came out of Reiko´s mouth. But she didn’t move right away, for awhile she was lost, before she slowly reach for the zipper on her back.

(…Aaa…its embarrassing…this…doing this…)

She feels shame for taking off her worn clothes while being stared at by a man. While sitting on the sofa, Kenichi keeps his crotch served by two other women. Kenichi isn’t her husband. Shame, regret and repentance fills her heart which slowly blackened. On the other hand, like ridiculing herself, her ripe 40-year-old body is burning up.

Just watching at Kenichi´s cruel eyes, a mass of heat overflows from the back of the womb. When Reiko takes off her clothes as if peeling them off, the chilling of the burning skin to the outside air fuels her tension.

“…Aaa…don’t look…please…”

Taking off her dress and revealing her underwear appearance, Reiko embraces her body with both hands and is shy. Even her husband has never seen it, it is an unthinkable act if Reiko was her normal self. On the other hand, however, her body is hot and and it is obvious that she is experiencing excitement as if you can see it. The evidence seems to be that a lot of flower honey overflows from her crotch and flows down from the inner thighs and hangs to the ankle.

“You have a erotic body”

“Aaa…it’s embarrassing…dont say such a thing…”

Her brown lingerie is rich in precision and rich in sexy design. Since the relationship with Kenichi began, Reiko started to wear such underwear only. Wearing it on her voluptuous body, Reiko is increasingly embarrassed and wriggles her body.

Her body that kept bathed by the Inma magic has completely changed in about half a year. Her skin is so tight that it can not be thought of a 40 years old woman and her body with essentials has developed so much that it is impossible to think that two children were born. Indeed, her bust is larger than before and plenty of bell-shaped meat protrudes forward.

It is not as young as Junko and Yuki’s body, but ripe for her age and releasing the incenses that can’t be suppressed. A ripe fruit is the sweetest and juicy, so her body is ready to eat right now.

“Your husband is a happy man. He got married to such a superb woman”

“No! Don’t mention that person…”

“What are you saying, isn’t he really lucky that he can marry a woman who has a good body?”

“Stop it…please stop…”

This beautiful wife desperately begs while understanding that she is teased by Kenichi. It makes her feel like that she is played around with the thorns stuck in her heart.

When moving to the bedroom as it is, Reiko is hugged and kissed intensely and her tongue is sucked. Kenichi who is now naked lies on the gigantic king size bed with Reiko while Yuki and Junko are clustered on his lower body.

“Hey, please put your tongue out more”


Her head is boiling when her tongue is strongly touched and her body is getting hotter and warmer in Kenichi´s arms. Their skins are in close contact with each other and the pleasantness increases, while tying down the covering body and exchanging tongues.

Rich and aggressive deep kisses like lovers. If you look at it, you know that this intelligent beauty usually totally forgives this man.

(Aaa…nooo…I feel it…)

When Kenichi ‘s hand begins rubbing her boobs through the bra, Reiko only reaches a light climax from it. Her mouth is being blocked by a kiss, her sensitive melons are squeezed and the pleasure is announced with a voice that doesn’t become a voice.

“Hiiiii!!! Aaa…not there…”

Reiko screamed when her voluptuous breasts were rubbed repeatedly and her nipples were licked. When lightly biting the tip of the red-colored nipples, Reiko writhes with pain and pleasure warping her spine. Her body that became sensitive everywhere reacts shallowly to Kenichi´s caress.

“Hey, spread your legs”


When ordered, Reiko can’t go against it, but she hesitates before she spreads her long legs on the king-size bed. She has never exposed such a lewd pose to her husband. Her brown panty sticks to the crotch and the color is darkly discolored there only through the overflowing nectar from the center. The odor of estrus rise densely.


Kenichi licks his tongue and keeps sticking to the secret place of this married woman like a starving beast. Reiko, who was stimulated by Kenichi´s hasty and greedy actions and his sense of conquest, is pushed up to a new acme just like that.

Kenichi was always like that. Since he ravished her for the first time, he always enjoyed her secret part with his mouth and tongue, and always made her cum slowly. The cruel and ferocious man who drives Reiko insane is a lewd pervert who licks her crotch covered in body fluids and love juice.


Kenichi licks her shameful part with an obscene sound. His long tongue wriggles like a living thing and stimulates a part that is felt intensely and properly. The tongue goes inside the womb and rubs the inside of her sensitive vagina. Sitting on the bed and spreading her legs widely, Reiko still show her crotch to Kenichi while she could also go against him.

When the caress like the storm ceased abruptly, she was pushed down to the bed. The moment her wet panty is turned aside, a penis is pushed to the wet pubic area. Feeling the heat of the hot colt, a chilling chill runs through her spine.

“Come on now, let’s have plenty of fun”


Reiko had tasted it many times, but she who knows the seriousness of this man’s sex, trembles with her whole body with the expectation and uneasiness when thinking whether it will come again now. Her legs aren’t open anymore and her body asks for intense stimulation as soon as possible.

“You came here after you lied to your husband, so you can enjoy yourself well today”

“Nooo…aaa…dont say it…please…”

“What are you talking about, you are a cheating woman who comes and goes to see me leaving her husband and children alone. Aren’t you a woman who is a nympho and an idiot who loves the cock of a man other than your husband?”

“Aaa…no…I am…such a…”

Reiko is shy to the end. Then the man suddenly left her body alond and knees on the bed. Not knowing what happened, Reiko is stunned.

“What…is it still impossible to be obedient” “Such a thing, it is a nice thing”

Between Kenichi’s legs, his huge penis is standing up. Then, Yuki and Junko gather from both sides and watch Reiko as they start to lick it while laughing.

“Aaa… why, why…”

The hot stimulation that she thought could be obtained soon wont come, so Reiko raised her voice with her legs open. However, while looking down gracefully, Kenichi’s dick is served by two beautiful women wearing outstanding lingerie.

“If you want it, be honest. That you’re a horny and cheating wife. What is it?”

“…Aaaa…such a thing…”

“If you don’t tell me, this will be a bad day”


Reiko raises a voice of protest against Kenichi who will corrupt herself so far and still bullies her. However, she is a strong police chief who usually gets respect from even older subordinates.

“Hey, be obedient … You are a prisoner of this person, aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah…because we all belong to this bad man…”

Trying to show off their tongue skills, Yuki and Junko laughed thinly and synchronized.

“I already know, we can’t resist this person…”

“This was our fate…”

“Would you be with us and become a cute slave of this person?”

“Come on, be frank and let’s have fun together…”


The answer has already come out. Reiko know it herself. By lying to her husband and coming here, she know what she is doing. Still it is scary to say that it really seems to destroy the last fortress.

“Well, will you leave as it is?”


There is no way she can return. Even though she wants this stern man in her body, she is seeking a hot and intense blow throughout her body. But even when still sworn in the daytime, she should have confirmed something over and over for her happiness. Something at that time resist at the last minute.

“Will it be straightforward if I do this?”

Kenichi laughed and gripped the huge tip into her secret flesh.


Her pussy narrowed down to an overwhelming extent and Reiko screams from pain and pleasure. Her body responds instantly to the stimulation that she had been waiting for and she falls to orgasm only by that. It is a dark, ecstasy like hell that is deeper and hotter than the union with her husband.

However, Kenichi stops his waist at a point where the tip has entered several centimeters.


To the far back. She wants stimulation in the back. The petal opens its large mouth, while the mucosa is trying to retract into the peristaltic movement. Seeking further stimulation, Reiko tries to move her waist. But Kenichi dodges her movement.

It was Reiko who tried it for a while, but she lost.


A beautiful wife who aspires deep insertion while moving her waist. Her bold body that gives rise to a rich fragrance, is burning hot and with her sexy eyes, every ordinary man would want to embrace her. However, Kenichi who became a genius to drive women already is coldly looking down while grinning.

“Please…please…I can’t endure it anymore…”

Reiko was left alone for two weeks and was impatiently on the verge of her limit. Reason, family love and chastity to her husband also melt away and disappear as if it has been drenched.

“If so, say it “I am a nympho and cheating wife””

“Aaa…that, that is…hiiiii!!”

As the glans head down a little bit and spread the entrance gently, a spark is spread inside Reiko. In response to that, the core of her body contracts.

(Already…no more no more…such a…)

She was at her limit. She changed with the sex with Kenichi, the strong and tough spirit had already tattered. Reiko, a villainous wife and a gentle mother, entrusts everything to a man other than her husband on a hotel bed.

“Uwaaa, I…Im a nympho cheating wife…”

(I’m sorry…I’m sorry…dear…)

Once she said, it she succumbs to it. As ordered by Kenichi, Reiko said those indecent words.

“Please fuck this cheating wife, cheating with this cock…”

“Try to skewer my horny pussy…”

“Please give me a cup of raw cock and please ejaculate inside…”

Despite saying that, she continued to say nasty words as she is impatient and cant wait anymore. During that time, Reiko moves by herself and speaks more obscene words.

“Uwaa…quickly…as soon as you can, pierce me with your penis, to the bottom of my pussy! Aaa…please…my pussy…”

A crazy pretty wife is absolutely sexy. To satisfy the figure that shivers while shaking her waist, Kenichi finally moves his hips and sinks his dick deep inside.

“Hooooooo!!!! Ahiiiiii!!!”

The huge meat weapon rubs against the sensitive mucous membrane and forcibly spreads the narrow vaginal tract. Although it is completely wet, it has plenty of resistance and creates explosive pleasure for Kenichi and Reiko.

“Ahiiii!!! Cuuummm!! Cummiiinnggg!!”

Receiving outstanding pleasure, Reiko squeezes her throat to scream. A penis bigger in size than her husband has entered the deepest part of her vagina. Every emotion and thought is dismantled and becomes a mud, due to that hot stimulation that has been awaited.

(Huhu…becoming such a sketchy body…)

While passing through the director of “SHADO” in normal position, Kenichi shows a big smile. The woman whose taste gets better enough to embrace is hot and soft and she has plenty of meat on her body. Small folds that grew inward and tightly gathered entangled Kenichi´s penis and promotes ejaculation and peristaltic motion. Even though she let her husband use condoms, she has raw sex with Kenichi since she was caught by his poisonous fangs. Ironically, the complexity of her vaginal structure creates a situation in which ecstasy cant be obtained in an union with her husband.



Finally, when it is pushed deep inside, Reiko is stimulated by a big wave of pleasure. A large amount of sexual energy is released, which eventually becomes like a thin fog and drifts around, before it is sucked into Kenichi´s body.

However, Reiko who drowns in ecstasy with closed eyes can’t see it. Even Kenichi´s eyes are shining red and doubtful as he fucks Reiko brutally.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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