Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 226

Red tentacle

As a model and a race queen, Mariko has a style that entranced her long legs. With her being exposed to the magic sperm repeatedly, her proportions are increasingly being polished. Of course the inner complexity of her pussy evolved further and her call girl customers are killed without exception.

Such Mariko is striking with full power of magic power, but Kenichi doesn’t seem to use his black wave or red tentacles as usual and continues to be teased one-sided.

“Hey…sip with your tongue more…. My saliva, drink more of it…”

As he was told, Kenichi wonders how many times he swallowed it. Endlessly very deep kisses. Skillfully being caressed by Mariko’s slim body and long limbs, Kenichi was continually being accused unilaterally and had enhanced sexuality. Being enveloped by the smelling fragrance of a rich and reverberant female, it is comfortable to suck Mariko´s mouth while being fiddled by his nipples and feeling it in the back.

“…What? You’re about to put it out…. Oh…huhuhu…”

Mariko who grasps the state of Kenichi accurately with her wave smiles. According to these words, it is likely to be revealed in the pants if you are careless. Almost no wave covering his body is available, so the pleasure amplified by the succubus power directly stimulates the ejaculation center as it is. Kenichi returned to the time before he fused with his Incubus and he was in the mercy of this wicked female.

“Become so stiff…”


A voice comes out when Mariko stroked the crotch with her thin finger from above the pants. Still in her twenties at a reasonable age, Mariko´s hands are used to stimulating men.

“…Hey…. It’s painful like this, do you want to release it first?”

Mariko seduces mischievously, as she approaches Kenichi who is sitting on the sofa.

“It became like this, Ken-chan is so poor…. It’s going to be a painful bulging…. Hey…just before it come out here…let’s take it out once and let your son easy up a bit…”

Mariko invites while caressing the crotch and making a rain of kisses on the scruff. The body is as supple as a feline animal, with a red aura overflowing from its whole body.

“Anyway from now on anything will be squeezed until the morning, now it’s okay to just pull out a bit…. Ken-chan is unequaled…. Aaa…great…hot, hard and thick…. I get excited just by touching…”

Mariko who puts her hand in Kenichi´s pants touches the penis directly. The only thing in her mind is the desire to have hot sperm poured into her womb first. After all, because her beauty is refined more and more if she absorbs Kenichi´s sperm that is filled with magic. Even more, if it is the most squeezed, its concentration is scattered.

“Huhuhu…I’ll rape you…rape”

Mariko laughs with a devil’s smile. At that time, a bright electronic sound sounded in the room. Then a small tsk followed.

“…N, mouu!! Those girls have already come! The worse~!! Had enough time to do a little more, damn it!”

Mariko becomes cranky at once. It reminds you of a mood shop cat, coupled with big pupils. When Kenichi wakes up all too soon, Mariko disappear to the front door.

(She’s still an interesting guy…)

While Kenichi smiles bitterly, he reaches out to the beer he was drinking until a while ago. Mariko’s mansion is heavily secured and at the entrance of the first floor the guards are monitoring visitors 24 hours a day, and without fingerprint authentication, they cant enter. Therefore, they went down to the lobby on the first floor and went to this room.


It seems that the storm of the lustful passion which had been raging violently until a while agitated a little because Mariko was gone. Reason also comes back to Kenichi’s head as well. After casting a gaze on the smartphone placed on the desk, he turns his eyes outside the window.

(It seems that there is still no movement yet in the meantime…)

A small light shining on one side spreads from the room on the 17th floor of a high-rise apartment building that faces the city. Quiet room with perfect soundproofing. The machine sound is faintly booming. Listen to the sound, drink beer and heal thirst.

Eventually the door opened, and along with that, footsteps and human voice came closer. As usual, black wave propagating from the body can immediately tell who is coming from the lobby of the first floor, but now there is little wave motion so we only have to check with eyes and ears.

“A~!! Here here! You´re here already…”

“Aah…. Ken-chan, it’s been a while…. I wanted to meet you…”

Along with lively voices, two women enter the living room with Mariko. Both are tall and slurry as Mariko, the legs extending from their miniskirts are slender and long.

Two beautiful women who bring their bodies close from left and right so as to jump to Kenichi sitting on the sofa. Were they hurrying in the hot weather, because they were sweaty all over their bodies and the smell of that dense taste is immediately wrapped around.

“I heard that you were hospitalized because you were injured so much, but it seems you are fine Ken-chan, I was super worried~”

The blonde beauty bringing her body close from the left clings as if to say it. She has the most childish face among the three, with big eyes and a cute face. The slightly lingering voice matches that beautiful face.

“I heard it from Arisa. You got stabbed by a man whose wife and daughter were stolen by you. As ever, there is no principle…”

The blonde beautiful woman pushes her soft breasts against Kenichi with a laughing and mischievous smile. Peeping into the deep valley from the widely opened chest, female pheromones are rising from there. It is a gesture of knowing how a man’s desires are aroused by her body.

“…That…already the aura was dyed in pink…. Maybe you had fun with Mariko before we came?”

From the right, a beautiful woman with long hair and slit eyes makes a question like a female teacher who found a mischief elementary school student. Her eyes are red in color, glaring sweetly with a flash of light. With long eyelashes her eyes look slender which is very beautiful. But what is wonderful to mention is that her huge chest, protruded forward and lifts up the thin blouse as if to break through it.

“Aaa! Really! …Cunning, Mariko! I absolutely told you not to steal a march until we came!”

It was pointed out by the blond beauty on the left as she found out about the subtle change indicated by Kenichi´s aura. Sharpen the mouth of her pretty face, she protests against the owner of this room. Her lovely eyes that widely opened are also slightly reddish.

Mariko is casually confused.

“…B, But…I didn’t know when Juri and Cecil would come…. Ken-chan also seemed bored, so I wondered if we could play for a while…”

“I really know that you would say such a thing, really you were going to do it by yourself! I told you that today we will rape Ken-chan together with the three of us! I want to squeeze a lot of magic power today”

Being a half french, Yuuki Cecil who is a fashion model accuses Mariko as she says so. She has the cuteness peculiar to a half and the obscene words are calmly uttered while having a pretty face that is loved by men.

Cecil who is a model of a certain major underwear maker is tall and slender, but enough meat is attached to the important points. The poster of the bra which Cecil emphasizes the cleavage of the chest which is a model is very popular so that it was sold out in an instant after it is put out to the town and is traded at a high price on the internet.

“Well…Mariko who seduced him is also bad, but I think that the person who lost to this temptation is also a problem…”

A black-haired beautiful woman glares at Kenichi by saying so. With a beautiful appearance that has been cold-hearted, the AV actress, Kido Juri, who quickly became extremely popular, is staring silly to the quiet Kenichi.

Juri, who debuted two years ago, became a super-popular AV actress instantly with her good looks and outstanding body. However, for other actresses who do the number as soon as the popularity goes out a little, Juri releases only a few in a year, so her popularity has become elegant rather than that and when a new work came out it became net news.

Her charm is her good looks in a cool atmosphere and her long limbs and slender body. And then the bust that protruded incredibly prominently from there. The 101 cm J cup has a spindle shape up to perfection, and is different from the breast enlargement breast surgery cyborg AV actress who is calling for breast enlargement which has increased recently.

“I was worried because I heard that you were hurt, but it looks like you´re fine. Did you eat a lot of girls in front of someone? What did you do before you came here? You have to confess quickly…..”

(S, Scary…)

Juri closed her eyes shortly as she laughs. Looking at the brutal and unforgiving red eyes, like a cat cornered in a cul-de-sac, Kenichi´s body shakes.

“This is still more modest than usual, so it can’t be moved gaudy…”

Although saying, even before coming to the apartment where Mariko lives, Kenichi has enjoyed himself plentifully with Ruriko Asakura and her classmates at a love hotel in Shinjuku. These female university students who are accustomed to university life have been captured by sex with Kenichi as well as other women since they were violated by Kenichi a few months ago and robbed of their virginities.

Elegant and mature deep-window girls who normally don’t kill insects, while shy, went into love while giggling, so it seemed unusual for the first time. However, the only time they were embarrassed was at the beginning, when Ruriko began a rich kiss, they became bold as if they had stopped, and they embraced Kenichi on their own and gave a sweet voice.

Kenichi hasn’t met them for a while, so they probably had accumulated a lot. They were aggressive enough to faint when they saw their strict parents, licking Kenichi lying down naked literally, sucking until they became exhausted and getting angry in the competition of their pussies. While enjoying the taste of five girls mouth and honey pots for 4 hours, Kenichi absorbed countless sex energy, so now his body is full of magic power.

“Well, five girls have been eaten a while ago, they are university students”

Juri laughs with a face like a mischievous child who found something interesting.

“Well then, I can squeeze a lot today, I haven’t been doing it all the time recently, so I am frustrated and on a energy shortage…”

Extending her long tongue to lick her red lips. A carnivorous animal looking down from above, with the same expression as the one her favorite herbivorous animal faced. When something red rises from her body, it wrapped around Kenichi´s body.

“…Wh, What!?”

It is like a semi transparent red jelly, it is thin and long and extends from Juri´s body. It looks like a tentacle, when it gets wrapped around Kenichi’s astonished body, it began to shine so that it flashes in due course.

“You, you…this is my…”

“Aaaa! Terrーーーble!! Juri! Not good! Lets eat Ken-chan together!!”

“Eeee!!! Aaaa!! Heyyy!”

Mariko and Cecil give surprised voices. Listening to it, Juri laughs with a grin softening her cool beauty.

It is undoubtedly the same as the tentacle that Kenichi gives when preying a beautiful woman. What is different is that the color is somewhat bright and is narrower than that of Kenichi. However, the performance seems to be the same, eroding the black aura which is trying to cover Kenichi’s body thinly and gradually dyes it red.

“He, Hey…. Th, this is…this is… oooo!!!!”

In a situation quite opposite to usual, Kenichi is impressed with its violent effect and feels shivering and desire which makes his spine cold. so. As usual, the act that Kenichi does to beautiful girls. In other words, using his magic power to increase the sexual desire and pleasure by placing resonance on the subjects. Special abilities possessed by a fetish who uses heterosexual sex energy.

“Huhuhu…. I got to use it recently…”

Juri, proudly laughs, as she is a half-devil. Certainly her former self surely had no tentacles.

“I thought that the power has not gotten stronger this time recently…”

This beautiful woman who has praised the preciousness of men while playing an AV actress has noticed that her power is increasing more than before. For that reason, half-devils who have chosen the extraordinary power to lose their feelings are becoming more unsatisfied than before.

“Me too, I feel that my power is getting much more than before…”

“Me too Me too…. I didn’t do it with Ken-chan but my power is overflowing…”

Mariko and Cecil agree as thought of something.

Kenichi understands when he heard that. As he heard from Arisa, the devil hosts in this city become stronger as negative energy is swirling over the city and responding to its increase day by day. If Shirato and Usami are increasing their power, these girls should be the same.

“So today, it is going to be a fun night than usual…huhuhu…”

Juri laughs and says so. Hearing that the elegant beauty mariko and the pretty face Cecil also laugh at the same time. Their faces are carnivores themselves that aim at the finest meat.

“I will squeeze him until he becomes dry, because I will not forgive you for making me cry before…”

“I will let you know the power of a succubus…. I will let you forget about all the other women…”

Kenichi looked at the smile of these three female succubus overlooking himself and lost the power as a devil at all, he felt a fear that he did not feel for a while.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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