Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 219



Rich murderous intent which looked like a black fog appeared in Kenichi’s eyes. And from that fog, the face of a man is reflected gradually. The man obviously sticks out a knife that he got in order to kill Kenichi and is staring at Kenichi with brightly shining red eyes.

But the knife grazed Kenichi’s body and pierced in the suit jacket. Since Kenichi was attacked the same way as last time, it was avoided somehow. When the man prepares quickly, he stretches his spine and stands up.

“It’s been a long time…Midou…”

“You are…”

It is a face Kenichi’s know well. He has a growing beard and fuzzy hair now, but his remnants that once used to be duny are still remarkable. The man who gained popularity among the female students and was in a major post at Ellis young ladies academy.

“U, Usami-sensei…”

Just saying that, Junko was a mistress of this man once. When he heard the voice, Usami laughs with a buried nature when he confirms the owner of that voice. He became such a terrible thing as those who look at him would think Usami is a illusion.

“What, Junko…? Are you still going out with such a piece of shit…”

Usami usual way of talking. Reiko who had sex with him many times does not try to conceal her aesthetic as Usami admires her appearance, and now he even seem to drool just from looking.

“What…What you have two more good woman at your site…just right…I will kill you and get them all…”

With red eyes that shine eerily, sneaky eyes are poured on Yuki and Reiko who are standing on the side. At the next moment, when Usami packs up time with no preliminary action, he throws out the knife again in a straight line.



Two screams rise at the same time. However, Kenichi twists his body again this time and hit the tip of the knife. The magic power of the Incubus acted and Kenichi was able to capture the trajectory of the fast moving knife. And at the next moment, during the flowing movement, the knife was grasped


But the moment Usami thought about it, his opponent disappears like smoke. It should be an angle and speed absolutely inevitable for an ordinary person. Because he is out of his sight, Usami can’t get a gap of Kenichi for a moment.


The sound and shock of something pushed into the belly, late and painful rash attacks Usami’s stomach. Usami can’t breathe, his eyes turn white and his conscious is about to faint.


But somehow he keeps stepping in, taking a great distance using his jump strength with both feet. At the next moment, Usami’s knife is swung down in the place where he stood just now. You can hear a sound cutting through the air. He felt danger and flew away quickly, but if that decision was delayed even for a moment, it surely would have stuck in his neck.

(Wh, why…why is this…)

After acquiring the magic power of a devil, Usami has done such a battle several times, but his enemies fell down with overwhelming power. Human movements looked like slow motion to magic eyes and his limbs were able to attack enemies smoothly as if he had been doing martial arts for many years. However, to Usami who is in front of Kenichi, the power of a devil he gained isn’t overwhelming. A deadly punch was thrown out, but on the contrary he faced a drastic counterattack. He couldn’t see his opponents movement at all.

(This movement to my red eyes…this guy is the same as me…)

Usami’s eyes are glowing red as if emitting a laser. That means one thing. This man also merged with a devil and use its magic powers.

(Shit…not good…)

When Usami laughs with a grin, he doesn’t have a preparatory motion again and then shortens the distance in a matter of a second and cuts down with a knife. When he sunk his body and exchange blows with Kenichi, he saw a fist approaching him as he started seeing from the bottom. Not in time. It’s speed was obviously far greater than his.


Usami gathers his wave quickly at the right hand and catch it, but as it is his body is blown back. 2 m blown away behind and falling from his hips to the asphalt. Even though his whole body is filled with magic power, the pain is intense.


If the opponent was a human, he can repel him or if he doesn’t do it he should break the wrist. But in reality Usami was blown away. That means one thing. Usami can freely use his demonic wave.


Usami fills the distance without getting haughtered and shakes his left leg a lot to make a hit. A terrible beat like a brown cuts through the air and comes closer.


No one can defend against it, so Kenichi raise his right hand and desperately block it, but the magic kick from that point on is mercilessly beaten into him. With a shock, he heard a bizarre sound, clearly showing that the bone broke.


The body responds faster than you think with your head, it rolls as it is and it rolls on the ground, and it jumps up at a stroke by the reaction. The knife flew from the right this time, desperately descending back to the back and exchanging, but this time the kick is attacking from the left.


Now I have to block with my left hand as well, and I get a sound as if my arm hits me straight. Although it seems that it did not break, it surely contains cracks.

“What, you…running away…. Come over here…”

“Damn it…”

Usami laughs gruesome again like a cat who chased a mouse.

“It seems that you are on the run recently, you…well, it’s over today, I will end your fate…. And every woman, money and power you got will be mine… ”

Saying that, he smile from the back of his throat and exhales a malignant black breath. Black fog appears from his whole body soon and then covered him to protect his whole body. It seems like an ominous darkness, which is a rich and powerful magical energy.

Obviously Usami is fusing with his devil. Perhaps it is not unrelated to the evolution of evil energy swirling over this city. In this city where the power of darkness has become powerful, new generation of demonic convergences are created one after another in this way.

(Even so…this difference…)

And Kenichi was aware of it. Usami and his magic powers are about the same strength. Then, this difference is clearly a difference between Kenichi and Usami who fused with devils. That is, the difference in the exercise ability of the host.

Usami who was originally a sportsman, roots dark and otaku and sports innocence during college days. If a man who has a mass of motor nervex gains magic power, it is unreasonable to fight martial arts that can murder such master of such martial arts as well.

(Just as it is…what shall I do…what shall I do…)

However, the more calmly the analysis is, the more unlikely it is that he is in a state of desperate situation. Since there is no difference in magical power, the difference in the original exercise capacity is absolute. That is not a difference Kenichi can manage here now.

“It won’t be interesting to kill you at once. I will cut you down a bit and will hurt you all the time. I’m fucking these women in front of you…huhihi…”

Usami who is no longer a human laughs. His personality has also been taken over by the fused devil, and his wicked heart got enlarged. His eyes flashed red and his mouth also opened wide so that saliva drops from the edge.


When the pause is ended, a knee strike issued at high speed from below which is a blind spot. And as he predicted Kenichi ‘s avoidance action in advance, he moved his right hand with the knife sidewise to attack where Kenichi moved to.




Red droplets scatter in the air and agony and screams rise in unison. A knife cut through Kenichi’s forehead and a lot of blood overflowed from there. The blood overflowing from the forehead will cover the eyelid at once and deprives Kenichi of his sight.


He wiped the blood with the sleeve of the suit away and opened his eyes somehow. However, Usami´s left leg hit Kenichi´s head instantly and blows him away to the right side at that moment. If Kenichi did not relieve the shock during the flight, the turning kick hidden with horrible speed and power wouldn’t be avoided slightly and he may have lost his neck.


Nevertheless the impact is terrible, his head is ringing as if he rammed into the temple bell rung 108 times on New Year’s Eve. However if he stops moving, it will be fatal for him, so desperately waking his body, Kenichi take distance again.

“That’s good. That’s how it is…don’t die so easily. Please entertain me more”


“Someone…someone help…”

Yuki and Junko can’t move as if they were frozen with fear while trembling with their back teeth and bodies. From their bodies the negative energy of fear overflows. As it drifts slowly as a white fog, it soon is sucked into Usami´s body.


At that moment, Usami breathes heavily with a satisfying face. He absorbs the negative emotions and his body is overflowing with terrible power.

He was imprisoned in prison and tasted living hell. His beautiful wife, daughter and mistress were robbed, as he was sentenced to a extremely cold prison after being sentenced to imprisonment as a rape criminal. He lived a life like a miserable and painful sinner, which is opposite to his gorgeous life before. To himself with extreme development of pride, a state of misery appeared that couldn’t be tolerated very much. Usami desperate hung his neck in a prison toilet. However, although miraculously breathed back, a devil appeared in that long dream while he was wandering around life and death.

Since then, he has been dreaming about revenge on this man. The man who robbed himself of everything he had and dropped himself to the bottom. When Usami realized that he was able to use magic powers, he decided to drop everything into hell like that.


As Usami start to do a front kick, Kenichi moved aside. As they repeated it a couple of times, Usami chased Kenichi to the point where his back was against the wall.


A punch with overwhelming speed aims at Kenichi´s face from the front. Seeing it with eyes that are hazy with blood, Kenichi desperately avoids it. The fist that scrapes his cheeks hits the wall. Together with a buzzing sound, the impact breaks the wall and the fragments hit Kenichi´s face.


Yuki and Junko scream to the destructive power which does not seem to be human´s strength. What happens if the fist that can grind even concrete hits a human body straight? Thinking so, the tremor of their bodies didnt stop and as they couldn’t escape they were only frightened.

(Guu…leaving as it is…it will be the end…)

Kenichi managed to finish a series of strikes somehow, but the situation was hopeless. His two arms screamed with pain, his head that was kicked strongly is still unpleasant and the pain of his epigastric also becomes more and more intense. In addition, the bleeding of his head still continue and half of his view has already been deprived by blood entering his left eye. It is not possible to run away. The physical strength and the athletic ability are too big of a difference.

Moreover, the situation worsens, and there is no element to turn around.

(Something…something is missing…something in hand…)

In this desperate situation, Kenichi was desperately trying to find a answer.

(What…what’s going on…)

The first raid collapsed on the road, the head which was numbered for a while due to the impact starts to grasp the situation finally. Along with that, the reality occurring in front of Reiko is reviving her reason and knowledge which is the director of “SHADO”.

(That man…obviously is a devil host…)

On the top and bottom of the gray sweat, a man with a bobbing hair. The man’s eyes glow red and its expression is unique, as if it were tied to something. The figure of a typical devil host who has been seen many times so far.

(And that movement…no doubt…)

The agile movement different from a regular person is also a typical one of devil hosts whose muscular power and motor functions have been enhanced.

(But…but even that person…)

But what was more shocking is the movement of Kenichi to dodge it. Even a normal human wouldn’t be able to avoid those attacks steadily. That means something terrible.

Now he also blocks the sharp front kicks of the enemy. At the next moment, he dodged the knife aiming at his head at an unthinkable speed and retreat backwards as it is. Reiko learned martial art at Tokyo Police Department and she also understand the practices of her subordinates, so she understands that movement clearly.


Reiko is shocked by an unexpected reasoning. No. It is not impossible to think, she didn’t think about it on purpose…. She herself understood the facts a little, pretended not to notice it and stopped thinking. If so, all the pieces fit like a jigsaw puzzle and one picture will appear soon. That is the worst fact for her.

(What shall I do…What shall I do…)

Reiko trembles by that fact as fear of Kenichi and the pitfall opened under her feet. Before her is the dispute between two devil hosts and she is watching without doing anything.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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