Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 221

The truth I knew

A small article in the corner of the social side didn’t seem to attract anyone’s attention. But a beautiful woman who is sitting at her office desk is reading it hard enough not to know how many times already.

According to the article, there was a fight in the downtown in the early hours yesterday, one man was dead on the street. The dead man escaped from prison he was jailed in and is a rape criminal who was pursued by the police. That man was found dead. When found by a passerby there was no one nearby and there were no witnesses. No details were mentioned in the newspaper, but it is said that it is under investigation of both accident and murder.

When the net article was closed, the beautiful married woman with a leaned her body back to the back of the chair and breathed out a sigh. Tiredness is reflected in her eyes which she is rubbing right now with a finger. Reading that article didn’t help much. Because she was at the scene at that time and had witnessed everything.

(Aaa…what can I do…what should I do…)

Reiko Arisawa, the chief of “SHADO” belonging to the Tokyo Police Department, had been suffering almost without sleep since yesterday. Even though it’s still in the morning, fatigue gets stuck on her face and can be seen clearly even when she is wearing makeup.

She who has a husband and children was drowning in carnal despair. Well, it is true that she had a affair with a bad guy who is the devil king that they are now pursuing. It is their duty to discover and eliminate people who merge with evil spirits, so called devils. Reiko was responsible for that department and still she had sex many times with that bad man.

Going into the database of the police station, she investigates the police side material of this case. Reiko who attaches special mission as a police chief is given the right to view data of other departments. The material contained more detailed information than the newspaper article.

The man who was killed was Usami Yusuke. 46 years old. Originally a principal of a young lady academy, but in October last year he caused a rape case as he attempted to rape a student and was sentenced to prison because of that. Although he was a model prisoner in prison, it is said that he committed suicide and descended immediately. Usami’s cause of death is a marked damage to the head. According to the results of the discipline and necropsy, he was crushed by an iron ball which was instant death by crushing into the hard skull. But the victim was not particularly traumatized except for his head and it was unknown what kind of terrible power worked only within a narrow range and it was said that they are currently trying to identify that weapon.

(That is…the devil, he also has the force of the devil king…. Undoubtedly the perfect wave resonance)

Recalling that time, Reiko shudders.

That man who was attacked unilaterally and was no longer a threadbare, suddenly fought back with explosive power and in a matter of seconds killed the devil host. At that time, the appearance of the man seemed to be a state of mental and physical loss, and there seemed to be no definite consciousness. It was the same for the two women who were next to her and Reiko was able to quickly solved it, what the sudden change was with her knowledge about devils.

It is called Perfect Wave Resonance.

A phenomenon in which a devil makes his or her wave resonate highly with others and temporarily amplifies its magical power. With this, the devil can use more magical power than he has. The horrible thing about this ability is that the more the devil resonates, the more explosive the devil’s magical power becomes stronger. In other words, there is no limit to power up.

However, devil hosts who have this power rarely appear, although they have been confirmed only in history as far as they are counted, but because of their horror they are described in history as called the devil king (Author of Evil)

(What happened…after that?)

That man and two women seemed to have gone away from the scene at once and it seems there are no witnesses at the moment. Originally, without hesitation, Reiko must gather the SHADO members immediately, talk about what she saw and plan a strategy to capture the devil king they were looking for. It is because the identity of that devil king who they had never been able to grasp until now was finally revealed.

(But…if I do such a thing…I…)

Reiko drinks the coffee placed on the desk, but the deep affection disappears. If she reports that she was at the scene, she will soon be asked why. Given that the opponent is an intermediate Inma, Reiko´s secret will naturally be known.

Confess everything and immediately carry out the annihilation strategy? Or does she wait for someone to find out like this? But that man uses pseudonyms, so she doesnt know where he lives and what he is doing. The information that he is called Saito who is working at a cram school, is probably a pseudonym too.

(How do I…What shall I do…how can I prove it?)

Due to lack of sleep and intense affection, the clever and intelligent Reiko is unable to make normal thoughts and judgments. Her brain that always finds the optimal solution in an instant, does not work as well as a machine that caused the oil to run out.

Her eyes look again on the report of the incident. She doesn’t know how many times she has been looking at it.


At that time, Reiko noticed a sentence on the screen and her eyes are glued to it. After a few seconds, when she fully understood the meaning, she felt like light ran in front of her eyes.

(This is…no doubt! There is no mistake!)

It was a sentence that she read many times until now, but she didn’t notice it with her head which was clouded by tiredness. But as the light streaks in the overcast sky, insights run through her heavy head like lightning.

(I wonder why I hadn’t noticed it before! A former principal of a young ladies academy. That school that Emily had been looking at was suspicious before, and it was sure to be a young ladies academy!!)

Reiko hurries her PC to search for information on Ellis young ladies academy. When she opens the material she was looking for, she cant click on it with her house as her hand was trembling. When she finally opened the file she was looking for, a photo of that guy appeared on the first page with the details.

(Aaaa!!! I found him! This guy…Midou Kenichi!!! This guy!!! …Its not a mistake!!)

The picture in the screen is a little different, but obviously it’s that guy. When seeing it, Reiko felt the interior of her body was melting by conditional reflection.

“Aaa…not good. In such a place…this is not good…”

A beautiful woman wearing a pink nurse dress is pressed against a wall, raising a voice of rejection as her breasts massaged by a hand coming from behind. But her voice did not show serious dissatisfaction, it is obvious from the sweetness mixed in her voice that it is only an excuse out of shame.

“My body isn’t perfect yet…. Besides, in such a place… aaaa…”

No wonder the nurse says “such a place”. Anyway, this is a toilet in the hospital she is working at and although it is a private room, she doesn’t know who will come in.

“What are you saying, aren’t you a pervert that likes to have sex in such a place…?”

“…Lie…it is a lie, such a…aaa nooo…”

The nurse screams as she is pressed against the wall and her big chest is raising up the nurse clothes as it is kneaded by someone else’s hands. That is an act that hospitalized patients who know this nurse wish to do. To the extent that it doesn’t suit her slim body, they would massage her huge bust so hard that it can’t be hide even from the top of the nurse clothes.

“You wanted me to do this? Because yesterday you hadn’t night shift”

“But…but Midou-san…. There are still scratches on your shoulder…because of that knife attack…. Aaaaa…noo…”

The beautiful nurse is distracted as her chest is rubbed. Her body which has been violated by this man many times already melts by the pleasure which spread to her whole body. At the same time desire quickly burns up and her body is steadily preparing for intercourse.

“Hey, had you already sex with your fiance doctor?”

“…!!! …Nooo…do, dont ask such a thing…”

Kenichi wearing pajamas teases the nurse Misao Nakano with this mean question while enjoying her body with his hands. Last time he was hospitalized in this hospital, he had sex with three nurses who were in charge and supplemented his energy, one of them was Misao.

Yesterday morning. Kenichi confronted Usami who fused with a devil and was seriously injured because of the battle. In addition to bruises on his whole body and scars from the knife, he had countless fractures. The knife was deep enough to reach the bone on the shoulder. Kenichi was hospitalized at the same hospital as last time and received treatment, but the damage has already recovered by 80% due to his magic power.

Of course, the spent magic power was replenished by having sex with the nurses on duty. Last time Kenichi was hospitalized he had sex with the nurses on night shift and today in the morning he had sex with the beautiful clerks and receptionist who he had an eye on. Those pretty girls who aren’t inferior to any of Kenichi´s sex slaves were corrupted by having their biological aura eroded and they provided extensive sexual energy to Kenichi during the sexual intercourse.

Then in the afternoon, I brought Misao, who has been working late at late afternoon, to the toilet and concentrates on that sweet body and energy. This pretty nurse who has tasted the unprecedented pleasure given by Kenichi last time was obediently attached though she was shy.

“If you dont answer properly, I will stop”

“..Aaa…th, that’s cruel…aaa…”

Opening the front of the nurse clothes and slowly rubbing the breasts through the bra, the torrent of hot pleasure running through her whole body is immeasurable. Every time her big chest, which has become a H-cup in size, changes shape, the reason and body collapses. A heavy pillar is pressed against her hips with force and heat flows constantly from there, and both feelings mix up in her body.

“Well, how did you had sex with your fiance? How was it compared to me?”

“….Noo…I cant say…I can’t say that, such a thing…”

Misao knows that Kenichi is a meany.This big-breasted nurse with this outstanding body have been frustrated for a long time. It won’t stop, which means that sex with the surgeon who is her fiance isn’t enough at all. She knows that, but it is fun to listen daringly.

“Hey, be honest… that guy was not enough?”

“Ahiiiii!!! Aaaa!! Iyaaaa!! Iyaaaaaa!!!”

When Kenichi chews on her earlobe, Misao reached the top lightly. A causal body full of carnal desires reacts to such an extent that it is too sensitive to the stimulation given by Kenichi. After Kenichi interrogated her by massaging her chest and chewing on her earlobe, the pathetic nurse finally confessed.

“Aaa!! It was useless…it was useless…”

“What did you say?”

“Not at all…I didnt feel it at all…it wasn’t comfortable…”

Misao who loves her fiance the surgeon for a long time will marry him in about two weeks. She can be together as a couple with this handsome elite doctor who everyone was aiming for. Hence she should be happy originally, but it was a tragedy of Misao that she became a victim of Kenichi at such a time.

“You were hugged by your favorite boyfriend and you were dissatisfied?”

Kenichi still teases her. When one hand is inserted into the skirt, the crotch which gets hot is stroked from above the panty.

“Hiiiiii!!! Aaaa!!! …But…but…aaaa!!!”

In the posture that puts both hands on the wall, the body is covered as Kenichi likes, and he can do whatever he wants. Friendliness and skillful caress, and the triple combo, the wave of the Inma, will chase this beautiful nurse with a rich sensuality.

“But…. Small…. It’s small and I don’t know at all whether or not it is inside…. Aaaa…the length isn’t enough at all…”

Misao confessed with a red face. It is no wonder that she can’t be satisfied with such a small penis, after having supreme sex with Kenichi. Her body that tasted the best stimulation can’t return to its former shape.

“It’s painful like that, how did you survive that?”

“Aaa…I was doing…”


“…Aaa…I remember you…. Imagining your amazing penis…aaaa…nooo…”

Although he told about a secretive embarrassing act, such embarrassment also becomes a spice which deepens the pleasure even more. Acting obscene with a patient in the male toilet at the hospital she is working at, excites the beautiful nurse with a masochistic temperament.

“Hey, suck!”


Misao has a sad expression, but she obediently obeys Kenichi´s command. Squatting on the floor of the clean toilet, she pulls down Kenichi´s pants. As it is a pajamas, it is easily removed and a penis with an amazing size appears in front of her. The starving nurse raises a groaning-like voice from the back of her throat.

“This…this is…this…”

Misao hasn’t seen it since that time. However, her body that was pounded with the pleasures brought by this thing once wants it like a junkie that ran out of medicine.

“This…this is…aaaa…awesome…”

Misao is caressing Kenichi´s genital with her white thin fingers. It has a complete different magnitude and mass than the one her fiancee has. A thick odor comes from this meat weapon, but even now it is a fragrance inviting the lustful Misao.


The beautiful nurse breathed a sigh and laid down her long eyelashes, before she opened her glossy lips and slowly gripped it.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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