Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 225

Luxury Call-girl

Four days have passed since Kenichi was attacked by Usami, former vice-principal.

Meanwhile, Kenichi did not return to his home with Miho and Junko, he didn’t go to the luxury hotel that is used between the school and his home, he was in the middle of Tokyo all the time. It is to keep everything ready including his physical condition before “SHADO” attacks. At the office of Ellis young ladies academy, where he works as vice-principal, he has no real job, so he can rest for about a week.

He knows how to attack “SHADO” through Arisa. Basically it is usually theory that two or three assault attackers attack a target as a pair and control with a stun gun and a wave destroying machine. Even though it is exercised many times, in one to one battles humans can’t overcome devil hosts, so the principle is to overwhelm them with number and tools. But usually the attack of several people is also expected, so they probably take a different strategy for Kenichi who is an intermediate Inma, that is, taking a larger scale strategy. Perhaps “SHADO” will use all of their strength. People and machines must allocate sufficient resources and they will attack with maximum strength. Then, by that time, Kenichi have to maximize the preparation to fight as well.

However, even if preparing, there is no definite hit. Speaking of what he can do carefully is to store as much power as possible. Too few measures, but he should do better than doing nothing.

“Hey…you have a scary face since a while ago, what are you thinking?”

While curling the chestnut hair with one hand, a beautiful woman who cuddled sideways closely asked with upturned eyes. Every time she moves her body with a sexy gesture, the gained fragrance of a woman’s pheromone and perfume is rising. Her loosely waved hair looks good on her small white egg-type face and it is very sexy with her big black eyes.

Sitting on a sofa and entrusting the whole body, something hot flows along with the body temperature of that beautiful woman´s body. It stimulates the desire of a man and it gushes when the lust gets swayed so that the penis is directly stroked.

The beautiful woman who is relaxing in a room is wearing a thin dress, so the graceful lines of her body hidden in it is well understood. The meat being pressed is soft and ripe unexpected for an 22 years old girl.

It’s not just appearances that are wonderful. This beautiful woman who snuggle up next to Kenichi has a pleasure organ to jump off. How many times has Kenichi been able to put his spear into the finest honey jar which is narrow, hot and soggy. Even if Kenichi was supposed to be invincible to the woman, the control didn’t work without being able to withstand the delicacy and it was often lost.

“Hey…I can’t wait any longer. Let’s do it. Hey…I’m already naughty”

Whispering with a sweet voice. A striking glossy tone arousing the desire of his penis. It is sure to burn the black animal desire instantly even if it is Noriko.

“Aah…quickly…quickly insert it…. My slimy vagina wants to be penetrated by your hot and thick penis…”

A lascivious invitation poured with hot breath. Just listening to that voice, the black excitement rises steadily from the bottom of his body. Not only the words but also something else enters the body and it seems to sway the excitement center of the brain directly.

“Ken-chan’s very thick penis…. This lady-killing huge penis is piercing my narrow vagina…. Raw sex, hot cum will enter my uterus…”


The beautiful woman makes dirty talk that is poison to Kenichi while inserting her long and thin tongue into his ear. Raising a voice unexpectedly in response to that stimulation, Kenichi feels that his excitement will expand infinitely without limit.

It is obviously an abnormal situation.

Certainly the beautiful woman seducing with her body that was cocky now is exquisitely sexy and amusing. If you are a healthy man, you will have a rough breathing without asking questions and attacking. A sweet fragrance rises from the estrus whole body and the head is spinning just by being wrapped by the smell at a close distance. There is no man who does not remember desire for such a beautiful woman.

However, Kenichi is a devil host who fused with an Incubus which has the power to keep women at will. Although the opponent is a marvelous beautiful woman, she is invincible to other women. As if Kenichi is like before he fused with the Inma, like a junior high or high school students who wants to have sex, there is no such thing as getting excited without knowing it as he does now.

As if she knew about the growing desire of Kenichi, when the beautiful woman laughs like a nymph and whispers, she makes her surprisingly long snake-like tongue move.

“Ken-chan also loves my va-gi-na. It is much better than other girls, isn’t it?”

When the neck is licked with the long tongue, a wave of pleasure that thrills from it runs through his whole body. As Kenichi agrees with it, blood flows into his cavernous body and makes a loud sound in his pants, as it is pulsating. When the hand of the beautiful woman enters from the seam of the shirt and strokes Kenichi´s nipples, he cries out with a miserable voice “Ah!” like a woman.

If Junko and Yuki see this scene, they will be surprised and roll their eyes. An unbeatable man who plays the game as much as he likes on the bed as he likes and now he screams as he is attacked unilaterally as if he had returned to being a virgin and is tossed around.

“…Ah, your body is the best… Mariko…”

When Kenichi says so, he reaches for the body of this beautiful woman called Mariko. Even from the thin synthetic fiber dress, he can see the soft and ripe female body in the inside.

“Uhuhuhu…is not it? The customers are all crazy about me. Other girls can’t satisfy them anymore…huhu…”

Mariko laughs lasciviously while licking Kenichi´s neck. The movement which stimulates the erogenous zone of Kenichi is skillful and pleasure spreads from there since a little while ago. At the same time it appears that the black aura that is coming out slightly…from Kenichi´s body erodes slowly red from the parts touched by Mariko.

(Certainly…I know men get absorbed by her…)

Kenichi understands the situation that his biological wave is dyed in contrast to the usual and he is crazy by magical power with his head becoming numb by pleasure. But, at the same time, it is an act that he always do to beautiful girls and he is impressed by this tremendous strength in the standpoint of the opposite.

The two of them are in a super luxury apartment where Mariko Asano lives and it is a luxurious living room that is so expensive that a single woman may not own it. Mariko’s occupation is a model business such as a race queen, but it is ostensibly. The work in the back is a luxury call-girl who is super-luxury and is the most popular girl. Mariko who has an outstanding appearance for a model, but of course it doesn’t mean the customers pay an extraordinary play fee of 150,000 yen for two hours. Of course there were reasons.

It is the overwhelming pleasures that Mariko brings, which is like using drugs.

And men are absorbed with her. If she caresses, the whole body is attacked with pleasure, and if it is a fellatio, they will come in several minutes. Men are cornered at the cliff in an instant without any exception and during sex they vomit their sperm into her secret place as they cant endure.

It is a pleasure that is unreasonable and she seems like a demon. No. she isn’t a demon. Mariko is actually a devil.

As you can see from the erosion of Kenichi´s aura, Mariko is also a devil host with magic powers. Moreover, it is an existence called Succubus that eats men and uses their precious energy as energy.

And Shiho Fujiwara who teaches at Ellis young ladies academy, just like Eto Sayaka a bad girl attending a private high school in Tokyo are the same. However, Mariko’s magic was more powerful than Shiho and Sayaka though they were all half-devils. Even if it isn’t as much as the complete Imma like Kenichi, it is so powerful that she can erode her opponent’s aura with her own wave if she is in close contact.

The red aura, that looks like blood from Mariko’s body, slowly swallows the black aura that protects Kenichi and it can clearly be seen with the red eyes how the color changes.

The red wave emitted from Mariko’s thin finger resonates with the black wave of Kenichi which covers the scruff and the chest and the overwhelming pleasure is spun into skillful caress sent from there.

“You feel it here. Uhuhu…being afraid…Ken-chan, its cute…”

Mariko who is enjoying the reaction with laughter saying so, makes the sexual feeling surely burnt. Evidence that her eyes are as keen as a carnivore, clearly recognizes Kenichi as prey. Her open eyes are reddish in the same way as Kenichi.

“It has become such a pretty spot here…I’m not entirely motivated”

Skillfully caress the tightness of the pants which are raising the pants with the thighs. As Mariko pointed out, Kenichi´s dick has completely become powerful and is so hard that it is embarrassed in the pants. Her long legs wrapped in black stockings move smoothly and stimulates the center. It is understood that the red wave of the succubus flows into his body with heat from the part that Mariko’s body touches.

“You have a nice face that seems to be comfortable. Uhu, I will give you a lot of comfort tonight as well…”

Mariko licks her tongue around her wet lips while staring into Kenichi´s eyes. Such a gesture is also a tremendous stimulant to Kenichi who was captured by the magic of an Succubus. Mariko takes the hand of Kenichi as it is and begins to lick his fingers with her red mouth. Show off that act.


When the left index finger and the middle finger were in her wet mouth, the long tongue twines around them immediately. Tightening the lips while doing so and slowly slide it along the fingers. The back of the head becomes numb when it is said that he looks at his fingers and it is like a fellatio.

(Only this, if it was my former self, I would have already come…) j

Just because his fingers are licked, Kenichi realized the magnificence of the Succubus again for that incredible feeling. It is the essence of this female Inma to push a man’s libido, to amplify the desire and to draw pleasure to the limit. If the pleasure which cant be tasted is experienced with sex with this woman, men will want it even if they need to throw something away. Even if it is a platinum price of 150,000 yen per time, Mariko will always be full of reservations.

Making a loud noise and squeezing the fingers as it is sucked with a hot mouth filled with saliva. If this is Kenichi´s penis, that pleasant feeling will be tremendous. Tongue use that you can easily imagine just by looking. It was Mariko who was sucking his fingers for a while, but then eventually with a smile like a devil, she took his fingers off her mouth.

“Hey…kiss me…. French kiss…”

A man captured by the magical power of an succubus, there is no technique to resist it. In the moment when Kenichi´s see the obscenely tongue in her mouth, his reason is evaporated and he piles up his lips with her wet lips.


At first it was a lighter one to taste the feel of her lips, but Mariko´s ferocious tongue crawled right away and licked Kenichi’s mouth. A large amount of saliva dropped and swallowed along with a rose-like scent and swallowed it.

(Aaa…incredible, this is…)

The body fluids of an Inma are a powerful aphrodisiac for the opposite sex. Kenichi in the opposite position now than usual is made to understand it very much. The power of a devil that this succubus demonstrates when preying on the other party. The magic is enough to make any man a prisoner and to ruin him though it is not a mighty one like Kenichi.

Kenichi first met Mariko goes back more than half a year ago from now. From the information obtained by hacking into the database of “SHADO”, he knew the location of all devil hosts in the Kanto area and chose a superb female succubus among them and made her fall.

Paying a large amount of money to her and calling her overnight for private use at first, he let her do at first as she likes. A female Inma who sucks male sexual energy and gains power is confidently playing with Kenichi, but she was fucked by a real devil who fought back in the middle and was sweetened by the luscious body and energy.

Even though her magical power is stronger than Shiho, Mariko is still a half-devil.She was unable to win against a true genuine devil who became serious, and it took them until the morning to pour semen into all her holes as she was fucked. It’s actually 8 hours in total. Meanwhile, ecstasy was tasted countlessly and Mariko who had been screaming and scooped out of energy until she was exhausted and rooted out, has become a faithful sex slave to Kenichi since that time when he made Shiho his possession.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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