Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 224

Black calamity

The streets of Roppongi doesn’t leave the heat of the daytime and it is becoming more and more humid. Exhaust gas discharged from the road car. The hot exhaust that flows continuously from the outdoor unit of a shop or a house.

They were mixed together, and the heat was lingered in the bottom of an urban night without wind. In a pub in a corner, a lot of foreigners gathered today and are talking loudly to spit out plenty of energy while drinking alcohol. The hustle and bustle of not being able to hear what you are saying if you don’t shout at a distance of sticking face to face together.

The Japanese who walk in the main street see a big white man and and black people gather together as they yell and pass the side at a quick pace. Most of the regulars in this Irish pub were foreigners. However, even in a place where such a slang is exchanged, the appearance of the Japanese seems to be mixed with a lot of whites and blacks.

Obviously, a Japanese woman is looking for sex with a foreigner’s man, and the white and black people are flocking to such a foreigner loving bitch. A store where the energy of desire and pleasure is overflowing with heat. In a little quiet space in the corner, one beautiful woman was sitting with a glass of scotch in her hand.

The men have been talking to each other instead, but this blonde beauty doesn’t seem to be the same. While staring at her glass of scotch alone, she seems to indulge in musing in the space swirling in the hustle.

(The director was in contact with an Inma…. It is an undeniable fact…. But, I am not qualified to blame her for that…)

Employed in the UK headquarters of “SHADO”, Terasawa Emily currently belonging to the information section of the Japanese branch had been thinking about such a thing since a moment ago. The glass in her hand is almost empty and she isn’t even drunk even if this is her third cup. Her head is strangely bright, and it converges when various thoughts are disturbed like that.

Reiko Arisawa, who is the director, told a shocking story about something that happened the other day. The executive board was suddenly opened and she told that only a high school teacher who is a devil host is the culprit about the mystery murder case and that he is the devil king, they had been looking for all the time.

From that day on, each division gathers all the power and is planning a strategy to capture and destroy the targeted devil host. Although the opponent is a intermediate Inma, it is also a devil king who is capable of boosting power by showing a high degree of resonance with other people although its low violent destructive power, so it is designated as the top priority subject in the department.

At the time of explanation, the director did not reveal why the criminal could be identified, the reason or the evidence. However, Emily is aware of the reason. No, you can say that she is convinced. It is almost certain that Reiko Arisawa, the top of “SHADO”, had been communicating with a bad guy or something like that.

(I checked it just in case.. but it seemed to be so…)

Emily, a specialist in wave analysis, is secretly studying changes in biological waves that occur when an ordinary person comes in contact with the waves of a devil. And it is understood by analyzing many samples so far. When a devil host erodes a biological aura, a trace of the devil’s wave remains.

Measurement of Reiko’s wave with a secret was a test, there was evidence of evident erosion. Moreover, it was quite deep, so it was not once or twice that it was eroded. That is, evidence that Reiko was in contact with one several times.

(Director recently noticed…. That the opponent is a Inma…)

The name told from the director was a person who Emily also knew well. It was herself who was doing her own investigation with her eyes suspecting that that man is doubtful. Remembering the face of the teacher affixed to the survey file, a shudder in is felt from the devil hidden behind that mediocre face.

(A horrible guy…that guy…that man is completely different from every devil so far…)

The rare existence of devil king is very dangerous. It can power up its magical powers by resonating high waves with other people anyway. If it can make itself resonate with a number of opponents, not one or two people, it can’t be imagined how much power it will have.

(The opponent is a devil king…. But the really terrible thing is not there…)

Emily’s point is right. Only power can deal with it. If the power of the machine is raised, then the wave destroying machine can theoretically compete against a powerful advanced devil. Even if the complete wave resonance is caused by perfect resonance, it may be suppressed by power exceeding it.

In “SHADO”‘, they have recently introduced a machine that generates tens of times the power of a resonance generator using magnets using superconducting coils. But the most dangerous part of a devil isn’t power. What’s frightening about it is its incredible cunning and prudence. And the self-control that suppresses its desires. To control the desire while fusing with a devil and to restrain the desire moderately while having the reason to wind a tongue.

(It is not usually thought that such a being can hide so long…)

Without looking at many examples, a devil host had always drowned in his mighty power and easily collapsed on his horse legs. When the same power as this Inma is obtained, a lot of men begin to attack women without irrationally while being thrown into inner desire and enlarged confidence. As a result, the existence was able to be lifted soon and the existence was easily identified. However, the Inma of this time has melted into the citizen life without reckless driving at all though it appeared for nearly one year now. It seems that it does not increase victims one after another while being in a splendid hunting ground of a young ladies academy and expands its power surprisingly carefully.

(As if it had failed before and learned from it…)

Emily thinks of a foolish idea. There is no such a thing. A evil spirit is born in the spirit world from nothing, and eventually returns to nothingness. The memory and experience should not be taken over.

(But…but, why…why…it knew about the existence of “SHADO”, but he was getting closer to us…. Through Arisa´s and Noriko´s knowledge, he should know how fearful we are, but…)

“SHADO” exists to eliminate devils who are natural enemies. But ignoring that risk, that man aimed at Reiko who is the top of SHADO. Nonetheless, since Reiko is a civilian who has no experience of actual battle, it isn’t unreasonable to push through that gap. But even if so, will someone dare to jump into the enemy’s hand by himself?

(Obviously the opponent this time isn’t a simple existence like this…. Somehow more…intellectual…no, it seems like planning…)

Every year a considerable number of devil hosts are discovered, but something like this has never happened. Devil hosts ruled by an evil spiritual body lose their reason and always used to self-destroy themselves with a desire. On the contrary, this devil who places cautiousness and boldness in the same room, plans its power systematically. That black wing spreads widely, even the illusion that they will be captured while not knowing.

Emily who suddenly tried to return after feeling crowded and went to the toilet suddenly felt that she was stroked on her back by something.


Feeling a hot gaze from behind, a suspicious shiver runs through her back. At the same time the ice of the 4th glasses makes a noise. Then that dreadful sense runs through her whole body. A black desire which annoys this beautiful half beauty recently.

(Kuu…why…. Why, at such times, in such a place…)

Emily feels hot as her whole body burns up and the field of view in front of her eyes gradually narrows. She feels that her head is slightly numb and something hot is coming from behind her back. When she understands it, she panics.

(Aaa…what shall I do…)

At that time. A horrendous curse planted in her body since she was fucked by Shirato. The cause is obvious. The biological wave is modulated and occasionally she suffers from such body and mind modulation. It is a desire, a carnal desire to let her become crazy. A primitive instinct imprinted in DNA for mature female progeny prosperity. Pure desire to connect with a strong colt.

(Why…aaa…in such a place…)

To the sudden storm of lust, she sits in a chair and closes her eyes tightly. There is little problem if this is her room. Simply waiting for the waves of desire to quench while greeting the desires with her fingers unexpectedly. But here isn’t the apartment where she lives. It is a pub in the center of this big city.

(Let’s go home…return home…in a hurry…aaaa!!)

From here to her house is just a stone’s throw. Emily tried to raise her hand to finish the check, but the cells in her sensitive body respond with only that much movement. Even though it rubs slightly, the friction between the fabric and the skin is felt many times like the caress of her lover.

(Wh, What do I do…this…this…)

The attacking tsunami is always strong and its desperate power darkens her eyes. It is okay to just get over it with waiting, but her sense tells it is impossible. This is the first intense libido.


“Oootto! Are you okay?”

She struggles to stand up from the stool. But someone hugged her on the verge of collapse. The feeling of that stout arms and chest runs through her body like a whitening of her eyes just because of that. At the same time, the animalic smell pierces her nose as it wraps around it.

“…N, Nooooo…”

“Hey Hey, are you alright? Did you drink too much?”

Looking up with her blurred eyes, it was a solid person with a solid build that supported Emily. The body with amazing muscle armor is pushed into a tank top and from his whole body comes a beast-like aura and a unique body odor. His thick arms etc are like logs.

“Hey…are you drunk… Look, can you stand?”

“…N…No…. Ha…hana…”

Emily tries to say that he shall release his arms, but her mouth doesn’t function well. The man who confirmed the weakened Emily, on the contrary, puts even more power into it and supports her. Although it is from the end of kindness, Emily who was driven by fear struggles to move her handicapped body.


However, it instead calls for friction, which increases contact between both skins. The yellow eyes peculiar to a black man are drenched and muddy in desire to a movement that looks as if it is wrong.

“What…. You, you are totally motivated manman…”

The man who laughs with a grin while talking in a small slang. It is not unreasonable to misunderstand. Emily didn’t know, but this pub was famous for foreigners living around here because of the girls seeking only one night stands. The body and expression of Emily who was attacked by a black urge was too cheerful.


“Somehow you seem to be in pain…. It’s close to this, so it’s okay to take a break for a while with me…”

A beautiful blonde beauty gazes at himself with moist eyes. Emily scatters a smell that invites a man from her sweet sweaty body and doubtfully softened the meat from a while ago. As a matter of fact, she is inviting this guy.

(Hehehe….. Today I´m lucky…. I can have such a fine juwel…)

Even if this isn’t his home country, but when he was invited by friends and came to Tokyo, he could eat pretty Japanese women. He caught the sweet meat of oriental people when he picked them up in clubs and bars here and there.

Since it was handed out randomly, there were many failures at the beginning, but the success rate has increased extremely recently. When he gazed at the women while thinking this, the girls got into the mood without exception and opened their bodies. Each time their bodies have black desires and power, his confidence as a man overflows.

Today, he found a superb blonde woman who can rarely be met in his home country. A beautiful woman who drunk alone is attracting attention in this pub, and some men wanted to talk to her, but didn’t approach her. While watching the back of such a beautiful woman, they were always looking for a chance.

(I gotta get her…)

Looking at the face of that woman, the esthetic estate itself. When that man put power into his black body and he tries to enclose the white body, the beautiful woman twists her body without difficulty, but it does not help at all.

The huge black meat spear in his shorts aches and the man begins to walk with Emily’s accounting and embracing her side. The envy gazes of his companions and the vulgar laughters, he picked up a taxi and get in quickly.


The black man told the destination, before he quickly sucked on Emily´s red trembling lips. When putting in his big tongue, the beautiful woman accepts it without totally resisting, and in fact, she entangles his tongue with her own. The driver sees this with a room mirror, but there is nothing to worry about. The Japanese quiet like sheep is not supposed to complain about them.

“It’s so muddy…you pervert…”


When he put his hand in her thin dress, the panty is soaking wet with honey overflowing from the inside. When he licks the body fluids of a fragrant smell on his finger, the black man embrace Emily´s white body in the back seat of the taxi while show his dirty desire. He is shaken by passion and Emily who keeping her eyes closed is not sure to noticed it though the pupils of his yellow eyes shine glowing red as if they are burning.

“What is this, radio?”

“A transceiver? Is it something like a machine?”

“Well, the one who forgot it will come back, let’s leave it as it is”

“What are you going to do with it? Shall we go home today?”

“Well, I don’t have anything, so shall we go to a club?”

Two black gals who leave the girls’ toilet at the pub. On the washbasin where they disappeared, the wave cancelling machine which lost its owner was flickering with its LED signal without any sound.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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